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  • Unlucky Joolska, you are owed a good slice of luck for 2019.
    TT - Nearly 6lbs in 4 days, what foods are you eating as part of the white diet?
    15m this morning - [email protected] 7.10 and [email protected] felt easyish to bring up 55 for the week. Rest day and the taper starts tomorrow.  Malaga marathon bring it on.   
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good stuff OO, that's a brisk run. is malaga 2 weeks away?

    I was planning to get back to it with a long run today (having not done one last weekend due to gosport), but only managed a few miles due to hammy tightness (back to the left one - new area too !), possibly due to overdoing my strength work this week, hopefully just a minor dip for the running rollercoaster. Just as long as there are more up's to be had for the rollercoaster.
  • My hamstring was being a pain today too TR - in the last couple of miles it kept giving me a real moment, as though it were going to cramp, but then it would let go again and be ok. Strange as it's mostly been fine lately and a bit annoying.

    Hope you don't go too mad in the taper OuchOuch.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Jools -- so sorry about Valencia -- does the knee originate from getting knocked off your bike? Totally galling. But enjoy the holiday at least!

    Wardi -- thanks for the tip, I haven't tried running south on the Ouse -- it looks from the map as though one can't go more than a mile or two south without interruption? But even that would be a nice place to run. Good training as ever from you.

    WTGY -- crossed fingers for the calf.

    TT -- your white food diet sounds like my marathon weekend diet.

    I've had a bit of a piriformis niggle since 2 weekends ago -- when I was sat on the floor of a train for a good 3 hrs working intensively on a laptop on my way to York, maybe that was responsible -- giving me twinges on the top of the hamstring. Which predictably worsened after my half marathon last Sunday, which was perhaps a silly thing to do. I've done very little this past week, just little cautious jogs to and from work. This morning I did a 30 mile bike ride in lieu of running, which was fine. If everything's still fine tomorrow, I might run again; otherwise another ride perhaps. As I'm in deliberate downtime between campaigns, I'm not in any hurry to run too much anyway. And my niggle is very slight -- want to keep it that way!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    CW - very wise, you have had years of back to back campaigns.

    LMH - at least your issues were at the start of the run, mine cost me 17M.

    I think i have hammy tightness due to over doing the strength work a bit first week back, so i did a 1 mile out and 1 mile back, nothing was any worse so kept repeating it and stopped after 10M. It felt easier by the end than at the start, but i quit while i was ahead. Hopefully will be back to long run distance next weekend, as the coastal run is 4 weeks away.
  • So 29:36 at the Hatfield 5M today. That's 50s slower than my PB. I wasn't expecting too much though, so I'm pretty pleased with that. It's 5M run at faster than threshold pace so all grist to the mill. Saw Padams at the finish - nice to finally put a face to the name!

    Did another 9M in the afternoon just to top up the weekly mileage to 50.

    Hope the niggles clear up CW and LMH.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
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    Nicely done on the sub 30  ES, can't have a PB every day :)  ..& good stuff adding the extra miles on.  Hope Padams had a good run.
    Charlie.. my first nerve affliction was the upper hamstring down to the tendon which miraculously vanished overnight after 3-4 months!   My second (2-3 years ago) was from the glute down to back of knee which felt like toothache down the back of my leg on every run, my physio suspected an inflammed piriformis rubbing onto the sciatic nerve.  On this occasion an injection cured it within 4 days.  Hope you get it sorted.  BTW there should be a road/path route down to the Ouse which I will look into.
    TR.. that's a lot of out & backs!  Hope the tightness settles down during the week.
    LMH.. hope you can crack on with the training.
    I've been fighting off a bug most of this week (slightly sore throat, sniffles).  It never truly took hold but still seemingly lingering as yesterday's Park Run was 30-60m seconds off target and felt like hard work.  Off road club XC handicap today which I rounded up to 11m.  56m again this week. 
  • Wardi - Great mileage considering the bug, take it easy now.
    LMH/ TR - Hope the niggles clear-up, always a far greater chance of these things happening I find with the colder weather. 
    CW - Sounds like your managing the niggles well.  I am looking forward to my downtime come 11.50 am ish on Dec 9th. 
    ES - You must have a spring in your step, 9m following a really swift sub30 5 miler.  Excellent stuff.  
    LMH - The 2 week taper will be textbook, easy running interspersed with some faster shorter session.  At my age, I am not realistically going to be in a situation of having another chance of ticking-off 10 consecutive sub 3's ever again, so don't want to cock it up.  First glimpse of likely weather, a very pleasant 13-17C.  
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    ES - decent leg speed there, padams isnt easy to miss!
    Wardi - hope the lurgy buggers off.

