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    Plenty of scope for improvement then, i was over 40 when i ran my first marathon. When me and selbs went for a shower (ooh err!), there was a young lad buzzing cos he had run a similar time to you. Grear to see.
  • That could have been me to be honest. Did go for a shower after the race. Thought Abingdon was a great event and I'll definitely do it again .
  • WTG - I am a carb monster, couldn't live without them and don't do well on lots of fat but I seem well adapted to fat burning. I eat my usual breakfast before LSRs (about 300 cals of oats and porridge and almond milk usually) but don't fuel at all during them. I don't carb deplete but I do cut down on fit and veg in the three days before a marathon and my favourite part of running them is carb loading which I do for two days (though in reality I probably don't eat that much more, just different). Race day I have a big breakfast (as before a LSR but much more) and I take one or two gels during.

    sj - you need the instant porridge pots!

    Just a youngster then Stevie - loads more to come.

    Don't go doing yourself damage TR.

    Hope you recover in time to enjoy Snowdon Jooligan.

    Abo was still a good hard training run Dan - hopefully stand you in good stead in a few weeks.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TR not sure you can run sub3 at 50? You sound like a certain floppy fckn Labrador formerly of this parish. Ask Mr Boat to Sanj about that notion. One sub optimal outcome doesn't make you a fun runner!

    As you were.
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    Agreed, i said that i think i can still cut it, not that i think i cant. Sanj is still doing it at 55, although he does weigh about 7 stone.
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    WTGY.. two things they changed in the GFA procedure; the qualifying time for 2019 for example must have been achieved between 1st Jan 2017 and 10th Aug 2018. You also have to be, say, V50 when you achieve the time if you are applying for a V50 place on race day.  i.e.  you can no longer run a V50 qualifying time when you are 48/49.
    Tick Tock.. genuinely chuffed for you after last year's near miss, reasonable splits those too.
    Dan.. that's a damn fine effort without a proper taper.  Should give you a good training boost for Valencia.
    Jooligan.. you deserved better than that after your training block of late.  The GFA is a decent reward though.
    OO.. nice miles there & good to hear the legs are fresh again, 6 weeks to Malaga?
    Nutrition wise I've had a couple of bouts of low blood sugar after marathons - this results in red vision, fainting and sometimes sickness.  Usually a delayed reaction - happens 1-2 hours after the race. The best stuff for it is 'proper' sugary coke - I always have a litre of this in my post race bag to sip after the race to hopefully keep it at bay.
  • Bit of a late report on my blog if anyone wants an extended review of my Abo race. Breakdown of the race etc and final thoughts on this campaign.
  • Nice blog SJ very even split. How did the HR compare to the spring marathon? 

    Ah Thanks Wardi I'll be shooting for a V40 at 40  :|

    LMH Ive never really fuelled before long runs, I think mainly because given the choice of extra half hour in bed or food, bed tended to win. That said with todays runs Ive had to consider what I eat before the return leg! 

    TR hows the X-Training aches today?

    Working in some town centre offices today, so 9 mile run commute this morning, 7.20s suggest the breeze won't be favourable for the return leg  :o
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    WTG - i got away with the building work doms, the rest of me feels better than i remember it used to feel, surprisingly.

    SJ - its great that you gave sub3 a crack and bagged it, you executed a great campaign and race. If i had time pre race maybe i should have found you and run with you, having said that i was with TT and Dan after a mile and eased away from them. I guess i paced it for how fit i was when i last ran a mara. Maybe I'll have to remember that for brighton........anyway, the main thing is that we both seem motivated to keep going and run a bit quicker than we did sunday. I ran 2.55 at vlm in 2009 and 2010, so my 3.01 isnt miles away, although (as pointed out to crab) i still think i can go sub 3 again. The sad thing is i have to wait 6 months to try again, and even then Brighton is a risky race weatherwise.

    A bit less cross training today, got some uni visits this week, plann to run again at the weekend.
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    WTG - what races do you have in next 6 months to see where you are fitness wise?
  • Good report of a superbly executed race SJ.
    Still not made it home yet so not uploaded the Garmin to review my race data.
    See I beat Dan though even if it was only by 40s & after a far lighter week.
    Legs are coming back so might try a gentle jog later.
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    Talking about V50s, there's a local guy that I am usually very close to in races who just ran a HM PB of 71:59 - he's been a V50 since 2015 too, so must be 53 give-or-take. Gives me a bit of hope that I can maintain some level of fitness for a while yet!

    SJ - nice write-up, sounds like you executed it perfectly.

    Dan - that's a nice training run, not surprised you were struggling a bit towards the end given the rest of the week's training!

    I'm a carb monster too - have a large portion of rice, pasta or potatoes every evening and various other carbs throughout the day. I do sometimes run in the morning without any breakfast though.

