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  • ahmed11,  What is your total mileage for the year?

    Even more importantly, what did the printed message say on your garment?

    Hobie1495 - go on, a couple of recovery runs before the end of the month should see you get over the 1000 mile line.

    MrM2 - you are welcome, nice succinct report back - keep us posted.

    senidM - good to hear you are back on the road, every step is getting you closer to the finish line.

    AndrewD - my Parkrun time was 34:21 (but I was pacing for 34:30) - it will reduce to 28 minutes again in 30 second steps before I go back to 35 minutes.

    Dubai Runner - am tempted to get to the 2018 mile target by 20 October (a day before the Toronto Waterfront marathon in 54 days) this will mean a daily mileage of 6.5 miles - doable given I average over 8 miles a day last year.

    Question to all on the forum - should I go for it?

    Having said that, I was absolutely shattered yesterday - not because of the 13 odd miles in the morning, but taking my little grandson (Harvey who is 2) with my son (Harvey's dad) to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum followed by a a meal at the Rainforest Cafe at Piccadilly Circus.  His sister Ashleen who is 4 went to see Paw Patrol with her mum  instead - she was full of beans when we met for the meal. I would rather do the other half of the marathon instead in future as it is less tiring. lol

  • Hey all,

    Harmander, you sound to me like you've already made up your mind ... but for what is worth - I would say if the niggles don't reappear then yeah go for it! Oh and BTW too fast for your pacing target by 9 seconds? what went wrong? ;)

    Donnie2, you sound to me like you're shaping up to ask for money ;) I've a two-year-old - there's no spare cash to be had lol. Great running, nice to pip your targets.

    AndrewD, nice Parkrun time sir... Makes me think I'm gonna have to run one of these sometime.

    SenidM, Always good to hear someone getting back, and I look forward to following you chasing down the 1000.

    MrM2, good luck with the taper sir.

    Hobie, final mention for you sir - brief race report, but it says a lot. Proof (were any needed) that not all miles were created equal! Superb!

    Finally managed to get myself back out on a Monday morning, makes a big difference to me - starts the week off right lol. No niggles or pains, just feeling generally a bit leggy - but that's to be expected I suppose.

    27 Aug - 13.45m

    YTD: 943.99 Miles (only a runner wouldn't just round that up!)
  • Harmander,think you know what you're going to do & I've no doubt will achieve.

    So better race report from The Narbeth Nobbler...great race (easier to say that after a couple of days and a slurp of the of the rather nice Mantle Brewery special race edition Growler beer.

    It's only 45minutes from home to race so decent get up of 6 o'clock for porridge & coffee before trundle down to register....rain started much earlier than I did. Bargain £1:50 for parking all day & go to sign on & collect race Wolf T Shirt...rain get heavier.

    Race briefing (short & sweet) followed by send off with Elvis Preseli sending us off to Blue Suede "runnin" Shoes...small ish field of runners (about 40) for the full marathon distance...odd that...rain gets to monsoon level.

    Half Marathon started quarter of hour after us & 10k quarter of an hour later, so a few crossed paths here & there but all the better for seeing more people out there in the mud...rain continues and trails now resemble streams of gloopy fake tan.

    After many loops and twists of woodland trails and muddy single track with marshals dressed as wildlife (with smoke flares) & scuba divers (best choice of outfit as it turned out) the marathon route headed out along the river until we got to the actual river crossing....waist deep by this time with a couple of truck straps across to hang onto....awesome event, nice wolfy medal, tea and cake at the finish.

    Not a fast race, 3000ft of climbing and 27miles long...4hrs 54mins but very happy with 16th overall.

    Recovery shuffle of 3.5 miles yesterday.

    985 miles YTD

  • lilly61lilly61 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    Sorry I haven't been on for a while but for some reason I am not able to post anymore on the phone and am only able to on laptop now.. 

    Dubai - 2018 miles is crazy in the heat you have to run in, fair play!

    Harmander - Still racking up the miles.. how many races you have left this year?? honestly you guys have really kept me going this year, I know its not the same miles but watching the miles being laid down really keeps you going!

    Steven - good to see you are back in the swing of things now and so close to breaking that 1000 mile barrier now, few more weeks!

    Hobie - sounded like a crazy run, bloody challenging as well! and another so close to 1000 miles as well, going to be quite a few breaking it this year..

    MrM2 - Welcome aboard, good to see how you get on over the coming months

    SenidM - Good luck with all the upcoming halves!

    So I have been out a fair bit the last week or so, although still feeling it a bit in my calf which is crazy as it would ages ago now, but really enjoying my running again now.. 

