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    Drove the 40mins or so over to the club to do a 6x4mins hill loop session tonight.

    3 anticlockwise, and 3 clockwise.  The latter has the steepest hill, but starts downhill, whereas the former starts up hill, and you rejoin the hill lower down and then re-do the original climb right at the end!

    Ironically, given my like of talking zones, and times, a hill loop session is harder to gain much info on either and takes the form of just hard training.

    For what it's worth tho, the anti clockwise came out avs of 5.53, 5.53, 6.04

    and the clockwise came out 5.48,5.48, 5.43.

    I can only imagine that on the 6.04, i'd eased off near the end and started jogging back down too quick.

    I guess those splits show the clockwise version is faster, as when you scale the peak it's flat and a straight smash down

    Good sesh, 8.5m banked, 12.5 in 2019 so far. We're off again!

  • It's simple Stevie, I don't usually plan to do intervals because I'm usually strapped for time, but sometimes, I go "hmm, so I thought I might do 30 mins at threshold (effort) but now I've warmed up I've realised I'll be biting off more than I can chew". So with a reservoir 1.5 miles around, I'll do 3 laps at that effort, taking a break when I feel like I need one, for as long as I need.

    Strava helpfully gives you trend analysis on segments, so I can compare against previous attempts. If I'm trending faster on segments for the same effort, all good. If not, I've got a dollop of training stimulus and lodged another data point for the trend analysis. Still all good.

    I have read 'Training for the right distance' thoroughly and much of this thread (and widely elsewhere) and I can't quarrel with much of it. So I am speaking slightly tongue in cheek about my understanding of pace zones. I should really say I know of them and apart from finding them over-complicated, I feel much happier working off effort as I'm less likely to find myself in an over-reaching scenario, as I'm always training based off my current fitness.

    Sounds like a decent hill session. That's my go to for a session whenever time is short as there's a perfect quarter mile hill right outside my door.

  • Muddy - I think the TMI might be me regarding the poo stops in reps ;)

    I'll try and get a little review done at lunchtime. Did a few parkruns over xmas - Poole on the 29th, steady 18.30 with my Sunday trainers on - was 27th, so decent turn out.

    Did the MK double yesterday - Linford wood first, started quite a bit back, ended up 6th in 17.55 - then jogged the 2 miles to Willen Lake - managed to be the 'first finisher' in 16.34. Well happy with that as it's not a brilliant course with the zig zag halfway round. A guy asked for directions at the start as the announcer said he might do sub 15! I went past him in the last K and he said he was saving himself for a race at the weekend.

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    You have different trainers for each day of the week Simon?!
    Cracking 2nd parkrun there!

    7.3M in the dark to the station this morning, trying my new Alpkit Qark headtorch. It's good, but not perfect would be my summary! My NAO is better, but quite a bit heavier and was 5 times the price, so mustn't grumble!

    Got out of the shower at work to find that some bastard had stolen my belt! (left in shower room). It was a nice, new leather one, so now I'm walking around with my trousers falling down whilst looking for a skinny tea leaf! Cost me nearly £20 - the fecker!!!
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    End year report

    Mileage: 1417 running, 4822 cycling (1851 road, 2971 hybrid)

    Races: [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] plus parkrun nearly every week, 4 club 10k time trials, 1 duathlon, 2 relays, 5 XC's 

    Achievements: 1 parkrun 1st (Crane), 1st in Age Cat at Gosport HM & Overton 5, 2nd in Age Cat at Staines 10k and Fleet 10k, 3rd in Age Cat at Fleet HM 

    Highlights: Coming back well in Autumn/winter, especially Fleet 10k, Gosport HM and the xc's

    Lowlights: 1st 5 months being so injury plagued; a poor HM at Fleet and a succession of disappointing 10k's  

    Poster of year: Dachs's always amuse, even if you're on the end of the ribbing

    Performance of the year: Hard to say; if a plural then definitely Simon; as a one off (or make that two off!) then Dean for his track golds. Honourable mentions to Muddy here too for incredible times (brilliant age grades) and Wool for big improvements, especially at HM 

    Thread quirk:  Has to be SG for posting a) such trivia about the pre-race and b) mind boggling levels of detail of the actual race. Particularly nice when I've done the same race as I can't remember much of them at all, so good to find out what I have run :)  

    Thread moment: Bit left field but for me when SG called out the lurkers and there was such a strong response; though some have dropped off from regular posts Muddy and StevieWh are very good additions. Would be great to get some female perspectives on here though too. 

