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  • Morning all,

    Bright and sunny, but bitterly cold. I started sneezing this morning, so hope that I'm not getting a cold. It must be 2 years or so since I last had one.
  • Afternoon to one and all. What a change to the weather ! Sun bathing first few days of this week, now have the log fire going and it's pouring with rain. No race tomorrow but will support some friends running it. Might go and watch a local football match in the afternoon if it is dry. Much prefer rugby mind you or a walk with the local walking club.
  • Hope you’re not coming down with a cold too HS. :/ (I’m assuming you’re not running today?)
    I agree Moks, there really has been a change in the weather. We woke up to snow this morning. (The BBC Breakfast weather person showed a photo sent in by someone from our village this morning). Fortunately the snow only lasted until mid morning and it seems to be melting now, hopefully it will all go before freezing temperatures kick in tonight.
    I’m watching the Super League Triathlon on BBC Online at the moment, an unusual format but very entertaining. 
  • I'm grounded!  Was going to have my annual flu jab but thought better of it since going down with my annual cold!  My wonderful partner had to run on her own today 
    Aquarius; Can't really think of any tips to keep you going. The main thing is consistency and I'm lucky in that respect by having a partner who's as motivated as me. When racing I stretched every day and used a 'Stick' to roll out main leg muscles after each run, but I rarely bother now. Maybe my system has got used to things after 32 years and over 40,000:miles? Apart from a little stiffness now and again I haven't suffered any injuries in the past few years.
    Glad you still enjoy my Blog.
    Happy running everyone...
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
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    Morning all,

    A wet 3 mile recovery run done to stretch out my Beachy Head legs.  Yesterday was the most glorious weather with only a bit of wind.  I enjoyed every step except for the start which was much more congested than usual with too many walkers starting near the front which resulted in not being able to start running until 1.5 miles when there was a decent space to pass people.  You start by scrambling up a steep hill then turning onto a narrow, rutted track and it's really difficult to get past anyone early on as the track is so narrow so I just had to squeeze past people whenever possible but then there were hold-ups at the road-crossings etc etc!  Fabulous views and I managed not to take too many photos.....Finish time was around 6.5 hours (forgot to stop my Garmin!).  We were re-routed because of a huge crack in one of the 7 sisters yet still there were tourists posing for photos right on the edge of the cliffs!  You can see the crack in the jpg attached.

  • WtnMel: Good grief. When I opened the picture of those shoes I sort of leapt back. Distinctive or what? I thought my pink ones were rather garish.

    Red: I can't look at that view without thinking of Mr Exhausted charging down the slope to keep his balance then raising his arms helplessly to abandon himself to his tumbling fate. Well done on such a good time. I've heard it's very tough. I think you should have a good lie down today. 

    Aquarius. Commiserations on your slow recovery. Mine is equally slow and I don't feel much better now today than two weeks ago when I first became ill. I had quite an active day yesterday walking, shopping, evensong, museums etc. When we were walking along the coast Mr Exhausted remarked that someone had overtaken us. He said I must be ill as normally no-one ever walks faster than me and he's always puffing to keep up with me. I hope that I feel better soon as it's all getting rather tedious.

    Fingers crossed HS that you don't have a cold. After your fight back to fitness it would be most unjust.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Oh Exhausted, apologies to MrE as I got mixed up and thought it was MrAquarius who did the rolpoly!  You need a pick-me-up to get you back on track - a glass of nice wine should do it ;-)
  • Afternoon all,

    Thanks everyone for your hopes that I wasn't catching a cold. Fingers crossed, It seems to have "gone away!" I didn't run yesterday.

    Aquarius, thankfully, no snow here in the south yet. Hope your cold is getting better!

    Red, very well done for your Beachy Head Marathon time. I believe that you said once that it was one of your favourites. That crack in the ground looks really dangerous.  There are always idiots that stand right up to such hazards, and these days even take selfies. I've read that several people have fallen to their deaths taking selfies on the edge of cliffs, etc.

    Exhausted, I do hope your cold soon shifts, it seems to be hanging on.
    It was bitterly cold this morning, with an icy cold wind. I ran 8.3 miles in the forest with Alice, over a very tough hilly and twisting and turning route. Nothing like Red's mountainous run of course. Our average pace was 10.19. The last .3 mile was 8.26 minute miling pace, so we must have had something left "in the tank!"
    I had a notification on my Google News App early this morning that 6 runners in separate incidents in the Auckland Marathon became ill, and had to be taken to hospital. It's no longer on the app as I think the race was yesterday, and so has been overtaken by more up to date news.

