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    Yeah, as I said Simon, I'm not remotely surprised that I was on the reserve list, as there are plenty of good V40s who are well ahead of me in the pecking order, even if I had been able to consistently run at my best this year.  But I don't understand you being 3rd reserve for the V45s.

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    You say that Dachs - but 3 of our Windsor half winners team had them! So they must be gettable. Just not for us types!

    Anyway, same sesh as last week today

    4x200, off 200m jog, 3x1km off 2mins, 2x400 off 1min (though, on checking the actual sesh should be 400m jog, but similar!)

    Aiming 37-3.23-75

    came out
    3.20,3.19,3.21 (counting the 100ths! as i take 400s as i'm going to make sure i'm on pace)

    Not quite as windy as the last time I did 1kms, but still more than you'd like.

    2 more sessions and then it's GSR time.
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    can only think they have heavily weighted towards the xc trial/inter area races.  as Dachs says im suprised you are 3rd reserve.   anyway screw xc in swansea & go for poland indoors....the beer is cheaper.

    vaporflys are possible to buy just within an hour of release if you have normal sized feet.  if you are a size 6 or 12 you should be ok anytime
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    Are you saying 12s are some sort of colossal freak sized shoes you cheeky bastad :)

    And no, nothing over midget sizes available.
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    We need Scott to tell us when these magic shoes are about to come out

  • I can't stand more than an hour or two at work due to severe pain in my brain.

    Stevie/Dachs: Having the Nike app on your phone helps with the notifications of availability. Though I was doing the school run and missed that hour window of opportunity last time. Nike Run Club app sometimes pops up early bird offers.
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    Dachs said:

    We need Scott to tell us when these magic shoes are about to come out

    or join mailing list and they tell you :smile:

    SG- and yes, size 12 are not human feet....they are flippers.  There are no magic wizard shoes that can help your barge sized circus trotters.  you can however use the boxes they come in...should just about fit you. :smile:
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Put me down for some orthofeet shoes as well....although in fairness the chap didn't clarify whether it was 3-5hours of physical standings, or that he couldn't "stand" as in handle that many hours at work.

    I think i'm sized 10 for work shoes, but 12 for running stuff. Some "expert" tried to cram me into smaller shoes once, to absolutely no positive effect.

    Surely the bigger the feet, the more force you can put through these pogo-esque bouncing shoes, so maybe the 3-4mins is actually conservative, and I can helps myself to 7-8mins, and have a smashfest against Dachs. Maybe that'd also take some leg shaving, and ...arm warmers
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    SG - How the f**k can you wear trainers TWO sizes bigger than work shoes?? That can't be right - perhaps a half bigger? I have sent the Brooks Mach18 xc spikes back as the 11.5 was too tight - but that's the only time ever. I like my racers and xc spikes to be tight - they aren't on for long usually, so not that bothered. You don't want the trainers flapping about. The clown shoes really will be clown's shoes :)

    Dachs/Dean - Yes does look heavily weighted towards the trial races tbf. Anyway bought my flights to 'Bid-Ghosht' (Bydgoszcz) last night, the nearest airport to Torun. Get there on the Friday, race 3000 on Sunday then watch. Flight back late on the Weds 27th so will be able to watch the World 1500m silver medal holder strut his stuff in the 800m heats...

    Edit: v45 World 1500m silver medal holder

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    They just come up differently.

    Certainly no room for manoeuvre in the racers.

    And you're meant to go a bit bigger in the day to day ones for feet expanding when warm type stuff. I could squeeze into 11.5s but don't for the above reason.

    I bought 2x10s for work shoes with different brands once, without trying them on. One was crippling on the toes, one a perfect fit.

    Talking about shoes i keep forgetting to walk in an old pair of wave riders rather than work shoes for my 2mile lunch walks doh!
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    SG, do you run in different feet to the ones you work in?

    I wear size 10 for running and weirdly size 10 to work, although I have to admit, for everyday casual wear, I have to wear size 10.
  • This is probably a stupid question that I know the answer to already from my limited experience of masters athletics but do you guys competing at a national level get any help with the flights ?

    (I'm now expecting hysterical laughter as I suspect you don't)
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    dont be daft muddy
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Reg - different brands, different types of shoes do have some sway on size.
    I just found this old thread on this forum

    Couple of 1.5-2 size increases mentioned. And I thought 0.5-1 size increase was fairly typical. I wonder if you're rare, or if others find like you do. Maybe it's a size of shoe thing - smaller the feet, the less difference between the sizes.

    Always something to watch if you change brand.

