The Thousand Mile Club - 2018



  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭
    Wow, congrats on the Toronto pacer thing Harmander, sounds epic.
    Dubai, getting close... Great work. 
    Lilly, great to hear your out there again. 

    For me I managed a lovely 7.5miles around Southampton yesterday before a day spent with daughter visiting the University, great looking place. As one who sails, I love Southampton but seeing the obscene decadence of Ocean Village after running through the city centre with homeless folks scratching a life is hard to ballance. Odd world we've made in this country.

    Anyway for me I'm at 805 miles YTD after hot coast path run here in West Wales where everyone is lovely to each other. 
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Not sure when I last updated, but anyway I managed 12 miles during the course of the week and am now up to 446 YTD
  • Afternoon all,

    So another week passes and as an early bird runner it is now only just light in the southeast at 05.00, seems to be changing so fast this year.

    Andrew, Great start to July, keep it up.

    Donnie, Good luck for Friday's outing, I believe the temperatures should have dropped back by then? So lets hope for a sub 45 :D 

    Lilly, Glad you are back out and about, take it easy.

    Dubai, Very, very close now.

    Harmander, How did Sunday's half marathon at Hever go? it was a good 28 to 31 Degree's (which is warm for us Dubai) 
    Congratulations for the Toronto pacing gig - 5.10 at 80 years old - Blimey!!!

    So yet another frustrating week for me, my leg is still not right but is finally on the mend I believe, I saw the sports therapist for another session on Tuesday and on her advice canned my planned Marathon at Barrow on Thursday, probably best considering the 2.5 hour drive and temperature, but I really did enjoy last years (oh well soon be 2019)
    I have been out now for a couple of fairly normal runs without any pain, however I do get an ache a few hours later.
    Next planned marathon is the Lunar-tic, 21st July which you guessed it starts early evening with a cut off at 02.00 Sunday morning, this is only 8 miles away, so nice and local.

    03.07.18 - 5
    05.07.18 - 10
    08.07.18 - 6.25

    YTD = 626.55
  • Good to see you're back at it David.

    No run for me today, seem to have ended up watching Tour de France and Wimbledon with a few beers. 

    There's always tomorrow!
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Evening guys

    Dubai thank you and could do a lot worse than watching Wimbkedon with a few beers! 

    Hobbie thanks again and nice to see your still getting miles in

    David shame to hear you cant get out and race but sensible if it will just set you back again. I am feeling the same as have a 10k planned for Sunday but am 50 50 as to whether or not to run it.

    Harmander amazing to be asked to pace in Toronto!! Doesnt matter the age group really.. just be proud to be asked to do it!

    AndrewD good to see you are out and about still, closing in on 500

    As for me just a 3.8 mile very slow and easy run out tonight. But that is 3 runs now in 6 days with a slight dull ache after.. but it is holding up and I am just taking it really easy, last thing I want is it going again and wasting another 4 weeks with 2 more halves on the horizon.

    YTD 345 re assessing my targets for this year but hoping to push through 400 over the coming weeks as I get fitness back

  • Thank you all,

    Yesterday was the hottest and toughest race I have taken part in - and this is because in addition to the weather conditions  and terrain I got bitten on my tongue by an insect before I reached the 3rd km - it was not only painful but after about another Km I had trouble breathing as my tongue was so swollen that I could not shut my mouth - luckilly I had hayfever tablets with me (Centirizine dihhydrochloride) that I ha forgotten to take before the race - I slso started walking to slow my heart rate in order to prevent the sting spreading quicker - although I startedto feel a little better after a few Km I decided to stop at the half marathon distance which I was originally entered for as a pacer.
    If anyone wants a challenging course - this is it - the winning time was 3:22 which tells one it was tough.

  • Hope doping control weren’t there!!
  • 8.05 miles

    YTD 980.66 miles 
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Since posting its been a PB at 30 secs slower than a PB and 5 treadmill miles whilst watching my first Wimbledon of the season.

    Might have one more treadmill run before the Walkington 10K on Friday. 

    Dave: You suggested sub 45 for Walkington, that would be lovely and something I cant see happening. I'll hoping for 47.'something'. Running at 5am, that's madness!! Good luck on the 21st at the Lunr-tic which sounds a cracking event.

    Lilly: Good luck if you run Sunday, although be careful, one step forwards and all that.

    Harmander: Congrats on Toronto and great effort on the recent half - the bite sounds really nasty and a little scary.