    OO - fingers crossed for the 10 in a row.

    Been counting, i still need just over 300M for the 3000, it might be tight.
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    Same here TR. I need 357 which means 70M a week for the next 5 weeks plus a cheeky run on New Year's Eve! Probably a bit much.

    Thanks OO!
  • Good to get a faster run in ES, it wasn't a target race for you was it?

    Hope you pull it off OuchOuch.

    Wardi - I think the niggle is manageable with my easy miles but like you I seem to be carrying a bit of a low level lurgy the past few days (annoying tickly cough which wakes me in the night, sore throat, headache) so I'm thinking maybe a cut back week this week would be a good idea as I've had four god weeks - don't want to peak too soon or be ill closer to Brass.

    You can do it TR - though it's not like you to chase arbitrary mileage targets.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    ES - I hadn't seen your post from Friday, which is why I might have looked a bit bemused when you said hello! Nice to meet you and well done on your run.

    TR - good to hear the hammy seems to have settled, and well done for stopping at a sensible point! 300M from now is doable, you should have about 260M left for December, so 60mpw or so? I guess it depends on family commitments over Christmas, or whether you have more spare time in that period.

    OO - that's a good confidence booster before the next marathon.

    Hatfield 5M for me too yesterday. Conditions were pretty good, perfect temperature for running and just a slight breeze (possibly helping slightly for mile 2 and the opposite for mile 4). I knew all the runners near the front on the startline (most of them were clubmates, we had over 100 entered!) except one guy and he pulled away a bit after about 800m. It didn't feel too fast so I went across to him and we pulled away from the rest a little bit up to 2M. Around 2.5M he seemed to be slowing slightly, so I went past and managed to build a bit of a lead and held it to the finish - 26:14, which I'm pretty pleased with (PB is 25:57 on the same course about 4 years ago). The splits were all very similar, something like 5:10 for the first mile then 5:15-5:20 for the next 3 and slightly quicker for the last one (the PB was the opposite, around 10 flat for the first 2M trying to follow faster guys and then fading). And following the other guy doing 5:15s actually felt OK, certainly something I could hold for 10k and maybe a bit more, so that's quite pleasing.

  • Padams - cracking racing, looks like you're in decent form at the moment. On the home straight now with the press ups as well, which must be a relief. Nice work ES also. 

    Sorry to hear of all those suffering with niggles or illness. Hope they clear up soon.

    Bit of a wake up call for me at the weekend. After a month or so with the foot off the gas, decided to have a hit out at parkrun. 19:00 is probably my slowest time for that amount of effort in about 3 years. Could've been attributed to a number of factors but I know I've let myself get out of shape. 

    With Valencia next weekend (great timing!), I decided on the classic inverse taper and went out for 20 miles @ 7.30mm. Ran past DanA twice (who was taking part in a local 10km race), and also ran past TickTock (although I didn't know it at the time!). That actually felt quite good and no adverse effects today.

    However, thoughts of pacing a friend to 2:45 now seem absolutely laughable. Instead, I've downgraded, and will instead go with a mate who wants his first sub 3 (been very close a number of times). Forecast looking great!
  • LMH - it is a bit difficult as the idea is to be restrictive until symptoms ease off and I'm not great at restriction. The symptoms settled pretty quickly so we started adding some stuff in over the weekend and I got some quick reactions. So far bananas seem to be a no, and mushrooms seem to be a no if I'm having any other symptoms, but gluten free bread and bacon are definitely ok (thankfully!! :) ). We are wondering if potatoes might be a no too, which might see my Irishness revoked...…… Fingers crossed your hammy is ok today!

    OO - it has been primarily eggs plus something for breakfast - so scrambled eggs and mushrooms, or chicken and broccoli omelette, etc, and white rice with either chicken breast or turkey mince, plus a selection of broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots. I've been getting plenty of calories, so how quickly the weight went off (and some of it came back on when I introduced certain foods) shows it's definitely a bloat/inflammatory type reaction. You're sounding nicely ready for Malaga!

    TR - that sucks on the hammy. Hopefully everything settles down nicely for you and you can crack on.

    CW - it is a bit like my marathon weekend diet too. Sensible to back off.