    No training yesterday (except press-ups, obviously) - fancied a day off after two hardish days in a row and want to be fresh for Sunday.

  • TR thats good then. I don't think I'll be able to find anything out by pinning a number on until end of January, there is a 10miler I'd like to have a crack at. Got an undulating off road nearly full marathon distance early in December but using it as training run. 

    Its like rewinding the clock 10 years to when I was shooting for sub 3 at stratford wondering if it was on or not? I remember doing that 10 mile race and I think 63:45 indicated sub 3 was within reach. Then I think I did another 10 miler about similar, then a 20 miler which was at sub 3 pace, but slightly outside the running predictor!
  • Jooligan said:
    Still not made it home yet 
    Thats my kind of post race celebrating! Good work Jooligan
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    wtgy - things got in the way so I never made xc at the weekend. I shall report back after this weekend's one (which is both around the corner from me and hosted by my club so I should make that one!). It's still pretty dry down here though so you possibly would get away with flats. 
    I'm a bit like LMH in that I eat a lot of carbs (though from recording recently on MyFitnessPal it appears I eat less than I assumed) but seem to be well adapted to fat burning nonetheless. I never used to fuel before long runs but I now tend to have a normal breakfast (either porridge, or bacon, eggs and bread, but on race day just PSP22, and no fuel mid race) and do them at lunchtime - I do mine on Mondays whilst working from home, so this means I do them the same time, irrespective of whether or not I've had the kids in the morning (I've found I thrive on routine).

    Dan  - hopefully that will set you up nicely for Valencia.

    Nice write up sj.

    A split long run for me yesterday. Last week my 'long' run was 20km steady (4:11/km). Yesterday it was 22km working from moderate to steady (average 4:41/km), topped up with 7km a few hours later working from steady to around current MP (average 3:56/km), so a 29km day overall with the vast majority of it off-road. Slowly heading back in the right direction.
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    Jooligan - were you the runner with long hair / headband?  I was dawdling along in the final couple of miles and I think you caught up with me at the 25 mile marker (white vest & hat).  It was the only point in the last few miles where I made any sort of effort and I vaguely recall we were together for a couple of minutes.  Then I gave up at the final roundabout and jogged the rest!!
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    WTGY.. if you fancy it Snake Lane 10 online entries open this Saturday at 11am.  This one sells out the same day too!
    TT.. good progress, have you got any future major race plans or are you deciding as the fitness comes back?
    SJ.. enjoyed reading that, sounds like you controlled it well.
    Easing back to it here, legs feel about 90% recovered and my skin has finally dried out.  :)
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    WTG - similar here then, i have the portsmouth coastal run (mara version) as a pre Christmas training race.

    Jooligan - myself and selbs had a quick chat with a tall dude, with long hair and headband as wandered round to sit in the sun with our beers post race?
  • I can run up to 10 miles quite comfortably having not eaten beforehand but I don't choose to do that - I like my food! I need an hour between eating and running (two before racing) but as I usually have breakfast and then walk the dog before I get out for my run it fits in well.

    Nice blog sj.

    I don't see any reason you can't sub 3 again TR. I'm still aiming for the sub 2.55 and I'm older than you  :)

    When is Snake Lane Wardi? Is that fast and flat? What's next for you race wise?

    Sounds as though recovery is going well Jooligan.

    Are you having another big week this week Dan?

    Good to hear that things are coming back TT - have you had your gastro appointment yet?

    Are you in with a chance of the win on Sunday Padams?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    LMH - agreed, better pacing/nutrition focus on the day,  more long runs and ill hopefully get back there. It was only 9 weeks ago i struggled round IOW 1/2. If i did your sort of typical week and mileage it would help. Only 5 20s wasnt enough, but i was still struggling with hammy issues in July, so only got going again properly in August.
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    Blue headband, long hair & pale green vest was indeed me TR/Dan.
    I recall passing you Dan: you rallied briefly to come back round me then slowed again.
    Drinking bottles of lager TR? I asked if the results had been posted up anywhere yet & you pointed me in the right direction IIRC. 
    Home now so had a chance to look at the data. HR was generally low 150s, averaged 151 & never even touched 160 which is very low for me judging from previous marathons but in line with where I was in February when I did a 1:28:05 HM as a MP effort during a 20M run a week after my 1:24:27 PB at Wokingham (average HR 162)
    Decided against a run today as figure another day's rest would be more beneficial + I've done loads of driving. I'll get out tomorrow :)
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    LMH.. Snake Lane is flat apart from two gentle climbs between 7 & 9 Miles - I've run my quickest 3 times there.  Apart from the Edwinstowe Xmas trail race and a smattering of Park Runs I've no major races this side of New Year.  Club 5m race early Jan then Brass Monkey a week later, Snake will be 2 weeks before the Barca marathon which I intend to do.  VLM is 7 weeks after that.
    Jooligan.. I only ran twice last week very easy (4+5m) if only to compensate for the large portions of fish, ice cream & beers on my hols.  I have stepped it up a bit this week but the legs aren't entirely happy yet.  7m with the club tonight was almost comfy. ;)  
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    Jooligan - yes we had some bottles of beer, and were off for a sit in the sun. Shame we didnt realise it was you.
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    wtgy - HR in April was 161 average but last few miles were mid 160's and obviously for 25+ seconds per mile slower than Sunday. 

