Triathlon Bucket List

I am looking at a bucket list of races over the next couple of years as I am sort of loosing the love of triathlon and thought that picking the best and most memorable races over the next couple of years would tide me through.  So here is what is on the list already:

Alp D Huez (entering for 2019)
Escape from Alcatraz (in the draw for next year)
Ironman Nice (entered for 2019)
Ironman Lanzarote (need to make up for a DNF in 2015)

Two Oceans Ultra

Multi Days:
Namibia Desert Ultra
Devizies to Westminster

So the question I have is, what else would you add to a bucket list?  I am pretty much up for anything but would like to know why the recommendation as well please.  Also if you have done any of those and have anything to share please do....


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