  • I've just googled the Auckland Marathon and there is more information there. 
  • Morning all,

    Another very cold but sunny morning. Today is a rest day, and I've been into the village for an early morning haircut. My hairdresser is another runner, so we always chat about training, etc. She runs for another club, which is holding the "Stinger" race the same day as the Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon. Unfortunately, I can't do them both :/
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Aquarius - it will be a nice unexpected side-effect if the new trainers DO make me run faster :)

    Red - I might still get lost wearing the new shoes .. but I ought to be easy to spot! Re the tourists viewing the crack at Beachy Head close-up, I'd have no sympathy if anything happened. The IQ of the rest of the population would rise as a result but at least they would live on for posterity on the Darwin Awards website.

    HS - these days I count anything except sitting down as cross-training. Had a bit of a back-slide re the golf on Friday when I had a 'meltdown' on the 4th. I fought back and will carry on trying to improve. Mrs Wm is talking about helping me buy some new clubs for xmas (the current one date from the early 90's and are 'okay at best' according to the professional I had lessons with). I see the sneezing didn't develop into anything .. that's good. I also see you've had a haircut .. Mrs Wm is always amazed when I return from having mine cut about 30 mins after I left the house (she can write off a morning or afternoon having hers done).

    Mok - I don't follow football at all but these days I enjoy watching the rugby union (for some reason rugby league doesn't have the same appeal).

    Exhausted - I'm quietly pleased the shoes are so garish .. I do like to be a bit different and not always go for boring colours (probably the reason I have some bright red tops as well).

    Went out yesterday morning and 'christened' those new shoes with a 4ml run around town. I felt like I was bouncing along compared to the old ones so just goes to show how much the cushioning had deteriorated. I'll probably go out again tomorrow and on Thu but I'll miss Thu's club run as I have a dentists' appointment.

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Stopped by but I see no-one else has been here yet .. 

    Just to say I've been out and done another 4ml run in my new shoes. Its over 3 years since we moved house so I should know my way around town. But when I was logging my run on Strava, I saw the route a runner I passed a couple of times had used and have 'discovered' some new bits of road I can add to my usual route.
  • WtnMel: I think when women go to have their hair cut there's a bit of a day out always attached. After a bit of pampering you want the pampering to go on, so you go and do a bit of shopping, maybe have coffee, and stuff. I generally combine my haircuts with a long walk and a bit of birdwatching as my hairdresser is down near the Exe. It's good that your neighbourhood is being treated to the sight of your flashy new shoes. 

    My putative running comeback remains on hold - partly because I still feel so rough, but partly because we're having some major garden works done and I feel I should be here in case there are questions and issues. I've just walked up and was surprised at how my plans have been interpreted but it was such a mess before that they can't make it look any worse. We are the proud (temporary) owners of a chemical toilet. The sight of it gives me hideous traumatic flashbacks of marathons!

    We are having some chilly but beautiful golden weather. Tomorrow it all changes, apparently. 
  • Is the chemical toilet for you or your workmen Exhausted? I suppose on the plus side you (they?) won’t have to queue to use it, and there should be plenty of toilet paper left (unlike the usual race day experience). Sorry to hear you’re still feeling rough.

    Well done for venturing out in daylight with those new trainers WtnMel - it’s to be hoped you didn’t come across anyone of a nervous disposition. :p:D

    I was so sick of coughing and feeling worn out that I went to the doctor’s today and got some antibiotics. I also got some strange advice (at least I thought it was strange) I was told that the old advice of taking it easy when you are unwell has been changed, and the new advice is to be as active as you can (within reason) and not to sit about. Apparently the idea is that by being active the body will be encouraged to fight off the illness. Has anyone else been told that?

