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I'm running the Brighton Marathon in two weeks time but my training hasn't quite gone to plan. My plan over the last few weeks would have seen me run a 17/16/18/20/20 mile runs. I have managed most of the mid week runs but I missed the 17 due to flu so replaced the 16 with the 17 and that went well. Unfortunately I missed the 18 mile because I had only just landed from a 12 hour flight that day and couldn't squeeze it into the week. I then did the 20 but, again, due to something I picked up from the flight had a virus of some sort and only made it to 10 miles before I had to start walk/run for the rest of the 20 miles. This week I was supposed to do the last long run of 20 miles but couldn't due to some very stiff calfs (from last weeks 20 miler).

I am now in a dilemma. I can do some shorter runs but the only time I can do a decent long run is next Friday (9 days before the race). I was going to try the 20 miler all being well but I'm now thinking that might be too long, too close to the race. I'm aware of the 'can't get any fitter' and 'need to arrive at the start line fresh' advice.

Please could I get some advice on what people think I should do? My plan has a 12 mile run but  I don't think that's far enough.

Also, I was following a sub 4 hour plan. I managed a 1:47 half (which is 3 mins slower than I was expecting) during training. I am now thinking of following the 4:15 pacers and see how I feel after 20 miles knowing I won't be able to do 4 hours. Is this too fast based on my lack of long runs?


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  • Having had time to think, I'm certainly not going to do 20 miles tomorrow. My plan says 12 miles which is part of the taper. I am tempted to do 14 at a slower pace than the plan states. I may try a 4hr15 pace which is a lot slower than usual but what I think I will start with in the Marathon and follow what you mentioned with regards effort.

    Thanks for the response Little Miss...
  • I don't think any training now will get you much fitter for a marathon in 10 days time. You will be better off resting so you start the race fresh. Was the 1hr47 half  a race or a training run? If it was during a training run I would imagine you would of been able to run slightly faster during a race. Even if not you have trained more plus with a taper should be more rested than when you ran a half in the middle of marathon training. I would set off with the 4 hour pacer and see how it goes, 4:15 can always be a plan B. 
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    ^^^^as above. Apparently it takes about two weeks to get the physiological benefit of any training - if this is true, then no amount of training now will help you on the day. The only reasons to run now are to keep things ticking over and maybe to prevent putting on weight. Don't be tempted to sneak a few extra miles onto the plan, it just increases the risk of you being tired on the day. Unfortunately training time's up, and now it's about turning up rested and with energy levels as high as possible. Good luck!
  • :-(
    Not what I really wanted to hear.
    The half marathon was a race and I struggled after about mile 9. Up until then I was on target to go under 1hr45 where my PB is. Having failed twice at 4 hours and knowing I haven't done enough long runs, I think 4 hours is too ambitious. My Marathon PB is 4hr27 after hitting the wall at mile 19 trying to get a sub 4. Sub 4 is for another day now so I want to come away from this years marathon feeling like I have progressed in time and knowledge.
    Thanks for your advice.
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    Sorry Lee, don't like being the bearer of bad news. But undertrained and rested is always better than overtrained and tired - having had the experience you did at 19 miles on your PB run, I'm sure you don't want to go back there! You are where you are now, through no fault of your own. Best thing now is probably a 10 miler max this weekend, at a very slow pace. Then no more than a couple of shorter runs - I wouldn't run after Tuesday next week at all. It sounds like the 4 hours is a bit too much to ask of yourself this time around, so just run at your own pace and enjoy the day. Next time..................
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