Running on uneven ground, any shoe suggestions to prevent spraining?

Hello runners, I'm looking for some advice regarding shoes. I'll be running with dozens of horses on uneven underground for four days straight (like this: Because all my concentration will be with the horses, I won't be able to see where I'm walking, and it could be slippery. What would you guys recommend I wear on my feet? Any specific shoes y'all think I should wear? I've done it before, obviously, but that's only 3 or 4 laps.



  • I should think a good pair of trail shoes would be fine, but which brand suits you would be up to you to find out (the Nike Wildhorse seems appropriate :lol: - but I'd really suggest going to a running shop and trying on some to find out which you like).
  • Interested in this thread. I find my ankles seem to turn real easily. Are karrimor any good?
  • How about a ankle bandage/strap under your socks?  I tend to go over on mine a lot too as I only trail run. Ref shoes I know Altra do a boot version of the Lone Peak shoe that I use.
  • I tun my right ankle quite easily, however found that the Salomon XA PRO 3D are low to the ground and have a wide sole at the heel area and I felt nice and grounded. Otherwise maybe a running boot?
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