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    I reckon the Utd Liverpool game will end up a midday kick off. Stop the louts having all day on the rinse. 

    Anyone who wanted to score in the local Grand Prix series couldn't run in the 16.30 race. That's the reason some of the lads ran decent times but in the 'B' race. Otherwise the winners 15.59 in the B race would have him in about 32nd place in the A race so he'd end up with 32 points instead of the 1 he got. (Lowest total number over the series wins) 

    Good luck tomorrow! 

    Quality wretching there Bus! Some lad threw up at the finish line yesterday. Haha. 
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    Yeah, that retch made the difference between being 8th or 4th on the Rye all time V50 times!!! Bizarrely, Dave Nuttall of Bowland Fell Runners is 3rd and I beat him by 20 secs that day, but was only a V48 :smile:

    Pete - my official time was 18:55, so snap! I'm also planning to do BP on the 25th if the weather looks conducive.  It's not so long ago we were both there and doing sub 18! 

    LSR today. Struggling to find motivation, but new shoes might help....
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    Nice half-centuries Bus! Looks like the 50 somethings are owning it at HW.

    Cracking 5k run Matt too. Amazing effort off not much running Scott, hope the achilles isn't too bad.

    I had a lazy week post endure. Terrible 6 miler on Thursday and a 4 miler last night, also sluggish. Otherwise one cycle commute and one swim was it. Wasn't sure about doing Eastleigh but I decided to have a go anyway. 9 am start so it was an early one.

    Started a few rows back and it reminded me of Fleet 10k. As soon as we started I felt heavy-legged, worryingly I was starting at a sensible pace so clearly there was no real zip in the legs. Still got through the first mile in 5:24 but from there it was all 5:4x stuff. Half-way in 17:30 but I didn't expect to speed up second half.

    Managed to keep the same sort of pace to the end with just the first mile being a fair bit quicker. So 35:19 in the end. That's ok, probably didn't hurt myself as much as I could have but I didn't have sub 35 in me today either way.
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    Still a very impressive time Reg, all the more so after last weeks leg mashing!
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    Still a very tidy offering Reggie, still apb? or not quite?

    Either way, just like you wouldn't be expecting your maximum the week after a marathon, you can't expect it after a 40mile haul!

    However, like you said the Endure became your A race, and an experience not to be missed.

    Bus, good to see you're straight into the BP action. Will have a look tonight what my post Gosport plan is.

    But first thing's time! And two races for the price of one. Strap yourself in!

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    Gosport Golden Mile
    For a random start, why is there a bold and italic feature, but no underline? What's that all about? Why would you want to be strikethroughing?

    Anyway, loved the Gosport double last year, so it was a must do again this.

    Got up at 5.40, which felt very ugly, and on route to Taplow. to pick up my young pal.  A few mails and calls later, followed by waking her nonplussed looking dad up, and it turned out despite us having arranged this as recently as a day or 2 before,  she had decided to piss off out for the night instead, and not actually be home, let alone ready for the pick up :o:/ 

    So that was a less than ideal start, but i'd obvs built in an "Unreliable passenger" window, so leaving there at 7.30 still had a comfy chance to get there for 9.
    So it proved with a perfect trip down.

    On arriving it was a massive contrast to last year. No blazing, worrying level of heat and humidity, but instead a bit overcast, and very windy. Like a different place entirely!
    Off to the registration area, and despite them not having any idea of my name, me confidently saying a pal (ta again Scott!) from Alton had sorted it was enough for them :)
    5mins of them getting my name and club down properly (always think of the PO10!) and i was off to the car.

    No excuse not to have at least a couple of miles warm up this time, rather than the wander around and 100s of rinsing of hands and head in the sink of last year!
    The big man, literally and metaphorically, Teuten is around. 4.10 last year, and the organisers trying to hype a sub 4 bandwagon.
    No chance I think. Let alone in this wind!!

    Very last min "arrangments" led me round the corner, to see everyone already lined up, and the organiser looking at me in a bit of a "we're starting" way. However, still 2 mins to go thank goodness.
    Some bantz, disclaimers and obligatory telling people i'd come 90mins for this (hyped this up to 2hours later), to try and get the idea i'm some sort of racing hero floating around.

    Same start line as last year, and same permanent concrete bollards about 20metres in, meaning marshals had to stand over them, so some poor bast on row 2 didn't shatter their nads on them.
    Just for extra "risk" factor this year, there was also some other metal sht before those. Some gate they'd obviously not been able to swing out the way.
    I also clocked that 10metres in front of me was a stoney mess that just asked to trip some twat up.