    Hope you didn’t go down with a cold HS, and hope Running Fox’s cold is improving.
  • ColumbaColumba ✭✭✭
    If it changes to "warmer" I shan't be sorry.
    Red - I'm surprised the Beachy walkers set off at the same time as the runners. There's a 7-mile (approx) "race" not far from here, open to runners, walkers, horse-riders and cyclists. The walkers set off a full hour before anyone else, and runners go before horses, and horse riders are not allowed to overtake runners until they reach a bit of wide open moorland a couple of miles into the race. As a walker you can get quite a long way before the runners/cyclists/horses start overtaking you.
    Wonderful shoes, WtnMel!
    Hoping that cold clears up very soon, Aquarius.
    Monday of last week - when it was both warm and sunny - I had a wonderful walk, the first few miles of Glyndwr's Way. I'd like to do it all, eventually, but some bits will take carful planning as it takes you to and through places where there is no public transport, and minimal opportunities to get food. Tuesday I went to the spin bike class, Friday and Sunday I did a bit of running, and in between times there was gardening. 
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Exhausted - I think when my partner Margaret goes to have her hair cut it really does take them hours to do it. If she went shopping and had coffee as well I'd be having to send out a search party. Hope those garden works are worth it in the end.

    Aquarius - no-one who has witnessed the new trainers has run away screaming yet. Hope those antibiotics do the trick. I've not heard of keeping active helping to fight illness .. I mean, you don't always feel like being active do you? Though I understand the old advice of resting a bad back has been superseded by advice to try and keep mobile.

    Columba - glad you like the trainers too ;) Factoring in the accommodation etc. was the biggest challenge when we walked the Ridgeway & Thames Path .. the walking bit was the easiest.

    Been to the dentist this morning. He's very keen on regular cleaning between teeth using dental brushes. He was telling me that there is mounting evidence that bleeding from the gums coupled with bacteria in the mouth (from food stuck between them) can lead to all sorts of other diseases - who knew.

    I've a pair of Nike Air trainers but have never been 100% happy with them as they have no ventilation. I've treated myself to a new pair of Saucony running shoes which I'm going to use as 'normal' trainers instead of the Nike Air ones. These new shoes are a much less garish than those other new shoes and hopefully will be more comfortable too.

    I've also been out and done a 5ml run this morning. I was pleased with myself because (a) 5mls is better than 4mls (b) I didn't have to stop and walk at any time (c) I didn't slow noticeably towards the end of the run.

  • Afternoon all,

    Thought I'd posted on Tuesday but must have dreamt it, sorry!  Just ticking over here and toying with the idea of a local 10k on Sunday just for a change - it's nice and hilly of course and would make a lovely training run with a jog there and back. It's 6.5 miles to the village and last year I jogged around for an extra 2.5 miles before the start to make it up to 10 miles, ran the 10k then jogged home which made it a nice 21.6 mile training run.

    Exhausted, I'll need some of your speediness please for VLM next year as I've just made the decision to go for a pb (gulp!) 'cos it will be last London marathon.

    Columba, is that ManvHorse?  Apparently the walkers used to set from a different place so that they didn't make the start so congested.  All the walkers I spoke to said they'd prefrred it 'cos they knew they were holding everyone up!  I like the sound of your walk and glad to see you're still as active x

    WtnMel, well done on your extra mile today.
  • Flagged and reported!
  • Red, I've reported it too, but it won't make any difference. These spammers seem to be able to post at will. Hope you enjoy your 10k race on Sunday, which could end up as 33k!

    I haven't posted since Monday, a slap on the wrist is in order.

    WtnMel, glad to hear that you are running well in your new trainers. It certainly makes a big difference when wearing new ones. I suppose we get used to the old ones gradually loosing their cushioning. It's a bit like car brakes losing their efficiency. When I went for a test drive in my new car, the first time I braked, I nearly sent the salesman thorough the windscreen. I had got used to pressing the brake pedal hard on my own car, and the Volkswagon Up only needed the lightest touch.
    I knew about the importance of cleaning between the teeth to avoid bleeding and bacteria going down the throat. I use the little interdental brushes, which I find are more efficient than flossing.
    Well done for the extra mile, they all count.

    Exhausted, when I was a teenager, we used to have a shampoo and blow dry when we went for a haircut. Seventeen shillings and sixpence, which was a lot when pay was around £5 per week, which had to pay for a season ticket and housekeeping to Mum. I was a Mod, so it was very important to have the "College Boy Cut." Todays haircuts are simply that, more or less, short back and sides and nothing on top.
    Sorry to hear that you are still feeling rough, and hope it won't be long before you are feeling better again.
    The portaloos at races are horrible, but some races have urinals for men, which helps reduce queues and the need to use them.

    Aquarius, sorry to hear that you too are still feeling rough.  I think that I am keeping my cold at bay, although still having the occasional "powerful sneeze." I read recently, probably in the RW magazine that it was beneficial to run on a knee injury. I'm not sure that I agree with that, having suffered for over a year with mine.