    16th 4.45
    18th 3.55
    21st 3.09
    24th 9.86
    26th 3.42
    28th 3.50

    YTD 437.38 Should be at 500 in next few weeks, on holiday in 3 weeks but planning on training through as have Windsor half end of September and Royal Parks a few weeks after that... Nothing like a few races to get your mojo going!

  • Hobie - Nice race report, I'm getting the impression the race was a trifle damp, yes? ;)  I'm glad you're happy with 16th - I'd be flipping ecstatic!

    Lilly - lots of runs there, nice work. Sorry to hear you're still having calf grumbles, hopefully they pass soon - did the physio give you any exercises to do?

    Tough one this morning, from the first step it felt like I was running on empty - still it's done now and I'm not running again until an easy(ish) one on Friday, bring on the rest/recovery days lol

    29 Aug - 13.45m

    YTD: 957.44 Miles

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    Thanks Steven - I don’t do parkruns all that often (done 22 to date, I think, in about 5 years) but they are good, free ways to gauge your current fitness. I was very pleasantly surprised by my time, which was only 15 seconds slower than when I ran it in April despite a summer with little running in it!

    4 easy paced miles last night. Out for drinks tonight, so no running today!

    541 YTD 
  • Evening all, welcome MrM2 and congrats to Hobie

    Back from vacation and the heat of the sandpit, but better than that cold Irish weather I had!

    26.8 6.28
    27.8 7.08
    28.8 6.11
    29.8 7.25
    30.8 5.12

    YTD 1137.6 miles
  • 8.19 miles to finish the month off

    YTD 1145.79 miles
  • Morning one and all,

    Certainly seems to be more going on in the last couple of weeks.

    Donnie, Sounds like the training is going well for the upcoming events.

    MrM2, Welcome to our page, excellent total to date.

    Steven, Well done on beating your previous best, you should smash that by the end of year (maybe 1400 - 1500)??

    Senidm, Welcome back, remember to take it slightly easy as a lot of us have had niggles this year!

    Hobie, Great race report, sounded like an awesome event. Well done on the time considering the barmy elevation and as Steven has noted only "Happy" with 16th, Blimey!

    Dubai, Glad you are enjoying the heat - mad I tell you!

    As for me, another marathon yesterday in West Byfleet very near Brooklands museum in surrey, I arrived nice an early and registered, this being day 1 of a 4 day event.
    We were started on the dot of 9.30 for another multi lap event, 8 laps for a marathon, the course was beautiful a short path from the aid station across a wooden bridge, then up besides a canal passing 3 locks and some beautiful houses on the way, before turning around and coming back. I must say considering the location it was so quite with lots of wildlife on the banks.
    I ran a good first half, around 1.54 and then stayed strong for laps 5 & 6 but then started to flag on lap 7, I think I need to look at my fueling as on lap 8 I thought I was going to pass out and had to sit for a while, before finishing pretty strong a short time later.
    Final time 4.52.06 (not great but another lesson learned, have never felt that drained before)

    As always another excellent event by Phoenix Running with plenty of friendly faces along the way.

    24.08.18 - 6.25
    30.08.18 - 26.2
    31.08.18 - 3.75 (felt okay this morning)

    YTD = 795.15
  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    Hey all,
    AndrewD - I hope you enjoyed your drinks mate.
    Dubai - 6 days in a row, and 40 miles in total - nice stuff.
    DavidC - Sorry to hear you had a wobbly moment, but well done for finishing strong (many wouldn't have even finished) - How many Marathon's is that now?
    I wanted to round out August with over 100 miles on the board so I was out this morning for a 6.6 miles pootle. Still feeling jaded - wonder how I'll feel after tomorrows long'un ... I guess I'll soon know lol.
    31 Aug - 6.6m
    YTD: 964.04 Miles

  • Steven,

    I am still a lightweight, first one being in June 2017 and yesterdays was only number 15.

    Fastest - was in February 3.57 and slowest last week 5.09 (ouch)

    You are nearly there now only 35.96 to go, hope the long run goes well.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Steven - yes thanks, was nothing crazy though what with being on a work night!

    David - 15 marathons in just over a year?! that sounds hardcore to me, not sure about lightweight!

    Did a 4 mile session last night, including a couple of miles a bit quicker (at 7.14 average pace).

    545 YTD

  • David Charman, I agree with AndrewD and others, you are light in weight but not lightweight in your marathon running.
    My niggles have not gone away completely so may yet reign in my recently announced revised deadline  - will know after Purple Rayne marathon (or could be ultra) on Sunday.
    After two 13.71 milers in the week, I have now gone over 1700 miles.
    YTD = 1713.98 miles
    Lilly61 -I have at least 5 marathons plus two half marathons left until the first weekend of November.
  • 7.02 miles today, felt a bit of a slog if im honest. Not sure why and wanted 10 today but will get out again tomorrow.

