Overdone it?



  • Well done on the Christmas mileage everyone! I am also trying to build mileage and managed 46 miles this week despite hosting my family and then GETTING A PUPPY so although I am down a bit on a couple of weeks before I think it is going okay. Also look at his little paws!!!
  • Never overdo it and take time to recuperate
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Well done on the parkrun, pete!

    Good luck tonight, Muddy.

    Nice little dog, Lit. Will he/she be a running buddy?

    I did parkrun saturday. Measured a touch long but managed 18.47 which was 3 seconds off my course pb set 2 weeks before london which involved a slightly shorter course! Pleasing to be at that point at the peak of over indulgence. 

    Off for a mixed pace 14 soon to end year. Will take me to 2080 miles for year which is by far my highest total. 
  •   sarah90 said:
    Never overdo it and take time to recuperate

    Thought this was a spammer, but it's actually a legitimate poster reading her other stuff

    Sage advice :D

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Yes, very sound advice for sure!

    14.3 miles today. 5 easy, 3 at mp, 2 easy, 3 at hmp, 1.3 easy.

    Quite tired now! 
  • That’s a lovely pup Lit.

    Excellent distance covering Pete ;) and well done on getting to a parkrun and putting your foot down.

    Thanks for the good lucks. Race went very well, resulting in a course best of 34.53. The course always measures long. If gps can be believed I went through 10k in 34.14. Still very happy with how it went - I felt stronger as the race went on and turned in 5 min/mile pace for the final 0.33m. Atmosphere was electric, with 10000 people celebrating the new year during the run, and great support on the streets. One for your bucket list folks.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Excellent nose run, Muddy. 

    Bit tight today, particularly lower legs. just back from a 6 mile recovery trudge. 
  • PeteHewPeteHew ✭✭✭
    Great stuff, muddy! Augurs well for 2019 (fingers crossed!) 
    I haven't got a new puppy but I have got a new granddaughter.  May soon be time for some McFlooze-style buggy running  :#

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    muddy - nice racing
    pete - nice granding 
    lit - nice dogging  :)

    Xmas and new year was a total write-off as far as running goes. XMAS eve is mrs m's birthday, XMAS day we cooked for 10 so spent most of the day in the kitchen / getting pissed on violet gin. Then it was 3 days of entertaining friends who were visiting from oop north so one long hangover. When it eventually calmed down i was laid up with man flu.

    So this morning's 5 was my first run for 10 days  :(
  • mace - nice resting  ;)

    Congratulations Pete!
  • Honestly, you post a picture of your cute puppy and then someone immediately trumps it with an actual baby. CONGRATULATIONS Pete!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Congrats, Pete.

    Mace, so many people I know were laid up over xmas with various levels of colds.

    10 miles planned tonight.

    Entered Village Bakery half yesterday so that gives me 2 good cracks at a sub 83 half early on. I am going to struggle to reach a decent weight for the Brass Monkey I think.

  • Congratulations Pete - nice photo.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • That's a great time Muddy - what is your actual 10k PB?

    I have to report that in the last week I have done more running than Mace and proved that I am still faster than Pete so not bottom of the unupdated TTT.

    I parkran on 29th with a friend in 24:14 and then parkran again on my own on 1st in 23:02. Most running I've done in a week for 21 months. The winter course is about 3.25 miles so second effort was reasonable bearing in mind the layoff.

    I expected to have to stop on the second one but my foot held up okay - no reason to get optimistic but a small green shoot perhaps.
  • Skinny - That's brilliant news. You can be my one to watch ;)

    I have to confess to not knowing exactly what my 10k pb is. I had to look it up, it's so long ago - May 2015 - 34.47 at the Market Drayton 10k. Where the heck have the years gone !?  I have a free entry to this years MD10k courtesy of being the 2018 v45 winner ... but it is 2 weeks after London  :#  I think I'll have a scout for a March/April 10k.

    I think probably my WAVA is better for the NYE run than the 2015 run.

    DT - Excellent, will see you there. Can I tempt you into a 10m mudfest a fortnight before at the Stourbridge Stagger too ?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy......'unfortunately' my wife is away that weekend!! Yes your wava will be quite a bit better from what you managed in 2015 for almost the same time.