    Once we get past the first 20 I think, we'll be golden I think. (Ok I didn't think Golden at all at the time, that's race name pun fun added later, but allow it)

    The race starts, and I'm wondering if not even pretending to do strides was a good idea, and whether 2.25miles was enough.

    I try and forget the wind too.

    We're off, feels pretty normal and easy to be honest. I clock a 4.30 pace on my watch, as Teuten is off clear already.
    There're a gang of 3 behind him, and then me and a chap.

    No-one really has a clue what's going on. I drop the chap, and i'm a few metres behind this little pack.

    About 0.4miles in, one of the three ahead just drops out and stops. Behave son, it's only a mile I think!

    I ease up to the two, and with almost some cheek ease ahead. One chap drops off, but the kid don't like it, and he's sticking with me.

    It's feeling hard work now, in the thickest wind. The kid has put another gear on, and I'm suddenly thinking, hang on i'm  in 3rd, and there's top 3 prizes, lovely! 

    A mile suddenly feels a long way, but I'm holding on, and over the line in 3rd, yes! 
    Nowhere near last year's time of 4.56, probably 5.11, but the wind absolutely annihilated any chance of a time this year. Asked the winner his time, and his dismissive "don't know" suggested a similar deal with him.
    I believe the kid (16) did 4.59 at the Junior Golden mile last year, utterly destroying the field. He's clearly improved a lot, so a 5.05 (ish) again shows the tougher conditions.
    He reckoned after he can do a 4.30, but will see how accurate that is later v blagger talk.

    Few bits of chat here and there, remembered a Gosport girlie from last year, and was told the prizes would be after the later race (which turned out not to be true - immediately dished out - but not to worry in the end), so disappeared off to the car to strava the details up (!) How things change!!
    And recover a bit obviously with about 30mins to the next one

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    followed by

    Gosport 5k
    As always after the mile, the general feeling amongst people is "I don't wanna do the 5k now" :)
    That passes though, and you're pretty ready by the start of the 5k.

    Teuten had disappeared, which must feel a short day's work...perhaps a 4.30 mile, knowing he's much faster than that, and trudged off.
    Knew the kid from the first race was in the mix, and a couple of decent looking athletic types. But then I might well look like that to strangers, so it's no indication!

    Had some fun on the start line ushering the kid and a couple of others to the start. Which in fairness was't 100% clearly obvious which was the start mat!
    There was no gantry this year - too windy!!
    No drone either, which is a shame, as that gave incredible footage from last year. Maybe too windy for that tool.

    Anyway, we're off, and the first km, is the right direction to avoid the wind, and on nice footing. It feels comfy, and me and the kid go off level.
    It's a sensible start, no Battersea Park job, and it's a case of feeling what he's got left, and who else is there.
    I felt fresher than I did at the start of last year's one. Probably because I hadn't been able to put smashfest into operation earlier, and maybe knew this was coming too.

    Miss the first km marker, which I ask the kid about. Was one apparently, but we're up to 0.67m so it's definitely gone!

    Tight left hand turn into a field, and a turn again, and it's basically a loop of a field, which i'd seen earlier so wasn't a total surprise.

    Feels comfy on grass, and he's just behind. When we turn to the last straight in the field though, the wind is probably the strongest I've felt in a race in 5-10 years. Just for that 200metres, but we're talking glued in treacle pace! Turn out of the park and into wind but less, and we get to do the same loop again!
    The left hand turn becomes even tighter with this approach though!

    I start to feel i'm dropping the young lad a bit by now, and with the 3km marker up by the turn into severe wind, i'm starting to think that my "get a top 3" aim after 1km was pessimistic. 
    I'm keeping an eye on instructions by now, and make sure I shout to a marshall about "lap 2, which way", and get a "left i think" tip off, before I get to the marshal actually properly telling me left.

    Out of the field, back the other way up the prom, up to a marshall hilariously just stood there with a sign with a "U turn" sign on it, and the unusual about turn back on yourself.

    This gives an impossible to ignore benchmark against the field, and although it's hard to quantify exacts, the kid now has a mate, and I think they're at least 20metres behind away from the u turn as i pass them, so double that as a margin.

    I just think about getting to the 4km maintaining this, in case they're putting in some epic double team shift.
    However, I'm very quickly realising that it would be ridiculous if I blow this chance for a win.
    The last km, as per the bit just before is damn windy, and I know that someone will have to put a colossal shift in to catch me as long as I keep it moving.

