Manchester Marathon 2018



  • Good luck with that lurgy Colin
    A day's rest can only help with the niggles Cal
    20 miles on a treadmill... urghh ;)
    Nice mileage in the cold Shuka
    Robert... I'm a geek with those sorts of things too.

    I'll be in the 3:30 pen too.  I'll either be at the back or a bit further forward depending on where my nephew wants to start.   My last two Manchesters have been sub-3.30 but personally, I'll almost certainly be aiming just under 4hrs this time as I'll be chucking it all into Newport three weeks later.  I will be very aware not to cause any hold up though, even if it means me going a bit faster than I'd like in the first mile.

    I was supposed to do Newport half marathon 2 weeks ago, cancelled by the 'beast'... they went to the trouble to rearrange it for yesterday...  and you know what happened! Another 5 inches of snow but I changed plan and did 20 miles late in the day after others had trampled some of it down.  Rest day today... I needed it!
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I have to say I'd struggle to do an hour on the tready, let alone a 20 miler! Wow! I read about the Barkley Marathons in this month's Runners World. It sounds completely nuts!

    NE - sod's law eh? Didn't feel like the first day of Spring today either, but at least yesterday's ice had melted by the time I went out. Got 6 miles done today. It felt awkward and I expected to be over 11 minutes for the first mile but somehow it was only 10:22. Garmin data suggested my stride was longer today. No idea why - I spent much of yesterday sat on my bum. I averaged most of the run at last year's MP, with one mile that was a bit quicker as it was mostly downhill.
    My groin is still niggling. I'm strapped for cash post-trip but I think it'd be a good idea to see my physio.
  • NE well done on the 20, will NH be rearranged for a 3rd time?

    Cal hope the physio is worth the £££s

    Started taper and look at my plan and see the toughest interval sess so far (on treadmill). Similar to Yasso 800s 10x800m with 200m recovery (instead of 400m) and doing the 800s in 3.36 which apparently is a good guide to what time I am capable at marathon distance.

    If I wake up in time on the day before manchester have decided on stretford parkrun if anyone else fancies to say hello.


    website has some dribble on about the gels.

    Our nutrition partner Optimum Nutrition currently do not produce gels and have therefore sourced Nutramino Carbo Energygels for participants in Lemon and Lime and Blackcurrant flavour. These gels are not currently available for purchase and therefore we advise that that if you are concerned that not testing gels before a marathon may impact on your performance, then please bring your preferred gel. These gels will be available at Mile 6.1, Mile 11.1, Mile 15.7, Mile 21.7 and Mile 23.9
  • Healing vibes Cal.

    Thanks for that Rob.  At least they seem to have foreseen the PR disaster that was coming their way and just baled out.    Still a ridiculous situation. Someone was probably have been very pleased with themselves for having landed a "better" deal than SIS were prepared to offer. They didn't think it through though! 

    I'll not be at Stretford park run...  will be just packing the car to head north at that time.

    Nice quick VO2 session for me today...  5x1km.

  • Big read back..

    Sol - gah that's annoying. Recover well.

    Ropeladder - glad you're feeling better

    Cal - sounds like you are managing your issues well. Never been overtaken on a training run by fancy dress runner.

    Cotswold - sorry to hear you have been unwell. Missed sessions is annoying but take the positive of the recovery to your body. Reassess if required. Well done on 20 more banked.

    Zippy - hope you can make it. Try and enjoy it if not going for your A target

    Colin - staying positive is the hard bit when taking a few days off. Think happy thoughts - like the beers post race :)

    RobertO - wise words there, most of the training is done now. Training benefit won't have an effect three weeks out. Legs heavy is normal at this stage... Screaming out for the taper.

    RobertF - oh no! Hope fizz helps.

    Heidi - have had a few carp runs but equally some positive ones too... Goes without saying but forget the carp ones. 20 on a treadie - different gravy that!

    Shuka - nicely done with another long run banked. Steady on the PB hunting in low key races this close. Cotton wool time.

    Northender - nice 20 in lieu of the HM. I missed Wilmslow on Sunday due to cancellation but wasn't that bothered tbh. Nice reps today too.

    Took 7 days rest as hamstring and legs in general felt terrible. Wilmslow was cancelled but I wouldn't of run anyway and I can't make the rescheduled date this Sunday so no tune-up race.

    Popped out for 10 tonight as hamstring seemed to have settled. Legs feel zapped but hamstring didn't twinge which is something.

    As others have alluded to... Legs are trashed but want to get another long run in as it'll have been 2 weeks since last and confidence needs topping up... Need to put the hamstring to the test a little.

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Lovely weather today - did 10 miles at MP. Groin wasn't that bad (it's tender in certain places if I dig into it, but aside from one twinge, it didn't bother me during the run). The grumpy hammy was really pissy though. I'm just ignoring it because I had it last year and it got me through two marathons, so I know it'll hold up. I hope that's the same for you, saintjason.

