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  • Richard  2Richard 2 ✭✭✭
    Steven morrison, I don't know you but was cheering you on reading that. Bad luck. Its good you know that it is still a good time. Get back on that horse and just try again.

    Were there pacers? Maybe pick one with pacers, let them do the work and all you need to do is stick to them.

    I can definitely relate to the find any excuse to give up vibe you were talking about.

    917 km this year for me, Which Google says is 569.797 miles approximately.

  • Richard  2Richard 2 ✭✭✭
    For my next spring marathon i'm going to build in a couple of spare weeks for illness and bad weather
  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭
    Hopefully you're on the mend Dubai.
    5th place and 3rd in age at this mornings Parkrun. 572 miles YTD. 
    Weirdly breaking the news to my wife of another race entry went ok. It is quite local and costs £13 for a 24 mile race so what's not to love.
    Getting warmer out there so well done everyone. 
  • Congrats Hobie, and at that cost it would be a shame to miss the 24 miler!

    Did a slow run of 6.29 miles this morning, still a bit sore and ankles stiff but was so good to get out.

    YTD 692.25 miles
  • Oh and welcome Richard 2
  • Another slow run of 3.24 miles

    YTD 695.49 miles
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Slow run for me today too Dubai. 4.5 miles in fairly hot conditions (for England at least!).

    343 YTD 
  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭
    Amazing run this morning, Ceredigion Coast Path 10 miler, I could see the sea mist hanging about as I started out. The run was stunning, just dropping into the mist then uphill back up into the warm sunshine...listening to the sea breaking on the rocks but not able to see it, return leg was very warm. 

    582 miles YTD
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    Just got back from work and out for a quick run before bed and then do it all again tomorrow!

    Bank holidays are sooo long when you have to work them!

    3.7 miles today

    YTD 249.88
  • Getting hot out there, 34 at 0800 and going to be 43 today.

    8.64 miles
    YTD 704.13 miles - finally through the 700!!
  • Hey All,

    Dubai: Great to hear that the injury isn't bad enough to stop you and you are back out there. Well done on breaking through the 700, excellent work!

    Lilly: I'd have been tempted to run another .12 miles just to get to the 250 mark lol. I'm in the office typing this today - so believe me, I feel your pain.

    Hobie: Your run sounds fantastic, very jealous this morning as I ran round my local canal tow-path being eaten alive by blood thirsty midgies lol.

    Richard 2: Thanks for your thoughts, it's much appreciated and welcome to the thread I hope we hear many an update from you. :) There were pacers but the 4 hour pacer took off like a jack-rabbit, She started behind me and passed me at mile 2-3(ish) I never set eyes on her again, and I could see about a mile down the road at some points. She probably finished at 3:58 on the nose as required and I'm doing her a great dis-service, but in the early stages at least she did seem to be going a lot faster then overall 4hr pace.

    Harmander: Sounds like a fantastic event, plugged it in this month's magazine too. If I can talk the missus into it, sounds like fun. I'll need to start training my stomach for onion bhajis instead of gels.

    AndrewD: well done on getting through the 3rd way point, nice work sir.

    Donnie2: Fingers crossed for Askern 10K when it comes - always great to hear someone nailing a PB, so I'll be hoping for you.

    Nell: Likewise on the upcoming Half, nice number of weeks away - hopefully a PB awaits for you too.

    I'll need to check in more often, It's much quicker writing a post without missing things lol.

    Well I'm FINALLY back out the door, the thump I gave my toe 2 days before the marathon has been bothering me (not a peep of complaint  from it during the marathon I might add) and I didn't want to risk injury so I've been waiting for it to come back to me. It's still not right but I'm afraid the fear of losing fitness has trumped common sense and I went out for a run this morning.

    Bit tender before I started but the moment I started running it was fine, in fact it only started grumbling again the moment I stopped running. Weird injury, I'll need to keep an eye on. Got my 1st 10K Race on Thursday night - so I don't suppose I'll be taking it all that easy lol.