    Aims & targets for 2019: Not going to make any as I've decided to just take running as it comes at my age. Had a look at last year's and missed them all (too ambitious in hindsight) and think the aim of a sub 38 10k was actually messing with my mind too much in the Jun-Aug period when I couldn't get much under 40.   

    One to watch: StevieWh; going great for someone so new to the sport

    One to hear more of: Definitely Dachs; his posts seem to increase in quality and humour year on year but decrease in frequency. I also really like Aley's posts; never heard him write anything other than great sense and has vast experience to share. Joe Spraggs an interesting addition too with a different perspective to most.   

    Improvements: More contributors especially some female ones (Lit used to be very interesting but seems to have largely stopped posting). Agree with Muddy that over detailing the sessions and reps gets a bit boring but if it helps those that do it then no big deal, easy to gloss over. 

    Overall a big thank you to all of you. This thread definitely helps me with the experience, honesty and constructive criticism (laced with "banter") shared by all. Particular thanks to SG for controlling it all and being the most prolific correspondent ;) 

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    Nice one Pete. You're always a pleasure to read and meet with, and very much in the Bus school of good guys to know.
    You turn out exceptionally well in your category, and I'd be delighted to be in the same mixer if/when I get there.

    Ealing Mile Friday?

    On another note, I think Muddy would have had an outside shout for more performance of the year comments if he hadn't reported it after some of the reports were up :) A sub 35 as a mid category V45 is truly terrific, and I think it's only because we have high performers like Dean/Simon on here that it doesn't stand out a mile well as getting a chuckle for painting himself as some casual, yet going abroad to seek out a fast race ;)

    Muddy what you do works very well for you. Especially as it seems like you barely ever do any running quicker than threshold!  Flexible, and as it comes on any given day - nothing to argue with there.

    I actually largely did similar for two spells leading to my best races last year. Club sessions that were either like last night, or just a general 4min x whatever reps, without aiming for a specific time especially. That and plenty of 15s saw a good half marathon result

    And in the summer, yes I worked to a plan of 8-10 5k sessions or so with "vague" ideas of what the rep may come out as , but pretty much just smashed them as it came too. And that led to some nice 5ks.

    So my approach is not quite as set as it sometimes appears. I think people put it down to some sort of weird stubbornness that "My" way is right, when in reality, this whole thread was me following completely someone else's approach, plus obvs the Johnas approach, the 5k plan (from an old club mate), club sessions, and the odd little snippet like Ric's 30x200m session.

    My "stubborn" approach was more everything pre 2010, which I can summarise in one way - that I must have been so used to doing runs too hard, that when Moz said easy starts at 7.20, no quicker, that 7.20 actually felt like I was barely moving! A feeling even much faster down the line, I never get at that pace now!

    Next summer I aim to at some point, try the approach of really fast longer reps, but with either tiny amounts of reps, or very long recoveries, as per Aley's advice.

    Although I won't be doing any 3min 1ks :) Or if I did, it'd be the one!!

  • End year report - Going to be short!!

    Mileage: Yeah right ;) - Sorry to be controversial - but find this utterly pointless (not that I wouldn't be 'interested' to know), but that's it.

    Races: God knows - 4 x 100m relay to half marathon

    Achievements: 6th World V45 1500m final, 2nd in southern masters xc, 2nd fastest HM in 73.50, fastest 800m for years (2.05), 15.38 at the MK 5,000M night

    Highlights: Malaga was a great experience, although a bit tactically naïve, masters xc

    Lowlights: tripped on way to a c8.55 3,000m at Bedford. Still angry.

    Poster of year: Dachs again for me - so dry. Ric also for reflection on a couple of his own posts

    Performance of the year: SW for Abingdon - Dean for his indoors golds in Madrid. Asstated, Muddy is good too

    Thread quirk:  Can't think

    Thread moment: That one - best not going over it again. Good that it got sorted out

    Aims & targets for 2019: Sub 9 in Poland in March, trying for a Masters track medal later in the year. Sub 2.05 800m AS USUAL! 

    One to watch: SW and Dean

    One to hear more of:  Everyone...but yes Dachs is funny - Matt too.

    Improvements: Fine as it is

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    Lol on the mileage Simon; I'm in your camp really; I do record it for posterity but didn't know what it was till I added up the jottings in an old diary to do my report. 