    As I missed the first km, I have some strange splits of 5.36 for mile 1, 5.07 for 0.86m which I can only imagine was taken on the 3km marker, and a 4th km of 3.25.

    On we go, and I'm re-assured by some old lady shouting something to the effect of "you've got a massive lead", but then I think, what if she thinks 2 seconds is a massive lead, so I try and push on.

    Where's that finish I think, with the darn gantry not there this year! Finally turn the last lamp post, have a quick look back, see nooone at all, and over the line;.

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    Time somewhere near 17.35 up, which will do after the 1750 last year. Hard to compare though - different courses. Today very windy, last year not at all, but a pebbly stretch that was a real time killer.

    Higher quality last year 6th in both races, so I didn't even turn up today thinking about podiums. But that makes it even more of a thrill to get a 3rd and a 1st.

    After hanging about in the cold for so long, that even some kindly old marshals came and expressed their concern and offered their hoodies (how nice is that!), the prize presentation finally happened.

    Some wine (handy), and £50 combined for the two races. Nice haul, and a nice trip.
    Not sure i'd make the trip down there for their midweek 5ks, as now I've experienced that wind, I'm thinking i probably got lucky last year, rather than got unlucky this year!

    Went for a little run after, of about 3.7miles to make the day's work up to 10miles, to clock a 60mile week.
    With Battersea Park 5k, Hills Tuesday and today, that's a decent week's work.
    Struggled on some pebbly sections, but managed not to get monstered by a number of big dogs.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    this one doesn't quite convey the windiness, but a lovely setting :)

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    and an...interesting museum...

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nice three two races SG, was a bit windy at Eastleigh today but not too bad.

    Not sure about the museum!

    Not a PB for me, thats 35:11
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    Nice couple of races today, SG! Any further thoughts of anything in these parts?

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    I'm being an indecisive weasel on the northern one Aley!

    Looking at the 4 Sale Sizzler dates, the 5th July is closest, but i have a club relay on the Saturday lunchtime which has to be too close.

    2nd August is the day before my Murder Mile fun, and wrong end of the country to it!

    19th July is free free - but compromise options to do Battersea Park on either 16th or 23rd July. Not that either are givens.

    Capenhurst Aug 15th, last Sale Sizzler Aug 16th. A potential double? Or is that silly? Probably.

    I'll keep thinking. Which ones can you make for a different question!
  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    SG: I'm at all the Sizzlers, I hope, and possibly Capenhurst. Didn't feel that was quite as fast as Sale but definitely pretty quick! Have also got train tickets for July's LFOM.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    Quality reports SG - both made me laugh! Oh, and quality running too :-) 

    Nice use of the strikethrough Reg :smile:  Underlining os or losers SG - it's only available on other fora :wink:

    Incidentally, worked out that yesterday's first V50 parkrun was also the very first parkrun I haven't been first finisher in my age category!!! How weird is that?
  • H̲a̲v̲e̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲a̲g̲r̲e̲e̲ ̲u̲n̲d̲e̲r̲l̲i̲n̲i̲n̲g̲ ̲i̲s̲ ̲o̲v̲e̲r̲-̲r̲a̲t̲e̲d̲.̲ ̲

    SG, is there any sort of logic to the 2 races at Gosport? Obviously an enjoyable day out but if they are not flat and fast they will not be PBs and if you do 2 then 1 will be a  compromise.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Well the mile would have been very fast if there hadn't been a gale blowing :)

    The 5k justifies making such a trip.
    Although in the end, the 5k was the highlight.

    Two races back to back and the trip itself is just a nice quirk, and something different. Back in the day, the actual plan with a pal was to tour around doing races in random places. Hasn't overly panned out like that, as most stuff is local. The great thing with races away from your area is that you race as it comes rather than having preconceptions on people you know and what they can do.

    Nice Work put the event on, a good little company. They do similar miles/5k combos at Eastbourne and one in deep Kent, but those would be even sillier drives.
  • Bloody hell - lots to catch up on. Firstly happy birthday Bus - and a decent run, likewise PMJ and Reg. ML84 - Pulled that one out of the bag, would love to have a go at that race, shows even when the distance is right, the course shape/laps can really help to get better times. SG - shame about the wind at Gosport, but their half would probably be really popular, but it has the reputation to be windy. I'd better be on my toes Boxing day in Aylesbury at this rate (be nice to have a bit of a thread race perhaps?)..great running though.