    I ran in my Zoom Flys today, after I'd stuck the gel insoles inside. No foot pain, but I'm not sure if that will still be the case after 20 miles. I've done all my long runs in the Frees so I'm still undecided which I'll wear for the race. One thing is that Zoom Flys rub in a couple of spots so I'll have to tape my feet up if I wear them.

    Decided to hold off from seeing my physio. Might get a massage closer to the race.
  • Ventured out for a 4.5 mile trot tonight, first in 9 days. Took it very easy but felt better than i expected. Will go again Friday, my patience sems to have paid off.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    That's encouraging, Colin.
    I did a 4 mile recovery run today. Wasn't going to - I'm a little bit sore after that 10 miler - but then it was so lovely out I couldn't resist. Put last year's Manchester shirt on and went out for my first T-shirt run of the year. And of course, the second I got outside, the sun hid and the sky ended up completely grey. Ah well. It mild, at least.
  • It was so good to get out and just run today after being confined to the treadmill for 'the long run' my plan said 40 minute recovery run but I didn't pay attention to pace, just ran for the sheer pleasure of running for an hour.....feel great. Can't believe the difference in my legs compared to last year pre London, looks like the regular sports massage and injury prevention sessions have paid off.
  • in case you haven't seen race booklet is out online 

    seems most are ticking over, 3 good runs this week so far, yesterday 9 miles stead, today 6 miles and middle 4 at MP felt tougher than I would have liked but not too fussed at this stage.

    May head to the gym tomorrow and parkrun (attempt at PB 21.32) before a 10-12 mile run home. Sunday Elle is running London Landmarks Half so will be a spectator.

    happy running folks

  • Cal - or other Londoners.  Do you happen to know of any good sports masseurs or physios in the South London, Croydon area.?  
  • by the way...  well done Heidi. Colin, cal and stjason too - encouraging that things are coming together injury-wise.

    Thanks for the booklet link Rob.   Good  advice on nutrition :|   

    The race eating strategies do not need to be complicated but the foods or fluid must be tried and tested prior to event
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I don't know any in Croydon, NE - I go to an awesome guy called Peter Schimke who practises twice a week in Balham but he lives in Crystal Palace and works there mostly. It's not so far from Croydon. (He's also an osteo).
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Well, holy crap, I smashed my 5K today by 31 seconds at a new parkrun (Victoria Dock - fast, flat and a small field, all of which helps). I ran it in 25:21. Bearing in mind I set my PB (25:52) during the Autumn of 2016 at my local parkrun, and then ran the exact same time during a track race a few weeks later.
    After all the injuries, the menopause and the shite weather, I really wasn't expecting that. Chuffed it an understatement.
  • That's brilliant Cal, well done!  You're really moving through the field.  Sub-25 next ;)

    Thanks for the recommendation.  I've passed it on.  Rather more expensive than I'm used to seeing around these parts!!  But I suppose that's London for you.

    I had a great run this morning too. Aimed for 18 miles with [email protected] sub 7.38 (my GFA pace) and averaged 7:32. Made better by the fact that I messed up the mileage and ended up doing 15.3 miles for that marathon pace section of the run!  I've done good 'MP' runs before, but have a history of not quite converting on the day. Just not enough endurance.  Hopefully Manchester helps with that as I head to Newport 3 weeks later.
  • Cal - congrats on the new PB! Great confidence boost two weeks out. Cotton wool time now to get to the start line in good shape.

    Northender - congrats on a great session today too! As above a great confidence boost ahead of your two marathons. 

    My run today was meh! and posed more questions than answers. I wanted to bank one more long run to test my legs out which have felt really, really awful of late including that hamstring twinge. 

    I ended up with 18 miles in just over 2:15 but boy was it an effort. Fueled correctly with gels and water but it was hard work from the get-go. Original plan was to run 20 but I'd had enough by 18.

    Mentally this has me second guessing if it's worth battering myself round Manchester now. I'm resigned to not chasing a PB which I'm fine with. I may even miss my GFA target for next year's London which was a B target anyway.

    I've never experienced the feeling of utter lifelessness in my legs this close to a race before. 

    Taking a pragmatic approach I will get a massage next week and see if the reduction in mileage helps at all. If my legs still don't bounce back then I might pull the plug and aim for a race later in the year. 


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Sounds like maranoia, saintjason! At this stage, we're all tired and battered. Not surprising you felt it was tough. I think the reason I've had a good week (nice 10MP on Wednesday and the PB today) is because I buggered off to Prague and Vienna last week so I only did 10 miles total. I expect to be tired for my long run tomorrow. A nice taper will sort us all out. :)
    NE, well done - looks like it's coming together for you.
  • Absolutely is maranoia Cal and everyone is at the edge. 

    Fingers crossed the legs come back a little next two weeks. 

    Good luck with your long run tomorrow. 

  • Cal fantastic effort, great feeling for Manchester too! 

    Northender fab session from you, sounds like your peaking just in time for Newport

    Saintjason hope you recover and the legs feel lighter, could be a number of things and only guessing at best it could be your subconscious thinking too much? 