    07 May - 5.85 Miles

    YTD: 644.25 Miles
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Since last posting I've run a parkrun PB by 25 secs, first time I've been under 23 and a disappointing 10k (48.52) plus a further 5.1 miles on the treadmill.

    YTD: 419.7
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Got myself out there again tonight for another 4 mile run.

    Pushed through 250 now and sitting YTD 253.88

    Steven - I would def had gone the extra .12 if I had known haha, going to go harder now as have a half coming up in 6 weeks so really want to get to 300 quickly now
  • Good running everyone.
    Wishing the best for those with injuries etc.
    Well done on getting past the landmark figures.
    Since last posting, I ran 13.71 miles on Thursday, 10.19 miles including Parkrun with 'er Indoors on Saturday and the TRaynes, Planes and Automobiles Marathon in the sweltering heat yesterday making my
    YTD = 1062.91 miles
    With two more (currently) planned training runs before the Luxembourg Marathon next Saturday I am confident I will get over the 1100 mark by Sunday. My only concern is how my son is doing with hs health as he is waiting the outcome of tests in hospital, surgery is a distinct possibility -it will be his 27th operation.
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    Hi dee hi campers!

    In checking back on my previously logged miles I noticed a lesser spotted Stephen E Forde - nice to see you sir. Well done on reaching 500 (I guess you have by now) ... I wonder if you've got some long races coming up (ultra... marathons???) if you plan on being through 1000 by August?

    Nice tempo running from you Andrew - that's a good pace! It has been a bit toastie hasn't it?

    Go on Donnie... go for Manchester - it would be great to meet another 1000-miler in RL. When I did it in 2017 several folks from the Manchester Marathon thread met up before the race. Best of luck for Askern... hopefully you'll bag that PB. Well done on the parkrun PB this weekend!

    [email protected] to hear you had to work over the Bank Holiday weekend lilly - well done on getting out to run in spite of work (oooo... wonder what lilly does as a job *more nosiness again* :wink:). Well done on passing 250 miles! Which HM are you doing?

    Glad to hear you're well on the way to recovery Dubai. Congrats on passing the 700 mark - fab running!

    Hello and welcome Richard - great to have another newcomer. That's a very nice total you've got amassing too! Which spring marathon are you planning on doing next year?

    Hobie - congratulations to you on several fronts... the breaking of the race entry news and, more importantly, the 5th/3rd places at parkrun - nice work! Your 10-miler sounds idyllic... I really miss being close to the sea - even if we go to the coast it's often Southport where cliffs are sorely lacking :neutral:

    Very pleased you're back on the road Steven! Weird about your peculiar toe injury... sound tortuous - an injury that only clears up when you're running and hurts when you're resting... an inverse injury :lol: Hope all is well for the 10K on Thursday.

    Great running by you Harmander... belated happy anniversary to you and the long-suffering Mrs. Singh :smile: Did you manage to pace her to 39 mins? Good luck for both the 1100 miles and the Luxembourg Marathon - and very best wishes to your son... hope results work out well!

    I've run less than I had hoped over the Bank Holiday weekend... was originally planning a double day and  long run - but only ran a sweltering mid-afternoon marathon paced run of 4.23 miles yesterday and 5.90 miles this evening. This evening's run was planned to be around 9-10 miles but another stomach challenge meant I had to loop back home prematurely.

    YTD: 558.15 miles.

  • Good luck for your son Harmander, fingers crossed.

    6.56 miles this morning 

    YTD 710.69 miles
  • And congrats Donnie on the PB
  • Afternoon,

    Well what a lovely weekend, I live about 10 miles from Brighton and we had 22 Degree's Saturday, 25 on Sunday and 28 yesterday, although it was still nice and cool around 06.00!

    Steven, Glad you are back out again, Good luck with the upcoming 10K series, sounds like fun, and I am sure a few PB's await.