    Well done, Skinny. Fingers crossed!! You didn't say whether there has been any subsequent foot reaction?

  • DT19 said:

    Well done, Skinny. Fingers crossed!! You didn't say whether there has been any subsequent foot reaction?

    I didn't but there hasn't - I actually did a reasonably long fell walk (Place Fell, Pete) afterwards and no foot pain whatsoever. (It did however hurt a little during the run on 29th). So we'll see but not planning any more running until at least Sunday.
  • Happy New Year everyone.  

    Like mace I didn't manage to get out at all but for a different reason.  I had a rather large blister on the ball of my right foot (I'd forgotten to take off my normal black socks and put my running ones on... doh!)  This was fine but under the blister the skin had a huge crack in it!  It hurt a fair bit to walk on so I just decided to rest up and let it heal.  6.5m completed today and no issues.

    Well done everyone on the mileage, new pets and new additions to their family.

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    End of year review anyone ?

    2018 Stats

    Total Distance2,118.13 mi
    Total Elev Gain94,828 ft
    Average Speed8.1 mph
    Average Heart Rate131 bpm   (72% of max)

    2018 Races (Tally/breakdown)

    20 races (3 non-UKA), 9 parkruns - 3x10 milers, lots of halves, lots of MT, 3 x 10k, 1 marathon, 2 x 5k. 2 pb's at marathon and 10 mile. 

    2018 Achievements

    Marathon pb was ace, after a really short training block focused on distance and marathon effort. I did not expect it or particularly race for it. I also enjoyed my recent 10 mile pb running off the back of that period. The New Year's Eve run felt good too, confirmed that I'm back at previous best fitness after all the travails of 2017.  

    2018 Personal Highlights

    For me it was discovering I could train for and run a marathon and recover from the whole experience fairly swiftly after the nightmare aftermath of London 2017. That training block and race screwed up that year and I vowed never again. Then, all it took was a bit of goading from an old schoolmate and I was back at it in a fairly cursory build up, and a pb bonus too. I did pick up a load of v45 prizes but the best one was the 10m pb one, as it was given to me by a man dressed as a penguin:

    2018 Personal Lowlights 

    Beginning the year still in recovery mode (gluteal tendinitis still bothering, and a virus forcing capitulation at the Brass Monkey half) but then building things up nicely for the spring, whereupon I simply missed out on all my spring races due to the bad weather. I had a couple of races booked in, should one turn out to be un-raceable. The weather organised itself for two windless, crisp and clear weekends either side of both of those races and a shit ton of snow on the weekends when I'd got the races booked in. Grr. The sole all out race product of Spring training was a 59.20 10 mile race.  Early summer was a washout with calf and Achilles issues after a decent 10k on a hot day. Had to skip a fair few races as I rehabbed.

    I don't generally feel down about race times not being all that. In the grand scheme of things it's far from a lowlight. You can't really account for quite of lot of stuff that might hit you on the day, so I don't sweat it.

    2018 Poster of the year

    Sarah90, closely followed by DT’s smartphone, revealing his 2 mike warm up routine. 

    2018 Thread performance(s) of the year

    DT has consistently turned out and his big half day in Liverpool was ruined by a dodgy course adjustment. His London performance in the heat deserves some plaudits. Tommy tackling the Tigers Todger is worth mentioning (just for the alliterative innuendo), so soon after Antwerp. DT again for the York marathon, sub 3 finally in a nail biting style. So that has to win performance of the year.

    2018 Thread moment of the year

    Tommy and Richard sharing a parkrun on the other side of the world (and not realising) !

    2019 Aims & targets 

    Definitely staying consistent. I've got a half in ten days (and then another 5 weeks later) and I think it's about time I got that one out of my system. As I write, I'm in good shape and healthy (touches wood). 

    After that it's the big one again. Yes, I will return to the Hull Marathon in the autumn ! 

    Actually I'm down for London too, so I've got my big training races pencilled in already, and will do a 12 week block rather than the 6 weeks that got me through Hull last year.

