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    Thinking about it Reg, could you not be at the World Champs thing in Denmark? Not sure if it's a duathlon or a triathlon in fairness.

    Chap at our club is there, and you're a fair bit faster running wise. And I'd be surprised if you're not at least equal on the bike. Not to mention being the age group up, so it can't be higher standard than the 35-39?

    Anyway, session plan has the two 200 sessions back to back, which can be a bit skimpy if that's all you're doing quality wise in a week. However, with the relay tomorrow, and only a single today (dentist misery at 2pm!) it fits I think.

    10x200 at 800pace off 60secs

    Target 33s, all bar 1 in the 33s.  1 errant 34

  • Great win there Matt, and awesome to just casually pop out a half-ironman Reg!

    Some good training sessions taking place, with tasty paces as per.

    Legs were a bit ruined last week following the race, with DOMS that just wouldn't leave the quads for days at a time - so only ran twice. Not sure why it was quite so bad as it was, perhaps I underestimated the stresses on the system and muscles going from temperate running in NZ to scorchio here, alongside hydration and refuelling. Never have been a fan of running in the heat, to be fair.

    4 days on the bounce so far this week, no DOMS, and that includes a session yesterday and incorporating hills into the easy runs. Found that the flat running I've been doing left me high and dry at the race, so bringing them into the aerobic runs to try to regain lost ground.
    3mi progression yesterday, wasn't overly feeling it after spending the day trying to get a report done, so thought something along the lines of 7:00/6:50/6:40 or so. Warmed up and felt sluggish, but once I put some pace in I felt much better, coming out faster than I thought, with 6:48/6:35/6:14 - upped the ante for the last and just held on. In a couple of weeks time I'll look to do a 4mi progression, with a ~6:25 in there.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nice 200s SG. I think it's just Duathlon and Long course triathlon i.e. Ironman. Neither of which are in my plan for the year. I am doing the middle distance (half-Ironman) European Championships in Ibiza in October. Plus, I did a Denmark champs last year.

    Good running Matt.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Good thinking and effort Matt H

    Matt L - they've only moved United v Tottenham to the Monday night haven't they! Garhh.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Yes Matt, it's the thought of the drive that's putting me off - my back and hip never thank me for long periods in the car, and immediately before and then after a race will be worse. Idea was to camp overnight in the registration field. Might do parkrun tomorrow instead!

    Reg - nice casual half-ironman there :-) Not sure I totally agree about the banter bit though - that word is often used as an excuse for all sorts and personally I think it crosses a line when it could be perceived as offensive in the (albeit highly unlikely!) event of being viewed by the subject of the "banter"!

    Still, I'll get off my soap-box now ;-)

    Good work on the 200s SG, and Matt H - yes, I imagine these temps are especially hard if straight into them form NZ!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Yep Bus, I've been in enough footy crowds with morons excusing their odious abuse as "Banter" to understand what you're saying.

    I think Ric needed a bit of ribbing though for posting what must be the least flattering pic of that runner lady ever, but genuinely meaning it in a "phwoar" sort of way :):)

    Bus - that long drive then race conundrum is what I was weighing up with the northern 5ks. Probably a lot more sensible than some hilly bast at even further away!

    Just the single today, as sorting an old filling out, with a new "white" filling took 1hour 20! The dentist was clearly getting bored midway, as he said to his assistant about how this was the biggest white filling he'd ever laid, and they were bantering about other things, before remembering I wasn't out cold, just had my eyes shut :)

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I believe there's still spots for Trafford 10k too on Sunday 2nd September. The day after Man ure face the mighty Burnley at Turf Moor. :-D 
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    I think it's ok to offend people, bullying is where the line is for me. I reckon she'd admit she looks like a tranny too.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    edited July 2018
    Not one much for banter myself. But occasionally I let myself down.

     I once sent a anonymous Christmas card full of such stuff, to a guy who, after I'd shaken hands with him, actually threatened me. We're talking universal arsehole territory here.

    I wasn't letting that one go.

     Anyway, It was aimed at touching an exposed nerve I knew him to have.

     I actually addressed it to his boss who didn't hand it over to the guy until the rest of the staff had had a read.

    He wasn't happy. Seems he raged all day about it, vowing vengeance upon,  'I know who sent it'.

    Things progressed further when his girl friend turned up and he showed her the card, expecting support.
    Instead she burst out laughing, causing the guy to have an apoplectic fit - in front of customers.

    The boss let him go soon after. 

    Job done.

    No experience of trannys myself Reg. But I think you're giving a bit too much away.
    Of course, that can depend on something that you identify with. 
    One can't but help be attracted to those who share areas of common ground. It's understandable.

