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    Sorry to hear that, Shades, but best not to thrash your immune system so close to DD.

    I did go to parkrun today. I picked a new one, Highbury Fields (in north London, but it's a very straightforward tube journey) which holds the record for the most laps (5 and a bit!). The park is on a hill - admittedly  not a steep hill - but you go up it six times and it gets wearing towards the end. Good practise for Liverpool. My Garmin measured it short but that always seems to be the way with multi-lap events. Then again, it could have been a little short, I don't know. I ran it in 26:29 which is a respectable time. (I was 2nd in age group - the 1st 50-something lady was only 10 seconds in front of me, I found out later). I did Burgess parkrun nearly a minute quicker the week before Manchester, but Burgess is flat, and I wasn't ill just before. I think I only managed one sub-27 parkrun last year, so I seem to be getting back on form despite the shingles.
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    Well that was a bundle of laughs! Finished in 4:05, nearly a PW but there you go.. Absolutely poured the whole time. Cherry on the top was lukewarm campsite shower.
    Will write a bit more when I’m home, phone nearly dead and we’ve forgotten the charger. Happy days!
  • Shades- That's bad luck your missing your race but I suppose better to try and get yourself right in time for DD. Internet shopping is always good so my oh tells me anyway.

    Woke from my nigh shift today and saw it was a beautifully sunny day so went out for a 10 mile run. Was going along good so ran miles 8 and 9 at mp. Done my first short session of strength and stretching exercises yesterday which went well hopefully I can keep it going.

    Good luck to all  who has an event this weekend.
    mamafox - well done, enjoy the party celebrations.    Recovery run tomorrow? ;) 

    Big G - I still haven't entered the 2 Plym Trails that I've pencilled in, not doing a double but one of the August and one of the October races.   Not doing Cream Tea as week before my 24 hour event.

    Good to hear that barring injury or illness you'll be doing DD.   I hear quite a few Trotters have dropped out and I see this week a few other runners too, including a previous winner (female).

    I can't deny that Yeovil Marathon is hard the week after DD but it a very quiet rural course and I enjoy it after the hills and extra distance of DD.

    I've just watched the first episode of the latest The Bridge, brilliant.   

    Cal - good to see you're getting your fitness back.

    steven - well done on doing your strength exercises, that's a good start.

    Lazy day for me, starting to feel a bit better, tired though and still have sore throat.
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    Shades, yeah I watched The Bridge last night.  Previously, I've watched loads of episodes back-to-back so it's a bit of a novelty (and slightly frustrating as I wanted to immediately watch episode 2...!) to have to wait until next week!

    Yes, a few have dropped out of DD now.  I'll make the start line, but on this morning's run I started to remember how the legs are after Cornish marathon....i.e., sore!  But I suppose I won't be getting to marathon point anywhere near as quick as that at DD, so maybe that will help the legs a bit.  However, I've got my mojo back now - although hot, I did enjoy last weekend's marathons and was quite pleased that I got around them in one piece, plus I'm looking forward to Liverpool next weekend, so fingers crossed I'll get to DD injury free.

    MF, well done - looking forward to the race report.

    Cal, good running from you too.  My official time was 23:12, which wasn't too bad.
    Big G - re the Bridge, we're not used to having to wait another week for the next episode these days.

    Re DD, although not a race for setting time goals you should easily get to marathon point in sub 4.  A minute per mile slower than PB pace is a sensible overall pace to aim for in DD.   

    Hope it all goes well today at Claire's 10km.

    RHR starting to drop, down to 57 today.  But I had another restless night and had to get up twice to stop myself coughing, as I so don't want a cough as that will set me back even more time. :'(
  • Waves

    For your list Shades i am doing both Davey's Plym trail august ones.

    Been doing some running but need to get more done as it aches a bit doing it still... Off soon to go over the local hill which could be er interesting ;) Not far off 8 mile loop with 1000 foot or so climb and some nice muddy bits, one on the top where it is boggy and the other coming down the north side unless i use the forestry road instead of the actual coast to coast path root. I think i am meant to do that anyone cos of some tree disease but its more fun coming down the muddy route.
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    Thanks Shades, I hope it goes well too.  There's a good turn out for the 3k fun run for the kids, but numbers are quite low for the 10k in comparison to last year.  Hopefully the nice weather will draw a few more out.  When they ask me for a date I just say to avoid the DD weekend, but there's so many races around there's always a clash.  Last night was Ivybridge 10k which is a popular race and I know a few have done that, plus there was a WSR marathon and other events this weekend.  Hopefully it'll still be a good event though.  There's loads of cake, coffee, tea, bacon baps, bouncy castle and face painting for the kids etc.  Looking forward to it.  

