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  • That's a nice birthday surprise! Have the best day you can in the circs! (we are on standby waiting for the call - overdue, plus new head to trigger a visit ...)
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    I am doing a ''Mocksted" tomorrow for a school which is due . What larks .

    Happy birthday Podds .Here's hoping Mr P escaped the patio to give you a proper celebration. No more greyhounds this week?

    ((Sluggie)) Bit of a grim time

    Chuggy - hope you're having some fun in your alternative Boston week and that the op goes well.

    (((JFF and MC)))) is it getting any easier?

    Having been blinded by Pippi's halo you may not have noticed the extra glare from mine. I have only been and run again.  It's almost as if I am attempting another comeback. How very foolish.

    I did read back but forgot other stuff and it's a page back. So Yums, what's occurring? Is NYL still N, Y and L?

    Happy autumnal Monday. May the week bring you outstanding results!

  • oh podds good luck for the next few days, hope the stress doesn't get to everyone too much

    DL - I think 'mocksteads' can be worse than the real thing from a teacher's point of view but it does depend how it is all done and how staff are treated - some schools are better than others at this!

    I am still off work but aware that I need to go back soon. Youngest son broke a finger last week at school doing PE so lucky that I was around to take him to hospital. ANd the boiler broke so spend a ridiculous amount of time waiting for heating engineers to turn up! Hasn't helped my general mood and stress etc really but at least I was off work and able to wait around

  • Evening All

    We have survived - although people are wandering around not entirely sure where they are or even who they are........and of course the little loves having been unfledged angels for 48 hours of the Inspectors are now having spectacular break outs!

    And to add to the stress of it, we had 3 Inspectors and then 2 QAs who were assessing them in effect which made the Inspectors even more pernickity and pedantic than usual if that's possible

    Of course I can't yet tell you the outcome...............but we do live to fight another day :)
  • As you requested DL - another hound photo if not another hound!!

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Podds, I'm glad you live to fight another day - although not having to fight would make a nice change! Lovely photos of the houndies - the top one has a very worried expression.
  • That's my new baby who's scared of everything and spent the 7 months in kennels refusing to come out :)

    Of course that particular worried expression may be because he's been caught (yet again) liberating tomatoes from the plants......... :D:D 

  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Great tomato stealing guilty face! 

    Yay for surviving the big 'O'. I only ever do  the mock thing for schools who request and it's done gently! Have been through too many of the real thing to want to inflict it on anyone.

    I think we have a problem with the universe. There's a female Dr Who and I've been running again. Is it time to panic? I suppose we have Brexit and Trump to balance out all the crazy.

    Is it nearly Christmas?
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Christmas is cancelled this year DL!
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Good morning fellow WAISTers. ' leaves note on Podds, pippi and MC's desk'

    I've taken notes so here goes...

    When I read back I saw that sluggy had a great holiday but then things took some sad and worrying turns. You'd think you'd been away ages for all that to happen. I'm so sorry to hear about your blind friend, sluggy but thankfully you were able to be at the funeral which sounds as though it hit the right note and would have been comforting to loved ones. Poor TM! It sounds as though he has been hugely lucky to recover at all and now he is bionic.  I was really worried when you mentioned Sky was unwell but relieved to hear she's back to her old self. As for MS and his floaters... nobody likes floaters :-) 

    Good to hear that you've all been making the best of the alternative holiday, chuggy. The big wheel and music festival
    sound fab. Poor C3 with all that home buying stuff when he's feeling delicate. I'm not surprised you've not been running however I have put the halibert to one side to mature I case it's needed. 

    Pippi I clearly mistook your halo for the sun. My apologies. Well parkfunned. Your walks always sound fab especially the vastness of the view. i had no idea it was possible to see so much from one vantage point.i hope you didn't get your new red kinky boots too dirty on the walk.  It's always a concern when a new boss turns up and changes things but a relief when it is for the better as people often feel more positive. As for the violas in your flower bed. Will you be going for the full orchestra or just a string quartet? 

