Run for a marathon then stopped so newbie again

Hi All

I ran the half marathon back in 2016 at a time of 2 hours 45. My very first race. Since then I haven't run what so ever. Iv put on 4 stone, and don't seem to be able to get back into it. My calfs hurt and I can't seem to get the rhythm going. I have started to do progress videos on instagram to try get back into the swing of things but i was hit with food poisoning last week, and feeling very lethargic. I have entered a fun 5k run which is in two weeks. I would like to be able to run at least half of it. Any help or tips would be so appreciated. Or any stories of people in the same position. Thank you! ,😘


  • Hi Cath, wish you all the best with getting back into the swing of things.  There are many couch to 5k training programs available, one on the NHS website which will give you a step by step weekly program.  Its a good place to start again and hopefully light exercise with an improved diet will also benefit your weight loss which will lead to better running experience.
  • +1 on the couch to 5k.

    Also grab a friend and do it together.  Much easier to train if you can chat to someone. 

    Check out your local parkrun - (google it) - get out and watch it - I'm sure there are slower people than you there - get inspiration from it.

    Good luck.
  • I'll definately try the couch to 5k. Thanks you.! 
    That's a good idea actually. There is a park run on a Saturday by me. So Ill have a look into that. 
    Thank you!
  • Don't think about what you did in the past or compare yourself to your previous form. Just start fresh and it will come back. Couch to 5k is great. Good luck. 
  • kmo86kmo86 ✭✭✭
    I think best way to keep motivated is run with someone or like you have enter short local runs. I started running with a man who does a lot of running which really pushed me to do most I could. He stopped going on runs with me after January I did a 10k in February then only done bits since focusing more on speed than distance. I will be seeing the man weekly again from next week so going to talk to him about running and see if he has time to have run with me anytime. Thing is when I ran with him it was like run as far as I could then finish which obviously meant i went a lot slower than I could go.
  • This sounds a bit like me. I’ve ran 4 marathons in the past but after a cancer diagnosis, losing my mum and struggling with depression I just went in to a slump and put on about 3 stone. I’m feeling in a better place now and I went for my first run in 2 years last week and managed 1.7 miles. Today was my 3rd run and I managed 2.5 miles. Just keep at it and don’t worry about your pace/distance. Just get back out and get used to running again. 
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    So an update i done a fun run last Saturday, which was a 5k, i completed it. I did walk/run but i did complete it in 43 minutes. I have now signed up for the park run so i can get out and just get back into the swing of things. If it means I have to walk a little then start jogging/running then I am fine with that, as-long as i make progress.

    Slothie-Bee, well done keep at it!
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