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  • Well done for getting out. Sounds like you were well catered for!
    Your gift is in the post. I sent it 2nd class so you'll probably get it next week.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Mama-I'm going to end just short of 1500 miles,I think I did 1700 last year so a fair bit down,but that was mainly at the start of the year,Jan-April I only ran 325 miles so 81 p/m,whereas from May-Dec it will be about 1165,so 145 p/m.
    Big G-Horrible journey home for you,at least you got home safe and sound.
    I had a look at my year,1490 miles it should be,206 hours so a fair bit less.
    Near enough time to look at 2019 goals,I've some in my head but they seem very ambitious when I just typed them out so will have a think about them.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, I have to say that when I saw you mention your 1:26 Half goal (based on a very good run in training), I wondered what you were planning/hoping for a marathon.  That's 3:05 territory isn't it...possibly even quicker.  If all goes to plan, I've got a feeling you're going to have a cracking year next year!

    Cal, thanks for that.
  • Big G - Good run and food fest there! That Strava thing was well put together and interesting, was the month with the highest mileage (June?) because you did a lot of races then or was that due to training?

    Ian - That's good mileage, especially considering you didn't do that much for the first 6 months of the year. If you can up your mileage in the first six months of next year then those goals of yours are going to be very achievable.

    Shades - My feet aren't flat, if anything they've got quite a high arch and I thought that was part of the problem.. You have motivated me to do some stretching so I have gone and frozen a bottle of mineral water to use as a roller so that's a step in the right direction.

    I went out for a 7k in the forest today. The seven year old had a mountain bike for Christmas so he came with me - there was loads of mud and he absolutely loved it, had a couple of spectacular falls and him and his new bike were completely unrecognisable when we got back! Took my mind off pesky foot anyway.
  • Good to see everyone had a good Christmas.
    Finally finished my run off night shifts where Christmas night was an absolute nightmare.
    Got out for my first run since before Christmas was only 4 miles but least it was something.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    MF, I was surprised to see that for June, and had to check it myself.  Basically though, yes, I did quite a lot of events in June, including the 34-mile Dartmoor Discovery on 2nd June.  As well as that, I did 3 marathons and a Half marathon in June.  I had a poor start to the year as I was ill in early January, but had a good late Janaury and early February (I got a 65-mile and 70-mile week in, plus 2 weeks at nearly 50 miles), which I think is what got me my late Feb PB -  I also had no marathons for 5 weeks before it, so I felt really fresh.  That 70-mile week in early Feb just felt really easy so I knew I was running well then.  I haven't got back to that general feeling during the rest of the year, although I got close to the PB in November.

    Well done for getting through the Xmas Steven.  Hopefully you can get some other runs in now, if you want.
    Big G - absolutely no refection on your running year but the Strava video is truly awful. :#  I wasn't a Strava fan before but I didn't think they were that bad.   Did they actually pay someone to produce that junk!
    The elevation stats are definitely wrong, that would mean an average of 60ft climb for every mile you've run.  I'd be more impressed if they could get the stats right.

    Nice club run, followed by a good feed, sounds good.

    mamafox - I think PF can affect most folk, but flat footed are more likely to overpronate and that can cause PF if shoes not supportive enough.   But I did see that those with high arches can get it too, and also the same sort of stuff that aggravates achilles, walking/running in sand, flip flops etc.   
    I've had my share of injuries but so far have escaped PF.

    Good news that you've started on the exercises.   Have you got a spiky ball?  One of those for the tumble drier will do, useful for foot exercises and easier to carry around than a bottle of ice.

    Great that your youngest enjoyed coming out with you on his bike.   Does he realise how many miles he's going to have to do on that bike this year?  

    steven - sorry to hear your shift on Christmas night was horrendous, hope you can enjoy a couple of days off now.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ooooph.  A bit harsh, Shades.  I quite like the summary and I just assumed that they'd summed up all the elevations from all my runs, but it's not easy to extract the data to check it myself.  The thing that struck me though was the time spent running - bearing in mind how long I spend thinking about or planning running, travelling for races or recovering from races/running, the number of hours spent actually running didn't seem that high!

