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  • Big G- well done today. As you have said you don't like running if it's to hot that's a great time considering it was the hottest day so far. 

    It was still around 22° when I got home from work so went out for a 6 mile run with last 3 miles a little quicker than mp. Felt a couple of twinges in my hamstrings so I think keep my next few runs at an easy pace.
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    Well done Big G - that's a very respectable time under the circumstances. I was glad I got out early morning before it got too warm.
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    Shades-Your friend sounds very tough,
    Big G-That's a very good time with the heat,travel and a race yesterday.
    Steven-Are you training for a race at the minute?
    Cal-Sounds like you're improving.
    Still hot here at 5.30 when I got in from work,steady 10 miler,can barely notice my Achilles when I'm running now but very touch tender afterwards,improving but still work to do.
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    Just reading back a bit.

    Ian, I saw that about Tranmere going to Wembley.  Torquay, on the other hand...

    Cal, great you're still feeling positive about Liverpool.  I think if you can get to the start line, you'll be fine.

    Shades, yes I saw those pigs and horses on Sunday.  Also the hot air balloon was good to see, as where the very inquisitive cows!  Shame about your T- Shirt though.

    Reflecting back a bit, I am actually genuinely pleased with my times.  Yesterday really was about just getting around it safely - it was almost a balance between going quickly enough to get out of the sun as quickly as possibly, but slow enough that I didn't keel over.  I did see numerous people getting medical help - space blankets, stretching, and one guy at 23 looked in a bad way with the medic calling for extra help.  I really hope everyone was okay.  When I saw the sub-4 pacer bus go past me I have to say I was worried as there were people in there who were really pushing to stay in the bus.  They went past me at about 13-miles so there must have been some people who had a really bad last half or so.  I did see the sub-1:50 Half pacer drop out as it was just too hot for him, but I saw Steve Edwards managed to get his sub-3:30 bus around in under that time - what a runner!

    I was surprised how nice the course was.  For me it was a nice balance between city streets and parks, and I genuinely enjoyed the route and the stadium finish.  Busy, but not too busy, which I like.  The notorious sections over the bridges etc were quite hilly - I wouldn't call it a "flat" course really, but I think a PB could be done there.  The medal and shirt are good too, and I think it's free race pics (although mine will be shite!).  There were plenty of spectators on the course too, with loads giving out oranges (one guy had a whole crate full), people with massive buckets of water to dip caps in and/or spraying hoses.  In one park there was a lady handing out Mr Freezes, and I managed to grab one which went down very well!

    I've learned something as I always do.  I think a year or two ago I'd have been been really, really worried about the weekend in terms of the weather.  But just forgetting about the time and getting around it suited me just fine, so I'm happy.

    I wouldn't be adverse to going back again.  It was a nice course etc, but as we know there are so many others.  But, yes, I would do it again and staying at Caldecotte was affordable and ideal really.  I saw the official race parking and that was about 1-mile away, so not too different to Caldecotte Premier Inn really (they had limited parking at the stadium too, but that sold out quickly and was pricey)

    Drive back was uneventful and quick (customary KFC at Bristol), but I'm very glad I wasn't in the queue going the other way getting out of Devon....  Legs are fine today, too!
    Cal - dried fruit is a popular choice for ultra runners but there are those wary of it for the same reason as you, but you'd have to have a very speedy digestion system for a few dates to have that effect in a marathon.  
    Big G - that's a good result in that heat, I was thinking of you yesterday as I know MK being inland is often a hotspot.  You definitely ran it well, good splits, and it sounds like you might even have enjoyed it B) .   

    I must put MK on my to do list, sounds like a nice race.

    steven  - do you do any stretches or strength work for your legs?

    Ian - 10 miles so soon after your 16 is good training, glad the achilles is improving.

    My friend is now on 260 km and her OH on 435 km, still one day and 5 hours to go.   The leader is over 700 km now, unbelievable distances.   You have my permission to shoot me if I ever consider trying a 6 day race.