    ES - nicely done at Hatfield!

    Wardi - nice mileage and good luck keeping the lurgy at bay.

    Padams - congrats on the win and a quality time!

    Ended up with 65 last week, but spent a bit of time over the weekend finally formalising a proper plan that plays to my strengths rather than trying to do the 'traditional' mega mileage and the kinds of workouts that people generally think should be done for marathons. Given how I'm wired it has taken me quite a long time to talk myself into going for a schedule several levels below the top/hardest one (level 18 instead of level 21 in this case). Mileage wise it'll be a few weeks in the 80s, a few in the 90s, and then the last 8 weeks pre-taper alternating ~90/~100, so still plenty in there.

    That does rule me out of the 3,000 for this year, but what I did realise is that it should see me hitting 40,000 miles since I started running (this is my 12th year) shortly after London next year if all goes well :smile: 
  • Sorry to hear about all the niggles and lurgy afflicting everyone - definitely seems to be that time of year!

    Great racing at Hatfield ES/Padams. 

    I managed 6.2 on Friday and 8 yesterday with no twinges; planning on 5 at lunch and back to the club Wednesday if all goes well. 
  • Padams - awesome 5M racing
    TR, ES, TT etc.Very impressive all those of you with a shout of hitting 3000 miles for the year! 
    TT - congrats on reaching 40k miles! And that white diet sounds intriguing.
    Joe-Bloggs-BR - great [email protected] run (exactly the same pace as my 1 and only 20miler last weekend). I'll be (optimistically) aiming for Sub-3 at Valencia next week so would like to tag along in your train.
    OO - good luck with the 10th sub 3 at Malaga
    CW - hope the niggle clears up smartish

    Managed 18:30 at the local Parkrun on Sunday which was a 30 sec improvement on previous week, so my meagre marathon prep must have done something ;-)

  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    Great racing ES & Padams (particularly off your traditionally low mileage).

    Much lower volume weekend here with Valencia on the imminent horizon.  Followed up a solo 1st place at parkrun on Sat (17:39) as part of a 10 miler with, as Joe mentioned above, a low key local 10k.  Didn't want to do it, but took part mainly to support the missus who was doing it as part of a big fundraising team from the local hospital.

    Decided to run without a watch to marathon effort (& hopefully pace of around 39-40 mins).  First 5k felt really easy and I found myself in 3rd.  Leader (33mins in the end) well ahead, and 2nd about 20 secs up but had no inclination to chase him.  Just kept the same gap and same pace through the second half, though admittedly the effort was a bit more, but nowhere near top gear.  Surprisingly finished in a tiny PB of 36.20 in 3rd, though I've only done about a dozen 10ks ever.  Good confidence boost, but I definitely won't be going that fast next Sunday!

    Good luck to those with various niggles.  December probably a good month to take it a bit easier.

  • Padams - haha, I figured you hadn't read my post  :). Anyway, congratulations again on the win.

    LMH - no that wasn't a target race. I just wanted to do some faster running and something a bit longer than a parkrun.

    JB - I wouldn't equate one "bad" parkrun with being out of shape.

    Dan - that's a decent 10K time especially the day after a parkrun which was also decent!

    Speaking of parkruns, the first 5K in yesterday's 5M race was my fastest 5K this year (18:13). The same thing also happened last year at a different 5 miler (17:53). No idea why I never seem to be able to pull fast 5K's out of the bag during parkruns or 5K races!
  • TR -- good cautious approach there, never getting too far from home. Similarly I did an easy 5M jog yesterday but never getting too far away, instead of a possible out and back. Jogged 6M en route to work too, and my niggle was barely noticeable. So I'm not too worried about it right now.

    Sorry about the sniffles Wardi. And don't worry about the Ouse route on my account -- my next couple of trips to York should involve races anyway!

    Congrats on the win Padams! And good work there too, ES.

    Good luck in your forthcoming marathons JB & OO.

    Well parkran, Dan & LS, and congrats on the accidental 10K PB Dan.

  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    Dan - very nice pace for a relaxed 10k, about 2:33 at Valencia then?!

    ES - I suspect if you found a fast 5k you'd go well under 18 mins. Presumably your parkruns are not on particularly fast courses, and I guess you don't target them in the same way. I also think the low-key nature of a parkrun means you'll never get close to your potential compared to the adrenaline boost of getting to a race early, pinning on a number etc.

    6M easy just done, felt quite good actually.