    So very broad aims, race the half distance properly. Follow that with two mileage bumps with marathons at the end of them which will sandwich a freewheeling summer then I'll pick a few races in the late Autumn to race. No targets - what will be, will be.

    2019 One to Watch

    Well Mace is back. DavidH is making great strides. Skinny is looking like he's back. DT has a new training approach. Pete is banging out the kilometers. But already I've witnessed some intense training kicking off in the Leamington Spa area. So, everyone, watch out for McFlooze.

  • End of year review

    2018 Stats

    Total DistanceLess than 100 miles

    2018 Races (Tally/breakdown)

    3 parkruns 

    2018 Achievements


    2018 Personal Highlights

    I managed to run a full parkrun on my 50th birthday celebrations with a couple of friends and beat them both in 22:26.

    The 360 degree assessment was quite a lot of fun too.

    2018 Personal Lowlights 

    Foot blah blah.

    2018 Poster of the year

    DT and Muddy have kept the thread going all year but they are also the ones with all the performances so fuck them - in this category I'm going for Pete.  

    2018 Thread performance(s) of the year

    DT going sub 3 because he was close to ready to run it at London and he was sensible. It's good to see someone reach a goal they have aimed for and dedicated a lot of time towards achieving.

    Muddy (hmmm spoilt for choice between his 14 second Marathon PB and his 8 second 10 mile PB) - I'l go for the 8 second 10 mile PB.

    2018 Thread moment of the year

    Tommy and Richard sharing a parkrun on the other side of the world (and not realising)!

    Also delighted that McFlooze has managed to start running again.

    2019 Aims & targets 

    In the real world I'd like to be able to run for 20 minutes 3 times a week.

    In the crazy world of dreams maybe a sub 20 5k is a possibility.

    2019 One to Watch

    Muddy is clearly in the shape of his life at however old he is (nearly 50 I think) - will be great to see him smash a few really good PBs out in next 12 months.

    (Oh and obviously Lit's dog)

  • Great post muddy.  I'll post some stats purely because I want to smash them come the end of this year.

    Total Distance 567 miles (470 of these miles done between June-December)
    Total Elev Gain 17,507 ft

    2018 Achievements
    Getting back under 20min for 5k in a relatively short space of time and a pb to boot.  

    2019 aims & targets
    LLHM at the end of March and a time of 1:35.  Above this I'm aiming to be consistent with my training and to do it sensibly.  I have only just started down this road and realise it'll take years of conditioning before the real results come.  That's fine.  Remaining keen will be key too and to have fun, meet new people and not to let inevitable poor performances bother me.

    Sub 19min 5k without a doubt.

    2019 One to Watch
    All of you.  You've all been a great inspiration and have offered so much help and advice.  Thanks for welcoming me into this community :blush:
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    I don't know how to get all the fancy stats, however in 2018 I ran 2088 miles. A 300 mile plus increase on 2017 and 600 up on 2016.

    2018 races

    23 Races (inc 2 non UKA)- 8 Parkruns (7/8 sub 19 which in itself feels like progress as going into the year I had only posted 2 at sub 19), Midlands rd relays (5.88k), 1 x 5 miler, 3 x 10k, Welsh Castles Relay (7.6m), 1 x 10 miles, 6 halfs (including the ill fated short Liverpool) and 2 marathons.

    2018 Achievements

    Minor pb's at 5k and half marathon and of course the sub 3 marathon I have been chasing for 2.5 years. I also put in really good performances for my club in the road relays and welsh castles which will have put me on the radar a bit. I also got an age group prize at a 10k.

    Also taking my wava over 75% was pleasing as was getting my RB handicap down to 3.2

    Personal Highlights

    You can repeat the above I guess.

    Personal Lowlights

    1. Being injured in January.

    2. Much like Muddy, the weather conspiring against me for my big races seemingly all year. I felt I was in really good shape for Bath Half only for it to snow and then equally I get to London in great shape only for a complete freak heatwave to hit.

    3. Travelling to Liverpool whilst still in good shape in March and actually getting good conditions and running it at sub 83 pace, only to find a last minute course change had led to a measurement error leaving it circa 400m short.

