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  • Excuse me, I'm a bit lurgified ...
    I think after the last couple of weeks, my resistance must be low... Lanzarote at this time of year sounds ideal, but you can do the marathon for me! I'm not even going to think of Parkrun!
    Daffs, your run sounds brilliant - and probably even better to read about than to do it!
    I'm a bit miffed at feeling poorly as after last week on the residential, when I talk to the instructor who is a keen cyclist, I always come home raring to get out on my bike! I know, I'm all talk, but I will see how I feel tomorrow. My head feels a lot clearer than it did!
    Good news on Mr FFs ankle. It is always hard to know if your own feelings about health are more or less valid than a doctor's. Sometimes it can go either way, can't it? Sometimes things we worry about are perfectly fine to a doctor. How is Mr FF feeling about it?
    Mr Ps work are a bit concerned about his health, although it is no different than 1-2 years ago. He thinks they have someone who is very H&S orientated, and they are seeing him as a bit of a liability if anything happened at work. They are supportive of his work but don't want to be held responsible for him. He is having talks and a medical, and yes, he has talked to his union rep! 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Yay daffy. That's a brilliant distance. Things can look and feel very different off road in the dark. As for the camber, that's not good anytime. I'm still smiling at you and your sis' race prep and kit :-) 

    And yay to me FarFars's ankle. That is good news and a huge relief for you all. It's been a long journey. 

    Ahhh sluggy,  how lovely that you have been able to spend several days with Slug Boy and where no one has to anything other than relax. Whenever I say slug boy I think of a slug in his school uniform:-)

    How are you doing now you have some breathing space from work, MC?

    Fairly quiet here especially on the running front as life takes over. Mother is 86 on weds. I've had to take the day off as she cant cope with seeing us all the night before ( only time boys are free the same time) but not in her birthday so I'm seeing her Tues and weds.  Went on Buddhist day retreat yesterday. I'm feeling very relaxed and quietly determined to stay that way. Not easy at work. * skips out of the room and trills * i'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.....

    Where are the mad greyhound and horse ladies? 
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Eerily quiet in here these days

    Hope all is well in the WAISTERs' worlds.

    I haven't run for a week. I blame Ofsted

    the weather

    being away from home

    anything really

    Happy St Andrew's Day
  • Happy Advent - don't eat all the chocolate at once (or burn the candle right down in my case)
    Actually I do feel as  if my candles bunt down. I still have this cold plus some eye infection. I spent Wednesday with tears running down all day! I have eye drops and it seems to be improving, but I'm fed up and run down ...
    still we are looking forward to celebrating Sint Niklaas with Chuggies kind donation! ❤️
    Weve bought our tree- earliest ever. As we don't put it up til 24th we often don't get it till later, although we are learning not to end up with the sad tree that nobody wanted.
  • Afternoon all,

    (((Pippi))) I'm srry you are generally low :( Hope you enjoy Sinterklaas.

    Yums, I hope your Ma's birthday went well.

    We don't do an advent calendar and I have stopped doing a candle this year as we eat together so seldom. I am enjoying a Jacquie Lawson advent calendar though :)

    Choirs are going well and we are quite busy between now and Christmas. 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Good evening WAISTerloonies. 

    Sorry you're under the weather, pippi. A cold and an eye infection isn't a great combination. I hope you're on the mend now. How did you celebrate sint Niklaus?  A tree already? I think your idea of putting your tree up on 24th sounds perfect.

    DL thats a whole year's worth of failure to run excuses. Are you just giving up so you can make running your NY resolution?  What are you, OH and XFC doing for Christmas? 

    Oh dear, Sluggy, are you a bowls widow if you don't  eat together often? Good to hear the choirs are keeping you busy.  Will you be seeing SB for Christmas?  Gotta love Jacquie Lawson.

    Good luck with the marafun Mrs very farfar

    Mummy's birthday went well. The night before the miniyums, me and mum went out the night before then mum and me went for lunch and Christmas wine shopped on her birthday. I'm running the Southend Rudolph run on sunday and have got myself an elf outfit to wear. 

  • Evening All

    <hangs head in shame for prolonged absence>

    Where does the time go????

    I have very diligently read back and support everyone in the decisions they are making......we spend far too much time I think trying to do the right thing and not thinking about ourselves.  There are a lot of changes in the WAISTer lounge it seems and I applaud the lot of them!

    I have been trying to really step back from work recently as it has become increasingly obvious that although they say the right things they don't actually mean them and yet another year of more work and more responsibility and being told there's no money for a pay grade change is annoying.  Especially as teachers are getting double the pay rise of support staff and furthermore they have not honoured the bonus scheme a few of us were put on as "there isn't any money...."

