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    Cal - that looks promising, I've bookmarked it and will have a look on Sunday.   I'm home this weekend, have a long list of things to do but I'm sure I can squeeze 2 hours in to watch my hero Kipchoge have a go at the world record.

    Good luck for your 5k today and your half tomorrow.   And all racing this weekend.

    Big G - don't eat too many of those cream teas ;) 

    Fresh, cool morning here, 8 miles done.
  • Good luck and safe running to all who have events this weekend.

    Finally I have got over my cold so went for a 6 mile run this morning. Felt good so hopefully  can continue running when I go on holiday on Monday.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G/Cal-Hope today's goes well and tomorrow for cal.
    I'd be very surprised if Berlin isn't available somewhere tomorrow.
    Just the 1 small 4 mile run up to now here,wife had a tumble,nothing serious but nice bit of skin taken off the arm and knee,hopefully going again this evening.
  • Well done on the 8, Shades, and the 6, steven (glad you're feeling better). Ian - we've all been there. Was it a tree root? Those bastards have done for me a few times!

    Richmond Running Festival 5K "Pirate Run" done. It was fairly low key - a few people dressed as pirates, and a group of pirate drummers at one point on the course (it was two laps, so we passed them twice). Fairly small field, too. I realised it probably wasn't a PB course as it's all grass (some of it lumpy) with a couple of hairpin turns, and one section was straight into a headwind. I still had a go, though. I went hurtling off and realised I was running too hard to breathe properly, which isn't surprising when I saw my first mile was 7:51. I paid for that heavily and the next two miles were 8:16 and 8:21. My official time came in at 25:26, so not as fast as my fastest parkrun (or parkruns... I've done a few faster now) but it is my fastest chip timed 5K. I was 1st in age group and 8th lady; got a T-shirt and a sparkly medal and some drinks and snacks in the goody bag, so zero regrets. Hopefully I haven't ruined myself for tomorrow!
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, well done on the 5K. Sounds like you enjoyed it which is the main thing. 

    Ian, sorry to hear about your wife - fingers crossed she recovers soon.  

    Steven, great news your cold has gone. Hopefully you can get back to training now. 

    As for me, it was Cream Tea Caper, ran from a pub I know very well. It’s a 6hr challenge and it was 8 laps for the marathon. I wasn’t sure of the exact course but per lap it ended up being about 1 mile on tarmac and the rest off-road - gravel, grass, trail. So to be honest it’s not my type of course and I was truly thinking about stopping after half marathon. I was having an argument with myself that on the one hand was saying ‘you’ll be pissed off with yourself if you stop’ and on the other saying ‘but you’re not enjoying it, so just stop’. I started the 5th lap and towards the end of it I came up to lap a couple of 100MCers and ended up run/walking the rest with them - it was mainly walking, but it did mean the time passed quickly as we were chatting most of the way and I got it done in 4:57-ish. I felt a bit bad as I stepped off and they had to go around again. 

    It was a friendly event and the organisers, who I know, did very well for their first event, but even though it’s local it’s not for me. I can’t see me doing it again unless I’m struggling for numbers at some point. But many loved it, which is great - it’s just not for me. 

    Great aid station, cream tea, cotton T-shirt and a medal with a spinning cream tea. One side has it the Devon way, and the other side has it the wrong way ;)
  • Hi Shades and Shadies. Just got back from a week of new hire training in Boston (US). Managed to do an 8 mile run while there as well as a 5 mile run. Took it very easy on both runs of course. Was really surprised at the 8 miler. I felt fine. Anything approaching 5 miles at home and I feel knackered. Just goes to show, it’s all in the head.

    Landed back in the UK this morning. Did a 4 mile run and it felt like a chore. I need to overcome my ‘in the head’ demons.

    Ill send you a pm Shades. Good idea about the once a week visit. Will do that.
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    steven - good to hear you've managed to get rid of the cold before your holiday, have a good time.

    Ian - ouch, hope your OH isn't too sore, so easily done.

    Cal - well done that's a great result on that course.   Have a good race today.

    Just tried to log into that link you posted for watching marathons but it wants my credit card details although it says it's not going to charge for anything so that's a no go for me. 

    Big G - glad to know their first event went well.   Those type of courses aren't for me either and it's so tempting to want to stop early when it's not really your sort of event.   I had the same dilemma at FOD as the course just wasn't for me and mentally I found it so hard to not stop.

    Khani - that's a great and positive start to your training.  I've mailed you the plans and a note about paces.   If you can report in once a week that'll help keep you doing those weekly long runs which are always the hardest to schedule into a busy life.

    I had a really bad night's sleep as I kept waking up thinking this time next week I should still be doing my event :o   Then I thought I'll get up earlier than usual for a Sunday as I have a few things to do today and I still wanted to try and watch Kipchoge but that idea has gone now.    Another coffee I think.  :/
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    Shades, yeah, it was tough mentally.  The other thing that went through my mind was that if I stepped off early yesterday, it may then make it easier to step off at another lapped event, and I didn't want that.  Do you know what I mean - if I "quit" once, it then makes it easier to quit another time, and it could then become a "thing".  At the start of the 5th lap I may have looked a right idiot as I ran down a few 100m and stopped and turned around to walk back to the finish, shaking my head.  I walked about 10m towards the finish, stopped again, had a word with myself, turned and then carried on with the event.  Mentally, I was shot so although I'm not proud that I walked for a lot of it, I am actually really pleased I managed to finish alongside a couple of people as I do think I was in danger of DNFing otherwise.  I'm glad I didn't enter day 2 though.