    Columba, how are you getting on with your spin classes? I'm still going twice a week most weeks, which I'm sure has helped me to maintain a good level of fitness during the months when I was doing little more than walk/jog.

    I did a 5.1 mile fartlek workout on roads on Tuesday, my first attempt at speed work since last year.  I went to spin class on Wednesday and we had another fitness test. This concluded with three sets of hill sprints for 7 minutes, with three minutes recovery between each. I have managed to achieve 100 rpm for the sprints on the flat. Really enjoying the  sessions and wishing I had the confidence to cycle on the roads.
    Ran 5.5 miles on roads this morning with Giuliana at an easy pace. Will take Friday and Saturday as rest days, in readiness for Sundays Oakhaven Forest Half Marathon. I will aim for 2 hours 5 minutes, but it is unlikely as it is multi terrain. I ran it in 1.51 last year, but that was before my injury and was in March.
  •  Hillstrider , training going well then just in time for some xcountry races 

    Aquarius , Get well soon 

    Money machine, Feck off ,

    WtnMel Same with me ref  Rugby union v league 

    Exhausted, I keep wood chippings when I use the chainsaw for a friend , who uses it in his natural toilet, he then uses it as a fertiliser for his plants .

  • Morning all,

    Even colder this morning and frost on the grass.

    Moks, my training and pace have improved since I did the Salisbury 54321 21k, in August, where I puffed and blew all the way round. That was my first race for over a year, so I was obviously race rusty.

    Going for dinner this evening in the Italian Restaurant with Alice and Chris.
  • Morning all, what a glorious day!  Off to play in the garden......oh and Beckley 10k booked for Sunday.

    Have a lovely meal this evening TE xxx

    HOpe you all have a wonderful weekend too :smiley:
  • Redhead , Bon courage pour votre 10K 
    For me a half marathon " just love half maras " St Paul de Leon to Morlaix, on Sunday afternoon, then a bottle of wine afterwards.

    Hillstrider , hope the meal was nice .

  • Columba: Good to see that you're still spinning, running and walking. We keep meaning to build in some time for walking in Wales. A few years ago I watched a documentary about The Black Mountains and I still haven't been there to visit and walk. 

    HS: Nice that you've got another social event tonight.

    Red: No tips to pass on about VLM that you don't already know. You'll easily get a PB. Good luck in your 10k. A bit of a sprint eh?

    I'm up and at it again and went for a lovely long walk yesterday at searing pace. The garden works are taking shape. I'm off to make the cuppas. Teas. One with, one without. 

    I've kept out of the way by playing the piano. Today I had a go at Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique, all the way through. I devised a whole new interpretation that has eluded all of the brilliant musical exponents of this piece, so far. I played it 50 times slower than they do, with a few wrong notes thrown in. It was - truly Pathetic. 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all,

    Flagged & reported the spammer - not that the idiots at RW forums ever take any notice or do anything!!

    HS - re the new trainers, it's true you lose the cushioning so slowly, it isn't noticeable. Your mention of shampoo & blow dry as a teenager set me remembering. When I was a teen I left behind the local 'short back & sides' place and went to a more modern salon. They gave you coffee, had "men's" magazines to read and young ladies shampooing your hair. Well done re your spin class fitness test result and your fartlek/easy runs.

    Mok - glad it's not just me re rugby union vs. rugby league.

    Don't seem to have done much this morning except go hunting for the receipt/warranty for my Dell laptop. This was due to PC World writing trying to 'entice' me to sign up for another year's warranty (as the manufacturer's one is allegedly running out). I'm pretty sure I did sign up to an extended warranty with Dell themselves but I'm buggered if I can find the evidence!

