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  • thanks for the wishes MLRers and some excellent chilly running going on.  But hasn't it been cold!!?? Brrr
    I still did my early 5 miles this morning but a little later at 6.20 as the sun was coming up, so I could spot any ice.  I didn't make it a "proper" speed session, due to the conditions, but the middle part was a fast-ish 5k, considering the -3. It was bright and still and freezing, and strangely lovely.  I found a fleecy snood, beanie, thermal gloves and a wind jacket kept me warm enough.
  • I'm staying in. My post tib is sore so it seems prudent to rest it for a bit (I'm not fond of snow either). The hay is in the barn as far as The Big Half is concerned so I'm not too worried.
  • Will ClennellWill Clennell ✭✭✭
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    Won't be running today. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Well done for getting out Nessie.  

    Fresh snow is nice Cal - until it turns into slush or hard ice.  But if you have a niggle probably the best idea to rest it.

    If that is your car Will - perfect opportunity for some cross training - get shovelling!

    No snow here (yet - maybe tomorrow) and getting a bit warmer with less wind.  11 miles this lunchtime with 6x100m strides.  Got stuck at the level crossing for a couple of minutes and took the opportunity to down a gel as my stomach was protesting about the lack of lunch.  Tropical fruit is a bit hmm - artificial?  Bird of the day:  a woodpecker - one of those black white and red ones but I haven't a clue if great or lesser spotted... 
  • There is plenty of snow in London today- and very excitingly, we got let out of work early! I was all geared up for a run, then my daughter's school texted to say they were also closing :-/  
    Anyway, two snowmen, lots of snowfights and 3 pairs of gloves later, once the 17 year old returned to watch his sister, I got out and did my scheduled 9 miles in the snow. It was absolutely lovely- fresh, crunchy new snow with loads coming down as I ran.  Taking it easy and slowly.  the only downside was that I had to stick to roads as my navigational skills in the forest are rubbish and the snow was coming very heavily, so I was worried about getting lost. 
    I am keeping everything crossed for another snow day tomorrow, although I have 18 miles scheduled for Friday, so I'm also wondering how I'll manage that if it's icy by then  :#
  • Blustery and very cold in Norwich today. Everything is white and the CoOp are out of milk and pizzas! Norwich Parkrun has already been cancelled and my Thames Path Half on Sunday is in proper doubt due to: a) it possibly being cancelled b) us not being able to travel there. We'll see, but it's looking more off than on.

    I did cheer Mrs Will up, with this St David's Day snowman. She is in bed with flu.
    I run, therefore I am.
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    4.1mile incline run on the gym treadmill Tuesday. Outside this morning for 13.15miles. Offroad, but the snow cover meant street and trail was much the same. Notable exception was gathered snow in a descent through a field. Shin deep and straight into a hard wind. It all got a bit Rocky IV. The wind at times was brutal. Had to really lean into it and would almost stand me still. Pristine and beautiful with snow devils whipped up on the open Ings. Passed a hare sheltering in the bushes. My Speedcross shoes did their grippy magic. Someone else was out in a pair as I recognised the tread pattern in the snow. Slow, hard, and tiring.
  • Sounds like you had some fun with your family there Nessie.

    Nice snowman Will.  I hope the uncertainty with regards to your HM is resolved soon.  

    Bloody long way that in the snow JT.  

    I did probably my slowest 5 miles on the flat for a long time - took me 57 minutes - oops.  Some of it was on more or less cleared minor roads, some on tracks where a car or tractor had conviently gone along compacting the snow and some of it in 5-6 inches of powder snow with virtually no grip.   That stuff doesn't compress down under your feet and just slides away.  Hard work but was worth getting out for it.  I'm supposed to be doing 12 miles with 7 at HM pace tomorrow.  Hmm, that is going to be fun considering that the forecast is predicting rain at some point.  We will see.  Will do the miles somehow. 
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    Great snow running Hazel and JT.  Well I am super proud of myself, and even I think what I did today was just a little mental.
    I went out for my 18 miles in the most extreme conditions. I planned a route that was as much towpath as possible, as I figured they are a) flat and b) likely to be in good condition!?  Actually, it was brutally hard from the first mile. The roads I found it easier to go on the road rather than the pavements, which were mainly icy with tightly compacted snow.  The towpath was compacted snow / ice with very very little respite, and a few bits of "proper" snow. My route took me up to the Olympic park then Victoria park in Hackney, which was stunningly beautiful and still quite thick with snow. This made it less treacherous in the sense I was less worried about falling over, but running through thick snow is super hard on the legs! In addition to having to watch every step of the way, there was a fierce arctic wind blowing the whole way, and it always whips up by the River Lea towpath, but was particularly bad today. My face is still very sore.
    What a run! But I am so pleased with myself that I did it and pushed through for the whole 3 hours
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done for the hardy snow runners. I've stayed in and sat on my bum. Actually I did brave a short walk up to the common to see if the parkrun route was OK (it was not - it's cancelled). I must admit I was hoping it wouldn't go ahead as I was down to volunteer and didn't fancy standing around in the cold!
  • Kudos to all you Hardcore snow-runners. I had to take an improvised walking stick down to the shops yesterday as still treacherous here in the east. Still nearly fell on my erse several times.