    Donnie, Well done on the PB, and I totally agree about the 10K times, ever since I have been marathon training my times have fallen back, I use to run around 44 - 45 minutes, but this year have not been able to get below 46, strange?

    Hobie, That coastal run sounded lovely!

    Dubai, Glad to hear you are on the mend and back out, well done on passing the 700 mile mark.

    Harmander, Well done on completing another marathon, especially in that heat. Best wishes for your son, hope the test results were good, and good luck for Saturday's marathon in Luxembourg.

    Three standard training runs to add since my last post.

    03.05.18 - 6.25
    06.05.18 - 6.25
    08.05.18 - 6.25

    YTD = 476.25

    I have marathon this Friday, so back to the Thames path for the "Top Run" challenge, can you guess what film the bling is based on? This is a lovely 8 lap out and back run along the Thames and nice and flat except for a small bridge, so really looking forward to it.

    I have also booked my first Ultra in October, haven't yet told the wife though :D

    Have a good week everyone.
  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭

    Hello all, some great running going on.

    Dubai, awesome work breaking the 700 mile barrier in those temperatures.

    David, excellent choice of entering an Ultra, which one? Good luck with breaking the news to Mrs C...she might notice when you start getting weird, growing a beard and disappearing for 4 hour "training runs"

    Lilly, well done on 250+ miles & 550 Nell, great work.

    A few easyish runs for me this week before the hurty one on Saturday 593 Miles YTD...tempted to get to 600 before the Beasting.

  • David, which ultra? I have an itch to run Comrades at some point.
  • Hobie / Dubai,

    The event is called the Downs Link Ultra and organised by Sussex Trail events, it is a 38 mile point to point trail from St Martha's Hill Surrey to Shoreham by sea. 
    I have taken the following quote from the website "We believe the downs link ultra is an ideal first ultra for anyone wishing to step up a distance"

    So how hard can it be :D
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Afternoon guys, 

    What a lovely afternoon for a run, actually had a day to myself today so went out for a decent run today. At 20 degrees not too hot so a nice pleasent run out!

    Nell - well I have to work a lot just like everyone else but I run restaurants so it is long hours and every bank holiday and key day of the year. I love my job but it makes training more difficult. A challenge but one to relish!! 

    Hobie - thank you ? now to smash through 300! So close to 600, continue the beasting!

    David - Nice and consistent running and a huge challenge ahead, I just cant imagine that sort of distance, once I complete my first marathon or two I may change my mind.  But fair play!

    Harmander - Good luck on the newest venture, im sure you will smash it

    Dubai - Good to see your back out again and adding to your already crazy numbers!

    So todays run was a very hilly 9.38miles

    Now sat on YTD 263.26
  • It’s just a marathon and then a half, exactly how hard can it be!!! I’m sure it’s on some great trail!

    was 45 degrees when I left work at 1pm so waited until 6pm when it had dropped to 40 degrees and sun setting before running. Only 3.57 miles though!

    YTD 714.26 miles
  • Dubai runnerDubai runner ✭✭✭
    edited May 2018
    David - had a look at their website, some great looking runs, I’m jealous!

    And interesting that last years female race was won by a male!!!
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    5 miles for me this evening, up to 348 YTD.

    Hope to get through 350 tomorrow 
  • Hey all,

    First off, thoughts are with you Harmander for things beyond running, for all things running - congratulations AGAIN for another Marathon, just reading your schedule makes me tired.

    Donnie: Nice PB in the parkrun; and your disappointing 10K will be faster than I manage tonight lol.

    lilly: Well done on getting through the 250 barrier.

    Nell: Sorry to hear the stomach is playing up, hopefully that doesn't last long.