    Off to see my son tomorrow so my next run (LSR) will be on Sunday and I'm hoping I can add a bit more distance again.
  • I’m still not running, but went for a walk yesterday and again today. Also did some strength training today, which I managed surprisingly well. I hope this means the antibiotics are starting to work. We’re both going for our flu jabs tomorrow, Steve has had them for the last few years but this will be my first. I was a bit concerned about having it while taking antibiotics but the advice on the NHS website says it’s fine to do so. 
    I see lots of you have some running planned for this weekend, either in the way of training or actual races. Good luck to you all, I’ll be looking forward as ever to your race reports. I’m hopeful of venturing out for a short walk/jog session tomorrow depending on the weather. I have to go over to the club on Tuesday to drop off raffle donations, buy raffle tickets, pay my XC fees, sign up for the XC championship race and, most importantly, pay for our club Christmas dinner tickets. I’m also hoping that I will be recovered enough to take part in training while there as I feel I’m getting very unfit and there’s a Grand Prix 5k and a XC coming up in the next couple of weeks. 
    HS It was frosty here too this morning, but nice to see the sun even though there was no heat in it. I hope you enjoy your meal this evening. 
    Glad to hear you are on the mend Exhausted (and I’m sure your piano playing was anything but pathetic!)
  • Hurray! I’ve been out for a run at last. Well, ok it was only just over a mile, and the first half was walk/jog, but as I was still coughing a bit I wanted to take it easy and just see how I was doing. Fortunately my legs were better than I expected, and (considering my hanging-on cold) my breathing was good, I had thought I’d be a bit out of breath due to lost fitness, but luckily I wasn't.  Although it was just a short outing I enjoyed every second, and will try again tomorrow. 
    Went for my flu jab this morning but as I am still taking antibiotics (they finish tomorrow) they suggested I leave it a week or so and go back then. 
  • Aquarius: That's great that you managed a run. Well done. I don't think we lose fitness over a short break. In some ways I think a bit of a break gives muscles a bit of time to recover (as well as enthusiasm). I can assure you that my attempt at Sonata Pathetique was truly bad!

    WtnMel: I also got a strange e-mail about my Hewlett Packard concerning an expired warranty. I had a few seconds of confusion, self-recrimination and indignation, then ignored it

    We did a new walk this morning. Odd, considering we've lived here nearly 9 years that we've never been to this spot. As we walked along we heard screams of panic, then a pony hoved into view cantering down a slope with a young girl on top. The girl was thrown off, thankfully, into a patch of bracken and ferns. She seemed to be OK and more worried about her dented pride. We eventually caught up with the pony and off they both went. It gave me the shivers thinking how it could have been so much worse.

    Mr Exhausted recounted a story of being on a university Out Of Doors Society walk and hoping to impress a new girlfriend. His opportunity came when a little girl came careering along the lane on an out-of-control pony. "Stop that horse!" said Mr Exhausted's girlfriend. Mr Exhausted obliged by launching himself round the pony's back legs in a rugby tackle. The pony was, understandably, stunned to a halt by this novel method of intervention and the little girl was saved. Girlfriend was not impressed however and berated Mr Exhausted for putting himself in danger of a kick from the horse! 

    Very windy here with rain forecast for tomorrow, but I hope it won't affect anyone having a run tomorrow.  
  • It has has been nearly a year since I did my first 5k race which I will be doing again at the end of the month.
    For the last couple of months I have doing a 5k on a wednesday and a 10k on a saturday.
    Running on my own these last few months has built up my stamina and when I have someone to chase I am sure that my times will improve.
    With my job changing recently giving me 2 saturdays off a month I am also hoping to get some park runs in also.
    Could be a good mark to see if I have improved over the year.
  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Aquarius - I ought to get organised and get my flu jab done .. will add it to the 'to do' list for the coming week! :) I keep meaning to add strength/stretching exercises to my weekly routine .. unfortunately, that's still on the 'to do' list :( Glad to hear the antibiotics seem to be working and that you were able to get out for a run.

    Exhausted - I've decided as my laptop has showed no signs of any problems I'll resist the invitation to pay PC World £99 to cover it for a year. I didn't manage to find the receipt for the laptop yet (will carry on looking) but as a result of going through my box file of receipts/paperwork in the process, I was able to have a de-clutter as most were not needed (too old/no longer relevant) and they are now in the recycle bin or waiting to be shredded. I read on the local Facebook page of a rider being thrown from their horse on Cleeve Hill .. she was okay and various walkers/dog-walkers eventually managed to catch the horse. Apparently when they reunited the rider/horse she said .. "Oh, you needn't have bothered - he knows his way home" and didn't bother to thank anyone!

    Damien - glad to hear you've managed to build up your stamina. Parkrun will give you a good way of tracking your progress (always bearing in mind any delays due to congestion on the route!).

    I've been out and done the same 5ml route as on Thu (didn't bother trying to extend my mileage) and although the time was only a little bit faster, I could feel I was stronger and my breathing was better.
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