The Thousand Mile Club - 2018



  • Nearly there Steven. 

    9.41 miles

    YTD 1178.66 miles
  • 4.5 this evening to kick off this week’s mileage.

    553.5 YTD
  • Are you there yet Steven?

    7.4 miles today

    YTD 1186.06 miles
  • YTD: 1000.84 Miles
    Did a nice steady 6.6 Miles this morning - job done!
    Took me 149h:57m:42s to complete the 1000.
    99 runs (10.109 Miles Avg) in 249 days.
    Average pace of 8:59.86 seconds (Sub-9 seemed very important to me for some reason even micro Sub-9 lol)
    I had a nice fist pump as my watch buzzed the 6 mile marker and I knew I was through the 1000 - I must have looked out of my mind! :p
  • WELL DONE Steven Morrison2
    Now for the next 1000 perhaps?
  • Congratulations Steven!
  • Nice one Steven, not stat obsessed or anything there :-) good work sir.

    I was a bit worried that I'd lose mojo oñe I hit 1000 but with a fast flat Cardiff Half and a lumpy Snowdonia Mara I October I've got to keep pushing. 

    I ran 6.5 miles to running club, then 7 miles on trails around town at club... Lovely evening for running.

    1033 miles YTD
  • Well done Steven, Hobie and the others who have recently passed 1000.

    Another 3.5 miles today in the drizzle, takes me up to 557 YTD.
  • Well done Steven! Incredible... 
  • Morning all,

    So yet another week passes and the kids are now back at school, where has the year gone?

    Harmander, Great effort on the Ultra, well done sir.

    Dubai, Still racking up the mileage I see, 39 degrees at 08.30 blimey that is warm, it is now becoming very autumnal here with temperatures around 7-9 degrees first thing.

    Hobie, Just the sound of the Snowdonia Marathon gives me the shivers, I have been lucky enough to climb it though in the past, what a lovely view and very beautiful area. 

    Senidm, Well done, as you say tight but it is still doable.

    Lilly, Nice hill run, lets keep our fingers crossed for Windsor.

    Steven, Congratulations, love the stats and I must say a long average run distance, I will be interested to see what mine will be.

    As for me, I have looked at my fuelling this week and will be trying some new things before my next Marathon, I have also looked at my training spreadsheet and have made some adjustments. I think I have been running the long runs to fast so will be adjusting my pace to around 85% -90% of race pace as seems to be recommended. 

    03.09.18 - 6.25 (Standard Road 10k)
    05.09.18 - 10 (Long slow @ 90% of marathon pace)
    06.09.18 - 6.25 (Fast middle 2.5 miles)
    07.09.18 - 6.25 (Hill intervals, 15 x 200m)

    YTD = 823.90
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    YTD: 753+ 3.1+2+2+10.1 = 770.2

    Steven: Congratulations - good effort and good luck with the Scottish half.

    Harmander: Apologies for the misspelling near the top of the page. 

    David C: I must think more about what I do rather than just go about jogging. 
  • Donnie, I think you are fine as you are, as long as you are happy and it seems to be working for you. 
    I have just seemed to struggle on my last two outings and can't really pin-point as to why, hence I will try something different and see what happens next month.
  • Donnie2,  No probs

    David Charman - Thanks

    13.71 miles on Tuesday and yesterday makes my

    YTD = 1770.88 miles

    43 days to complete 247.12 miles - will see how GNR goes on Sunday

  • Have a great GNR Harmander, and everyone else racing this weekend.

    Just a 5 mile lunchtime run for me today, but speed is improving. 

    1038 miles YTD
  • Thanks everyone for your congrats and all the encouragement this year ... it's really helped.
    Typing on my phone (always a joy) but i just wanted to drop in and Wish everyone running this weekend GNR or whatever, all the very best!
    07 Sep - 15.25m
    YTD: 1,016.09 Miles

  • A quick run out tonight when I got in from work 3.6 miles

    YTD 354.02
  • Correction 454.02 bearly did myself out of 100 miles! 
  • Harmander - hope GNR went well?

    Lilly - don't be doing yourself out of any miles, let alone 100 of them!

