Fractured 2nd metatarsal

Hi. I have fractured my 2nd metatarsal doing nothing very strenuous and am in a boot for 6-8 weeks. I had a bunion op on my big toe 2 years ago which was starting to come back. Paranoid about being able run again without re-breaking it. Anyone any ideas about how to keep my fitness levels and strength (e.g. quads, calves) as high as possible in the interim, and then thoughts on chances of getting back to running. Keen to do whatever I can right now to help my chances. Thanks very much in advance. PAWs


  • From experience: You can do deadlifts and squats if you can wear shoes without the boot as you wont be flexing your foot. This should keep thighs and glutes strong. Also you can do core excercises. You could try a stationary bike, but its a bit awkward wearing the boot. Take it easy when you get back to running. My calves were weak as you cant do things like calf raises to keep them strong.
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    I had the same a couple of years ago. I wouldn't advise anything more than walking on the flat. Any inclines will add pressure as will squats etc. Although you are not flexing your foot, you are putting pressure through every bone in it just to support your body weight (to balance). I would suggest swimming and loads of walking until you can jog again.

    As already said take it easy. I was months before I was back to full training, but no long term effects if done properly.
  • cmac: I didn't have any problems with squats, did not cause any pain. Swimming caused pain in my foot when I put in any sort of decent kick, the slow speed I went hardly seemed worth cost or trouble. Would agree with you about walking.
  • I have the same problem, after almost 2 months and so running with pain on my right foot, one night after a 20KM run was not easy to sleep because of unbearable sharp shooting pain on the same foot, I went to clinic and took x-ray which showed a fractured metatarsal 2nd toe, just want to know how long will take to go back running or jogging.
  • At least 6 weeks, more likely 8 weeks - I know you don't want to hear that!
  • i'm 8 weeks on from fracturing my 5th metatarsel and planning my first run, a gentle parkrun, on Saturday
  • thanks Debra. that's what my Dr says..yes it's already boring not able to run.
  • Do they plaster cast or just a boot?
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