    YTD: 594.3
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    4 tonight, 450 up! Much easier than on the last few runs, due to the cooler conditions.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Quiet on here! Hope everyone hasn't lost their mojo!

    5 more for me yesterday, so up to 455 YTD.

    Still harbouring hopes of hitting 900 for the year (or, at worst, beating last year's 884).

  • Thanks Donnie2 et al,
    Yes, a week later I can still mentally feel the sting but otherwise it is all fine now.
    Another 10.48 miles yesterday makes
    YTD = 1366,40 miles
    While updating my records, I found that I have completed 8 marathons this year despite the niggles - a marathon on Sunday and an Ultra on the 28th this month yet to come.
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Hey guys sorry havent been on for a few days...

    Got 3.8 miles in 2 days ago and 4.5 miles in today, still taking them easy but today I actually started feel like I had life in my legs again!

    Hot, sweaty but loved every second of that one

    353.3 YTD
  • Been in mid to high 40s the last few days, we had our warmest day of the year at 51.4 degrees! Just been out at 9pm in balmy 40 degrees. But getting closer to the 1000

    11.7 3.01
    12.7 4.29
    13.7 3.64

    YTD 991.6 miles

  • Hobie 1495Hobie 1495 ✭✭✭
    Well done everyone, some good numbers going in.
    Running club social run on Wednesday (7 miles followed by cake) and 9 miles this morning.
    826 miles YTD. 
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Walkington 10k last night and I think I'm happy.

    I've run one other10k race this year which was a pancake flat course. Yesterday was officially undulating, borderline hilly and I run 2 seconds quicker at 47.34 

    I've matched the times and positions from the 2 races, checking the times for 10th, 50th, 100th and 150th positions. Each was almost exactly 2 and a half minutes slower yesterday than my previous 10k back in May, but I was slightly quicker. In a very similar sized field I went from 265 to 120th. I'm sure I'm happy. 

    If you're around the East Yorkshire area this was an excellent local event, not a PB course by any means but highly recommended.

    My next 10k is in November by when I'll have run the York marathon. The November event is 100% flat, sub 45 has to be the target.  

    YTD: 608.5
  • Well done Donnie!

    5.83 miles done

    YTD 997.43 miles - one run to go to pass 1000!
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Well done Donnie, good going in this heat!

    I just ran the Virgin 10k in London, with only 9 days back from injury really happy with a time of 1hour 1min... legs feel very heavy now as lost a lot of fitness over the past 5-6 weeks but was a good test and the calf feels really good so can really start cracking on with training now for Windsor and Royal Park halves...

    6.4k run today

    359.7k YTD
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Echo that Lilly61, good run Donnie, and sounds like the organisers have factored in the time of year with you're 9pm start.

    For me, my weekend race was the Spitfire Scramble, a 24hour race starting at noon Yesterday. I ran 3 laps, alternating with my running pair, (we were defending champions from last year, 1st male pair with 20 6mile laps)

    1st lap was at noon, 2nd at 2pm and 3rd at 5pm, all in about 29degrees with no shade. How Dubai runs in heat I don't know, although he's probably not silly enough as to run in the midday sun! But each lap got progressively slower and by the last one (1 and a 1/2 hours for a sub 10K!!!!!) I was reeling, and what was worse, campsite was an open field so no shade except my tent, and you can't roll the sides up on a modern tent(showing my age there ;))

    My next scheduled lap was at 8, but I still felt so ill, weak and overheated, that I took a raincheck (oh I so wish that was literally true) and said I'd try again at 11pm, but again just nothing there so retired to my tent for the night.

    Woke up about 7am'ish and went to see how my partner was getting on, he'd only carried on through the night, albeit walking, but put in an extra 4 laps while I slept, Man's a HERO, but when I saw him limping over the start/finish line he was gone.

    So I started off on a last for me lap at about 7:30am, but by the time I finished, around 9 it was already a blazing hot day, with parts of the course already just so hot and no shade. I felt fit enough to carry on for another lap but knew that as soon as I hit the long sunny stretches I'd be walking and back to risking myself, so called it a day, packed up and went home to a cool shower and snooze.

    I think this year we managed 12(?) laps, too tired to count, compared with last years 20, which just shows how the temperature (and my downhill slide in fitness terms) can affect your running.

