Ultra-training and illness during training.

Before I start I know this is all about personal preference and the only person who can judge this is me but I would be interested to know of anyone's views on my current scenario.

Is a six week taper for a 45 miler due to illness too much (allowing that I am now over the worst of it) and the event is now in two weeks time? I have booked onto the country to capital ultra in two weeks and  I think I just need someone to say just toughen up and go for it! People I have to talked to about it think running 45 miles is so stupid illness shouldn't come into it anyway.

Despite never doing this distance before I have completed a thirty mile event in the last two months and also covered the 45 miles in two halves over the weekend at the beginning of December- what do people thin? Does the fitness stay in your legs for six weeks. Its not like I haven't run at all in that time- just not further than 13 miles.

Any views would be most welcome.


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