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  • im only 32, started running march this year with couch to 5k. my first unofficial 5k was about 33:00 and it was death! my current 5k time is 23:14 but yea i know a 49 year old who started a year before me and is around 22-23 mins. ultimate goal 20 mins would be nice but 6ft and 16 stone its gonna be tough (im not even fat either)
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    Dave-I started running in March 16,similar age,size and weight to yourself.I'm now nearly 3 stone lighter and just cracked sub 20 for 5k so it is possible,good luck
  • > @caminito67 said:
    > I'm a 49 year old (just turned) male who hasn't done much exercise in recent years but did a lot of sport in my 20's and 30's. In the face of worsening physical conditioning I decided to start running again. I have plotted out a route that is just a fraction over 5k and is pretty much flat but with several twists and turns. I have done this route 4 times now over the last 3 weeks and timed the last 3.  Naturally these have improved each time but today's gain just blew me away, especially as I had a few beers last night watching the football.
    > Today - 24 mins 44 seconds
    > Last week - 26 mins 46 seconds
    > Week before - around 30 minutes (didn't have my stopwatch)
    > I'm wondering what I could possibly achieve if I ran more and laid off the beers (I drink most days). Not only the times but I'm hoping the pursuit of lower times will lead to a reduced desire to drink. Thanks for reading.

    Laying off the beers would give way for a better alternative in refuelling your body, beer is calorie dense and can slow your reaction time.

    Id recommend swapping the beer out for a smoothie or something, you'll be better off although you might not feel or see change.
  • Apologies for the delay. Don't frequent this site as often as I should. Thanks for your input.
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    Dude, at 49 stick to eating burgers and drinking  beer.  You are too old to be fast.
  • Hey.. Sounds a bit like me. I was a running addict up till age 25, then I left the military. I'm now 49. Last year i bought a home gym kit and started to build muscle, last week I started to road run after doing a few sessions on a tread mill. I started just doing 5km. then upped it to 9, today I did 11k in 58 mins. Half of it cross country. I've only read your opening statement so dunno yet what others have said but here's my take on it... I also drink most days, 4 out of 7 at least. but it seems my fitness has a memory and pushing it hurts but doesn't cause any problems (so far). So I would say just keep pushing it. But yeah, we should all drink a little less :smiley: oh and btw I had an ECG and a fitness check at the docs before I started to run again. Regardless of a lifetime of excess, I seem to have been lucky. I intend to run every day at least 5k 2 days, 10k 2 days, an endurance run 1 day and interval training for the other 2. I will keep it up for as long as I can. After my first road run I got some ugly wool socks. Haven't had a blister since. All the best mate. (And for the record, I ache but I used to ache when I was younger. I don't think I'm aching worse so it's all good.)
  • > @"Andy B6" said:
    > Dude, at 49 stick to eating burgers and drinking  beer.  You are too old to be fast.

    too old to be fast maybe but can just keep on going.
  • Andy B6 said:
    Dude, at 49 stick to eating burgers and drinking  beer.  You are too old to be fast.
    Says the dude who didnt notice the OP was 49 in 2016.....

    Plenty of old fast people around. Just check out any parkrun results. We get a guy over 65 in the top 20 most weeks. 
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