    SG; thought about Ealing but it comes a bit soon after the pr double really. Maybe next month. Am keen to try out my VF's though so hope you do it and can give some feedback.  Re your question a while back I forgot to respond to, it was really easy to park on the roads adjacent to Lammas Park in Dec and I've never had a problem anytime (as you mentioned the restrictions still allow middle of the day parking).  Having said that if I were you, I would just wear the VF's for a mile warm up, do the race then swap for your w-d as you're probably best getting a feel for them on the surface before the racing starts. 
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    I did see there's a proper carpark a stone's throw away. Only has about 28 spaces, but would probably feel more satisfactory than the intimidating threats of fines and various different signs!

    Will see how it goes, and whether I go first! Probably wise with the mile warm up, but we've had it rammed down our throats about the limited shelf life, so have to minimise every drop :)

    Feels lazy having a day off today. Probably only because I'm still off work until next Tue (!)

    It shouldn't do otherwise, with that 75miler seeing off a big last 3 weeks, plus no rest day since the 20th Dec. Makes sense to have an easier week every 4 or so, that's something of Moz's principles I don't always do.

    Mee Meep, who posted in the early days, and still has the odd read through, reported a mid 36 10k on New Year's day in the Vaporflys on a no doubt windy run. That's a 1min pb. 3 years since his last 10k, and he's probably also on the up as well, but is into V40 territory so it's no given, so another promising outcome.

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    Pete - I finished just ahead of a club mate of yours at Upton on Tuesday. He sat down next to me and started to tell me how pleased he was to have finished close to me, how you tell him about my approach to training and racing. I shook his hand with a smile on my face and said something along the lines of ‘well, you know I’m Paul, what’s your name’. He looked a bit puzzled and then said ‘really, you’re not Rob Foster?!’.

    I hurried off for a warm-down in short order....

    I slogged out 19:14 on the back of a few beers and a reasonably late night. Hard to think that had a massive effect but in all honesty I was terrible. It’s not that unusual for me to perform poorly on a non-target event (19:40 at Bracknell ffs, 2 weeks after a 17:48!) or be a bit off early in a winter training campaign but defo something to watch out for.

    I hope the 2 that drove down specially from Scotland for the Bushy / Upton double ran well. They set off at 4am apparently. There is really some serious parkrun muppetry our there. Actually, 4am doesn’t even sound early enough does it?

    SG - James was pissed with me last time around so I thought I’d start there. Maybe see if I can do something better than a 19:14 parkrun before I turn organiser though, I don’t particularly want to organise a team I can’t get in!
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    Wool - you have the opportunity to stitch Rob up there and say and do some stupid stuff :D. Should have got a pen out and signed his vest or something.

    There's some people in racing you know will put a consistent performance in. With someone like Rob, if you're getting close to him, it might well be because he's just got there after a 10 hour shift on the town :)

    Wouldn't worry about your 19.14 at all!  If you did the insane 16miler or even double, then even less so. But off that sleep and "Intake" on a no doubt not exactly super firm course, nothing to worry about at all.

    Similarly, comparing the Bracknell and Upton isn't a fair one either. Upton that day was at its firmest, you had plenty of competition around (unlike usually there), and you had the big shoes on. Whereas Bracknell they tell me is some awkward offroader, where you may not have had the competition, and definitely wouldn't have had the shoes!

    Can't be too long before the relay fan fare builds up, being around 2 months away.  Will be interesting to see if much selection is needed, or whether it turns out only 12 or so are up for it!

    On current form, I'm certainly competing for the 6 short leg places only!

    Knowing Rob, he'll be talking about having 2 teams :)

    But all in, the potential of 12 stage southerns/nationals, vets relays and Endure 24 has a lot of promise for some good trips.

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    That's a great story Wool but also a weird one as I have actually told him far more about you than Rob F in recent times😁

    I have been banging on about VF's and how you are a big advocate and the main reason SG and I have now joined that particular party! I have also told him how you can seem to really turn it on when you want to, like that Upton pr and Slough HM, but don't feel the need or desire to race loads. Can't recall telling him anything about Rob F' s methods other than he likes a beer or 10 and still runs extremely well unless way overweight! 

    Btw agree with SG; Bracknell a good 90 secs harder than UC as a course. Your low 18 at Crane recently a much better barometer.  I was 18'53 there NYD and very pleased with that, but still well behind your level. 
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    Some excellent end of year reports, and thanks for the all the mentions of one to watch. Bit of pressure on now!

