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  • Nice running and jumping and pruning and hounding and strimming and staying together :-)

    Had a brief lull in the weather front and now appears we are back on course for some sun this weekend, I am on number 2 of 3 nights and then a weekend off,  I appear to have entered MK marathon on Monday,  I am sure 16 miles a few weeks ago in a blizzard will be more than enough training.  sensible persons would have deferred down to the 1/2 marathon but no good ever came of being sensible.   I am not particularly looking forward to the London Revolution a few days later but there you go ... Podds,  do you promise me its flat ?? 

    Yums,  our Force has just taken on our very first Special constable in the mounted section, I reckon I could have done that too!

    Chuggy,  Podds and I and a fair few other pirates are going down to support the IM in Austria,  we are re-enacting our train journey down through Austria from Munich which was so lovely before ..

    Mrs Farty P,  I think you should have booked yourself a holiday for a week and buggered off and left him to it, that would have learned him  :-D

    Daffs,  Deer and Hare and Weasels ... you really are in need of a puddytat,  I have one you can borrow for a few years if you'd like?  !!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭
    hi all

    meldy - good luck on Monday, take care in the heat

    well, the school I went to for interview wasn't exactly what I was expecting, despite being independent they don't actually have much money, still using the old wooden desks from the 1940s (or whenever they were made), I didn't really get to chat to staff or pupils so all a bit odd. I haven't heard from them yet but my gut feeling says don't take it (it would mean less money too but I don't know how much). They aren't selctive so basically get the kids that don't pass the entrance test for the high school ...... I was pretty surprised at the low attainment/lack of maths that the class I taught had
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    I knew you wouldn't disappoint

    It was only the third stoat/weasel I've ever seen (alive). Still waiting for my badger......
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    I have only ever seen a stoat/weasel/polecat in captivity, you are very lucky to have seen them in the wild!

    Mc, it doesn't sound as if the job is what you want?
  • I've got a Badger DL...........though not sure it's the type you mean! ;) 

    Yep Melds - the revolution is totally flat (crosses fingers and toes behind her back and whistles innocently before making plans to secretly leave the country...........)

    But as MC said, don't overdo it on Monday if it's warm

    Tomorrow I am apparently cycling 48 hilly miles between Canterbury and Ashford :(  seemed like a good idea in view of the fact I've got to do 70 in 3 weeks' time...........but I think it's going to be very slow and hurt a lot!! :dizzy:

    It's in aid of the Pilgrims Hospice which in Kent is based in Margate, Canterbury and Ashford and I know / have known several people and families who have personally used them so I guess I can't complain of a few sore bits and a dented pride!!

    Then sadly in work on Monday :(

    Happy warm and sunny long weekend lovely WAISTers 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    slugs - no, I don't think it is the job for me!

    podds - enjoy your ride

    I have a half marathon today - given how rubbish I am in the heat it will be slow and I will enjoy the scenery :)

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Mc and Podds, take things gently and don't forget to hydrate!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭
    don't worry slugs! I definitely took it gently. It was brutal course actually, off road, tough terrain, stiles and stepping stones, 1000ft elevation gain, 2 laps. Tempted to stop after 1 lap, but wanted to do the distance, and decided to just walk mostly the 2nd lap. The heat was a killer, no breeze at all ...beautiful area but my worst half marathon time ever!
  • MC, I think you're bliddy marvellous to get through a half like that in hot weather! Hats off to you. Sorry the independent school doesn't sound right, but it would be a shame to move to a job with less money, less stimulation and less professional reward, really. Something better is bound to be out there for you. 

    JFF, sorry that Mr FF is finding it so hard to manage with crutches and all. But It is absolutely NOT bad to expect some appreciation for the very heavy extra load you are carrying, on top of what was already an awful lot of work. All patients get a bit 'me-ish' but it's quite right that he should realise the effort you are putting in to support him. 

    Sluggie, I'm so jealous of your pet kingfisher! I've only seen one a few times, and yours seems to be there whenever you pop along. How are all your choirs doing? 

    Podds, loved the photos. Hounds are obviously the total antidote for stress, anxiety, restlessness... And hats off to you for the Pilgrims Hospice ride. Hope it went all right---sounds a tough route, and the heat won't have helped. 