    An area of common ground such as clothing.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    This is all a bit cryptic Ric, are you saying I like trannys because I ride bikes?
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Or there's not enough of a bulge in the lycra :wink:

    Very hot parkrun this morning. I was shit - 19:16, 8th overall and 3rd V50+ !!! If it wasn't so damn hot, I'd get my coat....

    I know it was hot, but still - going nowhere currently except backwards maybe. Time for a re-assessment perhaps....
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Lets move on Reg.

    However, before we do. I tend to go for female high jumpers. Probably something to do with the fact they are a lot taller than I am...but only when standing up right  ;)

    12 mile run early doors and best part of 20 miles on the bike just now.
    Beer and food following.

    Pace or effort of runs important. Giving the work a bit of push runs the risk of moving into the region of junk mileage.
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    I empathise Bus; went out of my way to Bushy Park this morning in search of a fast course and hence fast time. The result 18'49 and only 30th. Not even top age 55 cat so pretty much the same boat as you. Exact same time as Battersea the last jaunt into London and have to accept just sub 19 on the fastest of courses is as good as I am now. The 18'26 aberration a few weeks ago at Rickmansworth can be put down to a short course.

    Agree about time the sexist 'banter' stopped; unlikely to encourage any female joiners to the thread is it? Was interesting to hear Lit's views when I first joined but she hasn't posted for ages and no other ladies have to my knowledge. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited July 2018

    It was the opposite of sexist wasn't it? Merely Ric posting his fetishes ;)

    Certainly not the day to be putting any top fast stuff in, unless you're one heck of a runner!

    Therefore, quick turnout report.

    Runnymede Relay job. Due to the format, 3 seniors only, and 3 women/vets, i'd been squeezed down to the B team, due to our 3 fast seniors, 1) all for once being available, and 2) two of them just about still being 39!

    Relaxed about that and got a short leg, which was super groovy, as last year on the long leg, I was wobbly for the last 5 mins, and then spent 20mins lying down straight after, almost feeling like I did at the infamous Wycombe half! Any further last year and I think it'd have been borderline dangerous!

    Anyway, arriving at 12, knowing i'm not up until 2.30 was odd. Zero nerves or adrenaline, and even with about 8 waters consumed I was still a bit dehydrated, and unlike me couldn't muster any pre race "Unleashing"

    Our A team held the lead for a while, but when the Berkshire county champ was chasing, even our best runner lost a minute lead. We started about 5secs up, but Reading's last guy was too strong, and we came 2nd.

    So our A team had finished, and out E leg runner was still out there. Now this felt surreal. The proper race had finished, and I was still there waiting, and even heard the dreaded "in 15mins everyone still there goes off together"

    Having put in an awful and split up 1.25mile jog around, I really wasn't up for this, and was slightly put off by how big the gaps were between runner.

    I picked up, and had about 400-500metres to a chap in front, that I knew i'd pass. Just a case of how soon. The start  3/4miles is a gentle climb up uneven grassy fare, and then comes to a gravelly hill, that is fairly steep over a short distance. Couple of hundred metres before the hill I chose to overtake, and ignored that the pace was far from tidy!

    Up the hill, 1 mile of the mere 2.75miles chalked off, and it's slightly up and down but firm ground.

    It feels odd. Am breathing like a dog, it's super uncomfy weather, but in effect I've run my race now, I just need to hold this 1 place gain, as there's no one else in shot!!

    Continue on some risky downwards grassy rough ground, try and ignore that Bradfield was saying he did this next mile in 5.16, as my watch is on around 5.40s and just keep going.

    Gloriously taking the left at the "long leg, short leg" sign this year, rather than the dreadful 2.5miles extra up an down awkward terrain.

    Eventually clock another Datchet chap ahead. Older guy, clearly on a leg behind, so easing past him is no real effect on anything!

    Long long straight to the end of the field, which last year I was starting to really lose the plot on.

    Round the bend, smile and wave at Rob F telling me to put full beans in. No chance I think, not with another 600metre straight to go, and the weather, and it counting for nothing. Know there's no way i'm matching Chris B's low 15!

    Keep going consistently, try and look casual in a "I could have gone faster if needed" sort of way :), and over the line probably low 16s. Didn't stop the watch so it showed 1620s, but moving time said 1605, so I presume that's right.

    So probaby more tempo pace for a 2.75mile leg, but offroad, hill, hot 2.30pm peak of day and humid, and late in the B team, probably isn't the set of circumstances that gets the max out of you! Especially not remembering last year!

    Nice little team day.

