Army fitness - injury

Hi so I’m a newbie runner in all senses of the word, however I start Phase 1 Training soon (cannot give an exact date due to security). 

However my fitness has always been my weakest point. I got tonsillitis a few weeks ago and it put my training on hold. I had severe tonsillitis and by the time I got back to running, my run time had taken a beating. 1.5 Miles in 14:26. 

Last Wednesday I done a 1.5 mile run and got 13:57 and Friday I done the same distance in 12:26. However after a rest over the weekend I’ve got pain in both knees and a groin strain. 

Should I risk running so close to Phase 1 and injuring myself or take it easy. If so how would I go about that?

thanks for any help. 


  • FFS Security indeed - like anyone knows who you are.

    Well we don't know when your phase 1 is - but I suggest you read up on training.

    Running flat out so close together is a great way to get injured as you've proved.

    Most of your runs should be steady aerobic one. 1.5 miles is nothing. My granny could run that. You want to be getting out taking it easy at a chatty pace but doing much longer than 1.5 miles. 

    Your fitness is probably your weak point because you're doing it wrong.  Keep the hard stuff to once a week. Build mileage up gradually. Its not rocket science. 
  • Sounds like the return phase of a BFT, march 1.5 in squad then return individually with certain times for age?
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