    We had another layer of the white stuff overnight and so I've had to self-cancel my Thames  Path Half. No way can we travel. The race has not yet officially been pulled, but I expect it will be. I will do their Autumn Half instead.

    The enforced rest has actually been a good thing fore a few of my little niggles. Calf, side of foot and back all feeling loose and pain free. Itching to get out and run, but think it'll be Monday before I can do that.

    On woodpeckers, Hazel, the lesser spotted is tiny in comparison to the great - about the size of a sparrow - so that's your diagnostic feature. Happy run/spotting :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
    Absent without leave, so I'll not try to review a week's posts in one go.  Snow, ice & wind have become major factors in us following our sport and I've been following a thread on FetchEveryone about parkruns cancelled or going ahead today.  I think Crosby Beach is a racing cert!
    A highly random 792 days for this Streak; scrunchy snow was a joy on Monday but its icy, frozen cousin was less welcome.

    Good health, good training and good racing to you all  :)
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Great run Ness. The conditions of the early week were a test of strength, endurance and guts. 18miles is quite something. More grit than a council depot.
    Nice Welsh snowman Willl - a enwyd Dylan Thom-ice.
    5k treadmill progression run yesterday in 21:20. Today 8miles in under an hour. The wind has died down and conditions are much easier. Stayed on the clear roads mostly. The pavements don't look great in places, but probably okay. Never feel confident when there's any risk of slipping.
  • Well done on your 18 miler nessie in those conditions.  3 hours isn't a shabby time for that.

    Good luck for the Big Half tomorrow Cal (if it is still on?)

    Bad luck on missing your race tomorrow Will as you were in good form.  But it sounds like a sensible decision.  Thanks for the woodpecker infos - it was a a great one then.   ;)

    I think only injury will stop your streak again swittle not just a bit of snow and wind..  :)

    Good to hear you had an outdoor run in better conditions JT.  

    I was scheduled to do a bit of speedwork yesterday with 7 miles at my 10 mile race pace.  I did find quite a bit of clear road but the tarmac was covered with a thin coating of slushy slime meaning that whilst a steady pace was possible any faster work would have left me slipping on each step.  The last mile or so was pretty dodgy as this froze but I got home without any issues. 