    Sorry to hear about your cough and broken night's sleep.

    Do you really think sub-4 is likely at DD at the marathon point?  I'm really not sure about that!  I did that at Cornish, but that was hard work (although I loved the event) and obviously I'll still have 8 miles to go at DD!  We'll see how it goes on the day, I guess, but I know in theory (barring injury etc) I should be fine for the cut offs although the last few miles may be more of a shuffle/walk then anything else!

    For anyone interested, in a copy of RW that Shades lent me there are two 5K specific sessions from Jo Pavey.
    1) 5x1k intervals, with 3mins recovery.  The 1k intervals should be at race pace.  Do every 3 weeks or so, for a benchmark.
    - 3 x 1k at 5k pace, with 2:30 recovery (works endurance)
    - 5mins recovery
    - 6x400m at 3k pace, with 60secs recovery (increases leg speed)
    - 5mins recovery
    - 3x200m sprinting, but not all out, with 45secs recovery (promote good running form, plus work only speed and strength).

    I know last year I did 1) at 4mins per interval, so I should be capable of a sub-20 5K off of that, but it hasn't happened yet.  Maybe this year?  I think after recovering from DD, I'm going to do a bit more of this, but not make it into a plan as such - just do them when I feel I can.  Anyway, I've programmed those work outs into my watch; now I just have to actually do them ;) 
    Keith - waves back :) 

    I've put your Plym Trail double on the list.

    Big G - I don't ever see the 10km race advertised anywhere, but it is the sort of race that with good weather should attract a few more runners on the day.   Perhaps you need to put it in the Club Championship ;) 

    Yes, I do think sub 4 for the marathon at DD is well within your capabilities, assuming we're not in hurricane or heatwave conditions.   There will be a lot of the field doing a slow shuffle for the last few miles.  You will need to fuel up a lot more than you do for your usual marathon, send stuff out to the drink stations if it's more than you want to carry.   

    I don't eat enough in ultras but I need to improve that so have stocked up on some cereal bars to try out.  I've been searching the supermarket shelves but can't find anything suitable for me, they need to be easy to eat and too many are too crunchy which makes them hard to eat on the move or have chocolate which means not suitable in warm conditions so have ordered some on the internet.   

    There are some really good articles in those 2 copies of RW that I gave you.  Once DD is over you can target your 5km goal with those sessions.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, the race needs to be ARC or EA to be in the Club Champs, and this one isn't at the moment (insurance is covered by the school itself).  We have talked about it, but parking could be an issue if a load of club runners turned up.  In good weather, the farmer lets the school use his field so it's fine, but in bad weather it could be a problem with parking in the village.  Also, we did talk a bit about what we wanted for the event and if it turned into a "proper" race, would that change the atmosphere?  At the moment, it's really family-friendly, which being a school event I can see why that's important to them.  I'm sure we'll have another talk about it after this event though, but the parking issue won't go away.  It's a great route tough; hilly, picturesque and a run through the grounds of a really nice house.  The Head did London this year as a GFA so she's a good runner and I think is keen to keep it all going, but we'll see.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Shades, have you tried naked bars? They're basically dried fruit smooshed together with nuts and various flavours. Nice and soft so should go down easy. Most supermarkets have them (they're often in the gluten free section - Sainsbury's had them on offer this week). I also like Quest Bars, which are protein bars but pretty good. Holland & Barrett have started stocking them but I used to get them online.

    I had a good run today: 12 miles via the Brockwell route, which I chose because it has almost as much climb as the first half of Liverpool. This wasn't about training so much as confidence.
    I wasn't sure how I'd feel after parkrun yesterday, but as it happens I felt pretty good. Weather was good (not really sunny, not really cloudy, not too warm, not too cool) so, after the two slug miles* were out of the way, I found my pace picking up naturally, so I decided I wouldn't fight it and let myself run at the pace my body wanted to go. My aim was to not lose too much speed on the uphills, and I actually got the whole thing done in a little under 2 hours 5 with a substantial neg split.
    I got 38 miles done this week, which is my highest since Manchester, thanks to being ill so, er, one week taper? :lol:

    *The warm-up miles - usually the first two - when I still feel sluggish.
  • I survived the loop over the hill, total climb is 1150 foot or so this time but this is a little variable and its been several years since i last did this one. 90 mins today which is slowest of the apparently 5 times i have done it this way round which is 4-5 mins slower than other times HOWEVER as the precise route is variable (mostly due to doing mini loops or not at the home end) its better to use ave pace which was 12 min miling dead vs normally 11:30 -11:45 so not that bad. I shall do it other way round Tuesday (day off cos gotta go Manchester pick up the aged from there piss up in tenerife, or as they call it holiday ;)) I suspect Tuesdays one is the faster as the steeper side is the climb not the drop.

    4 weeks or so time is gonna be fun too, 10k on wed then 6k mud run thing on the sat then a 10 mile race on the following wed.... At least the 10 mile race will be a good indicator of current fitness state as i have done it plenty of times
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Well done Cal.  Sounds like a good run there.

    Keith, good to see you'll be at Plym Trail again.  I expect I'll see you there.

    The 10K went well and the school were happy with the turnout in the end.  Overall the numbers were higher for the combined 3K and 10K (153 fi the 3k), but the numbers were slightly down for the 10K.  Nethertheless, it was a great event again and a few Trotters turned up.

    As for my time, it was 49:00 on my watch, but I didn't race it hard so I'm happy enough with that.  It was good conditions for running today; quite cool with a slight breeze.  Then I had a bacon roll, some cake and a coffee afterwards :)  

    I had a chat with the lady who organises it and we again talked about EA/ARC affiliation, but again came to the conclusion we can't really do that due to the parking issue.  It is a nice atmosphere with the fun run etc, so if they organise it again I'm not sure if they'll make any changes, which is fair enough.  The only thing is that if it is a rainy, day numbers could drop substantially as they pretty much doubled the numbers in both races with on the day entries. 
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    Mamafox - we’ll done on the marathon and for surviving the camping! How many marathons is that for you now? If 4:05 as a PW is pretty impressive.

    Big G - really glad that Claire’s race was another success. It’s a lovely way for everyone to remember her.

    Cal - sounds like you’re getting your mojo back, Good parkrunning and long run there. You’ve reminded me that I was bought a load of those Naked bars for Xmas, about 25 boxes! I reckon they’d be good for ultras too as not dry and crunchy but not too sticky either.

    Shades - sorry to hear you’re still suffering. You always seem very in tune with your body and know when to rest. I hope it improves tomorrow.

    Parkrun for me yesterday felt very hard and not a great time. But today’s run (11 miles) was OK. I was going to do another local 10k as it’s part of my club championships. But it’s a really dull route (suburban pavements near Wembley!). I’d almost persuaded my 11 yo to do the 5k but then saw that it was £20 on the day for the 10k and £15 for the 5k - seems a bit steep to pay that much for a 5k. I think a lot of local races feel they now have to offer fancy medals and t-shirts which all adds to entry costs. So little one went on Fortnite instead and I got to do a longer run!

    Stressful household right now as we have A’levels, GCSEs and SATs all about to start. Took middle son to doctors today as he has a lump in his neck. Turns out he has tonsillitis- great timing with loads of GCSEs next week! He saw his girlfriend on Sat night so hopefully hasn’t given it to her!

    Mamafox - will your daughter be off to uni this year? Did she decide where she’d like to go?
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    Been a busy weekend.
    MF-Thats a great PW time,hope everything is ok.
    Cal-looks like you're ok for next week.
    Shades-Sorry about another race going down,you deserve a good summer.
    Big G-glad the 10k went well.
    SK-I remember those days,hope the kids cope ok with the stress.
    As for me no running but a trip to Wembley,thanks to SK for the parking tip,parked next to the rec ground but a bit late for parkrun.Had a great day and we finally won promotiom so a late night when we finally got home.
    As for running well I've signed up for Liverpool next week,could be a tough day with only 1x16 mile run since Jan but it will actually be nice to run with no worries about a time.
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    Big G - glad the event went well.   As the school have their own insurance it's not worth going down the ARC/UKA route.  Just have to hope that it's good weather.   I guess a lot of the on the day entries are the parents. 