    Muddy - Cracking 10k race, I've added that to my race list. Can definitely swing a new years trip to Barcelona with the other half! Will you be doing Birmingham 10k? That's going to be my post Manchester target

    First run of the year last night with a 6m tempo. Average of 6.31 which is alright considering I've barely ran the last two weeks.

    2018 review to follow :)

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    2018 Mileage - Circa 1600 (my Garmin and Strava have different totals)

    2018 Races - 3 x Half Marathon, 2 x Marathon, 1 x 10k, 3 x Parkrun

    2018 Achievements - First marathon at London. Going sub 3 at Abingdon, and getting my half PB at Cheltenham.

    2018 Personal Highlights - Abingdon. Was fairly confident I could go sub 3 but didn't imagine I could execute it so well and pick up so much from mile 16. Mile 26 being my fastest was definitely a highlight!

    Cheltenham Half - Fantastic race and course and was really pleased to run 1.22.50 when I thought 1.23 was my absolute limit

    2018 Personal Lowlights - not a massive one but was slightly disappointed not to do a sub 18 5k. However all my training is geared towards the longer races so its ok.

    2018 Poster of the year - Has to be SG for the huge amount of detail and enthusiasm he throws into everything. He must be dizzy the amount of track laps he does!

    2018 Thread performance(s) of the year - Dean and Simon for their World masters achievements. Also love Simons commitment to the beer and running!

    2018 Favourite Thread quirk of the year (a few examples) - SG for his 20 page race reports on a 5 minute race!

    2018 Thread moment of the year - Dean and Simons reports from the World masters.

    2019 Aims & targets - Only one goal for me - Sub 2.45 marathon and get on the London championship start for 2020

    2019 One to Watch - Muddy and Dean should have good years

  • Cheers Pete and SW, going to be good year hopefully. Perhaps I ought not to ham up the drinking so much as I don’t really drink THAT much tbh! Got the ‘First four minutes’ book by Roger Bannister for coming 3rd in the training handicap race from my coach. Good bit on it about not getting too hung up on the detail. Quite funny..2nd paragraph. 
  • Really enjoyed all of the year end reports - thanks for the nice words about myself, thoroughly undeserved I can assure you. I'll make it my new years resolution to post on here more.

    Did a steady amount of training over Christmas, with my 3rd annual Christmas Day marathon taking place on the 25th of December (odd that?). Luckily, with a girlfriend who spends Christmas with her family, and a family that don't really love me, I can get out guilt free and run some miles around the mean streets of Bishop's Stortford. Always enjoy running down the empty roads and working up an appetite for the rest of the day. I was the first (and only) finisher. 

    Also did the New Year's Day Triathlon in Edinburgh. Never up for it, and always cave and have multiple beers the night before, no matter how much I tell myself I'm not going to. Probably the least fit I've been in the last 3 years, but muscle memory saw me around to a 3rd place finish. I've been 3rd-2nd-3rd in the last 3 years so I'm already going backwards :D 

    With that resolution in mind, let me see if I can rustle up an end of year report..
  • End year report

    Mileage: 1824 running, 6716 cycling, 256 swimming (thought I'd add the cycling and swimming so it didn't seem like I was being lazy..)

    Races: 1 x 1 mile, Parkrun x 28, 1 x 5km, 1 x 5 mile, 4 x 10km, 2 x HM, 2 x marathon, 2 x ultra, 3 x XC, 2 x sprint triathlon, 1 x olympic triathlon, 1 x half ironman, 2 x ironman, 1 x duathlon

    Achievements: Qualified and raced at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, fulfilling a lifetime ambition in the process. Meeting SG at the Battersea park mile relays. Unsure of what order these go. Winning the Brighton and Hove triathlon. 

    Highlights: Qualifying for the Ironman Worlds at Bolton with my family and friends all present and part of the day. Getting my mum into running - she's just broken 30 mins for 5km at the age of 55, despite never running a step in her life. 

    Lowlights: Watching my running deteriorate in the last few months, so I can now only hold PB marathon pace for at most 5km, in a race. 

    Poster of year: Honestly can't single someone out, I really enjoy the different personalities on this thread, it's what makes it so good. 

    Performance of the year: Can't look past Simon and Dean's world class efforts. 

    Thread quirk:  SG's race reports. 

    Thread moment: Despite not being around for a long time, the tuna bagel thing had me absolutely cracking up. Golden. 