    Did a 6 miler yesterday as the first of my 'long' (I know theat is not long in the true sense of the word) runs for my 10k training block which should stretch from now until mid November.

    567 YTD

  • I did 10.19 miles on Saturday including Parkrun.
    Yesterday I ran to pace at 2:29 at the GNR and despite a few hold ups due to two bottlenecks and being stopped in our tracks along the last mile as paramedic attended to some runners, I did 2:27:32 - happy with that.
    YTD = 1794.22 miles
  • Hi everyone
    On an unrelated topic i was wondering if anyone knows how to set up a new thread?
    Thanks a lot
  • Great pacing as usual Harmander, how many GNR is that now?

    On a slightly different note, I see the 100MC need to update your record on the most number of London Marathons, it has not been updated since 2016!
  • Thank you David Charman,

    Yes I have informed the 100MC and they promised.

    I have now done the London Marathon AND the Great North Run for the last 34 consecutive years. I missed the first four of both.
  • Afternoon all

    Harmander great streak with those races, can't imagine ever doing them, they're a bit too big for me.

    RF- to start a thread I think you need a 3 star rating.

    6.9 7.4
    7.9 Rest
    8.9 5.57
    9.9 5.62
    10.9 6.78
    11.9 7.3

    YTD 1211.33miles

  • Does anyone use a Garmin 235? I currently have a Suunto Ambit 2 and Garmin 205 and my wife bought me a Fibit charge. Just looking to streamline.

    Or any recommendations?
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Sorry, can't help with the technology. But have been using a Garmin 220 for four years and get along fine with that.
    Thanks again all you welcoming people. As indicated earlier, last week was my second of two taper weeks, and so added less than 11 miles. With Sunday's marathon it takes me on to 1093 YTD.
    Impressed with your streaks Harmander. Was also impressed on Sunday when I found myself sharing some post-run refreshments next to the 4:15 pacer (71yr old Hugo) and he told me that he had run all 20 of the In Flanders Fields marathons. 
    Next for me will be Chester, so: recover, build up and wind down..ready to go again in 4wks..
    Happy running everybody. Enjoy every mile.
  • Evening everyone

    Great to see some big mileage out there at the moment..

    Ran 7.25 miles tonight ahead of a big 3 days at work where I will be struggling to get out but am now on 461.27
  • A cooler morning- only 36 at the end

    11.31 miles

    YTD 1222.64 miles

  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018
    YTD:770.2 + 3.1+ 13.1+ 3.5 = 789.9

    My main event since last signing in has been the Vale of York half. If anyone in the Yorkshire area is looking for a well organised, potentially very fast course this time of year look no further. Pancake flat, closed roads, never crowded but with 1600 finishers a good sized event with the only negative for those chasing a PB being the course is very exposed so blustery even on a still day.

    I was 1.48 which was slightly disappointing as aiming at 1.45. I always run a negative split, feel I could have gone harder sooner, so not to disappointed, I finished with probably too much still in the tank. I did the same run last year in 1.47 and later that month was 3.54 for the York marathon, I'll definitely accept the same again.

    Only moment of concern last Sunday was my lost car keys!! I'm part of the general pre race shambling around, q for the portaloo and whatnot, quick pat of my shorts pocket, oh no, no bulge where the keys should be. Omg, hope they're not in the depths of the loo! Mass panic and I'm thinking about not running. Would have to borrow a phone to call home, wife  45 mins drive away and with other plans for the morning, this is not good. Thank you kind person who handed them to the man on the mike who was corralling everyone down to the start, and relax...and run....

  • Well done on the York Half Donnie good time & a good result on the car keys as well, I've got Cardiff half in a few weeks...another pretty flat course.

    Great miles Harmander, MrM & Dubai, nearing 500 Lilly.

    Club speed rep run tonight but yesterday did a quick lunch 5 miles and 2.5 miles each way to the pub last night...first outing for the head torch this Autumn...Love running in the dark when it's still warm.

    1059 miles YTD

  • Thanks Hobie 1495 et al,
    A sluggish recovery run of 13.71 miles (that was longer than the race itself - lol) yesterday makes my
    YTD = 1807.93 miles.

    Incidentally, I did not see Little Nell at the GNR and she has not responded to my texts or emails.  Hope all is well.
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