    Apart from the crippling toes size 10 work shoes, and the store owner trying to squeeze me into 11.5s, which didn't feel right at all, then it's generally always worked 10 v 12 :)

    Muddy - you are a glorious dreamer :)

  • My club offers support for things like flights when people are competing in major races.
  •  DeanR7 said:
    dont be daft muddy

    Well that's even more kudos to you all then !

    Lit, that's interesting - do you know where they get the money from ? Club memberships or do they have discretionary funds based on income from putting on events ?
  • Well, it's not actually a huge expense as we're a large club and it's for athletes representing a Scottish district, Scotland or the UK in events outwith Scotland, so we won't be paying out all the time. I think most of our athletes representing Scotland are juniors, and they are mostly doing so in the rest of the UK, so it's not going to break the bank. We also fund teams who are representing the club outwith Scotland (or we wouldn't be able to go to the ERRA relays, for example). I think most of our income is from membership fees, putting on a couple of profitable races and giftaid (we're a charity), and most of our expenses are Scottish Athletics affiliation fees (the biggest one), putting on the rest of our not-as-profitable races, entries to cross country leagues and championships, and support for athletes. We also apply for various grants to fund specific initiatives like training groups for kids etc.
  • Most shoes we will get in early pre release often with strict rules about promoting or selling them - This shoe I reckon Nike will keep all retailers at bay and then let us have our allocation, there's only 5 of us that can stock these models in the UK 

    Weve had the new HOKA XC spike in for 2 months ! Only just gone live on their website 

    However if I do get the heads up (as it'll go live on the web and need time to prep) I will let you know and keep them behind 
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    And let us use this sea of alton vouchers as part payment? <3
  • Yep. We cant stack them on top of each other but will work in best deal. I've just sorted out a young English schools champ, he got a kit drop from Nike and then it stopped. He get peg turbos and zoom oom  from me for 160

    One of the deals I can do, would be 

    Buy a road (mileage) shoe and get XC or racing flat free 

    Pay normal price, which ever is more

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • That's a bloody great deal!! If only your shops weren't a 4 hour round trip!

    Final MP tempo tomorrow, so 2m warm up, 10 mile MP 2m cool down. Off work so will head to cannon hill park for an uninterrupted run. Look forward to it!
  • Muddy- after doing the XC in Derry, the 10k in Brum and the Euros and Worlds....the only free things were a vest and a hoodie in Derry. 
  • ...and the thread rests. Been a busy few days though.
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Surrey league tomorrow Simon?
  • MP run was a disaster. Legs didn't feel good in the warm up and I could barely keep below 7m miles. Canned it after 7 miles as I was just getting slower and flogging myself. I'll blame it on not having Vaporflys  ;) 

    All easy now until Abingdon, looking forward to it!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    10miles MP on your own is a fairly substantial one, so don't worry too much! Probably not a bad decision rather than monster yourself to the ground.

    This is where short races like 5ks are great. The difference between good and a disaster might only be a minute or so! For the longer stuff it can feel a world of pain!
  • StevieWh said:
    MP run was a disaster. Legs didn't feel good in the warm up and I could barely keep below 7m miles. Canned it after 7 miles as I was just getting slower and flogging myself. I'll blame it on not having Vaporflys  ;) 

    Running to pace on a shitty day like today ? Not going to happen. Don't worry about it. And as Stevie says it's a tough session - I've only ever done 9 mp with a fast clubmate for company. The other times I've jumped in a race.

    Simon - I was taking time to process the depth of your ... commitment there ! 
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    stevieWh - as everyone else has said...days like this give sessions like that.  i wouldnt worry about it.

    im assuming its extremely blowy where you are as well.  so i did a 10miler on my treadmill instead of going outside in the hurricane and rain.  watched a couple of episodes of xfiles to help pass the time.    
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    X Files - back in the day reference!
    Although having said that, I caught an episode today of Kojak (!), that had a pre Rocky Sly Stallone in it as a one off character. Strange.

    Tomorrow is meant to be a windy and wet one, so am hoping to beat the worst of it with a 7am sesh.
     4x1mile Threshold, 6x200m and 2miles progression from easy to 5k pace.

    Should be a blast.

    Thinking back I can only remember weather completely ruining a session once.
    A day I foolishly set off with a woollen hoody on, and after half a mile in heavy rain I weighed double :)
    Binned it to the next day.
  • I used to know a few Jersey athletes and they got help with flights etc. Maybe it is a far flung thing. (Lit is somewhere up cold as well.)
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