black toe nail diabetic

 Been running for about a year,  but upped milages recently having done the tough ten (wolds vets) 10 miler and aiming for my first half marathon at Worksop at the end of october.

In the last few weeks now got 4 REALLY fetching black nails. As a diabetic should I panic (as advised by podiatrist who is non runner!!) or just get on with it and wait for foot dropping off ?!! 



  • If its just the toenails that are black then I wouldn't worry, I get them all the time and I hear its pretty common with runners. Don't think its anything to do with diabetes but if you are worried talk to your gp or nhsdirect.
  • Diabetes runs in my familyimage

    My dad was so was his mum and an uncle....

    Only my veggie diet and regular excecise is keeping it at bay.

    So I know about diabetes and feet...go and get them checked out. A non-diabetic with black toes nails is not the same as a diabetic with the same know that.... My dad was always getting told off for neglecting his toes and feet

  • dont panic but please go and  get checked there is no underlying infection

    How long have you been diabetic?

    Do you have numb or burrning feet(neuropathy)

  • Thanks guys,

    Been diabetic for about a year, also runs in my family but was still a shock as tried to keep it at bay with diet and exercise also!

    Only burning feet I used to get was down to plantar faciatis. Thats now at bay with orthotics thank goodness.  Will go and see gp again (oh joy!)

  •  actually, a chiropodist mught be more appropriate

  • and are you SURE your shoes are not too small
  • don't think so. Were measured when had othotics done so should be right size.
  • presumably a good size bigger than normal shoe size?

    i only get balck toenails with mara distance

  • I have just run a marathon and during training began losing toenails quite freqently after long runs.

    They would turn black and then come loose. Four gone at the last count!!

     I'm not diabetic but from what I know would get it at least checked out if I was you. That said this sort of thing is quite common i believe amongst runners.

  • it is awful isnt it

    i have been running 6 years and have lost all my toenails at least 6 times

    I do quite a lot of marathons though

    my only concern  kaz, would be underlying infection-as you are diabetic

  • The way it works with diabetics is - diabetes inhibits blood flow to extremities ( do you always feel cold when others dont)?

    One major problem - Loss of circulation in lower legs due to arterial disease

    this can lead to no feeling in feet and toes - and if you are running - black toe nails caused by - shoes too small - constant banging on trainers - loss of circulation -

    all diabetics should pay major attention to feet and toes as they loose sense of feeling quickly.

    My wife can cut her foot quite deeply and not even feel it - she has stood on a drawing pin before and not felt it !!!!

    Cuts do not heal as quickly as "normal" and can become infected easily as they are still open

    Fat Caz - please go and see your doctor and ask to see chiropodist to be on the safe side

    If its overkill - thats better than looseing toes - you cant run with toes missing

    My wife has been type 1 diabetic for 34 years - she will probably be an amputee(leg) at some stage in her life due to arterial disease

    ps. - if you smoke - dont

    Sorry to scare monger - better safe than sorry

  • wise words Martin

    you wife may not have to be an amputee if she doesnt smoke and hs rigid diabetic control and blood pressure control

    Diabetic feet v important though

    to get some perspective*I am a doc BTW)

    with a year of type 2 diabetes, kaz is unlikely to have neuropathy

    but, yeah, get all foot issues checked out BEFORE they become an issue

    you can run with toes missing, its a bit hard if the big toe goes tho

  • Thanks  - Dr Plodding

    Missed the only been for a year bit  - (damn wine - what do they put in it)

    Sorry to make you work nights - bet you do enough extra hours as it is

    Have no idea what neuropathy is  - bet i  dont want to know - do i ??

    Shitter to get travel insurance now

    So true - get it checked out before...............

  • By the way doc ........... Ive got this rash..................
  • erm, neuropathy is when the diabetes buggers up little nerve endings so you cant ffel your feet, or worse, they burn, or hurt
  • ***************slaps martin**************

    i aint a dermatologist!

  • Burn or Hurt ???

    You should have been in our bed (metaphorically speaking) monday night - she was in and out all night - pain this, pain that, feet this,feet that !!!!!!!!!!

    She got no sleep all night - I was lucky - i got at least 3 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go on - I know your not a derma whatsit - but just have a look

    I'm not a mechanic - but i know a rusty car when i see one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • both martin

     its a bugger is the neuropathy

    erm, about your rash


    go and see a doc!


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