    DL, I'm still giggling at your out-of-hours mouse delivery system :-) 

    Yums, wow, no. 2 is becoming a police special! I know they say the police get younger all the time, but as I recall he's about six years old, which really is a BIT young for all that responsibility ;-) I keep meaning to ask, are you getting some reinforcements given that all that Brexity stuff seems to be putting a lot more load on Customs & Excise? Hope they aren't planning to cover all the new work with existing staff....sigh..

    Pippi, you must be having an anxious time with all of Mr. P's tests. At least if it's a gallstone they know what to do. When are the other test results due back? In the meantime, I bet your class LOVED getting out for an adventure afternoon! They probably learnt more from it than they ever would have in the classroom. 

    Daffs, that hand sounded pretty nasty, glad you're on the right side of the antibiotics now. They can make you feel pretty rough, but they do the job. As for mice, JFF is right. You want at least one cat. Once it catches a few of the little blighters the will learn to run away from its scent, and then it just has to loll around the house, doesn't even have to pretend to chase them :-)

    Tubs, hope the boiler gets sorted quickly now so you can get things unpacked and put away. If they don't get put away soon either they will drive you nuts, or else you'll get so used to them being where they are that you'll never put them away at all! (I still have plenty of things like that from when we last moved 20 years ago ;-)
    The tsunami of relations must be exciting and intriguing in some ways, but I can well imagine you want to take you're time and see how it goes before you get drawn in too far. Do whatever makes YOU comfortable. 

    Melds, sounds like you and Podds are set for a lovely trip down to Austria! Should be great fun. Good luck with the MK mara---probably it would have been wise to settle for a half, but 'sensible' 'Meldy' and 'marathon' don't belong in the same sentence ;-)

    Busy times chez Chuggs. Mr C's stitches came out last week, they did a fantastic job: any scarring will be almost invisible. Then we had King's Day, which was huge fun as ever. In the arvo C1 + her lovely new bf and his 3 (extremely nice) kids came over: Monty was the star of the show, obviously. Then on Sunday we drove down to France. It's unbelievably green and lush, weather anything from chilly rain to blazing sun. Much weeding has been done, and not much else ;-) 

    Time for bed---down here it's totally dark and totally silent, so when it's time to sleep, you sleep! Hope it's a lovely bank holiday tomorrow :-)) xx
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Good morning lovely people.

    GO GO GO M.........eldy. watch that heat.

    Happy 27th 28th anniversary, Podd. Does Mr P know how long you've not been married or remember the anniversary?  Good luck with those 28 hilly miles. I find I'm fond of the occasional hill when running or cycling but they can out stay their welcome. 

    Pippi, sorry to hear that Mr P hasn't been too Well. As you say hopefully the stone has gone and won't need medical intervention. How lucky are the kids to go on a day out like that. In my day it was a bean bag and hula hoop in the playground. Anglesey sounds fab and handy the porpoises turned up for a photo.

    Daffy only you could have exciting weeds. Good that your hand hasn't dropped off.  Are the germs out in the middle of nowhere more virulent than suburban ones? I'm impressed you're humanely dealing with the mice. They breed like.....mice and don't usually cooperate when asked to leave.  

    (((((JFF)) good that the patient is improving but a big shame he's not aware/apreciative of the additional work you have to do. I suppose he's too wrapped up in feeling sorry for himself to notice. Wise words from Sluggy.

    Tubbs, hope the boiler installation goes well as you could do without living out of boxes.  I'm not surprised you're keeping your distance with the new found rellies after everything that's happened previously.  You done very nicely so far without them so no need to be hasty about anything. 

    MC that school sounds odd so I don't blame you for feeling it's not right for you. Better to wait for the right one. Well done one the hot half. Sounds really tough but if a course is tough but beautiful time doesn't matter.

    Good luck today, m...eldy. rather you than me this weather or not.  A police special on horseback sounds like it was made for you. When do you start? No 2 is only interested in mechanical horsepower.

    DL another cold? Are you sure that OH or the cat isn't trying to kill you. Dispatching the cat to stay with daffy is a good move. 