    I noticed AH only did 10-miles and was wondering why, but he had to leave early for a wedding and he's also racing a half today in Reigate, so a lot of travelling for him.

    Shades/Cal, I had the same thought about that site as I'm wary of handing my card details over.  There is a thread over on LetsRun about a couple of ideas and I'll keep my eye out too  If I see anything that definitely works I'll post it here.  
    Big G - yes, you're right, if you quit once and you're not ill or injured then it would be so easy to do it again.   Feeling pleased that you did stick it out should stop you actually going through with the quitting again, especially as you got as far as turning back to the finish but then changed your mind.   It doesn't matter that you walked from that point, at least you did it.  You've saved your energy for next week's race.

    I expect your legs are quite fresh today so you can pop out for that recovery run ;)

    I wonder if AH is a bit injured, he may have wanted to support the event so ran part of it.

    I've looked at YouTube again and the inline skating event is on there from the Berlin marathon course yesterday, I'll check later for the marathon but I doubt it'll be live streaming.  

    A friend of mine did Oslo marathon yesterday and said it was great, even the portaloos are connected to the mains.   And they also have a 10k that is free to enter as long as each runner picks up 15 items of litter on the route, nice idea for a supporting event.  So Oslo is one for the 'to do' list.  Unlike Medoc, I read a race report and they only had a couple of portaloos and one urinal for 8,000 runners, I guess the French have different views on toilet arrangements :#
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    3-miles recovery done.

    This is with German commentary, but very good quality...

    Thanks Big G, that's the next 2 hours sorted.  I can do a bit of admin as well.   I see Kipchoge has gone straight off with the faster pacemakers.

    Interesting that the pacemakers wear the same kit as London, which are Shaftsbury Harriers vests which is homage to Dave Bedford
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    Shades, interesting about the pace kit - I hadn't realised that.  It looks great conditions, but I still wonder why Berlin start the elite ladies with the masses, as they get swamped by the good club runners in the early stages, which I always think is a shame.  They should have their own start time, in my view.
    Big G - I think the women like running with the very good club runners, although that does limit their chances of a world record, can't be a women's only record, I think..   Maybe the logistics of the race don't lend themselves to have a separate start time.   Even in London it always seems quite a lonely race for the elite women.

    Conditions do look perfect, the year I ran it was the same.
    the pacemaker Boit has a fantastic running action, better than Kipchoges
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    It's annoying me that the race time on the screen is about 10-secs different to the race car clock behind Kipchoge!  I am assuming the race car is correct, but I suppose that difference could be significant if he's close the WR at the end.

    Edited to add, that the race car is correct, as when the splits are put on the screen they're in line with the race car.
    Just looked up the temperature in Berlin 16 degrees now, think it was cooler when I did it.

    The women's race car is the same as the screen.   For the men's it's unusual that the car is behind Kipchoge, but better viewing for us
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    Shades, I actually got a slightly sun burnt yesterday on shoulders.  It didn't enter my head to pack suncream in the morning as when I left it was chilly, but the sun came out and it became quite warm (not hot, but it was sunny).  I was wearing a race vest so I have the classic runners look at the moment.  I'll pack some cream for next week, just in case.  One of the chaps I was running with (RK's cousin, as it happens) said Loch Ness is his favourite race.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Kipchoge is on his own now as the last pacer just stepped off.  It's quite exciting as the graphic just said he's about 25-secs inside the WR at the moment, with less than 50-mins to go.  
    I wear sun cream whatever the weather, then if the sun comes out I'm OK, of course I'm a lot fairer than you are.   Loch Ness is often cool but sunny too.

    Boit has stopped now, Kipchoge looks like a man on a mission, so controlled
    I'm getting nervous for him now.
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    Earlier,the broadcasters cut to a German elite lady and the guys running around her looked like they were jogging, but I'm assuming they're going at around 2:30-2:40 pace!  Bonkers.

    Do you think it's a coincidence that Kipchoge was 25-26-secs inside the WR?  I.E., do you think they work in seconds by saying "I need to be a second per mile quicker", or "x-secs per 5k", or whatever?  I'm nervous too - I want him to do it.  He's quite hard to read as his expression remains the same.   When he did that breaking-2 project he hardly changed expression, even when it started slipping away.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Having said that, does he appear to be labouring a bit, or is it just me?  Not surprising of course but he appears to be working harder now.
    Dibaba is no longer leading the women, don't know what happened...I might have been making coffee.   She's had stomach problems before in her marathons.

    Re Kipchoge's pace, he doesn't seem to check a watch, he probably has a car in front of him and there's a clock at every mile of km at the side of the road but I guess he's just running at his own pace !
    He does have a white car ahead of him, I think that's the official car.  He does look like he's having to work harder now.  

     Just seen Dibaba she's dropped back although still looks to be running well, think she's about 4th now
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    WOW, I've never seen him so happy.  That's 1 min 18 secs off the WR I think.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Yeah, amazing.  He looks absolutely delighted, running back down the road celebrating etc.  A great moment.  That's a big chunk off the time as well.
    Good to see Dibaba got over her bad spell and finished 3rd.

    I'm exhausted now after watching that.   Nice interview with Kipchoge, he's very humble, just thanked everyone.
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