    Sadly, bit a relative disaster Saturday. Had a bad feeling earlier in the day when the kid stacked it on  stony bit of the Houghton Hall parkrun, grazed his knee pretty badly and had to stop. Shame as he was running well and would have finally gone sub 30..hey ho, he'll live and learn!

    Later it was my turn on the 9.1 mile Greensand ridge relay leg from Woburn to Millbrook. I have the M40 record at 52.26. Felt pretty good at the start, lovely bit past Woburn house and past the annoying pub and village green, where they are always playing cricket and folk are sitting around drinking pints..its always hot at this point. On another mile and my guts start playing up, so have to lose 90 secs or so for the pit stop - never usually happens on this leg. So then it's through Ridgemont and over towards the M1 footbridge, where I fanny about trying to find the path, losing about 30 secs. Then there's an annoying near mile up one side of a field, across a road then into the woods nearing the finish. Then I stupidly took the right hand path too soon, leaving me the wrong side of the golf course. Must have taken me nearly 2 mins to get to that I have to go back to the main path (after another dump!) I finally make it to the finish in 61.xx. Good training I suppose eh?. Annoyed that I didn't get to find out what I could have finished with. Then we got a lift to the end of leg 5 and I decided to walk the 4.7 mile leg 6. Quite tired by now, reminding myself I could never be an ultra runner. Lager was glady consumed at the end.

    1500m tonight at Battersea in the southern vets, have to make sure I get to watch the 5k if there's one on.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    lots to catch up on, but some good races / times from Matt, PMJ, SG, Reg.  nice work
    a belated HBday Bus

    Simon that sounds a nightmare.  but i will give you a challenge for worst race of the week.  3000m, had a few easy recovery days in build up and was planning on chasing 8.45 ish.  Felt good.   Warm up was a bit leggy but put that down to "one of those things".  Then saw the calibre of the others.  and thought shit, i better not be in the A race as i will get dropped.  It had Jonny Mellor, tom lancashire, Charlie hulson, Graham Rush.  Thankfully the cut off for the A race was 8.30!   the race was won by Jonny after beating tom in a sprint finish in 8.04.  Tidy!
    B race for me.  settle into about 4th place just off the shoulder, pace felt comfortable.  complete the first 400 and no time splits were being called out.  Held the pace and at about 700m i felt crap.  like i wanted out.  i try to keep going and again no splits read out through 800 but convinced myself maybe im feeling crap because the pace it super tasty ....but it wasnt, managed to catch the clock at 1k and was 3.02.   then a v45 mate comes past and i rally to go with him. I beat him over 5k at christleton so figure i should be able to at least hold this.  i hold his back for another lap or so then he drifts effortlessly away.  im going backwards.  apparently 2k was 3.04.  but im suffering.  really bad.  Im done! i am pissed im being beaten by a v45 just as a v50 strolls on past.  im not having that....i overtake and try to hold him off but its no good my strength has gone.  he overtakes me easily and stays there. 
    with 800 to go i slow to step off the track, but get a few shout outs to keep going and i try but my mind, motivation and attitude is bad.  at 600 to go i slow again and think kit is there...this could be over..just step off.  Then i get another shout and think right...F this!  get into the last 400 and go for it.  there is always a sprint.  through the bell and i try to push the pace.  Nothing was there.  not even a nice little sprint.  probably last lap was closer to 80s!  Finish way down the field in 9.19 
    To be honest i thought the time would be much worse than that because i felt awful running it and the Worlds feel a long way off at the moment.  im sure i will respond but that was not good.

    yesterday in between watching my son race in birmingham, i went for a quick run down the canal.  Where i was confronted with a snake.  it was a metre-ish long and had a diamond shapped head so was probably an Adder.  Saw it late, hurdled it and sprinted away like  those lizards in planet earth.  so the speed returned when i needed it yesterday at least!!!
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    Some great racing/events going on.
    Awesome work Reg at Endure, enjoyed the report - not to mention following it up with a strong run at Eastleigh, not far off your PB?
    Good also to see Scott getting in the mix and running some laps, hope you're back on the scene soon.
    Happy belated birthday Bus, you've got some work to do for the V50 cat at parkrun by the sounds of it ;)
    Matt, brilliant race at Podium - looking forward to see you getting the training in again now that the niggles have cleared.
    SG, no parking fiasco this time? Job well done on the placings at Gosport, shame the mile wasn't run in the opposite direction!
    Hope the kid is okay SC. Shame about your relay too - is there anything you've tried pre-race to stop the guts going?
    You've had some brilliant races recently Dean, every now and again there's gonna be a bad one! No doubt yoully smash the next one.