    Cal - I did look at the Naked Bars, they looked the best of the supermarket options, but the 2 flavours that appealed to me were quite low in carbohydrates, only about 16g per bar and as we need 30-60g per hour that would mean eating a minimum of 2 per hour. :#  I used to buy a Soreen bar, but it's not sold everywhere, that's easy to eat and about 25g carbs, it's not a mini malt loaf but a squidgy bar.
    I've bought some of the Truestart bars, they have about 26g carbs but also 95mg of caffeine, also some of the Trek Protein chunks.

    You're definitely coming into shape now, just ready for Liverpool. :) 

    Keith - you're certainly throwing yourself back into your training and racing.

    SK - 25 boxes!  That's a lot of Naked bars

    Glad you're running well.   You'll need your running while it's so stressful at home while going through the exam period.

    £15 for a 5k that is a lot.   I've just entered a 10km and the entry fee was £8.  After I'd entered the RO emailed me to ask if my preference is for a shirt or medal, I think he's deciding what to give out to finishers.  I said medal, most of the shirts I get I can't wear and go straight to recycling.   Medals are a nice memento and cheaper option for the organisers too.

    Ian - congrats to your team on their promotion, worth the trip to Wembley.   And on that high I expect that's when you entered Liverpool ;) ...I have added you to the list. :)

    My cold is clearing up well and RHR almost back to normal range, but I tossed and turned and coughed last night until about 1 a.m. then slept OK after that.   I still don't feel that great and really need to shake off this cough.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, they have said they are trying to sort the parking, but we'll see.  The event has been ran four times now and each time we've been lucky with the weather.  I was talking to the Head who ran London (she did 3:26, which was a PB for her) and she said the heat wasn't that bad.  She's the only person I've heard say that!  She's still got a GFA time but she wasn't that keen on the whole thing, partly due to the fact that she had her purse and mobile stolen too :(  

    SK, the 5K race series I occasionally do is £8 a race, which I still think is a lot for a 5K.  It's just that for me, I'm not sure if my "fast" parkrun course is always that accurate (it seems to change very slightly from week to week), so for a PB attempt I'd prefer an official course.  My parkrun PB is 20:01 and my 5K race time is 20:15, but I class the 5K race as my actual 5K PB for that reason.  As a matter of interest, is that £15 race chip timed?

    Ian, great news you've entered Liverpool :)  

    Not a great start to the week as I've noticed the card I use when I'm abroad has a few fraudulent transactions on it, coming from Indonesia (I've never been there) :(  I've been onto the card company and they've been quite good and I will get the cash back (£400+, across 12 different transactions over a couple of days), but it may take some time to get the refund.  Not sure how it's happened, but there's a possibility it could have got cloned in Barcelona I suppose.  Not sure I'll ever find out!
    Big G - what a shame the Head doing a great PB and then the weekend being spoilt by some lowlife thief.   
    I have only spoken to a couple of folk that did London and it was more that they'd had no previous races or long runs in warmer weather that made their race slower than hoped for.  I don't know of anyone who was in distress because of the heat that day.

    Bad news on your credit card.  As you only use it abroad we can't blame ;)  Your credit card company should refund you immediately, there should be no delay.
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    Shades sorry to hear of the DNS, hope you're feeling better. I've got Connemarathon bookmarked but its the week after Manchester. 

    Big G not a fan of intervals, usually do them on the treadmill but do enjoy progression runs starting out at 9 min miles and trying to end up around 7-7.15 pace and alternate pace mile runs.

    Mammafox, hope you had a good race... hope the blister didn't cause any issues

    Parkrun on Saturday was good confidence boost, had considered racing and attempting PB 21.32 but after my last attempt 2 weeks before Manchester (22.05) I didn't feel confident and didn't see what I could gain, decided on a steady progression run  7.46, 7.27, 6.57 and finished in 23.00 mins.  This non drinking marlarky is tough going... was out with mates all day n Saturday round pubs at a music festival drinking non alcoholic lager whilst mates getting plastered.

    Yesterday did 12 flat miles and pushed the pace slight more than a normal run, calfs are on fire today so little bit of foam rolling this morning but will be doing lots tonight.

  • Shades hope your retail was more successful than mine! was just about to bag myself a pair of saucony hurricanes for £70 and they sold out!
    Robert - Connemara move their date around, not sure what it's dependent on, next year it's 2 weeks earlier than this year.   You could always do both :) 

    Not ideal having sore calf muscles during your taper, but I'm sure they'll ease quickly.