    Podds,  my notes say you've had open ewes. I'm guessing that's open eves. Some very long days and a trip to the big smoke. So good you could still be there for the hound fundraiser although I suspect you probably organised most of it.  The hound walk n talk with Stella and her mum and beach cafe sounds like the perfect antidote to too much work. I love the hound pics. It's so good that newbie ( I'm sorry to say I can't remember his name . Please remind me) is brave enough to steal tomatoes :-)

    MC I hope you're feeling better. It takes time to adjust to the new normal and it helps if work is a positive distraction but don't rush back until you feel that you're well enough to cope. Ouch to your son's  finger

    DL I am delighted to hear you keep having the urge  randomly run. If you find out what's causing it let me know as im sure we'd all like to try it.  What did you think of the new Dr Who?  Whats XFC up to these days?

    NYL is still young and nice thank you, DL. This weekend we pardeeyed at her friend's 40th ( yup she's that young) Sunday we went to a local nature reserve at a reservoir. They had guides ( not the girl guides variety) in hides which was fab. Saw lots of cormorants., herons, geese - Essex is big in the overwintering geese winter sun destinations and a hobby.  Ma is good. She's on a coach trip with her friends to Llandrindod Wells this week. Unfortunately its midweek so  no weekend off for me. And finally my two new sooper fantastic sofas have arrived.  First new sofa in over 20 years.  As for work.. ( laughs maniacally) no need to fret about EU Exit - it's largely being handled by over promoted people without the knowledge or skils. Im just keeping my head down and smiling wryly to myself :-)

  • hello lovelies

    I can't see Podds photos for some reason - I'll pop back in later to try again

    Yums things seem to have settled somewhat for you I hope Ma continues to join in with activities and doesn't give you too much concern, and so lovely to see you happy with your NYL :)

    DL has been running - how many comebacks is this now? :D

    I went for an interview for a secondment job last week and have just heard they want to see me again - hoorah! I have a new boss who has just started and is feeling rather overwhelmed so is not very keen on me leaving - but sadly that's the fault of the departing boss. I also had my grievance interview and I felt that I was believed and that my boss has some explaining to do. I said I wasn't expecting anything from it except perhaps some help to leave the contract! strangely I don't have any bad feelings towards old boss and I think he is just single minded and somewhat thoughtless. Taking a secondment could mean that I have no job in a year's time but I am at a stage where redundancy would not be a disaster so I'm very happy to take that risk :)

    Oh! and I ran Chester marathon in a smidge under 4:30 I had some issues with sciatic pain (I know what stretches I need to be doing but just don't) but it was a very consistent run with only a minor loss of pace in the last few miles - I call that a result!! :) 

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Hello JFF. well done for raising your grievance in the first place. It's good you feel they have listened and believed you. Sometimes all we want is someone to hear what we say. Good luck with the secondment. Thats a fab run at Chester marafun. You kept the race quiet!

    I am going to attempt to post a picture of my Kew 10k medal. Hold on to your hats...
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Yums, that is a beautiful medal! :) I'm glad that things are still going well with NYL and that your Ma seems to be settling into her new pad.

    Jenni, Yums is right that you did well to present our grievance and be heard. I hope the job works out as it should for you.

    We have to take Sky to the v e t for some dental work tomorrow. It would be fair to say that I am rather apprehensive (about catching and getting her into her basket rather than the procedure)!
  • hello Yums that is a fab medal! there's been a real improvement in medal quality over the last few years hasn't there, they just used to be plain and boring but there's some amazing ones now and I know lots of people who love their bling :)

    I'm logged on from home and can see the houndie photos - Podds I absolutely love them :D

    oh Sluggie good luck with the dreaded cat basket manouvre

    went for a second interview for the secondment positions this morning and I think it went well. I do think I would be dropping my new boss and my lovely colleagues in it if I get it - but it could be great experience so..... watch this space!