    6 miles for me this morning, flat/undulating route, quite fresh this morning.   My right quad was quite sore yesterday afternoon and evening and I thought 'oh no, here we go again', but it must just have been a touch of DOMS as it's fine this morning. 
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    SHADES said:
    You have my permission to shoot me if I ever consider trying a 6 day race. 
    Funnily enough, I was thinking similar thoughts about myself yesterday, along the lines of Comrades!  I saw a guy go past me with a Comrades shirt on from last year, and obviously Steve Way is training for Comrades, and I thought "Hmmm, could I?".  I then just said to myself "Don't be so stupid...".

    I have to say, on both days over the weekend, I got to 17-miles and thought I wasn't sure if I could do that distance again for the DD, especially in that heat.  I know I'm supposed to be putting DD out of my mind, but I am worrying :(    But, there's 4 weeks to go, I have Liverpool to look forward to, and then I'll see what I feel like closer to the event.

    Sorry, going on a bit here again, but on the way back I was listening to Marathon Talk's interview with Callum Hawkings, which was recorded about 2 weeks before his race.  Not in a cocky way at all, but he sounded quite confident, he'd been out there a month acclimatising, had ran most of the course, was really pleased with his training, had sorted out his kit etc, but obviously it didn't end well.  I think as has been said on here, I wonder if he just pushed too much in the later stages, when he didn't really need to.  As Paula always says on commentary, if someone is 30-secs behind you with 3 miles to go, they have to make that 30-secs up and then maintain it to pull ahead, which isn't easy at that pace.  I do like Callum though - he just seems quite a no nonsense guy really.  He was explaining that out with the team people were asking him if he was okay, if he wanted anything etc etc.  His reply was along the lines of "Urrrrm, I'm just a runner - what is it that I would need?" and he just cracks on with it.  Great approach and refreshing in some ways, similar to Dewi Griffiths in that way I think.
    Big G - of course you could do Comrades if you wanted to.   If you're seriously interested Dave Ross is the man to contact re logistics/advice, you might already know him from the marathon circuit.

    Please put DD out of your mind.   You can't compare distance either as we set the distance in our minds before we start running.   After NDVM I was sitting with a few Trotters and we were having the same conversation as one of the Trotters was having a DD wobble, so I just told her not to make a decision now especially after a marathon that didn't go as well as she'd hoped.

    I saw Callum being interviewed by Gaby Logan at VLM and he said he didn't feel hot at all during the Commonwealth marathon, that of course is a warning sign.  I still think he stuck to his race plan and really should have assessed the race by the competition and the conditions they were running in and I don't think he needed to run on ahead when he did.   He is a great runner, one of my favourites.
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    Five miles recovery run today. I was going to do 6 but realised I actually didn't feel that great so I cut the corner off the common (at that point there's a road I have to cross, and I hit it just as the lights changed and all the cars were turning into it).
    Don't feel ill or anything but I realised I wasn't feeling quite right. Obviously I'm still recovering from the shingles but I've also only slept 6 hours the last two nights which is not ideal, and I was probably still a bit dehydrated as it was a warm night.
    I'm going back to Vinyasa yoga this afternoon - it shouldn't be too taxing.
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    Shades, it was just a passing thought really.  Not seriously interested at the moment, but I know it's got a great reputation.  I haven't looked into at all, but I expect getting there and doing the event would take up 2 or 3 years budget!

    Cal, sounds sensible to stop a bit early if you weren't feeling quite right.
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    Shades, I see the Running Miles guys are doing a different event at Dorney Lake in November.  I'm just mentioning it as the Travelodge is only £28 at the moment.

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    Big G - Great double weekend for you!
    Shades - Sounds like a nice race you did too.

    17 miles for me on Saturday at 8:01s average, felt good and didn't push the pace. Mowed the grass in the afternoon as perfect preperation for a 10k on Sunday :D
    Birmingham 10k, my 4th time of running this (I think), but I'd decided not to taper for the race and just run it as part of ultra training off the back of 3*60 mile weeks!!
    Decided I'd try PB pace to see how that felt, but wasn't sure how my legs would feel after 17 miles yesterday or how the heat would affect the pace! Anyway first mile in 6:08, which was around where I wanted, but felt tough already due to the heat, my legs actually were not too bad. So slowed after that first mile and ran between 6:20-6:28 (approx. HM pace) for the rest of the race. Through 5k in 19:31 and finished in 39:26 (second 5k in 19:55).
    Spotted the male winner after crossing the line, so shook his hand and said well done! Collected medal/water and went straight into a cool down run (3 miles) to finish the week on 50 miles.
    Cal - you're still doing well considering you're not yet recovered from the shingles.