    Drove back to Wycombe to try and get the game on repeat, and ignored radio, took the smart watch off etc.

    Stuffed this up as the game hadn't recorded, so in process of trying to get I player on, accidentally saw the current score so thought sod it, and carried out live at 50mins!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Good race and report SG. Even better to finish in one piece.

    Just a bike ride today for me.

     Last Sunday, all I did was cycle. The sequence of daily running mileages which followed of 10,10,10,10,10 & 12 indicates to me that's a pattern worth repeating.

    It should be noted, that on any given day, I could crunch those miles out over a minute a mile faster than I do.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Back from the bike ride.
    Don't usually have a problem with drivers, but this morning, everyone driving a Volvo seemed to have it in for me.
    What's eating them?
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Drivers of old volvos are particularly bad!  They sure used to just ploughing through. One of the local running faces, Steve Fell was badly wiped out by a moron driver recently I understand.

    Nice report SG. 

    Pete - not sure we have to except it, but maybe try something different? I can't believe I'd be ageing so fast as to go from an 18:00 5k in the first part of a half in Feb this year to struggling to go sub 19 in just 5 months! Has to be something else..

    Anyway, woke up extremely hungover and unable to function earlier, but have just found out something far more exciting than all this football malarkey :smile:  Kilian Jornet is attempting to break Billy Bland's 36 year old record for the Bob Graham today - very much under the radar, and Billy even cycled over to one of the road crossings to shake his hand and wish him luck! By all accounts he is flying....
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Bus, seems the joke about Volvo's didn't make it past first base.

    Volvo's are a Swedish marque.
    England 2 Sweden 0? 

    You're right on the ageing Bus. It's something else. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Bus, you can't compare a big race in winter, with perfect smooth footing, slight downhill bias, that you've spent months building for, with a casual grassy parkrun in super taxing weather!

    Itd be like me fretting id raced yesterday slower than battersea park!
    If you put in 19:xx at bp on a cool day maybe then re assess!

    Just ten today was enough for me. With 2sessions and.a race this week, even shorter type fare it was.plenty.
     A 50mile week after 4x60 is fine. IPod going before half way did not help as meant i got to hear the laboured breathing the rest of the way!

    A few options coming up race wise.
    Datchet 5k tue for the last of the series, but it does clash with a world cup semi! And will still be stifling conditions.

    Parkrun return v Bracknell on sat, but on a tough course.
    Or save it for a bp
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Told you I was hungover Ric! Ddn't ven spot it...

    Ye SG, but even the recent cooler days have been shite!

    Kilian killed it! Taken just over an hour of a record that has stood for 36 years! What a superb athlete, and the low-key way he did it, surrounded by, and respectful of, all the current crop of british fell runners speaks volume so f the man. Chapeau Mr Jornet!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited July 2018

    I still think parkruns are tough to get the urgency up to race pace at. Especially if you've done loads.

    These days I certainly have to "fancy" a race to go and do it. Back in the day I'd do a lot more without a thought about hills, weather etc. I suppose that's experience of what can happen if you're not prepared, know it doesn't suit you, or something going wrong at a certain distance/type of race!

    Although memory is a funny thing. You can forget seriously challenging parts of races, while overhyping others.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Incredible Bus. I loved how all the top British fell runners were his support crew. Chris Arthur who supported on leg 2 has only been running 2 and a bit years. He came and did our county champs a couple of years ago with big baggy shorts and a rucksack for his mandatory kit. Nobody had any idea who he was and he just ran away from everyone from the off.
    He came 11th running for GB at the European mountain running champs a couple of weeks ago. Amazing progression. 
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    Pete - can you say something encouraging about Bracknell parkrun please to try and entice SG and me to go?! From what I hear it’s a bit of a dog track, one with a hill in in fact. Is it about an hour drive for you too SG?

    FWIW, I see relative form switch on and off what seems like willy nilly. Sometimes from nowhere a good performance comes along, but more often the other way around. I know you’re both used to running faster Bus, Pete but I find it’s not at all easy to get up for a parkrun both literally and mentally.

    Nice write up SG. I thought you took it all very well. It must have been very tempting to pull out once the quarter final draw became clear. As you say, I was given a slender lead on the last leg but never got close to holding on. I’m not letting that happen to me again - I mean be slowest in a team and hung out on the last leg - as that was just bloody horrible. Loads of nerves and then a poor run on terrain I always struggle on. Gah.

    BTW - I just assumed that you had a better plan to catch the game else I’d have given you a J2O and a packet of crisps at mine, I’m about a mile from the start line of the relays, sorry!

