2019 Pirate Championship - IM Lanzarote

The annals of history will record that 2019 was finally the year that IM Lanza was selected as the championship race. 
After being mentioned in hushed circles for many years, the legendary race finally hosts the premier Pirate event.
Yes, lots of pirates have been there before with many fond memories including the eXtravaLanza trip, but this will be first time that it plays host the triathlons biggest one day race (beating a small race in Kona into second place)

When: Likely to be 25th May 2019
With a relaxing two lap sea swim to start, followed by a undulating ride through the varied, lunar style landscape with panoramic views from the top of the Haria and Rio, it finishes with a stroll along the sea front, with views of the many bars, restaurants and shops of Puerta Del Carmen and Arrecife.

With plenty for the family and sherpas to do they could take in a small beer at Ruta66 and enjoy the small train as it makes one of its many laps of the bar.

You won't want to miss the sunday night as the Annual pirate awards are handed out and the eagerly awaited "mince off" is probably won by M&M.

So who's in



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