Starting all over again!

I've done various stints at running but never taken it up permanently. I want to get fit now though and can't justify the cost of a gym at the moment.

I've previously completed the London Marathon in 2005 and again in 2010, albeit in very slow times (circa 6hrs) but each time I've dropped out of running and allowed all of my hard work to come to nothing.

This time I want to turn running into a habit rather than it being just about reaching one particular finish line.

I'm currently about 1.5 - 2st overweight, so losing weight is definitely one of my goals.

I'm going to bite the bullet and go buy some new running shoes this afternoon. What training program do you recommend starting with? (I haven't done any proper exercise for over 4 years, but I do a fair bit of walking)


  • I would suggest try running shorter distances to keep the interest going and working up to and taking part in the park runs on a Saturday morning... try running different park runs at different places, and aim for that 50 free parkrun t-shirt. Friends can be made at the parkrun, especially when you are waiting at the start, which can make you come back again and again and again.
  • well done and good luck, i've got some lbs to shift too! hopefully running will do the trick!
  • Might seem a bit odd to say this to someone who has done the London Marathon (twice), but I'd suggest downloading the C25K app and giving that a go. As Dave mentioned doing Parkrun is a wonderful and inclusive event, but the C25K would hopefully allow you to build your running up as well. Good luck.
  • Thanks guys, only just seen these comments as I've been away. I'll have a look at the C25K app. I've bought my shoes so just got to lace them up and put one foot in front of the other now!!

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