    DavidC: Good luck tomorrow mate, I hope the weather is kind. And hopefully you enjoy the Ultra - as you say how hard can it be? :#

    AndrewD: Congrats on the 350 - we know you got it ;)

    Works a pain at the moment and I have a 10K Race tonight, most definitely not in the mood :/

    09 May - 3.3 Miles

    YTD: 647.55 Miles
  • Thank you all for you kind words and wishes regarding my son - he is well on the mend now and is likely to be discharged by the time I return from Luxembourg on Sunday night - am flying out tomorrow for the race on Saturday evening.

    I ran a slowish 13.72 miles today (missed a run on Tuesday though).
    YTD = 1076.63 miles

    This means I can still get to 1100 miles by just completing the marathon, on Saturday

    Little Nell,
    No, the missus managed the first km at target pace but then lost it.  She managed 44:02.  Given the formula of a 4 second a mile faster for every lb (pound) loss in weight with the same fitness level, my suggestion that she needs to lose 24 lbs to improve on her PB did not appear to have been received in the right spirit by her.  I tried several times and ways of saying the same thing to her but it seemed to make matters worse - you just cannot help some people. lol
  • Harmander,

    Glad your son is on the mend, have a good run on Saturday and finally words fail me as to the comment you made to the long suffering wife lol!! however I am surprised you are still able to walk let alone run.
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    Hey, hey, hey sports fans!

    More determined miles from you, Dubai - well done. Of everyone on here you've surely got to be the best adapted for Comrades... accustomed as you are to heat and, presumably, a bit of sand!

    Congrats on booking an Ultra David - sounds great! Bit of a theme going on the thread though - secret race booking and then confession time to follow LOL! :lol: Good luck for tomorrow's mara :smile:

    I won't be logging anything tomorrow so best of luck for taming The Beast on Saturday Hobie! Would be nice to face The "wee" Beastie with 600 under your belt :wink:

    Excellent hilly mileage there lilly. Throughout my degree I worked in a family run coffee shop/restaurant that also did outside catering for functions - a tough and often thankless industry... hats off to you - especially fitting in running around the restaurant trade!

    Nice total amassing, Andrew - hope you've managed to crash through the 350 mark today!

    Too late, I know, but hope the 10K went well Steven. I feel your pain with annoying work... May/June/July is always unbelievably hectic for me too - conference season and numerous customer events with huge demands outside of typical work hours too. Hope it eases off for you soon! So - to carry on my nosiness theme... I'm intrigued as to what you manage to fit your running around (as in are you able/prepared to say what you do? :blush:)

    Great news about your son, Harmander - really good to hear! :smile: Have a lovely trip to Luxembourg and enjoy the marathon... any goal in mind... pacing? Target time? As for your cheekiness... I can't believe it! When I was heavier than I am now I ran a HM and told my hubby I had lost 5 lb during the course of the race - he told me maybe I should run a HM every weekend... when I told some of my work colleagues this they asked (in jest) if I wanted them to beat him up for me :lol: You guys sure know how to woo the ladies in your lives!!! :tongue:

    After being let down by my work running buddy, when he didn't feel up to running, I did a solo marathon paced run (unintended pace - just seemed to slip into it) yesterday lunchtime coming in at 5.26 miles. He rallied today and dragged himself out with me at lunchtime for a leisurely 4.40 miles and football chat. I could do to stop running mara pace now and look to a bit more speed!

    YTD: 567.81 miles.

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Steven: Lets hear about the 10k event today. You deserve it to have gone well.

    David: 38 miles!! As you said long slow runs are a disaster for 10k times. I've tried to fight back to running some short sharp bursts on the treadmill, not sure its working!

    Harmander: Your news is positive which is great to hear. Enjoy Luxemburg.

    I've added a few more treadmill miles. My first 'proper' race of the year is Wed next week, a 10k on a notoriously quick course, I'd previously hoped for 47 (secretly still want that) but will settle for sub 48. This isn't PB stuff, I did 43.37 back in 2013 but my annual marathon efforts have ruined my 10ks. 

    YTD: 429.7

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