    This weekend 23.92, YTD 552.12M
  • Just found this and looking for motivation. I did decide to run at least 1000 miles this year. Most I have ever achieved is about 800. So far up to 567 so looks like I am on track, but obviously colder darker autumn nights will reduce weekly mileage so making hay while the sun shines with weekly miles of about 35 right now. 
  • Welcome James Ricketts.
    Did my usual 10.19 miles including Parkrun yesterdy and struggled in the heat with no shade but completed the Ghosts of Marathons Past at the Gravesend Cyclopark earlier today - makes my
    Last week I lost 3kg at Hever Castle - I only lost 2.5kg today
  • Afternoon all,

    Some great work in this current heat.

    Donnie, Very well done on the 10k, as you say yourself a sub 45 for November, I will gently remind you nearer the time  :D
    I haven't run a competitive 10k for ages, maybe I will book one shortly.

    Lilly, Well done, great news the leg is holding out, hopefully all good now for the HM you have planned.

    Senidm, Stirling effort in this heat Sir, as you mention, how Dubai even manages to get out the front door is beyond me! Hope you are feeling better now.

    Harmander, Congratulations on another marathon, 17 Laps I believe? it did look warm. I think they are doing a 10 in 10 mid August, any plans to run, I might do a day or two as it is not to far away.

    Dubai, Hopefully by the time I log on tomorrow you will have past the 1000 mile mark - well done in advance and in such extreme conditions (I would just be on the Dreadmill)

    As for my week, I have still taken it easy, but leg is feeling pretty much back to normal now (thank goodness) I shall do a 10 miler on Wednesday and maybe a Gym and swim session on Thursday before my marathon on Saturday evening.

    11.07.18 - 6.25
    15.07.18 - 6.25

    YTD = 639.05
  • Afternoon all

    1000 miles passed!

    8.32 miles this morning

    YTD 1005.75 miles
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    Wow well done Dubai!! That is incredible in that heat... you should be super proud of hitting it this early!!

  • Brilliant Dubai Runner,

    each of your miles is worth two of mine
  • Hey all,

    First off - CONGRATULATIONS to Dubai, absolutely superb sir, terrific work smashing through the 1000 in that heat!

    I've had a quick read of the running that was happening whilst I was on Holiday, excellent stuff all round. Especially pleased to see my fellow thread 2018 newbie Lilly back out and running again  :)

    Sounds like you had a scary one Harmander with that insect bite ... nasty.

    There was loads more to comment on, but 1) I'm at work and it's a short tea break. 2) I've got a rotten memory.

    I managed to get out for a few runs on holiday, but I also managed to turn my ankle on some pathetically uneven Portuguese paving, very sore at the time and bruised my right foot quite badly. Starting to run unencumbered again now thankfully and hope that the damage is behind me - although I've done that ankle in the past so I'd best be vigilant for a while. Portugal was plenty hot in the sun, hotter than I enjoy if I'm honest and even slashing a minute per mile of my pace failed to stop me sweating like a racehorse. I hate running in heat, it topped out one day at 34 in the sun - far too warm for me. I've said it before; I have to doff my cap to Dubai running in mid to high 40s - inhuman. I was glad of the injury in some ways lol.

    Lots of beer was drank, good food eaten and lovely company enjoyed. Back to it now, work and running - nice run out this morning in the drizzle (nice to be back in real Scottish weather ;) )  put down some pace to test the ankle - feels good to be back running!

    02 Jul - 4.1m
    04 Jul - 3.2m (cut short due to turning ankle)
    12 Jul - 4.1m
    18 Jul - 5.85m

    YTD: 862.99 Miles (time to get my head down and hunt down 900)
  • Thanks for the congrats guys

    Lilly - unfortunately took me slightly longer to reach 1000 than last year

    Harmander - don't think so, you have to run in the rain!

    Steven - thanks, after several years in the Middle East I'm kinda used to the heat now, don't know I'll cope with rain next month in Ireland. Will be my first time running in Europe in over 2 years. 

    Off to Istanbul next month as well, anyone ran there? Was hoping to run across one of the bridges from Europe to Asia but that doesn't seem possible? Anyone done it?
  • 3.82 miles

    YTD 1009.57 miles
  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    4.6k run this afternoon, was hot out there today but really feeling like I am getti g my fitness back...

    364.3k YTD
  • Approximately 500 miles out of 1000 miles. Been upping the mileage this week with a couple 10 mile evening runs.

    Definitely feel the longer distances increasing my endurance already. Well worth the extra effort.

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