    Chugfyy, it's good to know that Mr C  had his stitches out and will still be beautiful. C1 seems nicely settled with her partner and his 3 children. It can't be easy fitting in but it sounds as though she's doing a great job ?And Monty would have been in his element too.
    France sounds wonderful. I hope it doesn't get too hot too soon

    Mother is moving into her retirement apartment on 10/5. She seems to have lost the plot over it/doesnt remember/ doesn't listen and can't really cope. I had to step in and agree a moving date which she wouldn't as it had reached an impasse. I am currently going over every other day for one reason or another. I'm having to try very hard to remain patient whilst feeling very frustrated.  I humanely removed a gnat from my house. Today I have 11 bites. I don't think this karma thing works. Oh well best get going....taking mummy shopping for stuff for new home and being mom's taxi for no 1

    WAIST well

  • What a beautiful day it is today, hope everyone is well :-)
    I have been off this week an had a nice trip to London town to see Les Mis an go up the Shard
    Am home now waiting for an army of children to descend (nieces, nephew, friends an kids) as it is charter day in the town today with lots of bank hol festivities, i happen to live closest so folks can park here an walk in.

    Enjoy the sunshine all :-)
  • Evening All

    48 hilly miles nearly killed me yesterday - although in the photos the lanes never look that hilly.....but it was really steep I swear and went on for ever and ever and ever.......

  • But possibly more cheerful than I was having to work today!!

    Actually I got a lot done as there was only me, site manager, 2 invigilators and 10 year 13s in school for the whole time 

    Hope everyone had a satisfactory long weekend and plenty of lovely outdoorsy stuff done while the sun shone 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Lol Podds. I think you look more quizzical than cross. That lane looks flat. I really don't see what the problem is ?Well cycled ?

    "Waves to flibbs*  

    Mother survived our day together. I am drinking cherry beer. Nuff said
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Well cycled Podds! That is about 4 times as far as I ever managed. I remember those nasty little lanes that look pancake fat but are actually mountains in disguise!

    Yumms, I am sorry that your Ma is finding life difficult and hopes she settles well after her move.

    Chuggy, it is lovely to see you :) I am glad the family are doing well and that C1 has found herself a nice man. Hope the weather is not too scorchio in deepest, darkest France.

  • Bonjour tout le monde. (That's so you know I can speak the lingo. I can also say 'café' and 'croissant'. And 'toilette'. That pretty well covers my needs ;-)

    Sounds like a really nice bank holiday back in Blighty, for a change. Flibs, I think you're lovely to have open house for all the rellies like that. Those big relaxed family gatherings can be really fun. 

    Podds, the weather may have been a bit TOO good for anyone doing your kind of endurance event! It's a very long way, and those lanes can just go up and up and up.....and with all the beautiful hedges blocking the view, it's easy to lose all hope of ever getting to the end. I think you looked fabulously composed at the end of it. Bliddy well done you. It was certainly done for a good cause. 

    Yums, I hadn't realised your mum was having to move. It's so difficult when you have to worry about them all the time, I do hope the move will be comfortable for her and will give you some peace of mind. But obviously it's taxing for you both. At least you are there for her, which makes all the difference. No matter how much energy it takes, one day you will be glad you can look back and know you did all you could for her. 

    Sluggie, weather here is impossible. Yesterday it was definitely scorchio (about 28 C, more in the sun, and mozzies galore) while today it's clouded and much cooler (about 21 C) and tomorrow it's going to be 18 C and rainy. Hope it's more reliable there on the south coast!

    We've been working hard in the garden, and it's starting to look nice again. It's MUCH easier to weed now, when the ground is still reasonably moist. In another month you don't so much pull weeds as chip them out of the ground like coal.

    Tomorrow we have to go to the funeral of a friend who died very suddenly. She was diagnosed with cancer about two months ago, but nobody thought the end was near. Count your blessings and enjoy every day. 

    About to have a  nice walk with Monty. It was really too hot to take him yesterday so we can both do with stretching the legs. Hope everyone has survived the first day back at work :-) xx
  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    Well, that was a Bank Holiday to remember and the weather was the right way round for a change! Yes, it was a bit too hot - I was going to do a little light weeding and gave up on it, so well done Podds and Meldy! I hope Belgium has shrunk a little now and you have cooled down a bit. 

