I don't understand tattoos - why do people get them?

You have this nice skin. Why daub it in ink, with something you'll probably regret later?

I find tattoos a bit puzzling really.


  • Seconded. Though I think those Olympians tattooing their rings are pretty cool.
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    Dave928 said:
    those Olympians tattooing their rings
    They do? Kinky.
  • People from around the world have been tattooing their skin for thousands of years.

    Reasons could be to commemorate something (Olympic rings, Children's name & birth etc) or to belong to a certain group (Football club, gang, band etc) as part of their society (Maori etc) as a symbol (For example a Phoenix rising from ashes to represent change in their life from one position to another) because they want one and choose a random picture they like. Many more reasons, guess that list will cover the majority of reasons behind peoples choices.

    My wife is tattoo'd, I don't have any. People do regret getting inked, otherwise there wouldn't be a healthy industry removing them. I can only speak from my own experience. I know a number of people that are inked. No one I know has ever had one removed. None of them have ever hinted that they regret any of theirs. 

    I don't find tattoo's puzzling. I understand why people may daub their skin. In my experience no-one regrets it.
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  • I understand the long-standing cultural stuff, e.g.- the Maori's.

    But people here getting a tramp stamp or their kids names I don't get - I can remember my kids names perfectly well, I don't need them written on my arm. And if you're not Maori, then why have the Maori tattoo?

    People want to be individuals, understandable. But the whole thing with the tattoo sleeve and the beard, it's not individual, exactly the opposite. Look at footballers - they all look the same, and they probably think they look good.

    No offence to anyone with tattoos, but I don't need to mark my skin to prove anything to anyone.

  • Tattoos are growing in popularity.
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    I had one of Big Vern inked on my hip in the Summer of '92.
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