    Furthermore my friend who was diagnosed with the brain tumour nearly 2 years ago is in her last weeks...or days......her mother posted about 10 days ago saying they were ready to say goodbye to her and she was ready to go but I've not heard anything since and we are giving the family their space :(

    When she was diagnosed she knew it was a terminal diagnosis and has faced her death with such dignity and lived her last months with such positivity that it's really inspired me to make the best of what I have and make positive decisions rather than moaning all the time - sounds like JFF and MC are doing the same.......

    ..............Heaven forbid...........did we all just grow up and get sensible??????
  • Podds, I am so sorry about your friend. I hope her passing is as gentle and peaceful as possible.
  • oh podds so sorry about your friend, these are such tough times. However, they do make us reflect on our own lives and how best to live them happily and not worr y too much about work. Schools really are not good places to work in at the moment, and the lack or pay and recognition is only the tip of the iceberg I think. 

    I haven't even been looking for a job yet, focusing more on getting eldest son through uni applications etc and looking after dad and making sure he isn't lonely
  • Very sad about your friend, Podds, but what a positive outlook. Echoing Sluggie, lets hope for a peaceful easy ending for her and her family's sake. 
  • Thank you all - we actually heard last night half way through a committee meeting of the tri club, which is how I knew her, that she had just died.  Thanks to her fabulous partner she was able to stay at home right until the end and died there as she wished

    I'm rather sad but also glad for her as I remember how bad my Dad's last few weeks were and she was semi-paralysed, barely speaking or eating so I like to think that it really was a merciful release for her and her nearest and dearest

    Now to see about funerals.  She comes from a very Christian family and her mother is heavily involved in the church but Tania converted to Buddhism last year so not quite sure what the plan is

    Anyway onwards and upwards - if ever anyone would have disapproved of people weeping and wailing over her it would have been Tania.  I have never met such a brave, courageous, kind and positive person in all my life - and she managed all that without being a boring goody goody if that makes sense!

  • (((Podds))) I am sorry that you have lost your friend. As you say, by the end it was probably a blessed release - but that doesn't stop you mourning her, it sounds as if she was a very special lady.
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Raising a glass to Tania

    Sounds like we should all learn that life is for living positively and productively - it's too short to waste on the negatives.

    ((((((WAISTers))))) You're an amazing bunch of virtual people!
  • hello chums

    its always thought provoking to pop in here and I'm glad we last stragglers are still about

    so sorry to hear of your friend Podds. on a similar note an old work colleague's hubby recently died after having a tumour on his lung (former smoker) he was such a naughty, funny man and they were so good together - its another reminder about making the most of life

    and I think many of us now seem to have reached the age where we aren't prepared to put up with the usual **** from work. I start a new challenge after Christmas and feeling very relaxed about it!

    We had a lovely break in Lanzarote and I did the marathon - was aiming for sub 5 hours and achieved that :) back in the office today

  • Great running Jenni! Well done.

    A cat friend of mine, younger than me and an ex-smoker, has recently being diagnosed with lung cancer. She is due for surgery in January, followed by chemo. The outlook is good as she was diagnosed by 'accident' as the result of a fall downstairs. As has been said, another reminder that none of us are immortal . . .
  • JFF - well done on the marathon and the new challenge at work

    slugs - fingers crossed for your friend. 

    nothing much happening here - well we have the tree-planting memorial for mum on Saturday which is going to be a tough day. Eldest son seems to be spending time doing school work so that is a good thing! He has his driving test next week too 
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Twas the nights before Christmas and all round the lounge, not a creature was stirring, not even a WAISter....................
  • I'm not stirring now ... apart from in a mixing bowl! We broke up yesterday, I've done the Big Shop ... that's it!
  • Mc, I hope Saturday went as well as possible.

    Hurrah Pippi! Hope you enjoy your cooking.

    We had our 'big' gig at the Minster yesterday. It went really well but came on top of a busy week (including choir party Wednesday evening). I am shattered, my voice is mullered and my sciatica telling me to stop and rest. So that is exactly what I am going to do for the rest of the day :)
  • Morning All

    And Happy 2nd Gotcha Day to Tom aka Tomble the Womble :)  OK so after 2 years he still had a little piddle by the back door most days and is obsessed with his tennis ball but wouldn't swap him for the world

  • And we had a lovely walk along the coast this morning - warm enough for nakedness (canines only!!) and to sit outside for coffee at the end.  This was our view......including part of Tom, Badger and their friend Stella - Trooper was hiding!!

  • Lovely photos! It is hard to believe that Tom has been with you for 2 years already. Where does the time go?!

