Long Distance Aquathlon

I would like to do a long distance aquathlon, but am struggling to find any, as most seem to be sprint distance. I noticed a half iron aquathlon advertised at Dorney Lake, but that seems to have been cancelled. Anyone out there aware of such events? 


  • not heard of any longer than a sprint/classic distance for some time.

    I did do an event a few years ago (2005 I think) which supposed to be a 3k swim and a 1/2 marathon but due to low water conditions the swim was a lot shorter although the run did happen. it was won by Richard Stannard who started very last in the swim - which had 3 waves each 5 mins apart - and he overtook everyone including all the runners (just!).

    the race hasn't been run since for various reasons
  • If you're up for a trip to Germany, there's a terrific event held in June every year in Cologne. Multiple events starting with kids mini-distance triathlon, then for the adults there's:

    1km swim 7km run

    2km swim 14km run

    4km swim 21km run

    12km long distance swim

    We've been there this year and last, well organised and friendly. The swim is in a regatta lake so there's lane lines about a foot under the water,  no probs with sighting, all you need do is keep an eye on one of the lines, swim down to your turnaround bouy and swim back up the other side of the line. The run is around the lake, which just happens to be 7km, hence the 14 and 21km distances. I did the long one last year and the middle distance this year, OH did the 12km swim both times (6 laps). The long distance swimmers have a lane all to themselves and there's pontoons set up at either end with eats and drinks.

  • The Big Woody used to run an aquabike race as part of the day ?
  • There is an olympic distance aquathlon at Dorney Lake tomorrow...

  • If you know anything new about this topic please let me know. I'd bet that an aquathlon with 4km swimming and 21km running would interest many others in the UK, not just me.
  • there are now multiple swim/run events now 
    search swim run ... rather than aquathalon
  • Challenge Wanaka does a long distance aquabike - 3k swim, 120k bike
  • Nearly all swimrun events seem to be partners though. I’ve struggled to find many solo events and the couple I have found have always been too far away. Would love more options
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