Training for 1.5m

I am looking to bring my 1.5m pace down under 9 minutes and finding it slower progress than once thought.

My current 1.5m run time is 10:30 and 5k pace is 24:00

My current training programme consists of

Monday - weight training
Tuesday - 400m x 8  - 7 min mile
Wednesday - 800m x 3 - 6 min mile
Thursday - weight training
Friday 100m sprints × 12 
Saturday - rest
Sunday - long run (5k - 13.2 miles)

Am I am going to quickly? From reading around i should be training at 8 min mile but that surely would be even slower progress?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Chris Swannell 

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  • JGavJGav ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    What he said^^^

    You're not running enough distance over the week to build an engine properly. 

    Edit: I'm also not sure what the 12x100m sprints is going to achieve, better to do a longer run and add strides in if you want to work on leg turnover or form at higher speeds.  
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