    Bus - do you have a sub 24 BGR? Is love to think that I could have a go at it but the reality is that I am so sh*t running off-road that I’d have no chance. Yesterday, where Bradfield was 5:15 miling downhill through the long grass I was mincing around at 6s longing for tarmac!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    No Wool, fraid not. You don't have to be a good off-road runner mind, as you only need to average just over 3mph. Sounds easy on paper, but it's rough, difficult terrain and requires fitness, hill-nouse AND bucket loads of mental strength to keep going.  I just don't have the mental toughness to even think about trying! I walked (most of) the route earlier this year over a few days and the thought of doing it in one go is just mind boggling!

    Matt - yes, even guys like Jebby and Carl bell who probably should have been having their own rack at it just now. It's unlikely to ever be better underfoot!
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Wool; there are lots of positives about Bracknell pr; nice location (yes even though its Bracknell); simple parking at Golden Retriever pub just opposite (pr has permission from them to use their carpark), easy access 5 mins from A322 dual carriageway; varied terrain; good for your Run Britain rating as always seems to be ranked super hard. It is a fast downhill start too and you don't have to do the twisty woods bit (which is quite fun anyway) on the 3rd lap. As a final incentive its my nearest and 'home' pr so I'll go along if you and SG do. We could have a coffee there after and you can both teach me how to run sub 18? (well not at Bracknell, in fact not anywhere at the mo, sub 18'30 will do for me right now!). 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited July 2018

    Haha ta Wool. There's one thing I believe strongly in, and that's your word is your bond. If you agree to turn up somewhere, you do. Irrespective of anything else (bar family/life threatening stuff of course!).

    Was never going to either sulk off or sack It just for football :)  By the time it was clear that the people who were going to watch it at some random pub had long gone, and no-one left was up for it, I was fairly content to slope off. It felt a lot different to the Colombia game was the downside, as it was in effect won by the time I turned on!

    The truth about the race though, is like you, i'm certainly no offroad hero, and while the pressure of going for the win can lift you, or at least not have you like I was...bereft of any adrenaline or real motivation, the downside can be big.

    You were given a bit of a turd sandwich with that situation. Almost worst case scenario in the context of a 1st/2nd place battle, a miniscule lead and a local powerhouse behind! Like a few said though, don't knock your best by far effort on that leg! You can't knock something when it's the best you've ever done! You're going great guns, and if I were you i'd be looking to follow up that Upton time with a quicker one at either BP, or a Dulwich/Bushy, if you can't make the BPs (I forget if you're one of the chaps who can't make BP) 16th and 23rd the next BPs now

    Bracknell probably isn't too much further than Windsor would be to me. It'd be a new course at least. But if it's still scorching, and it's anything like Saturday's terrain, then I dare say getting up early to get there may well be beyond me. We'll see though!

  • Another busy weekend then! Good racing from ML84 and a race win, nice easy tri for Reg. PeteM keep plugging away! Good reps and decent relay attempt in not ideal weather. 

    So so onto the 3000m yesterday at Bedford.  Got there a little later than I had planned, but had a 15 mins warm up around the block and then got into the inside warm up track which was the call room too, all very big time as every BAL division there so feeling a little bit nervous. Say hi to Matt from Kingston, he's 43 and did 15.29 for the 5k last time out..he's pivotal later. 

    Start off and we're quite steady, so pleased to hear it's a 72, quicker than I thought. Hitting roughly 71's now, aware that I'm under 9 pace, with excited shouts from the outside of the track. Still feeling ok, there's 4 laps to go and it's going well. Pace not really changed much although by this time I was detached from the front group, led by the talented Alex Teuten of Southampton, but pleasingly still had Matt behind me. So the bell comes at 7.42, and my little group of 4 includes Matt and two others that had dropped off from the front group. So round the bend with 300 to go and it all goes pear shaped. Matt clips me and I go down with a anguished cry..can't believe it! So I get my arse off the ground and try and get back to them, but I'm so knackered after going down I can't really get going again. I'm expecting a 9.15 or so, but surprised its 9.02.

    To be fair Matt apologises at the end, apparently I came in a little bit and he couldn't avoid me. That's. Fair enough, racing incident etc. Just so frustrating as he did 8.53 and the others in my i
    little group did 8.53-8.56. 

    England cheered me up later I suppose. Still heartened with how I felt though and how I was going. Shit happens etc etc,
  • I spent an evening with Lynsey Sharp a few years ago and can confirm that she is a very good looking woman. 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    I agree Phil.

    I also note that you are making a determined attempt to keep your hands to yourself.
  • Nice pic PMJ - looks v posh, where was that then?
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