Grazing vs Set Meals

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Apologies if this is not the correct forum, but I was wondering what you think, or if you know about the advantages / disadvantages of grazing food as opposed to eating 3 or 4 set meals.

So, would 3 to 4 pieces of fruit spaced through the day with a lighter breakfast and lighter lunch be ok or is better to have a decent breakfast and 2 other meals through the day at work with a final meal at home and nothing in between, with perhaps the exception of coffee, water, etc ...

Any comments / suggestions welcome.



  • I think a sustainable pattern where you're getting in a variety of foods (especially veg & fruit) is what you're looking for. i like the advice from Nancy Clark (and many others) about front loading calories early in the day. You taper down your food intake as the day goes on. 

    Of course, there are so many factors - when you're exercising, what you're activity levels are like etc. you want to make sure you're adequately fuelling before and after a hard session. 
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    Thank you Christine. It all makes sense, I guess is whatever works for one person is different from another. I will have look at the link.

    Thanks again.

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