    I will try to put in some faster miles in my planned 20 mile long run tomorrow to make up for it.  But not at 10 mile pace certainly, marathon pace will do me fine.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Snow has melted! Big Half is happening, Hazelnut. I'm a bit concerned that I haven't moved much all week - with the weather being so awful I succumbed to the temptation to sit on my arse and play games and watch TV (although I did do a bit of yoga). I've taped up my leg, anyway - hope it doesn't give me any trouble.
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    5 miles today at MP but my legs still feel pretty heavy
  • 10 miles done today. 9 for me, 1 for Bannister. Didn't miss a single days running due to the snow. Slipped over only once due to stepping in some tyre tracks. You want snow with a give, not compacted snow with none, and no grip as a result. Rookie mistake. My advice for training in snow is the same as training in rain or wind or heat. Adapt. If your schedule saying 10 miles with 6 done at HM pace and there is ice and snow out, then don't do it as you won't be able. Do something else or use a treadmill. There is no such thing as junk miles. All miles are not equal but a mile run is one more the body can cope with.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well done Nessie and Stephen. Sad about Roger, but he's left a legacy. Not many of us can say that.
    I ran the Big Half today with the hope that (after missing most of Autumn with injury, then another week and a half out at the end of January with an angry calf, and then missing most of this week due to snow) I could get under 2 hours.
    I seemed to be making good time but the big tunnel and Canary Wharf's skyscrapers confused my Garmin a bit, and then I accidentally hit pause for a while, so I wasn't sure how I was doing towards the end. I just kept plugging away but I did tire somewhat so it was deffo a positive split. My official time just came through as 1:59:35, so goal accomplished. Not as fast as my watch said but then it must have been paused a bit longer than I thought and I knew the time I got wasn't right.
    Overall a very good race. Not that exciting a course aside from Tower Bridge and I wasn't fond of the cobbles in a few sections, but the organisation and atmosphere were great. Nice medal and shirt (but needed more snacks in the goody bag - there was just one bar and some drinks and I was hungry!)
    I even saw Mo zip past in the opposite direction, so that was cool.
    Only bummer was getting home to find my water cut off (burst main somewhere) and it's still not bad on yet. So no soothing bath. Had to rush out to buy water rather than slumping right away. It better be back by tomorrow or I'm going to be very cross.
  • Good, solid work, Hazelnut and Nessie. Diolch n fawr, JT. Mrs Will is a Welsh speaker from Merthyr - you don't mess with Merthyr girls! Hello Stephen - sound advice.

    That's a great run in the Big Half, Cal! Chuffed for you, especially after all your niggles. 

    Temperatures soared in Norwich yesterday and I couldn't wait any longer to get the runners on, so I nipped out early doors for 4 slip-slidey and slushy miles down to the river and back. The paths were still covered in a mixture of all things cold and wet and so it was tough going on the legs and I had to really keep an eye out on my footfall and balance in order to not hurt myself and look like a right plonker. It was nice to get onto the grass at the park and run through the snow, past wilting snowpeople and written off sledges. Lots of rabbit tracks and I also made out the size 4 stiletto of a Muntjac. No Kingfisher today, but lots of birds out and about looking to feed up again after the harshness of the Beast. After almost a week off, the legs were a bit slow to get going, but started to warm up a bit for the last mile and a half. Very slow, due to me being quite slow - 4.17 miles in 48 mins.

    Cabin fever had really set in chez nous, so I visited my Ma and Pa in the afternoon and let the children wreck their house. Come the evening and I had the insatiable urge to get the runners on again. The paths were now mostly back to being paths and had did a nice loop of exactly 4 mile in 39 mins. A double whammy. Life never fails to surprise and entertain.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Great result Cal, well done.  Hope you have some water again in the meantime.  I saw a summary of the race on the TV (I get BBC here).

    Hello Stephen.  Yep - got the planned mileage done despite the weather.  

    Nice report Will.  And a nice double too!

    I had a very good long run yesterday - 21 miles including 10 at my planned marathon pace.  Still quite a lot of that slushy stuff around here too so I picked the best route I could across to a stretch of very minor road which I knew would be okay and did the 10 by running up and down that. (about 1.2 miles one-way).  
    I was expecting to get bored quickly but it actually helped me to concentrate on my pacing.  There was also a water source at one end and I installed a gel bar so could practice refuelling and rehydrating as well.  Got a couple of strange looks from some people out from walks when I whizzed past for the 4th time.  I felt really good at the end of the 10 miles and other than a mile or so during which I had to carefully pick my way through some churned up snow kept up a decent (but sensible) pace home on the remaining miles of the run, even adding on one extra.  

    Legs tired today but to be expected.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Brilliant job on the 21 miles, Hazelnut.
    It's funny how quickly the snow disappeared eh Will?

    I still have no bloody water. :angry: It's not so much the drinking or bathing - it's being able to do things like wash up, flush the loo and so on. I'm really hoping it comes back before I need to poop.
    I've done a 4 mile recovery run anyway and quite enjoyed it. Legs felt quite tired but not sore. Sun's out now - feels quite Spring-like again.
    I saw a little video of Mo's finish yesterday. The way he can kick like that is amazing.
  • Well done on the sub two hour Cal, fantastic considering all the issues you've had. I hope you have water by now.

    Great job on the long run Hazel. I'm still rubbish at getting my head into gear for anything over 10, unless it's an actual race.

    Will, great double effort! 