    I did 9.3 miles today, including a parkrun - it was a clubmate's (Fizz) 50th event and I ran it with her and her OH.  I enjoyed the parkrun part of it, but a lot of the rest of the run felt like hard work, even though I was running at a very steady effort.  I haven't weighed myself, but I definitely feel I'm carrying a few extra pounds.....
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Mama-hope you're going to train him to be your crew so he carries your bottles etc.
    Big G-I had a look at my year,all seems about right,earliest start was 7.49 so you can tell I'm not an early runner.
    The weather's looking ok for ny eve so may venture to Wales again.
  • Afternoon shadies..  Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas ..

    Shades - I did the year end marathon yesterday which was a good way to end a very busy year. 
    I was hoping for a sub 3 as I felt really good but the ground was very soft under foot which sapped the life out of the legs ..I set off fairly quickly and got to half way in 1:28 but then the mud and uneven terrain got the better of me and I slowed a bit over the second half 1:39. I finished in second place in 3:07:20 which was only 40seconds outside my season best.  The winner was only 4min ahead of me so it was a tough day for everyone.. I did get to meet Steve Edwards though and had a chat with him after the race.  He struggled too. 
    I did get awarded my 12 marathons in 12 months medal although I did the 12 in 99days. 

    I'm going mountain biking tomorrow and then I'll get ready for my first event in 2019 which is on new years day.. 

    Happy new year folks.  
  • Bloody hell, you could kill someone with that thing! Very well done, though.

    Another parkrun ticked off in my quest for Lon-done, this time Crane Park, near Twickenham. It's a nice park with a big tower that was something to do with making gunpowder: Mostly flat, with a few bumps. I ran a mile there from the station, then (after a good break as I got there early, not wanting to repeat my Gunnersbury mistake) the parkrun. I had a good duel with another lady for the first couple of miles but then my legs failed me and I couldn't keep up the pace. Too many mince pies, probably, but I think I'm going to have to add some LT runs into the mix as well.
    My official time was 25:19 which isn't too shabby, and I was 9th lady (it's a fairly small parkrun) but, believe it or not, only the 5th V50. Amazing to think half of the top 10 ladies were 50+.
    Ran a mile back to the station and got back home in time to throw some oats down my neck and then go to hot inferno pilates. I might need a nap this afternoon!
  • Robert OHaraRobert OHara ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018
    BIg G will be interested to how the Roadhawkes go, they are a bit lighter than my shoes and have a couple of 10k planned in 2019 so will use them then.  Was considering getting some asics 2000s on sale but decided not to as was just buying them for the sake of it. 5 ways to make coffee, thats pretty impressive, used to have a tassimo but elle took that into work so just the kettle now.

    Shades entering the ballot seemed a random thing to do, but people do it with the london marathon so why not?  Well done on sorting 2019 races.

    MF stick with the stretching, I'm also thinking whats the point but even if it doesnt help it cant do any halm, however as soon as I stretch it seems to help.  I weirdly hope I get the ballot place too.

    Ian you've had a great finish to the year, and fingers crossed you take that into next year and stay injury free.

    Iain well done yesterday and congratulations on the 12 (pretty quick) marathons in a short time, which new years race are you doing? a few of my friends are doing challenge running's events.

    Made it out for a 5 mile run yesterday evening, tested my new chest light and is pretty decent.  Did set up at parkrun then ran it, my local muddy undulating one, hip felt better just the PF seems a bit of a problem when resting, need to stretch a bit more!

    Considering a run tomorrow as well to make it 3 day run streak to finish the year off.  1605 miles so far (1578 in 2018) was aiming for 2018 but if not due to injury reckon I would have ran about 1900.

    Like Ian have started to put pen to paper for 2019 targets.

  • Robert - Glad to see I'm not the only one lacking stretch motivation. My injury is also buggering up what would have been a promising year's mileage  :#

    Iain - That medal is enormous. Well done you.

    Steven - At least the worst is over now.. hope the sales don't give you too much grief and interfere with your running plans!

    Ian - The smallest child is only coming with me as I am injured. I don't have much patience when running with children and as it is, when he falls of his bike I just keep running and bellow "Come on, come on, come ON!" until he scrambles back on and catches up with me.