    Poster of the year

    Whilst there are ad hoc reappearances from everyone, if it wasn't for Muddy (sorry David you haven't quite been posting long enough) I would often be talking to myself.

    Thread performance

    I've been pleased to watch David listen to people and progress to sub 20 5k. But I will go with Muddy's recent mara pb.

    Thread moment

    The random Tommy/Richard incident.

    2019 Aims and Targets

    1. Not get injured.

    2. Keep enjoying the daily grind.

    3. A sub 83 half.

    4. To run sub 3 at London, but if not, just again this year.

    I have the same 2 half maras as Muddy booked over January and February so I have a really good chance to bank goal 3 early doors.

    One to watch

    I think it would be very easy to name David as he is on a new runner curve and also mcf, mace, Lit as they launch comebacks. However Muddy's recent 10k and 10 miler suggest he is on the crest of something. Whilst his gains are unlikely to be as great as others (due to the level he is already at), to be pushing 50(;-)) and be there is great.

  • Skinny, I'm watching my puppy like a hawk too in case he needs taking outside for a wee (it's been nearly half an hour). Great to hear you have been able to run again!
  • I'm 48.5 you bastards  :expressionless:;)
  • Not a poster on this thread (I drift in and out of the 'New Matures' and 'Over 60s' threads as I'm an old git) but I just thought I'd say how much I enjoyed reading your various reviews of the year.
  • Hello John, you're very welcome here; Pete's an old git too and we like him.
  • Thanks, but I think I better belong on a thread bearing the title 'Underdone it'!
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Mileage - not a clue ... maybe 500 ?

    Races - none. Not even a parkrun. Infact i have still to race as a V50 and i'll be 53 in the summer !!

    Highlights - i'd say none but it does feel good being able to run more than 15 miles now and again

    Lowlights - constantly battling to get back some fitness whilst fighting the chimp and the CNBA fairy

    Poster - i'll go with muddy this year. I like his attitude to training.

    Performance - obviously muddy's mara pb, but, and i missed this completely as i appear to have been abroad when it happened nd didn't read back when i re-appeared, my performance of the year goes to DT on finally achieving his sub-3 ......  CONGRATULATIONS !!! 

    2019 Aims - a race .. any race !! To get round VMLM 

    One to watch - err, for the benefit of all i'll decline to curse anybody this year !!

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    Cheers folks. Hello John thanks for the compliments. Nice to know that the thread has a wider audience and is not the stuff of self indulgence. Having said that .. allow me to self indulge and think aloud ...

    My last 10 days since recovering from a cold have been:

    Boxing Day - 6.3m fartlek
    27th - 6.8m rolling hills progressing effort
    28th - 5.7m easy
    29th - 10.4m easy with strides
    30th - 4.4m easy
    31st - 10.2m with 10k race
    1st - 5.2m recovery
    2nd - 10m w 5m marathon effort
    3rd - Rest
    Today -14m with 5k marathon effort

    I felt tired so didn’t do as much marathon effort as I thought might be feasible today. I’ll do a couple more short-ish easy runs to round off the week, then take a couple of rest days next week in the run up to the Brass Monkey and do some light sessions like 3 x 1m half effort and 6 x 400 10k pace in amongst recovery paced and easy running. What’s your schedule like DT ?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Thanks, Mace! it was nail biting stuff. 

    Hi John!

    Big session today. 3 at hmp, 90s, 1 at 10kp, 3 mins, repeat. Thought I'd set myself up for a sufferfest when mile 1 came in 6.12, so deliberately tried to scale back with a 6.22 then a 6.15. 6.06 for the 10k pace mile and a nice rest. Then 6.15, 6.19 and 6.15. i couldnt make my legs go fast for last 10kp mile and came in 6.13. 11 miles in total with wu and cd. I didnt get much work done this pm!

    Tomorrow is spin and sunday an easy 14.

    Next week is-

    Monday- 5 easy
    Tuesday- 10 x 2 mins off 90 seconds at hmp.
    Wednesday- 7 easy
    Thursday- rest
    Friday 5 miles easy with strides.
    Saturday- rest. 
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