    Big G - the Comrades has never really been on my list and I agree too much budget to spend on one race.   If I was going to SA I'd rather do Two Oceans.   In SA Comrades has the same hype as VLM does here.

    Big_G said:
    Shades, I see the Running Miles guys are doing a different event at Dorney Lake in November.  I'm just mentioning it as the Travelodge is only £28 at the moment.

    Are you trying to lead me astray ;) .  That looks interesting, I wonder what surface the Thames Path bit is?    But I'm out of budget for the year :( 

    Steve - that's another great weekend's training for you and a very fast 10k time too at Birmingham.   I watched the 10km race on telly, the women's race was particularly good. 

    Finally back at Pilates today, different instructor as usual one on her hols, was good, quite hard.   Quad a little sore in the bridges but nothing to worry about.
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    Shades, wasn't sure if that Dorney one may also be a bit too far into the winter for you .  I've just booked it though :)

    Steve, great time there from you, on the back of some decent mileage!
  • Ian- I wouldn’t say I’m training at the minute however I do have a h/m first weekend in June.

    Shades- re stretching I ashamedly have to say no. I do stretch a little probably not as much as I should and do no work strength work which I know I should and is possibly one of the reasons I do take cramp I think.
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    Shades - Yes the ladies race was great, watched it on TV when I got home. Thought the Irish lady had it but the Polish lady was just too strong coming from 3rd to win!
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    I’m going to go out for 3 Miles again tonight before swimming. I managed a pain free 3 Miles on Sunday. I took a turning too early on my cycle adventure detour from work yesterday and ended up higher up a hill than I expected, so glad it wasn’t a run as I did get to free wheel back down. 16 Hilly Miles rather than my 6 flat. I’m feeling more positive for DD and will use the cut off points as little celebration points,  I asked the RD same as you Shades about sweeper bus and he said same just get myself to a Marshal. I know there are going to be club members saying I’m mad as I’ve missed 6 weeks training, (running not cross)  but I my family said I wouldn’t do C25K, I’m glad I didn’t listen and gave it my best shot and that is what I’m doing with DD. Like C25k I agree it’s mostly likely I won’t finish but I will know I tried my best and there is always another day. (I agreed with family and didn’t think I could do it, not that I told them)  Of course this all depends on Plymouth Half Pain Free. Hope this helps Big G 

    Shades- re stretching I ashamedly have to say no. I do stretch a little probably not as much as I should and do no work strength work which I know I should and is possibly one of the reasons I do take cramp I think.
    It might be time to start doing say 5 minutes a day, every day will help.

    Steve - I thought the Irish girl had the win and was really impressed with the Polish girl, she hardly looked out of breath at the end, must have paced it perfectly.

    Jelly - that must have been a tough cycle ride yesterday, but all good training.

    I really think you have the right attitude for DD and should you decide that you do need to pull up you can always ask any runner that passes you to tell the next marshal on the course so they can make plans to have you ferried to the finish.   And even if you only run part of the race it will give you such valuable experience ready for next year.   I probably won't make the cut offs so may pull out at 20 miles when I get to the Rugglestone, we'll see.

    I was talking to PB (male Trotter) at Pilates this morning and the year that he did DD he ran North Dorset marathon as his last pre DD race and he didn't finish the marathon, pulled out at 20 miles, I remember seeing him sitting in the hedge.  So mentally that really knocked him back but he still ran DD in a good time 4 weeks later, he hadn't run DD before.

    Big G - that didn't take you long to ponder over that marathon.

    Yes, probably creeping a bit further into winter for me.   I've tentatively pencilled in a half marathon for that weekend but in a blonde moment not noted where the half is that I thought I might do. :/
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    I mean, how bad is DD, really? If you experienced peeps get wobbles about it, it sounds quite worrying!
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    My classic mini struggles with the Dartmoor hills and the weather can change on the moors in a heart beat and then there's the cut off times. I marshalled two years ago, first race I had marshalled being new to running and the runners were so inspirational I knew it was THE  race I wanted to do, our chairman said I needed a few marathons under my belt hence I didn't enter last year. 
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    Nice one Jelly.  Good news you're happy with how your training is going.  