    Aims & targets for 2019: Need to make my mind up quickly. Signed up for Challenge Roth (another ironman) in July, but really want to get my running back to what it was. Love running but feel like I've got unfinished business in triathlon. Dilemma. 

    One to watch: Reg. I don't think he's scratched the surface yet, and if he goes injury free I think it's scary how fast he could go. 

    One to hear more of: Echo comments about Dachs, really enjoy his reports and input. 

    Improvements: More car parking stories. Thread meet up at some point. I'm game. 

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    Hey Simon - just what I don't need at the moment is the legend that is RB advising me to drink beer :smile: (on my longest stretch of no alcohol for about 5 years after two days :smile: )

    Quality end of year reports Joe and SW. Must start following your Blog Joe...
    SW - that's a big aim for the marathon, but with focus and commitment and the improvements you've made, could be doable, so good luck!

    Forecast for -4C first thing tomorrow. That's the temperature point where I start thinking about running tights I'm afraid. I don't like to, but hanging around waiting for a train either end makes it a bit more essential.....

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    That's ever so slightly a big aim sw! Needing quicker than your current hm but for twice the disto!! Don't limit things though, see how it pans out.

    Great stuff joe. Chuckled a good few times. You left the year's turnouts at 51! Should have squeezed something else in.

    Wokingham should be a decent thread effort without especially planning one. Otherwise battersea park will I'm sure bring a few chances.

    10 for me up to Beaconsfield and back after a day off yesterday. Threw 10 strides in spaced out. Bout 6.57 pace average all in which probably makes sense. First half is up so the second half can be enjoyed.

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    SG - Got to aim high haven't you! I've got two cracks at it and I'm coming off a much better base then I was last year. Going to make a couple of changes like focusing better on nutrition and recovery as I up my miles, also make sure I get some fuel in at work before my sessions. I believe I can do it so that's step 1!

    Bus - I'm already in running tights! Seem to have lost my cold resistance so they are on as soon as it gets to about 3C!

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    As long as you don't pretend they're called leggins, Bus, I think -4 is an acceptable breaking point.

    Enjoying the EOYRs, starting to feel a bit of pressure seeing my name on the ones-to-watch a few times.

    You've had a great year Joe, sounds like the key thing for you is to decide what it is you want out of 2019.

    Wool, I ran Bracknell and Woodley in consecutive weeks last year 18:53/17:31. Went a bit harder at Woodley but agree with Pete and SG on your Bracknell, it's a slow course.

    Love the targets SW, too often I see sandbagging (Joe ;) on marathon targets but looks like you've set yourself a proper step-up.

    Si, if you ever dump that Casio for a post-war watch you may find the reason to make reference to your mileage. Enjoyed the review.

    10.5 easy yesterday rest day today. Going for a walk I think.

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    been crazy busy so late getting this together.  

    End of Yr report

    Mileage 2158m  elevation approx 5ft

    Races: 27.  6*800,  7*1500, 2*3000, 1*5000, 2*5k road, 2*parkrun, 4*XC, 3*10k

    Achievements: Apologies for photo again but i think the look on my face says it all :)

    • 2* European indoor champs gold v45 (800m &1500) including breaking the Championship record in the 1500 which had stood since the late 90's  
    • 2* british indoor champs golds (800&1500m)  
    • 1* World champs silver 1500m.  
    • 3* xc north staffs awards,  
    • V45 course record Hanley Parkrun (the one i really wanted ;))
    • for the WAVA enthusiasts, a yr high 91.75 plus 5 over 90 and a load of 89.X.  including a not targeted 5k of 89.85.
    • Ranked #1 in the world for 1500m indoor & 2nd on the All time UK rankings.  and 1st indoor and outdoor in the UK.  on that UK list after myself and simon is 2 times olympian in third, the world 1500m champ in 4th and a former commonwealth games athlete in 5th.  

    Highlights: was the indoor season concluding at the Euro champs.  Tactically i nailed every race and everything went as i had dreamed.  its rare that ever happens. so i probably took too long after "celebrating" and getting out of shape but was worth it.  Also meeting Dachs briefly in Malaga...great to put a face to the legend.