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Fingers crossed for you Jenni!

    Sky managed to damage Chris during the basket manouvre, then she went to ground in the gap between our bed and the bedside table. I managed to winkle her out without too much trauma and got her into the basket before she had much time to think about it. The dental went well, just a scale and polish this time, although there was a bit of anxiety as the pre-op bloods suggested diabetes. However, it seems this was just down to stress and further tests are clear :) Nevertheless, we are going to try gradually reducing Sky's steroid dose with a view to stopping completely if there are no ill effects. It would be fair to say I am a little anxious about the whole thing.
  • hi all

    yums - what a beautiful medal!

    JFF - fingers crossed for the job for you

    I went back to work on Weds but it didn't really go very well, had some not very nice emails from the head, no support really to settle back in, I was in tears about the whole thing, the union rep sat me down on Friday afternoon, said 'you aren't well, go home, go to the dr'. So I am signed off again. Going to try to get some counselling. The whole episode has really set me back and I feel just as was a month ago :(
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Mc, I'm sorry that you are feeling so rotten - and that you didn't get the support you should have from the head :(
  • What a good job you have an active and sensible union rep - and how awful that you are not getting the support you need and deserve from management. Take care. x

  • MC, wot Pippi said. You clearly really need both time and support, so your union rep was exactly right to get you out of there. I do hope you will find a good counsellor. They can be a real help at a time like this. Most of all, don't put yourself under any pressure. You are dealing with a lot of very tough stuff, and doing it well, so just make sure you get what YOU need. Sending you a big hug. xx

    JFF, you were brave and honest to go through the grieving procedure, and you certainly were very generous toward your former boss. The input may help them avoid losing more good people, who knows. Meantime I really hope this new b comes through. Even if it doesn't offer total security, at the moment you may be secure, but you are being ground down to the ground. Do let us know the outcome! And how wonderful to use 'I got 4:30 in the Chester marathon' as a throw-away line :-)))) Fab going, as usual. 

    Yums, your bird watching expedition sounds really wonderful. I used to love it when Larry would tell us about the birds she saw---I always had to look them up ;-) New sofas? Very posh! And don't they brighten things up! (We had our old ones recovered last year, too expensive to replace but still made a huge difference.) It must be good to see your mum doing things like going away with friends, and to know she still has her own life and enjoys it. I've often thought of you as Brexit lurches on; just hope that, whatever the outcome, it doesn't wind up landing on you like a ton of bricks. However, you DO have the most exotic medal I've ever seen: a purple skull, yet! Genius :-)

    Podds, those hounds are just so beautiful. That garden full of them all totally chilled out is the most wonderful illustration of how to live. I did wonder what the new laddie was doing with the thing that looked like a green tomato, though. I gather it WAS a green tomato, and he was eating it?!? 

    DL, this continued running is disconcerting. It's making me feel as if I ought to try it; I'm fighting that feeling, of course ;-) What is the former FC doing these days? 

    Sluggie, I did have to laugh at your account of getting Sky into her basket. Sounds familiar! But very good that she came through the dental work fine, and may even be able to reduce her meds. How are MS's eyes now? 

    All well here. C3 is healing tidily, still a bit low on energy but is really focused on Tuesday when he completes on his flat---he's so ready for his own place. Meanwhile he'll see the surgeon tomorrow for a check, and hopefully will be cleared to drive again. Sleep tight all xx
  • Parents evening ... can I just use this space to go aaaaaagh!!! The ones you want to see don't turn up (knew that already) and I've had one (forewarned, luckily) having a go at me for everything I have said in the past 18 months - including telling her daughter to go out to play one day last March, when it was cold ... 
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Well done for surviving parents' evening! I suppose you were also responsible for hurricane Michael??

    Chuggy, I hope C3's check-up went well and he is now allowed to drive again.