    All this snow forced me to rest which to be honest is probably what I needed. My half was cancelled on Sunday. I did get a for four miles on Saturday and then five miles today. I'm feeling a bit low at the moment, just a worried anxious feeling for no particular reason. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Sorry your half was cancelled, Andrea - bummer.
    Had a trickle of water briefly, but it's gone again. So frustrating.
  • Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink...or bath in...or to flush the loo. Hope that gets sorted, Cal.

    Lots of race cancellations, Andrea, me included. Frustrating after putting in the prep work. Hope you feel better. Sometimes there's no particular reason for feeling low. It's a bummer.

    I started my new training programme last night. 8 weeks or so to transition from Half Marathon to 18 Miler, for my next race. I'm sticking broadly to my weekly routine of tempo, interval, medium/medium and LSR runs but increasing my longie each week and adding a bit to the other sessions too. All very scientifically devised ;)
    First up was supposed to be a 'fake newsy' Parkrun as I shall be boating on the Broads this Saturday for my Dad's birthday. 1.5 mile warm-up followed by 3.1 miles at tempo and then 1.5 cool down. Legs a bit tired from yesterday's double and also I found it very hard to push the tempo pace, without other runners around me. So, the 'Parkrun' bit was much slower than planned and a bit of a struggle. All in all, it was 6.2 miles in 59 mins, so a decent trot.
    Outstanding moment was the dude coming up the hill, blue neon flashing, on one of those hover board things, herbal cigarette in one hand, can of K cider in the other, as I puffed past. Fair dos :) 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    Hope your waters back on Cal. Been on the national news. Inspired by Hazel I put in a 21.4mile run. 2hrs48. First 20+miles in a long time and hard work. Had a couple of Fall songs playing in my head - was watching live clips and old interviews with the late Mark E Smith at the weekend. Irascible bastard but compelling. Took in the path of the original Roman road which sits parallel to the A64. Very muddy and no grip so feet going more sideways than forward - takes it out of your legs on a long run.
  • Nessie73Nessie73 ✭✭✭
    Great racing from Cal. Well done again.  On track for Liverpool after a really hard year.

    And some nice running from Will, Hazel, Andrea and JT. 
    What a difference a week makes! This time last week the big freeze started and I did my 6 am session at -3 degrees. This morning's session was positively balmy at 8 degrees. The regular 5 x 1k and I'm *really* bored of it now, so must get creative next week.  I had a wisdom tooth out this afternoon, feeling OK just a bit sleepy after the local anaesthetic weirdly!?  Hopefully will be fine for tomorrow's planned club run
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Water came back yesterday (and stayed on, thankfully - pressure's a bit low but then it is watergeddon across London. At least I can flush the loo and wash my plate).
    Well done on the epic run, JT. My first two proper boyfriends both loved The Fall so it was definitely part of the soundtrack of my youth. Saw them when I was at uni, too.
    I guess you could vary the intervals, Nessie?
    I didn't run yesterday as legs were still sore (despite the recovery run. Or perhaps because of it?) but I went out for a rainy 8 mile tempo today (7 miles around MP). I wasn't planning on a tempo but I got into a race with a grey-haired Chinese man during mile 2 - I passed him and then he just sat on my shoulder, and I continued to run at that pace after our paths diverged.  :D

  • JT141JT141 ✭✭✭
    A lot milder out. Hope your remaining teeth are getting over their loss Ness. 11.4miles in 1hr25. Base of my feet feel tired but otherwise fine. Ran into a playground by mistake.
  • Nice long one, JT. Aiming to increase my distance over next few weeks. Good effort, Nessie and glad you'll now be more fragrant, Cal :)
    I'd planned 5 miles with a set of efforts sandwiched in, but it was one of those runs that never quite happened. It seems a dodgy stomach bug is circulating our house and it reached me in the afternoon. I necked some immodium and headed out anyway, but the legs were not feeling the love. So, a meagre 2.81 miles in 27 mins and an early bath. The same dude trundled past me on his hover board, this time with a sandwich in hand.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Fortunately I'm not that smelly a person, Will. :lol:
    Hope your tum is better! I like the sound of hoverboard guy. I once witnessed a man on a skateboard being pulled along by a husky, which I imagine would be a splendid way to travel.
    6 miles today, after a rest day yesterday (had to wait for the boiler man to come). I concentrated on form and ended up running a bit faster than I'd intended.
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