    This is a short vid of my choir singing, with the juniors, at our concert on Wimborne Minster on Thursday :)
  • what lovely photos podds - almost looks like summer!

    slugs - great video

    last Saturday was tough but did go well, although the rain started while we were planting the tree. Lots of people turned up - she made the costumes for the Workhouse which is a National Trust place - and lots of the volunteers came in costume which was nice. My brother did a good speech which summed her up well.  Really missing her now and dreading xmas really

  • ((Mc)), I've missed Mum more this year than last year. She died in November 17 and I think I was just glad it was over (for both our sakes). This year I have found myself picking things up and thinking 'Mum would like this'  . . .
  • ((((MC)))))) be gentle with yourself lass xxx never an easy time xxx

    Aw, look at Ton's little face Podds :) Don't blame you for not being cross at his piddling by the back door...

    (((((Waister pals))))) I do think about you all often you know :)

    Up and down few weeks here. Been stumbling towards the end of term, whic finally came with a wimper. I was full of cold, had one day off then valiantly went back but wasn't right, and ended up having to stay with a friend a few mights later as I was throwing up too much to drive home. 

    Couple of days of kind of rest and I'm getting there - but then poor old Mr Cheery was up all night throwing up last night. What a pair!

    Aside from that... Not much to report. Someone I know & am very fond of is coming to the end of her life so that's sad. Did a musical festive convert this evening which was fun. And we're making a second attempt at an ultra marathon on Thursday apparently! Been resting since the last one so we should be ok 😂 This one is daylight hours - but that of course means the cut off is about 8 hours... Last marathon took 6.5 so I'm hopeful... But we also set 5k and 10k PBs during that so our hope this time may be misplaced!

    Have a festive Christmas if I don't run through the lounge again before Santa does...
  • Sorry to hear about your friend Daffs :(
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Good morning lovely WAISTers.

    Lovely to see you, Podds. Sad to hear of Tania's passing. She sounds like an amazing lady. As you say you can honour her by living in a similar way to how she did.  Loving the photos.Happy 2nd gotcha day, Tom. The dog that tested your doggie skills to the limit!  All your hounds really landed on their paws when they chose you to take home. How is Trouper settling in? I bought myself Richard skipworth's greyhound glossary recently. It's a beautiful book and sums up hound behaviour beautifully.  As for work surely there must be somewhere else which would love to have your skills and would treat you better?

    Well runned, Mrs Farfar. Lovely to combine the race and a break. How is Mr Farfart these days? Will the minifarfars be around for Christmas?

    ((((MC)))) I'm glad the tree planting went well. So lovely your mum's friends turned up in costume too.  

    Sluggy, I love your choir. They sound fabulous. I looked hard but I didn't spot you.  Grief is a funny thing and often when we're in the thick of caring we don't have time for it especially when someone's quality of life means their passing is a relief. I find I miss dad at random times not necessarily when I'd
    expect to

    (((((Daffy and Mr daffs))))  They sound like horrible germs to have. You certainly must be feeling better if your all ready for your next ultra! I'm sure this one in daylight will feel very different to the night time one. Sorry to hear of your friend's  situation

    End of term must be a relief, pippi. What's in the mixing bowl, mince pies? Are you spending Christmas with Pippette?

    DL you cant just drop in and say nothing. We need to know the status of animal sayings,  XFC, your running and any other events chez DL

    Usual christmas stuff here.  Mum is here christmas and boxing day and minis have shifts over those days too so  I'm  on cooking and driving duties then back at work 27th.  I've signed up to RED  January in an effort to stave off my impending decrepitness. I haven't wrapped any presents yet but I've cooked my turkey this morning. Not that I'm eating any of it. 

    I bought new trail shoes on Saturday. This is the fresh out of the box. Then the after picture

  • Afternoon all,

    Yummy, that is exactly how a good pair of trail shoes should look having been used for their intended purpose :) It sounds as if you are going to have a busy Christmas and then straight back to work. I hope you manage to carve out some 'me time' too.

    Thank you for your kind words about my choir.I was standing just out of shot, behind my friend's wheelchair.

    Alf and Sky are well. Sky is on a reducing dose of her steroids and we hope the stop them in a few more weeks. She is lively and happy, we may never find out what was wrong with her last year.

    SB arrived yesterday evening. We are having a quiet day tomorrow and then going over to SIL's for dinner at 6pm. We leave home at 9am on Boxing Day to drive SB back to London. He and MS are going to see the Spurs/Bournemouth footie match while I snooze at the hotel. SB and I are also going to do the gin tasting he bought for my birthday :)

    I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas.
  • Merry Christmas, Waisters! God bless us, one and all.
    Yes, Pippette comes to us for Christmas Day, and probably any other days when we have food. Mr Ps brother and family plus puppy are possibly calling in on Boxing Day, so it is a buffet as I don't know if it is 2 of them or 10. 
    Trail shoes look respectable now, Yums. So embarrassing to have shiny new ones ...
    Had a lovely cold sunny ride along the  coast (I have a secret plan to do some longer rides next year ... shh)
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