    Good luck with mum's move, Yums. Olds are as much of a worry as the youngs at times, aren't they?

    We had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday we did the Zip Wire in North Wales - the same as Dragon did a couple of years ago, but it has been improved since then with an indoor bit for you to start from and a nice cafe and viewing area. It was exciting without being too scary - not as scary as the temporary one in Liverpool where you actually had to step off a platform to start!! Although the woman next to me wouldn't let go of the "Bed" that you lie on to start with!

    Sunday, I went to Coniston to do a recce for a walk I am leading in a fortnight. It was much better than the previous recce I did (but that's the Lakes - clearly marked and well used and maintained paths!).

    Yesterday, a bike ride in the morning before it got too hot - I went along the coast. We have a good embankment which is a footpath, cycle path all along the Irish Sea coast, but there were several very sandy patches on it (it blows up and then gets cleared by the council at intervals) and it was full of flies (usually only bad by the golf course) so I returned for the worst part along the road. Also regretted wearing my older, cheaper shorts where the padding isn't all nicely molded at the edges and got a bit sore ... but not so bad it didn't clear up quickly once I stopped! 

    My journey to work this morning took me over half an hour. It's 5 minutes when there is no traffic (e.g. Saturday on the way to parkrun!), 10 minutes on a busier morning. I can walk it in 20 minutes or so!. A burst water main has closed the road over the docks so everything was snarled up. I just made it to school as the bell went!
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    Chuggy, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. My heart goes out to those who loved her :(

    Pippi, it sounds as if you had an action packed weekend!

    The weather has been beautiful here but it looks as if that is set to change tomorrow. From 22C and sunny today to 16C tomorrow and an 80% chance of rain.
  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Podds - no hills in that photo - don't know what you're moaning about  ;)

    Hope you and Pippi can sit down comfortably today

    ((((Yums & Mum)))) I imagine today and tomorrow might be a bit stressful

    ((((Chuggy))) certainly makes you think about your priorities

    MC - the right job will be out there somewhere

    A sunny bank holiday was enjoyed here too. I did however cycle to the local village fair in search of the WI stand in order to buy the best lemon curd. Do it every May bank holiday. They had sold out. I don't know what the WI is coming to - they're just not as reliable as they used to be!

    I have also attempted running again - blinketty hell it was hot and hard. I am blaming the intense heat and not my low levels of fitness and refusal to put any real effort into these endeavours.

    Happy - it's still sunny but maybe not so warm Wednesday.

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    ((((( chuggy and friend))))) so sorry to hear of your loss. It is indeed a good reminder of the  fragility of life.  Your weather is a bit unsettled but I'm sure it will soon just be scorchio.

    Pippi you really are wonder woman these days or maybe more milk tray woman what with that zip line. No one likes to hear of chafing but thankfully it was only temporary. I hear Kanye West is selling 2XU cycle shorts for £500...

    Oh DL I feel your pain over the queuing to uphold the family WIbank holiday lemon curd tradition. Who are these people who muscle in on a good thing. And damn the WI for not making enough. What is lemon curd made from - apart from the obvious.

    Sluggy, I hope the change in weather wasn't as noticeable as predicted. Does it affect you mobility or pain? Are the choir practising for a particular performance? How are things progressing with the lady SB  was seeing?

    Mother has moved. It's a retirement apartment and shes keen ro remind me its not sheltered housing. She has lots of friends there already and I met some lovely ones yesterday. It all went well but as you know still means upheaval. I arrived home 15 hours after I left.  And youre right pippi i do feel as though I'm as responsible as  I would be for a small child. However in amongst the upheaval yesterday she beamed and said to the estate agent I'm going to be really happy here. Chuggy  you're absolutely right it is all about knowing I've done the best I can for mum. Unfortunately despite my efforts yesterday the karma gods weren't shining on me. I is been in the appartent car park 5 minutes and a woman scratched my car. Apparently the woman told the apartment manager so i might be able to get it fixed at their expense if I can identify them.