    Been a quiet couple of weeks for me. After a successful month for May, June's started crap. Past two weeks running have been 8 and 22 miles, respectively. Couldn't do much to help the 8, what with travelling and then a wedding. Started last week well, with the 22 miles over the first 4 days, but then had a manic weekend which resulted in me and my girlfriend buying our first house! 
    Got out for today's run, and finding I just can't adjust to the heat, and I'm going through the awful chest congestion stage of that cold I had in NZ - feel like my lungs are full of treacle, and struggled to pootle 8min miling. 
    Not sure how my 5mi race on Saturday is gonna go - feeling like the good training block has been undone!
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Great double header of races there SG, two podium appearances in one day is really pushing the boat out!  I can well imagine how windy and exposed it must've been on the seafront, so good times in the circumstances as well.

    Simon, sounds a bit of a cock up.  Maybe you've had your full year's bad luck in one race?

    Dean, could be some virus under the surface or something.  Sometimes it's better to be really crap than a bit crap, 'cos at least you know that it was just a terrible day rather than being a reflection of current fitness.  You do need to nail a 3000 properly soon though.

    Matt L, sounds a great race, and a very decent time as well.

    Reg, hardly surprising that your legs didn't want to play after 45 miles the previous weekend.  In the circumstances, a low 35 is great going.

    Congratulations on turning V50 Bus.  It must feel wonderful.

    Good luck with the homeowning Matt H.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Yesterday was the Ridgeway Relay.  We've been trying to win this for years (we last won in 2009), and there's usually a cock-up, or late withdrawals or just some reason that we are off the pace.  I've stepped down from the organisational role, but my successor had finally managed to assemble something looking a lot like our strongest team.

    The race is 89 miles, made up of teams of 10 with at least 2 women per team.  Starts at 7:30 AM up near Luton, but as I was on the final leg ending in Marlborough I had the luxury of a relaxed morning featuring a fathers' day breakfast, before setting off after lunch.  Watching the updates on my phone, we take the lead during leg 2, and it gradually increases and increases until by the end of leg 7 we have an 18 minute lead.

    I don't get any time updates after that.  I feel certain that the second place team will have clawed some time back on legs 8 & 9, but no idea how much.  The course record of 9:23 is also in our sights.

    Our leg 9 runner comes storming in a long way ahead of schedule, and it looks like the win and course record are in our grasp.  Second place is Newbury, and their leg 10 runner is pretty evenly matched with me, so as long as I have a good gap on him, things should be OK.  My leg is 9.4 miles.

    The first 4-5 miles are exposed into the strong wind up on the downs.  The footing is OK for a bit, but after 3.5 miles, it turns into this horrible rutted shit that is just perfect for snapping ankles.  I am relieved to get through this without mishaps, and then it's off the main track through a field.  Hitting the 5 mile point and it's time for a time check - 29:10, which is decent for the hilly, off-road terrain into the wind.  I know the next bit is a friendlier surface, and I've held something back to make the most of that.  Across some fields and a track, and then a right turn by some horsey gallops into a really nice, even, gravelly track.  A bit of a downhill, so it's time to open up.  Somehow I pull out a 5:18 for mile 7.  A bit more road, then into a field, and then an overgrown path through nettles slapping my legs on either side.  Another overgrown field now, and as I'm now coming into Marlborough it's dog walker o'clock.  Dodge them, down an overgrown slope and out onto a lane, with the finish 400m ahead.  Pretty sure no-one's catching me now, but push it home to finish in 53:50. 

    In the end, we did 9:16, winning by 15 minutes and taking 7 minutes off the course record, so I really didn't need to push it that hard.  But definitely a good day's work.  We were all really chuffed, as this race is usually a pretty big deal for the club.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the birthday wishes chaps.  Dachs - maybe not quite "wonderful"! I was looking forward to hitting V50 after years in the vet wilderness, and maybe getting some first age category wins, so a little annoying to fuck that up at the very first outing :wink:

    Anyways, that's a great result in the RR for RR, so very well done to you and your team, both on the win and the new record! I run over that sort of terrain a lot, and doing 5M in 29:10 is very bloody impressive!