    Lowlights: "only" getting silver at the worlds.   As you can see from the rankings above, Mark who won gold set a PB in that final and was 6.5 seconds slower than i ran in March.  I was flying in training in some of my sessions i was faster than i was at indoors.  Then the virus struck me down and i never recovered. losing 9lbs in weight in 3 days and a full week bed rest killed me.  i tried so hard to get it back but it wasnt there and a summer best time of 4.12 is way below where i have been for many years.  I got lucky in the world final and came close to pulling off a smash and grab but Mark was the best man on the day and deserved his glory.  But anyone who saw me trying to sprint finish in that and the semi final could tell i was a shadow.  That might be my best/only chance of world gold and i blew it.

    Poster of the yr:  3 people stand out.  Aley for his wisdom and support across the board, Ric for his often razor sharp observations but out on his own is Bus.  i like his style.  particularly when getting a few sharp observations sent his way from Ric (all meant in good spirit im sure) and he handles them with class.

    Performance of the Yr:  A shout out to StevieW for his abo race buits its joint between Dachs 15.25 5k (thread best this yr) PB & Simon  for a combination of excellence, volume and consistency in races. 

    Thread quirk: car parking shenanigans from SG and i think Reg touched on this, the constant references to IK in Simons reps.  Is Ian that well known to the thread to get that many mentions? :smiley:

    thread moment: normally this would be something Dachs has done but my memory is failing me thinking of an example. Reg's posts are often funny and on point so has taken on dachs mantle this yr.  also  SG's tunagate and simons brief race reports whether is a double park run or an international race get the 3 lines of detail.... if you are lucky. :)  

    Aims and targets for 2019:   podium @ World indoor champs in poland in march, plus 5k 10k PBs on the road.  They will get the focus in the 2nd half of the yr.

    ones to watchStevieW - feel like he is only just started.   Dachs to rise again with strong performances. Pete  and Muddy will get strong vet results too. Also Reg if he decides to focus on just running rather than paddling and peddling

    One to hear more ofMuddy. Like his approach and style.
  • Reg - my Casio is unlikely to change - I do admit I might be slightly interested in the yearly mileage, I've probably done 2.5k

    Dean - only type the reports at work. Time is money and all that ;)

    Bus - Just follow the master. You know it makes sense!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Simon, you've probably done 2.5k in just races alone :D

    That IK fella, he raced the London marathon as an elite didn't he? That was when I realised why he gets mentioned so often! Imagine training with that level of clubmate!

    That's one heck of a haul there Dean. A nice year's work indeed. No reason you can't add similar to the trophy wheelbarrow year in year out either.

      3.32 pb for that Whiteman guy !, so probably well under 4 for a full mile (a distance I can understand more!). Just plain bonkers.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    ps well remembered on the Dachs 15.25 5k. That's lightening, but obviously too long ago for some of our feeble memories to recall!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    whiteman ran a sub 4 min mile as a 40 yr old.  a different beast. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    It's funny some of the scrolling through on fairly random running people you can do when you have a minute.

    I'd first heard of this guy James Thie from him winning the Murder Mile I did in 2017. Welsh International, commonwealth games at peak.

    Came up on some FB post from a mutual runner pal in the area's feed the other day.

    Still did a 4.23 mile as a (newly) 40 year old on the road last year.

    And looking at the results, what a ridiculous front end standard for what must surely be classed a fairly low key race of just 165 runners

    Front 3 must have had one hell of a burn up!

  • SG - don't panic lad, just realised I missed out that hilly 10 mile race I did as part of a wedding weekend. So that'll take it nicely up to 52. Funny thing is, I thought I'd done so much less this year. Most of the parkruns weren't 'raced' though, I'm one of those hippies that turns up and jogs around 'chatting' with mates. Disgraceful, I know.

    Dean - That report puts the rest of us to shame. I'll pack my bags now.

    10 miles this morning. Need to get some fitness back and shift some weight. Was running 16:57 for 5km last summer, and at the moment I'm in about 18:20 shape. Work to be done. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    A tidy one a week. We'd also have allowed 50, as we do like round numbers in these here parts.

    Of course, now we've snuck into 2019, you need to change "Last summer" to, 2 summers ago :) There's no time to lose anymore!

    I see Dulwich is your pb too. I covered off 5ks at most of the places I wanted last year, but Dulwich just didn't happen. Will have to put that right at some stage.

    The PO10 blank 2019 column is both motivating and concerning. An empty canvas, but the realisation you've done utterly jack so far.

    Will try and get at least 6 or 7 different rows filled this 6year.

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭

    Great report Dean, some fantastic achievements!

    SG thanks for that link, that race isn't far from me so I might do it this year! Although I find 5k races too short so a mile race will be torture!

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