Returning Vet Runner - New Pain

Hi Folks, Apologies if this has been asked before(I can't see it anywhere). I am a male former distance runner 1985-2005(2 FLM's, many half's and 10k's) who has decided to take up running/jogging again at the age of 59, after a break of several years from 'proper' running.
I've been using a pair of Asics GT-1000 shoes, i'm 5'10'' and now 14st 7lb approx.(i.e. on the big side now).
and for the last four weeks I've been following a couch to 5k regime which gradually increases run/walk times to a total 20mins running.
Problem is I'm experiencing severe lower leg/ankle pain after the first two 'reps', similar to shin splints but not confined there......severe enough to make it so I almost can't lift my feet up. I thought this would go away after a few sessions but it hasn't.
It's become a showstopper really. Question is can anybody help or is it time to hang-up the trainers?

Nigel :(


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