    Big G - I'm not on Strava but thought it was interesting seeing all that put together. I'm quite basic with my stats. When I come back from a run my stats go onto Garmin connect then I take the info (distance, time, HR) off my phone and write it manually down on a small calendar which I then pore over and analyse, comparing it to previous months, years etc.
    Well done on your run.. at the moment I can't imagine being able to run further than 10k  :/

    Shades - No I haven't got a spiky ball.. I think someone on here mentioned a golf ball so I instructed OH to stop at a sports shop near to his workplace and buy me one. He came back minus a golf ball as apparently they only sold then in bags of 50 for an extortionate price so I'm sticking with the water bottle. I have got a foam roller but maybe that's too big for my foot.

    No running today. Had to go and pick my daughter up from the airport (she spent Christmas with mum) and got blocked by the gilets jaunes so will get out tomorrow instead. 
    Big G- it doesn't seem many hours that you've run according to your Strava stats, is the total right? I've run a lot more hours but I'm considerably slower than you. 

    Ian - forecast is for calm weather so ideal for crossing the border, are you planning to do the same route?

    Iain - well done, a good end to the year for you. That must be one of Ric's races judging by the medal, oversized and IMHO a bit tacky.   SE is a really nice guy and his wife is lovely too.
    Which marathon are you doing NYD?
    Nice socks!

    Cal - I think we're all suffering a little from over eating at Xmas.

    Robert- yes those impulsive folk that rashly enter London marathon are mostly responsible for the DNS's on the day.

    I haven't run today, RHR is nearer normal today and sore throat has almost gone so hoping I've escaped the lurgy. All being well will run tomorrow
     My low mileage months in early summer have knocked back my mileage this year, will finish on about 2k.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Nice parkrun.
    Rob-I'd be scared I'd use my ballot luck up if I entered that and wouldn't get in the marathon ballot again.
    Shades-Yes I'll more than likely do the same route,makes sense as it's hilly enough and I know where to go.
  • Shades/ big G -2000 miles @ 9 min miles equates to 300 hours of running, it does seem weird the amount of time and money we obsess, plan, travel etc.  It's even worse for Usain Bolt!

    Ian, I don't foresee me getting into london with or without luck.

    Shades, hopefully I wont be a statistic of someone that DNS if I get the place, I'm not that concerned by the number of DNS at VLM as they are calculated for approx in final figures.

    MF check ebay out for golf balls <-- link should work.  I've not used one myself but heard everyone else say how it works.  I got a foot roller and spikey ball which i used before my shockwave but haven't since. 
  • Robert - I'm running the SVN new years day marathon at Dymchurch ..

    Shades - yeah it was one of Riks. Not sure if I want to try get ask the medals in the series bit never say never.. His medals can be slightly ostentatious.. 😉
  • 6 miles today in very mild weather it's not like it.
    Trying to plan my 2019 running schedule have got 2 marathons booked to date trying to find a couple more.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Robert, I really like the Roadhawks partly because they’re lighter.  In comparison to my usual training shoes, they feel light when I put them on for a race, which I like.  I’ve got 3 pairs on the go that I use for marathons, and one pair is over 500m and they're still fine to use. Hopefully you’ll get on well with them - they occasionally can be found at around the £50-£60 mark, if you find you want to buy some more. I do have a lighter pair that I use for 5ks and 10ks (Reeboks, which don’t get much use!) but there’s not enough cushioning in them for a marathon. 

    Iain, well done on the 12-in-12.  I still haven't done any of his events as that part of the country is a nightmare to get to for me.  But I can't say I'm drawn to the medals, so personally they're not a reason for me to rush to the events.

    Steven, it's great to get the calendar out and start planning and fantastic that you're looking at booking some marathons :)  
    mamafox - ha, ha at the 50 golf balls when you only want one.   Surely the kids have a small ball somewhere that you can borrow, even a tennis ball will do.

    Have you tried taping the foot when you run? My friend was able to carry on her ultra training by taping her feet, she then taped them up for the race too, she had PF in both feet. :'( 

    Robert - one page of my training log totals my hours, it's an Excel template one.   I've never bothered about total hours it just happens to be there, but I just looked at 2018 and even at my slower pace I've only run 402 hours in's felt like more.  Maybe my goal for 2019 should be 500 hours ;) 

    The DNS's are an important part of the ballot operation, thank heavens they don't all turn up, it's congested enough.