    Simon and Dean - not sure which of those sounds more of a mare to be honest! Hopefully just one of those unexplainable crap moments Dean!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    ps - Matt, hope that lergy shifts itself soon! Two weeks downtime won't have done too much damage though, so good luck at the 5 on Saturday.
  • Dean - Oh just one of those things, must be a virus thing I suppose, you could easily casually churn out something between 8.55-9.05, faster on a good day nearer 8.50 so wouldn't wory about it. But what is it about those 15 seconds between 8.50 and 9.05 - the hardest 15 seconds in running ;)

    Very solid relay leg Dachs, well done not getting lost! MH - The dodgy guts might be the pizza the night before, Papa Johns 'the Works' with everything on it..must have been too much mixture I think, plus I eat a lot of Rye bread and it was a big dose of white flour in one go. I'm not intolerant or anything...but it can have an effect.

    So last night - saw a few folk doing the Sri Chimnoy 5k, ran around watching as a warm up with HHH vets team mate and THH marathon legend Andy Weir. Looked a really good race to do, good to see my mate from Leighton Buzzard John McDonnell win it in 15.26. The 1500 was a front run job in not very nice conditions, windy and warm. Didn't get 4 & 8 splits but it was 3.10 at the bell. Ended up with 4.19, beating the Serpies guy Burtoz? who beat me in the 800 2 weeks ago. Had a little chat about masters stuff with him and Dean's name was mentioned..held in very high regard I can report back!

    then did the 4 x 400 and got a split of 58 secs, which was the most pleasing part of the evening - my mate got it as 59 line to line, so speed OK. Decent night all in all, shame I couldn't really go for a pint after with the others, gets a bit late getting back.

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    Some mixed racing then, but good to see so many turn outs recently! Simon n Dean interesting for different reasons! Nothing like the risk factor of these long off road relays, depending on signage and "feel" for the right way!
    The Green Belt relay they say you should do a "recce" of the route beforehand, but surely not always easy if you're doing a leg 30miles away and it being 8-10miles!

    Brought it round last night then Simon.
    15.26 is still obviously sharp, but that little gang of sub 15s weren't there this week then. They were ferocious!

    Dachs - great to win a long relay like that. Can't believe they saved one of their big pimps until last. Could easily have been like when Portugal saved Ronaldo to 5th pen, and ended up losing before then! Worked out at a canter in the end though. You picked up with a big lead, and left it with a bigger lead, would you have preferred the "real" race of the relay in leg 1? Or did this suit you nicely?

    Sacking off the Maidenhead 5k tonight. Done plenty of races recently, and this one is often a little short, so really nothing to be gained tonight.
    It is a club champ race, but i'll struggle to get 8 in, without completely blitzing my priorities and doing random 10milers and halfs they've picked.

    They also have a "mob" match against Bracknell at the Upton court parkrun at the weekend. Again, although i turn out for relays and sessions, this seems another one that's a push to find motivation for.

    Did sign up for the Murder Mile welsh hill race again though. Staying over this time, so I may even entertain a parkrun round there in the morning, but we'll see! Depends how league 1 fixtures come out on Thursday morning.

    6&4 today easy, will probably aim for some sort of 5k session tomorrow, and maybe Friday morning too. Have de-prioritised the mid week medium long run for the summer spell, but will no doubt go long at the weekend too. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    In fact checking last night's Battersea Park, huge drop in numbers and front end
    Just 13 sub 17, and only 135 there last night. Versus 29/30 and 250 ish last week.

    Not sure how much was the England game, and how much is just 1st race of series hype?
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Bit of both SG; numbers usually go down a bit after the 1st but are normally only about 140, maybe a few more for the 1st. I think that very big turnout last week was partly people knowing it was the England game yesterday and so choosing the earlier one, plus it seemed to be targeted a bit by Highgate and maybe one or two other top London clubs.  
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    SG, unfortunately I am no longer our Ronaldo, as a couple of our guys have really come on in leaps and bounds.  I've done Leg 1 three times, I just fancied a change this time round, plus didn't feel like the early start on Father's Day.  Our Leg 1 runner ran faster than I ever have over that course anyway.

    Ridgeway always requires a recce beforehand.  The signposting is non-existent in places, and people can and do get lost.  Fortunately, I am a dab hand at map-reading and navigation.  I've always thought I'd be quite handy at orienteering, but never actually given it a go.

  • Regarding Battersea, yes there were a couple of Highgate behind John, they must do that regularly. Its only John's 4th race this year, he's been injured quite a lot since his 13.58 5000 on the track - he's also been senior boys 1500m champ at English Schools, so he would have won that by more if he was fit. Talented bugger :)

    The relay was silly as I sort of knew I was going wrong as I did it. Sort of hoped it would be ok in the end. It wasn't!

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