    That's bad luck about the shoes, post a price watch on, that system works well and I got a good deal a few weeks later with that.  Be wary of the price watch though if it refers you to Amazon, the shoes were cheaper but the shipping made them dearer than any other supplier.    Not sure I'd ever use Amazon for running shoes as their pricing is very suspect  i.e. rip off.

    Or maybe try an older version of the Hurricanes if they're still available.
  • Shades, have to tread very carefully round the mrs at the moment, she's having a proper moan that it overtakes our lives... think a few shorter races and get out early doors for the training runs rather than leaving it till 10 so it doesn't take up all day.

    runrepeat nice site! will save me hours looking around on different sights.  I don't think I've bought shoes on amazon for the same reason.  Just found the hurricanes on the same site ( unsure why they didn't show up originally.


  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Robert, I think I must have missed that you're not drinking either - apologies for that!   Well done for toughing it out at a festival.  I still haven't had a drink since New Year's Eve and generally I'm finding it okay now, although I still have to bat away comments like "Oh go on!  Have a drink!".  :)  I have a stag do in July which could be interesting, as a handful of them will be drinking heavily from morning until night.  Well done on the parkrun too - as you say, a nice confidence boost.
  • 1SteveMac1SteveMac ✭✭✭
    Robert - Hope the calf muscles ease soon!
    Cal - nice parkrun and long run.
    Shades - Sorry to hear about the DNS.
    Big G - Those are tough looking 5k sessions, but they will definately help! Sorry to hear about the card fraud, very annoying!
    Ian - Good news you are doing Liverpool!

    13 miles for me on Saturday, felt tough, but pace and HR were about right! Bit of taper madness I guess!! Then 3 miles on Sunday at a real easy effort.
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    Radio Devon interview with lady who ran  long way America, missed what they said sorry.  On next  11.35 am
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
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    I’ve not tried to sell my place but DD isn’t going to happen for me this year and not doing Plymouth half either, I’ve missed more races than I have done this year. After over a hour or two  in runners need I’ve got the ASICS nimbus 20 very shiny.  I’m getting a road bike and will enter some bike races and build  up the courage for a triathlon once running again. Enjoyed catching up with friends who don’t run. Phoned Doctors this more and X-ray is all clear, if I need to can have further scan done. Going to try a mile or two tonight before physio. The Radio Devon was a Devon lady and her husband who ran South America, was busy on stall with bouquets so didn’t get to listen to it all. 
  • Big G, top work sustaining from alcohol for such a length of time, is it for a set period? have the odd drink?  Other than the week after Manchester marathon it will be 10 weeks this weekend.  I have done it in the past too but this time round I'll be curbing a lot of my general drinking after.

    Steve don't worry bout the taper runs feeling tough they always do.

    Jelly hate it when I have race places going to waste, probably cos I'm a tight sod too! Hope the cycling works out.

    Bought some saucony hurricanes, delivered to work and will integrate them into the shoe mess at home.  Having an early finish today so will go home, foam roll and stretch, then pop out for a few easy miles then foam roll and stretch the calfs again.  Not too concerned as have a 12 mile warm up before the 1st of many hill climbs on Saturday.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Jelly, sorry to hear that but you've done all you can. It sounds like the right decision in the circumstances though, so fingers crossed for a quick recovery. Good news the x ray was all clear. 

    Robert, I've done Dry January a couple of times and was doing it this year as well. However a couple of weeks into it I decided to see if can do the whole year with zero alcohol, so that's the aim. After this year, I'm not too sure yet. 

    I did 7 miles this afternoon, which was more of a run/walk, but it was really nice to be out. Legs were quite tired, hence some walking and treating it as a bit of a recovery session, but it was nice taking in the views etc. I was recceing a route for an upcoming Trotters session. 
  • Big G-  good that the event went well, that's terrible card fraud hopefully your card issuer will reimburse you quickly.

    Ian- Great you've signed up for Liverpool, did Tranmare winning go to your head and force you to sign up.

    8 miles today in glorious sunny weather going to attempt a speed session tomorrow see how I go.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rob-I tend to do my long runs on the days the OH is working and I'm off to make it easier to balance.
    Shades-Hope it clears soon,do you have any more races before DD?
    Big G-Bad news on the card but good you spotted it,I've checked mine a lot more recently due to all the bad news I've heard.
    Steven-Tranmare?you sound like a chester fan  :D
    I said before the game if we got through I'd do liverpool as I couldn't decide and we had everything go against us but they battled unbelievably so I thought let's do it and see how we go.
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