    Iain - with all these bigger medals, I can see folk heading for the scrap merchant at the end of their running career to sell them for a few quid.

    steven - which 2 marathons have you already chosen?   As you're not able to come down to do DD  have you considered Strathearn which I've been told is similar to DD, hilly and scenic course.  My geography isn't too good, is that Perthshire, not sure how far that is for you to travel?

    Big G - I've seen lots of good reports about the Roadhawks, good to find a marathon shoe that is high mileage too.

    I need to start the Shadies marathon list for 2019 seeing as Iain is running one on NYD, do you want to give me your January races please.   I have a note that Jelly is doing Plym Trail, I assume the Sunday one.

    RHR back to normal today so took advantage of the very calm weather and went out and did a Hadd test.   Last one was end of July and today's results were slightly better so I'm happy with that.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-January 27th Gran Canaria
    Thanks Ian, I've put it on the list.   Is your OH doing the half there?
  • Last run of the year - a relatively slow 16 miler, Brockwell route. Took me 2:50:20 so was much slower than the 15 I did last weekend. I don't think it felt much easier though. Hard to imagine I ran another 10 miles at more than a minute per mile faster back in October.
    That brings me to 42 miles for the week. I've done around 1500 total this year, which seems quite a lot (to me, at least). Onwards and upwards!
    Final 2018 list, 87 races :o 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I checked the scales this morning, and it wasn't as bad as I feared.  So I can't really use excess weight as a reason for why yesterday's run was so tough!

    Oh well.  I did a 9.5 miler this morning with a small group from the The Trotters; we're all on a Messenger group called The Plodders, and they arrange lots of runs.  I don't get to go along that often, but it was a nice run out this morning.  Quite hilly, with a small amount of off-road, but it was good to get out.

    Shades, I'm down for a Running Miles event (Start Me Up) which is a lapped event, this time on tarmac.  That's 6th Jan.  When I originally entered it, I was planning on running for the 6hrs, but as I type this I'm really not so sure.  I do feel extremely ploddy at the moment, so I'll have to see if I feel a bit more revitalised by the time I get to the event.

    I have entered both the January Plym Trail ones but I've today asked to transfer the entries to his August events (I'm already busy for his May events).  He does allow transfers if received in time (I have sent the request in time), so I'm waiting for the confirmation that he's allowed the transfer.  Basically, I am toying with the idea of doing some "proper" training for Malta at the end of Feb, which I've now entered - OH insisted ;)  I do have another February marathon about 2.5 weeks or or so before Malta, but I think that will be fine as if I'm running well I know I can get around the mid-Feb marathon comfortably and recover in plenty of time for Malta.

    This cunning plan has come about since going back over 2018's running/training.  I don't think it was a coincidence that I ran my best time after some decent training (and fewer events), so I want to try and replicate that if I can and use it as a kind of spring board into the rest of the year.  I may also see if I can do something similar before Berlin, but we'll see what happens with that :)  

    As an aside, it all kicked off yesterday on the Aspiring 100MC Facebook page.  From what I saw, someone basically said something like "I've only done 20 marathons this year, but I've made them all quality events, which is what counts".  On the face of it, I personally didn't see anything wrong with his comment, and thought I understood what he meant - I took it to mean that he likes to race his events rather than plod around, which in my view there is nothing wrong with.  But some took offence to that.  I think there must have been some "previous" that I am not aware of, and I wonder if he also doesn't like the popularity of the lapped courses.  I hadn't realised it, but the guy who said the original comment is an Admin on the group, and so he then started barring a couple of people from the group, which is a bit naughty I suppose.  I can't be doing with all that really, but it does sometimes feel to me that if you say you want do well in terms of chasing a time, that's seen as "elitist" by some in the group (that is the word that was used), which I have to say I do find odd.  It makes no difference to me if they want to run/walk around lots and lots of lapped events, but surely if someone wants to do fewer events and run decent (for them) times, there's nothing wrong with that either?  Anyway, it's all calmed down now I think, but people implied they were going raise official complaints against the Admin...
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Yes she is,she's feeling I'll at the moment so hope it goes as she's been training well.
    Cal-Thats still a good time for that distance.
    Big G-I weighed myself yesterday and I'm basically the same as usual so all good here also.
    Work is really quiet so will finish early and get a bonus run in today.
    Ian - sorry to hear OH is poorly, but she's got 4 weeks to recover and still have a good race.