    Cal, I think for me it's the same as Jelly - the hills are very steep, and the weather can change very quickly.  I've wondered why I get nervous about these things (you may remember I got myself a bit worked up about trying to get under 4hrs initially, and of course since then I've pushed on).  I don't think it's pressure from anyone else as deep down I know that no one else really minds if I do it or not, but it's just the unknowns that worry me I think.  Of course I know I can't control the weather, but it doesn't stop me worrying about it.  Plus in my case I had a rough plan of doing lots of hilly runs and, well, I haven't, and my real aim is to enjoy the run.  I've witnessed the course beat some very good runners, and it ain't pretty when that happens!

    I've time kept at the marathon point three times I think it is, and that is an experience.  Lots of different emotions as people cross that line, with some hardly breaking stride, some sprinting to the line and then walking, some being overjoyed as in previous years it has meant that they have made the final cut off so just have to make it to the finish line to get a time (as this year's is a longer route, the marathon isn't the final cut off), and for others the realisation that they still had 6 miles (8 this year) to go wasn't a nice thought!  On rare occasions, runners had spectators ready at the marathon point with champaign, which I have to say I thought was a bit premature!

    Anyway, in other news, Premier Inn have made a charge to my credit card for a meal that I didn't buy.  I don't know if it's related to the fact that I asked to move rooms (the original room was right over the pub and there was a live band playing in the afternoon) so the charge got mistakenly applied, or if someone used my room to charge in error.   I've dropped them an email as it seems hard to speak to anyone about a billing query, so hopefully that will be resolved.  It's for £24 so it has't broken the bank, but I obviously would like it sorted.
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    Shades (and anyone else thinking about Belfast Marathon), I saw this mentioned about mounting costs could mean Monday's event was the last one.  Also, I believe runners got a survey to ask if they'd run on the Sunday (that article says the police charges are double for a BH Monday) and also potential route changes.

    Hopefully it'll continue!  The story was apparently in the Irish News as well, and the BBC article mentions other road events could be in danger if the new law is applied thoroughly.
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    Cal Jones said:
    I mean, how bad is DD, really? If you experienced peeps get wobbles about it, it sounds quite worrying!
    It's as Jelly and Big G say...the difficulty is that it's a tough course with the challenge of unpredictable weather and whatever else an ultra can throw at you.  It's also stunningly beautiful scenery and an amazing atmosphere, it's a very special race.   As Big G says it can beat the best of runners if you get it wrong and getting it wrong can just be wearing the wrong kit.   But finishing it is an endorphin rush of at least ten times what you feel at the end of a marathon.   A couple of days later the DOMS is ten times worse than a marathon too.  :'(   

    Big G - that's a bit careless of Premier, maybe your room move has caused the confusion, hope that's sorted quickly.

    Well I've done my hilly 8 mile run this morning, beautiful morning, I could have done with gloves for the first hour but finally warmed up.  Countryside is looking so beautiful and lush.   I did find the hills hard though.
    Big G - how are you recovering after your hot double?
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    Shades, I'm doing okay from the double.  I've drank plenty of fluids and basically ate what I wanted yesterday, which ended up being 5 meals plus some snacks, including another ice cream - okay, two of the meals were relatively small, but still!  Legs feel fine, although I suspect I'd find hills slow going (as has happened previously after a marathon), but I'm hoping to get out for a run later on.  I didn't go for a run yesterday, but did some walking, and I do feel surprisingly okay.  I don't really know why the legs feel so fine in comparison to how they felt after Great Welsh, where they were knackered.  Maybe it's just because this weekend was a slower pace, and although very hot, I wasn't battling into a head wind which I did find very tiring at Great Welsh.  It's funny isn't it as to anyone looking at my times, they're all over the place this year (3:19 to 6:59!!) but there have been reasons behind all my results this year.