    TR - yeah shame I never got to share a beer after and run with you during race for more than a few seconds - would have been great after all these years - another time for sure. No problem going sub 3 again, you got within ~1/4 mile of it on Sunday and with those missing ingredients in the mixing bowl you'll be back there, hopefully in Brighton.

    TT - nicely heading back in the right direction as you say. Interesting now that I can relate to your splits having listened to nothing but Inside Running pod on my driving commutes. Those Aussies bash out some paces (all in km's of course)

    DanA - a great 'training' run to end you monster training week. Mad that we all kinda stumbled into one another out on the course but didn't realise it. I thought I spotted TR three times, navy vest, pass, glance at number, nope!

    Wardi - nicely easing back into it. Looking to do similar at this end.

    LMH - thinking about it - I usually run my LSR on a Sunday morning fasted. However, the last couple of long runs in this campaign I was getting up early and eating something as I knew I wanted to pick the pace up - similar to how you run your LSR.

    Jooligan - so from the HR data you were not running at MP effort? Possibly due to the legs not playing fair and thus not able to hit that effort level?

    Legs feeling better today and stairs starting to feel almost normal again. Swollen toe next to big toe seems to be settling - was the only thing sore after Sunday. Will rest until the weekend at least. Bought a photo from official photographer as its the only one I've ever seen of me with both feet off the ground - usually look like I'm not running. 
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    Wardi - I'm planning on a few low key xc races across the winter just to get used to hurting myself and learn racing craft/tactics again (I'll be so far off where I should be for a while that I'll get plenty of practice at both). Next year I've got a freebie in 2 x HM, 1 x Mara (Manchester) - benefit of being a vet and having run a decent time in Valencia last November I guess, and am planning on doing London 3 weeks after Manchester. Glad to hear you've recovered well!

    LMH - I've had some initial appointments, yes. Some exploratory stuff booked in for 2 weeks time, plus some other tests due soon too. Thanks for asking. I have moments where I feel like it's under control and then I have days like today where I was shattered and went from a planned easy double to just 1 x 8km run (though I did move through the gears a little on it). The overall progress is positive though so I just need to stay focused on that.

    sj - lol. It sounds like it makes more sense to you than to me (though that was kind of the idea for the switch). Sounds like you've come out of Sunday in good shape!
  • Thanks SJ about the HR. I think I used to think anything under 165 in a marathon was a bonus and would average out high 160s. 

    I'm curious as to what my current running is pointing to. 

    Turns out it wasn't a back wind this morning, 9.3 @ 7.16s on the home leg. HR avg 156

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    SJ - yes, we'll have a beer another day. I'll be back to sub3, the motivation has been stoked. After a low mileage june and july due to my flakey hammy, it was only 9 weeks ago that i couldnt break 90mins at IoW. Enough strength to avoid cramps is the winter plan. Tick Tock said i was sweating a bit, my finish line photo looks like id been hosed down, and i didnt drink much as i thought it was going to be about 12 degrees during the race. I made a few school boy pacing and nutrition mistakes, as i thought i had it in the bag at 1/2 way. Marathons are an infuriating challenge, i guess thats why they are the biggest test, and why folks keep doing them. My best performances are apparantly at much shorter distance but they dont contain the same infuriating challenge.
  • Good photo of us + 2 others on Lap 1 with both my feet & yours airborne SJ.

    My HR was about right for MP effort SJ (though dipped a bit towards the end as the pace slowed) as I began to train to HR last November after a disappointing XC a week after Snowdonia. Dropped my average training pace by about 45s a mile but saw my race times improve. Scored PBs over 5M (twice), parkrun, 10M, HM & 20M in the VLM build-up. HR for HMP & MP dropped by about 10-15 bpm over 4 months then the HRM broke & I started to run faster in training more often whilst doing 80-90 mile a week thus becoming fatigued. Going to go back to it properly after Saturday.
    I was also drenched in sweat from at least halfway TR.

  • You need to update your avatar jooligan you look about 20 years younger in the real life pics!
    i was also going to say you need some new gloves but you seem to have noticed the thumb hole by the 2nd pic and have ditched them
  • Ahh Jooligan - Know both of those geezers behind you on the track - Andy from LBAC and Gez from our training group in Luton. Small world. Lee Murphy must have been close too. Small world...
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