    And in other matters... I total mozzie fodder in the club session in the woods in Tuesday despite wearing repellent. Does anyone have any recommendations that might deter the little feckers?  

  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭
    Avon Skin So Soft is highly recommended. We took it to Orkney and Shetland but there was so much wind there weren't any midges to try it on! Also Smidge. I'm in a West Highland Way group where these matters are much discussed ...
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    Yums, I am glad your Ma is safely installed in her new home, it sounds as if this is a positive move for her, so that's a good thing. I hope she makes more friends there and is very happy - not least because it will take some of the pressure off you!
  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Yums - glad to hear your ma is making the most of apartment living. Never park near the olds - my Mum swears blind she's still a great driver - it's the blind bit though that seems to be the problem - she's never quite sure where all the scratches and dents come from on her car.

    Also - if you eat marmite it's supposed to keep the mozzies at bay. I however, am partial to a bit of marmite and I get bitten - obviously by the 50% of mozzies that love the stuff.

    On my run this morning I heard what sounded like a cat or small animal in distress (notice how I casually throw in the fact I have been running so as not to frighten the horses) On closer inspection there was a squirrel in a tree emitting the strange noises. It was either a fat, constipated one or possibly a pregnant labouring one. I didn't hang around to find out. Either resulting emission dropping on me would not have been the start to the day I had envisaged.

    This weekend I attempted a bike ride. I was thwarted along the way by a steep bit. Much steeper than Podds' minor hillock! The way home, was however, rather thrilling, think I made it to at least 30 miles an hour - it was a bit scary!

    Happy new week, hope it brings sunshine and good times

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    I keep getting male pattern baldness adds below - is it just me?

    Do they know something I should?
  • morning all

    I'm getting car ads DL. ads can be scary though it really is big brother. talking of male baldness my Littlun is definitely losing his hair - he is very much not impressed! he's always had really thick red hair  I've bought him some stuff to try as I felt sorry for him

    Yums I actually like the idea of retirement appartments and may go and join your mother - I bet they have a great time

    My weekends are still very busy but at least the Bigun mowed the lawns this week so that was a help. Mr FF is much less grumpy and a lot better on the crutches - hoorah!

    I have a marathon on Sunday - yikes!

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    I'm just getting Bournemouth marathon adverts. 

    Poor Little un, JFF. It must be hard losing hair as a young man. I don't imagine DL's squirrel was a red one otherwise maybe we could have made a toupee for little un. 

    I'm mighty impressed that you have been running, DL and been midwife to a squirrel. But you admitted to a bike ride. Are you mad? What if the mad old bat happens along and sees what you've done?

    Thanks for the info, pippi. If midges are deterred by skin so soft it must be effective. 

    My mum says I can't go to tea as I usually do on a Wednesday this week because they're having a cheese, wine and bingo evening. 

     Having worked hard to learn my new role at work since I was moved today they told me I'm being seconded to another team for a couple of months - you've guessed it  to deal with the problems I warned them about. Last year I wasn't wanted now they're making me help them. I'm not sure I have the knowledge they hope I have.  Sigh
  • TubsterrTubsterr ✭✭✭
    So sorry about your friend Chuggy ((((( hugs ))))) It's terrifying how fast it can happen. Thinking of you xx 

    Brilliant cycling Podds

    DL if M....eldy mentions swimming you'll have to run away very fast! Intrigued to know whether the squirrel had a baby or a poo! 

    Glad Mr FF is on the mend. Jnr Tubs is starting to go grey. My fault as are his glass ankles! 

    I dud read back, head like a sieve and slightly distracted by aforementioned labouring squirrel! 

    ((((( win )))) 

    We finally have a boiler. And I met my sister last weekend. Got on so well, it's like we've always known each other. 

    ((((( waisters ))))) 
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    What a lovely photo Tubs!! :)

    DL, you do lead a varied life!

    LOL Yums, your Ma is clearly too involved in her social whirl to entertain you. I really hope this means that you get a bit of time back. After all, you need to train for Bournemouth marathon! >:) 

    Jenni, I am glad that Mr FF is a bit happier now.

    MS and I had just returned following a couple of days away. We watched 'Pointless' being recorded yesterday and met SB for dinner in the evening. 
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