  • Nice win Padams.

    Well done on the PB Dan.

    Good news EE.

    Joe - I think you're due some down time and it does you good to have a bit of mental and physical down time. You've got what you wanted out of this year time to bank some brownie points, catch up with socialising etc and be ready to get back to it when you need to.

    Sounds promising with the diet TippTop and hopefully won't prove to be too restrictive in the end.

    You should definitely be happy with it then ES.

    What's next race wise Charlie?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Padams - great stuff, nippy time too. Yes, hopefully ill have 260ish left for December. Not making the coastal run a target race will help as no taper or recovery.

    LmH - agreed unlike me to chase miles, but it will help build Brighton base, and its something i can actually try to "achieve" for 2018, rather than poor race times ive been producing this year. The miles will hopefully help 2019s race times.

    Good speed there Dan, but dont run that fast at Valencia.

    EE - you need to average approx 10M per day then, which needs some planning outside of marathon training, as the long runs and midweekers may not be there.

    TT - hope the change of training and diet helps, possibly a few less miles more might help?

    I did another "localised" 10M today, so have less than 300 to go. My hammy is easing, feels like chronic DOMs from over doing the leg weights. Must have strained something a bit.
  • 10M per day?! I thought we were talking purely about making sure your long runs out of 'season' more closely match your peak schedule ones? I wasn't talking about overall mileage...
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    ES needed 357 as of yday, so pretty much 10M per day average (so 70mpw, which is tough outside of marathon training).
  • 10M per day?! I thought we were talking purely about making sure your long runs out of 'season' more closely match your peak schedule ones? I wasn't talking about overall mileage...
    TR said:
    EE - you need to average approx 10M per day then, which needs some planning outside of marathon training, as the long runs and midweekers may not be there.
    No need to panic Reckon TR had fat fingers EE :D
    Good solid running though TR
    Fine win Padams & decent time from ES in the Hatfield 5.
    Nice surprise PB Dan, you must be in great shape.
    Sounds like a much better plan Joe. It's not surprising you're not on top 5K form given Kona & subsequent racing: Dorset 10M, Gower ultra, XC champs etc. It's not like you've gone completely off the boil just haven't been targeting that kind of speed. Don't beat yourself up just enjoy yourself.
    20M progressive run on Sunday which went much better than the last one even though I felt much creakier to start with after a heavy Friday night followed by 12.5M including a 19:10 at parkrun Saturday morning. I started more conservatively which helped too. That brought up 95M for the week & another 5.6M+7.3M double today leaves me with just 264 from the last 5 weeks. Hoping for 70M this week then a much lighter week before Telford 10K to give myself a decent chance.
  • WayToGoYetWayToGoYet ✭✭✭
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    belting mileage Jooligan

    Good win and mini report Padams 

    hell of a loss that TT - send some my way ;-)

    TR whats the hammy doing? 

    Thanks for healing vibes Ive sulked / lurked since it happened 
    Since Thursday walking has become easier, and I managed a swim last night. I took heart that there was no bruising, and low and behold the bruising is now showing up this morning (FFS) I was hoping for a run next couple of days too, but the bruising indicates a tear!

    Any calf injury experiences anybody would like to share? (positive / negative)
  • Dan - you're sounding in good shape! Congrats on the 10k pb!

    TR - in the 80s for the next few weeks and only 4 ton weeks (100, 103, 104, 103) out of 19 is less miles than I would usually aim for by a good chunk.

    WTGY - I've had calf issues in cold weather before but can't offer any advice other than don't rush it and keep yourself warm.

    8 easy/5 brisk yesterday. Off for this week's long run (15m) shortly. It looks delightful outside!
  • WTGY -- I've had knotty calves sometimes which I've massaged really hard for a long time while watching a film (say), leaving them a bit bruised but knot-free. If you keep going with knotty muscles, a tear may result.

    LMH -- next booked race is Brass Monkey, like you! But I may do the odd club XC or something before that.
  • Sorry to hear that WTGY - don't push it is my advice, if you think it's a tear don't do anything to make it worse but keep the blood flowing.

    That feels like a long time without a race for you Charlie.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wtg - bruising isnt good. I used to pick up calf strains (decided it was due to turbo/dehydration), hot water bottle and self massage helped. But you need to wsit for bruising to settle first i guess.

    TT - see how you get on after some regular weeks at 80 then.

    Another "localised" 10 for me today. 280ish left.
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