    Good news for you and Big G re no weight gain.

    Cal - maybe you'll be less tired after this long run than last week.   A good year's mileage for you too. 

    Big G - is that at Dorney Lake?  Reading T/L again? ;) 

    Brilliant that OH 'insisted' on booking up for Malta again.  Good idea to focus on that race, you ran so well there last year, that will give you the mental confidence to set yourself a target there.

    I'm saddened to hear what's kicked off on the 100MC aspiring members FB page. These aren't even club members yet and I wonder do they deserve to be if they can't behave.   It was the newer members of the club that behaved exactly the same on the members FB page and lots of posts removed and at least one person blocked.   It wasn't so much the content that was being posted but the subsequent abuse that was then being directed at some folk.   I'm so glad I'm not in that club any more, I'd be ashamed of them that they don't know how to behave.
    Looks like those that can't be bothered to make any effort during events feel they have to defend themselves by being abusive.  I think I mentioned that the girl that was walking slowly at MK 50km event posted on FB that Beyond the Limitation events were 'elitist', I think she was referring to the 6 hour time limit for the marathon ;) .   They seem so used to walking slowly in these lap events that they don't realise that certainly for a road event the police are likely to impose a time limit and also consideration for marshals having to stand out in the cold etc.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, the one I'm doing is a new one for me.  It's at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit in Minet Country Park, Hayes, Greater London and I've got a different Travelodge about 8-miles from the event.

    I hope I perk up a bit before the event though - I'm still not feeling quite right, and maybe still tired from the long travel day the other day.  I think I'm more than likely going to take a rest day tomorrow.

    Yes, it's a shame about that group.  From what I can see, generally speaking it's very welcoming and people are friendly etc etc.  But sometimes a comment kicks things off, which on the face of it seems like an innocent comment - but like I say, I think possibly there's some "previous" between certain members.  Not sure.  I think also the people that do lots of events by and large do them fairly slowly, and I can understand that as if someone does 50+ a year, they're going to be tired a lot of the time.  But that's a totally different approach/mindset to someone who wants to go out and get a decent time.  I think it just boils down to the fact that different people have different goals.  I think personally I'm just trying to get a balance between doing a few events and targeting some to get a good time.
  • Big G shame people believe that their way/ preference is the right and only way to get to the 100 marathon club.  As far as I can see you only need to do at least 10 UK Road marathons and all within the races time limit.  I (Elle) managed to get the Roadhawks at £40 (plus another 10% off student discount).

    Ian well done on the zero weight gain, I've been awful since being injured and carried on during December.

    Cal well done on 1500 miles for the year, its a big number and managing them with the injuries and niggles will be tough.

    Shades, I've only been logging my miles for 4 years so relatively new school, I dont may much attention to it really other than to see where in the year I am and compare with others. 

    Went out for my last run of the year earlier, felt comfortable 7.3 miles and a few inclines (458ft in total).  Hoping my fitness will return and can run a some quicker miles in the new year as I return to the diet.  Have the stone to lose (the one I lost before the injury) since I've been injured and over the holiday period.  Will be tough but did it before.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    All Shadies, I've just been spending some time to try and find some correlation between training/racing and decent marathon times.  When I did that 3:20 at San Sebastian, I did Drogo 10 the week before, which is a tough, off-road 10-miler.  Although I was pretty pleased with my Drogo time I did find it tiring but I still did well the week after at San Sebastian, and recovered fine.

    With that in mind, two weeks before Malta there is a hilly road Half (Humdinger Half - I've done it before, it's a great race), but two days before Humdinger I've got a UK marathon, which I am planning to still do.  I won't properly "race" the marathon, but do you think it could be too much to do Humdinger Half two days after that marathon and still be okay for Malta?  All being well, my aim is to get to Malta well trained, but feeling fresh.  If it wasn't for the UK marathon, I'd enter Humdinger without a doubt as it's perfect timing in some ways. 

    I suppose only I can say for sure really, but any thoughts?   

    (I have just entered a 5-miler in February too, which will be a good race to aim for to see how I'm doing).
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