    MS has had no further problems with his vision, thankfully.

  • Slept in instead of parkrun. A bit disappointed as it's te first day of a new course, but I woke at an ungodly hour when Mr P got up and took ages to go back to sleep!
    pippette is somewhere in India or Nepaltravelling to Everest Base Camp! She is joining an organised trip there. She's independent but not THAT much! We are left to feed her cat and attempt to give her ear drops ... no way!I've never known a cat squirm quite so much!
    At least it's half term ...  :)
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Rather you than me Pippi! 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Good evening my lovelies.
    It's good to hear that Sky cat has sparkly gnashers. What exactly did she do to Emess, sluggy? The stories WAISTers tell of capturing cats, administering medication and unsolicited presents from them has always made me giggle.

    Good grief, pippi. What is wrong with some parents? You're a teacher, social worker and saint ! Go Pippette! What an amazing experience for her. Good luck with administering  the eardrops to Pippette cat!

    Good to hear C3 is healing well, chuggy. Has he been given the OK to drive? Fingers crossed the house purchase has gone through. A very exciting if painful time for him. 

    Any news on the secondment, Mrs Farfar?

    Sorry you're still feeling rubbish, MC. It's hard to believe that your head teacher could be so insensitive. Do they not understand that supporting someone is much more helpful than being officious. 

    Nothing exciting happening here. I finally have a new dishwasher which is a godsend. Anyone living with two men will understand.  Tomorrow NYL and myself are going batty. We're spending an evening leading about bats and meeting a rescue one :-) 

    Where is DL? Do you think she just kept running?JFF,  you're right, medal quality has dramatically improved. I'm embarrassed to say that I can be swayed by a decent bit of bling 😀

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Yums, I envy you the bat experience. We used to see them a lot when we first moved to the old house but not so much these days. I hope you have many happy years with the new dishwasher (I'm guessing you don't mean a NYL?? >:) ).

    Sky inflicted a good scratch on MS when we were trying to get her into the basket - probably worse because her claws needed cutting (which the vet did when they had her under sedation for the teefs).

    Today we met up with a couple of ladies I chat with on the dementia forum. It was a glorious day and we spent a few companionable hours on the prom. One of the ladies brought her Bichon Frise with her, he was very sweet.

  • morning all

    (((big hugs to MC))) how disappointing that you didn't get the support from the head - poor show!

    oh Yums I understand - a dishwasher is a necessity!

    well in theory I have been offered a 9 month secondment - I've said yes but that was a few days ago and not had further details. this is great news I think but not saying too much till its firmed up

    The whole situation with old boss is really playing on my mind - there is more to the situation than I brought up in my grievance. my suspicion was that the role was created on the request of the "customer" - whose wife works in our organization and is pals with the lady who got the job  - I've done a bit of digging and heard this suggested from 2 different sources also. I am considering waiting til my new role is agreed and then putting something in writing to boss's boss. If only to point out the hypocrisy of the situation with all the "anti corruption" and being "employer of choice" nonsense, but also because I am putting myself in a precarious position taking a 9 month secondment and I may need to cover myself for the future. - Any thoughts lovely WAISters or should I just "let it go"? Also boss has left the contract - not a word to me on the situation or a goodbye to anyone including his own team!!! quite shocking really

  • Also I can't believe Pippi sends poor little children to play outside in the cold - disgraceful!

  • hi all

    JFF - gosh what a situation at work, I have no advice I am afraid

    pippi - parents evenings can be the pits!

    so at the moment I am wondering whether I should just hand my notice in to leave at xmas - I haven't been happy there for a long time and this is feeling like the last straw really. I am worried that if I try to stick it out till next summer they are just going to make life difficult, particularly as they won't have liked the fact that I have got the union involved. The deadline to resign for a december leaving date is 31 October so I haven't got long to think about it
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Mc, do what is right for you, you certainly don't owe the Head anything!
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