    YTD 440.4 miles
  • Well done all, great miles being logged. 

    I was hoping to reach 1000 miles by the end of August... Thought I had 8 miles to do and due to having to work late on Wednesday & Thursday it would be a struggle ... So 8 miles this morning & an update to Strava stats & I find that I've done:
    1014 miles YTD
  • Congrats on passing the thousand Hobie, Steven I guess you’re next?

    3.44 miles this morning and 3.31 this evening before a night shift, but 5 days off after tonight and the kids are back to school Sunday after 9.5 weeks off!

    YTD 1152.54 miles
  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    Congrats Hobie ... excellent running sir!
    9.5 weeks off Dubai ... your ears must be throbbing!
    I was right to assume that this morning wasn't gonna be fun. Felt like I had been handed a piano to carry - got through it though.
    01 Sep - 14.95m
    YTD: 978.99 Miles (two more runs ought to do it woohoo!)
  • YTD: 732.6 + 3.1+4+3.1+10.2 = 753.0

    Mix of tread mill and road in the last week. 

    Dave C: I love the sound of the small mid week runs. They appear to have a lovely community spirit about them. I hugely approve.

    Hobie: Your last event is way out of my league. Sounds more like an assault course!
    Very well done sir.

    Harminder: 5 marathons in the next two months!! My mind is boggling.

    Andrew D and Stephen: Any events planned? I find I always need a target to concentrate the mind.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    This morning's 10' run included a lap of Delft, bringing the distance in my first of two taper weeks up to 21' and a total YTD of 1056'. Now for an even easier week, if I can resist re-visiting my favourite parts of Rotterdam. (Marathon next week)
    SM2 you must be nearly there. Well done.
    Happy running. 
  • 10.32 miles this morning

    YTD 1162.86 miles
  • Donnie - yes, I have earmarked a 5 mile race at the end of this month, and then a target 10k in mid November. I will probably also do a target parkrun at the end of October and maybe a warm up 10k before the target one.

    Currently on 549 YTD

  • Thanks all,

    Congrats to the new 1000 milers.

    Donnie2 it is Harmander not Harminder :-(  and 5 marathons and two half marathons actually lol.

    I decided to do an extra lap yesterday at Purple Rayne marathon to make it an Ultra - so 29.52 miles in 5:52:29 - am happy with that as it is less than 12 minutes a mile.  Will now be able to relax and do my 10th Ultra on my 60th birthday next July as planned. The results for yesterday are at:

    Have done nearly 762 km in races alone this year - At this rate I will be able to surpass 1000 km 

    YTD = 1743.45 miles
  • A quick run out after work tonight 3.6miles

    And puts me on 444 miles now.. 

    Edging closer to the 500 mark now. 
  • Back to reality, 39 degrees at 0830, roll on winter!!

    6.39 miles

    YTD 1169.25 miles
  • Cardiff Half number arrived in the post last night & very conscious of approaching Snowdonia Marathon.

    Managed to sneak 3 loops from home down to the village & back up what is known as "Punishment Hill"

    5.5 miles & nearly 1000ft climbed.

    1020 miles YTD

  • Well done on the Nobbler, Hobie, sounded a great race, and with getting to the 1000 before the end of Sept.

    Should think Steven will have joined you there by his next post, both running well.

    For me, back to running events, did a stage of the Essex Way last Sunday and have 2 halves coming up over the next 2 weekends so, hopefully, back on track.

    YTD       600.58    so 4 months to run 400 miles, definitely doable!
  • Howdy folks,
    Nice running from everyone as always! 1000ft climbs; impromptu Ultras; 39 degree runs and quick ones after work. Something for everyone!
    Thanks for all the wishes, but unfortunately I'm not quite there yet, felt shattered on Monday morning and elected to miss my planned run (however tempting it was to just go for it and try to get to 1000 by today) but based on how much better I felt for this mornings run - it was the right call. Nice steady miles as the sun came up over a fresh Glasgow morning ...very nice.
    Only 26 days until the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon, I've run it every year since 2012 (not a significant streak I know, but sentimentally it's important to me - It was my first Half Marathon and it nearly destroyed me (2:32:00) I made up my mind that day that I wasn't going to be bullied by the distance ever again ... I even set myself the goal after that race of trying to take an hour out of that time. Not there yet, but slowly does it! (6 years and counting ... try glacially does it Steven ;) )
    04 Sep - 15.25m
    YTD: 994.24 Miles
  • Congratulations in advance Steven Morrison2.
  • Soo many of you guys about to break 1000 miles and an amazing effort!!

    Out today for a hilly 6.42 miles and nice steady pace so happy and on course for Windsor...

    YTD 450.42.. really going to push on now to get as high up as I can by the end of the year..
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