    Today went for a parkrun pb (21.32) but was some way off with 22.05, not too concerned as I didn’t feel confident to take the foot off the handbrake in the final mile and push it probably would have fell a tad short.  With 2 miles warm up and 11 miles after takes the total to 16 for the day and 500 for the year!

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
     getting close now. all the road closure signs are up. ;)
  • Good runs Cal and Northender. Keep the faith Jason!

    I had a pleasing run this morning as well. 10 miles with 5 at HMP. Bearing in mind I struggled 8 days ago ago to do 4 x 1200 at HMP, it was good to feel relatively comfortable today. Hard at the end as I finished on an uphill but managed to stay under pace for final mile and bagged quite a few Strava segment PR's and top tens along the way. 16 mile long run tomorrow.

    Robert, well done on 500. I'm on 496 for the year so will go over the 500 mark tomorrow. Will be the biggest mileage I've done in a 3 month period by some way I'd imagine. Nice to get to that point with no niggles in the legs to speak of. The mystery quad soreness I had last week has disappeared thank goodness. Just go to keep it all going for another couple of weeks now!

    One thing I'm still unsure of and haven't practised (although it doesn't overly concern me) is gels. I'll be carrying my own (not sure quite how yet) but haven't figured out how many or when to take them. I'm thinking three or four would be OK. Maybe at miles 13, 17, 21 and possibly another a little bit earlier in the race- mile 8 perhaps? I know it's individual but does that sound reasonable? I've taken plenty in the past (probably too many in some races) so don't have any huge worries about stomaching them, but haven't used them a huge amount recently. All my long runs have been done with nothing at all. Some of the advice I've read seems to suggest up to 8 gels which seems over the top. I can't imagine how anybody could stomach that many! I'll probably do a little practice tomorrow, take a few with me to just get used to carrying them and maybe take one while doing a short MP section as I've never used one at my current marathon pace before.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Cotswold, I have a little zippy pouch (it's a bum bag, really...) where I have my gels. I take four with me. Bear in mind I'm a slower runner so I'm an hour in when I hit mile 6, which is when I took my first one last year. Then I took one every six miles. I think I had one or two left over as I took a couple from aid stations, but I won't be doing that this time seeing as the gels they are giving out are an unknown quantity.
  • Cotswold I start from mile 5 and then 3 every mile (don’t bother at 26 obviously) So use 7. It’s all individual and I’m lucky as got my mrs to pass me a few, start with 2 or 3 in hand and 2 or 3 in back pocket of shorts then passed another 2 to put in hands about mile 12 
  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭
    gels: a sports nutritionist used to give advice on here at spring time every year. from memory its the first one after an hour running then another one every 45 minutes.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Very strange run today. Legs felt tired after my epic parkrun yesterday and I didn't feel remotely energetic, which I expected, but at the same time I just couldn't seem to stick to easy pace (which is in the 10:40s, or slower up a hill). After the first couple of miles my pace kept creeping up to 15-30 seconds per mile faster.

    I'd decided not to run the hilly Brockwell route as I didn't want to put undue stress on my niggles, so I ended up doing 6 monotonous laps of Clapham Common bracketed by Tooting Common and the roads in between. I completed 18 miles in 3:07:28, averaging 10:25 (I averaged 10:14 at Manchester last year and would like to go a bit faster this time). Admittedly I did push during the final mile, which I did in 9:45, just because I wanted it over and done with. This was a fasted run as most of mine are but I gelled at miles 6 and 12.

    I've logged 41 miles this week (the highest I've done this cycle is 42) so I'm ready for my taper now. I decided on a two week taper as I had that minibreak last week.
  • Tom13Tom13 ✭✭✭
    Cracking Parkrun yesterday Cal and speedy Long run today. You look like you are in great shape. Perfect timing!

    Cotswold-3 gels for me. 10, 16 and 21 miles. Don't think I could stomach any more.

    SJ-hang in there, you will feel completely different in a couple of weeks and a decent taper. I think alot of it is in the mind. Remember to trust your training and hopefully it will come together on the day it counts!

    Well done on hitting the 500 mark Robert!

    Great session NE-You look like you are flying at the moment!

    Final long run for me this morning. 22 miles in perfect conditions (if only I could bottle them and bring them with me to Manchester in 2 weeks time!) and I felt great. 80 miles for the week. Taper time now! :)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Nice one, Tom. You're on a two week taper too, then! I can't imagine doing an 80 mile week. I'm 50 and injury prone, though...need more rest. :lol:
  • shukashuka ✭✭
    For those who've run it before, do you know if the 3:45 pacer will be in the same zone as the 4:00 pacer? I put 4:00 as a fairly conservative estimated time, but based on my training I want to aim for 3:45 but noticed in the pack it said to not move into a zone faster than your pace. I'm guessing it's not that closely policed, although I guess the colour of my number will be a bit of a giveaway?
  • Things have got a bit better for me this week after my thigh strain. I managed to get a 3miler, 6 miler, parkrun yesterday with the buggy and 16 miles done today with pretty much no pain. Niggled a bit today but nothing major.

    2 weeks to go! ?
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