    I think RK had a bad run for his 98th at Plym Trail.  I do hope he's okay.  Don't know if it was the weather or what, but if he'd done that time at DD he wouldn't have made the marathon cut off.  It must be so much pressure building up to something like DD for his 100th, especially when he may well be quite close to the cut offs too.  I suppose if someone felt sure they could meet the cut offs that would be one thing, but like I say he may well be quite close.  Good luck to him though as I obviously hope he does it, but it's for those reasons, as I've said previously, I don't think I'd choose DD as 100th, what with all the non-running prep that goes into it (i.e, ordering a cake, getting the 100MC vest, getting someone to present it, etc).  Not sure what his 99th is now - it was Liverpool, but he's not doing that now as far as I know.  He is a nice guy, so I wish him well - I'll try and have a chat with him if I see him at training before the event.
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    Sorry Shades, lots of posts from me (not sure if you saw my previous one about Belfast), but also I've seen that Gloucester have radically changed their route for this year's race.  I'm slightly annoyed as I've booked a B&B walkable to the original start/finish area, but this year's race is a totally different course.  I think I may keep the B&B and just drive the 15mins to the new start.  There must be reasons for the change, but looking at the new route I don't think it can really be called "Gloucester City Marathon" as it doesn't seem to go anywhere near the city!
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    Big G - xpost re Belfast.   I knew a few years ago they were talking about moving the event to the Sunday but had strong opposition from the churches but it would make sense to move it to the Sunday.   Cork and Dublin have now moved their events to the Sunday and for Dublin that has meant increased entries and the race filling up months before.  I don't know what affect it's had on Cork entries.  Belfast is a good marathon and you should definitely put it on your list to do.   I'll do the survey.  

    Good to hear you're recovering well, all that food will help :)   I'm sure a marathon into a strong headwind exhausts the body with the extra effort and being more tense in those conditions.

    Maybe RK has got a niggle, I don't think he ran on the Sunday did he?  He was on the start list twice.   DD is a very bad choice for a 100th as it's the event that gets you to join the 100MC and there will be very few 100MC runners there as they don't do ultras, but I suppose he wants it to be local.    He needs to run DD with someone to get him round, not sure he could do it on his own.
    I don't think they're doing a marathon cut off at DD this year are they, but moved that cut off to 29 miles?  

    No, haven't seen Gloucester's route change, I've entered but am not getting emails from them, are you?   That's annoying, I've booked a central hotel too.  I'd better go and have a look at that too!
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    Steve-That's a great time at Brum.
    Steven-Im going to be starting strength training soon,found some good ones on you tube to follow.
    Big G-That Gloucester marathon doesn't appear to enter Gloucester now.It may find itself very popular though as it's the last road marathon(I found) before the GFA cut off date.
    DD Sounds an easy race to me  :D
    Big G - you don't have to order a special cake for 100th celebration, that's just a recent fad.   It's customary to provide something to eat as you can't expect marathon runners to hang around after a race if there's no food.  Most 100MC celebrations I've been to just have a selection of shop bought savouries and cakes.   Luckily for my 100th IOM provide a buffet to all finishers so no need for me to provide anything, would have been difficult anyway as I arrived late on the car ferry the night before and nowhere to buy anything.  Re presentation, it's nice to have a 100MC committee member but it can be another ordinary member of the runner's choice, medal and shirt just needs to be arranged in advance.

    I have a friend doing her 100th on 27th May and she has just announced the event so of course I can't go, needs to be planned in advance so we can put the event into our race plans.

    Ian - you've been looking at potential GFA races then ;) 

    What do you mean you're just going to start strength training.......I thought you'd started months ago :D
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-i was looking when it got announced,won't be anywhere near it this year but always good to have a long term target.
    I did start then stopped then started then stopped then started then stopped.......but next time I'm determined to keep it up as I will need every help I can get now.
    Ian - it's not easy to do strength stuff  for the legs when you have achilles problems.   But don't be too ambitious with the strength schedule, just a couple of minutes a day and it will become a habit.

    I think there'll be a few late entries at Gloucester for those trying for GFA times.

    Big G - couldn't get hold of the Belfast survey but managed to register in the poll on Belfast Live website, 83% in favour of Sunday as race day. 
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