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  • Cheers StevieG, I am often mistaken for a 47.5 year old, which pleases me no end at 48.5 :) Yes, I did consider your Wokingham half result as your stand out run and according to McMillan that's worth a mid 34 10k too. I wouldn't characterise your use of different approaches as stubborn by the way; you’ve been far more experimental than me. It’s a big leap of faith for me, committing to, essentially, someone else’s plan. I think consulting your own history of improvements and tailoring is a good way to go.

    As for not doing much beyond threshold, I think I touched on it earlier in the thread, but I'm very light on speed work and it’s very informal if I do it. I do work in a race phase before a target race though. I like the approach of Livingstone which is Lydiard backed up with research. I don't recall there being plans in that book, just advice and principles, which have indeed worked for me.

    10m with 5 around marathon effort for me yesterday. A classic weekly staple, felt a bit laboured to begin with 2 days post race, but I loosened up.

    StevieWh - The date for Birmingham 10k seems to work well, and it’s a month after London so it could be a go-er. I’ll have to wait until after London to commit as it’s expensive to enter.

    I think IK is from Hull (something in the water up there ;) ) as I remember doing a parkrun there one Christmas and he was already about a quarter of a mile ahead around half a mile in ! Think he was wearing diving boots too.
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    cheers all and thanks for some mentions in your reports too.  Enjoyed reading back everyones reports, its great that we have everything from fells, track to marathons covered on this thread...and plenty of vets still chasing times down.

    SG - you just had me panic and quickly open up Po10 to check the rankings. Not that i care about those things ;)  to see what James Thie had done on the track for a mile as a v40 and wher is he on the all time UK ranking.   but my 4.22 still stands ahead of him so im in 4th and he is in 5th.  however , and you touched on his previous calibre, he will probably dislodge me soon enough.   but that road race would have been a great watch seeing 3 come in all on the dip.

    -4 tomorrow?  thank god i have started indoor training at the Etihad i will be in a vest, indoors nice and cosy.  lovely!
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    Muddy - I used to use that McMillan race calc a lot, and I was always blown away by what it reckoned I should be doing for the short races versus achieved long ones!

     I'm sure at times it's given me 16.25-16.30 type fare, which I've obviously just about been within 30secs off a few times.

    My 2 x mid 34 10ks gave a 75.41 half, so I think i'd struggle to match McMillan off a low 77.

    Having said that, clearly as well as probably not having squeezed 5k quite as much as the other distances potential wise, I did have a load of goes at 5k last year, whereas I've done only 1 either 5m/10k in 2018! It no doubt helps to have a few goes at a distance, to learn it a bit more, and in case weather or vagaries of life kick in.

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    Dean - I hadn't even thought of that, I thought as he's only just turned 40, you have that 5 year comfort blanket to never be in the same category!

    He looks to coach one heck of a cast on his PO10 account, so I think you're safe  on that particular record, as long as he doesn't randomly dip into this thread on this page :D

    Have to be careful sometimes though, as Bus once told me he was greeted by some local face in our area, who has run for her country, who has never posted on this forum as far as I'm aware,  who referred to me as my forum name!! That's disturbing!

    Hopefully won't be too windy at the Ealing mile tomorrow. Last year was fairly windy on one half of the route, and saw me record a 5.08. That actually stayed as my fastest "1M" for the year, on po10, as the Gosport one was a wall of wind, and 5.10
    Gosport is actually a good 4-5 seconds quicker of a course, so that 5.10, in faster form really says it all about that wind that day :(

    Luckily, I know I put a 4.57 shift in at the relay, but that has to count as a different category unfortunately!

    However, just looking forward to a fun little turnout, justifying this ridiculous amount of time off work I've taken with a little trip,  and get the Datchet 2019 album started up in earnest :) As well as obviously, trying the Vaporflys out in a  mileage conscious manner!

    On a pansy level, I did about 15mins of weights and core last night. Gentle stuff, low reps, very low weights.

    But I can certainly feel even that in my stomach and shoulders today! What a pansy!

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    Sorry. Never mind.
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    Great report Dean - very impressive stuff (show off :smiley:). And thanks :blush:

    Most impressive thing about IK is not his international prowess, but must surely be his Aylesbury Strava segments. Especially the one he took off me by accident, which I then went out and took back just for the pleasure of knowing we would get an email saying "Uh Oh you just lost your course record on Thame Road to Bourg Walk Bridge to The Bus".  Clearly he was just cruising as part of a longer run and wouldn't have even known it was a segment, whereas I was eyeballs out, but still counts:smile:

    Odd run at lunchtime. Went with a guy from work for a 5 mile easy, all good, then added some fast, short, strides at the end just to get the legs turning over- 50, 60, 70, 90 and 100 double paces off 45 s rec all at around 5:30 pace. Felt fine at the time, but hip now feels a bit sore. Hopefully will ease by the morning.

    Good look with the Ealing mile tomorrow SG (anyone else doing it?)
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    Ynnec said:
    Sorry. Never mind.
    If you're looking for ric,he's gone to ground  😁😃
  • Muddy - I'll be the same although I have an extra 3 weeks to recover so should be ok. Also considering Leamington Half in July
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    Ynnec - why delete your review?  i was chuckling along reading it.  think you had most of us bang to rights! :)
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    DeanR7 said:
    Ynnec - why delete your review?  i was chuckling along reading it.  think you had most of us bang to rights! :)
    Oh dear.i can imagine the rinsing some of us would take :sweat:
  • Yeah Ynecc, you should have left it up - it was around 78% funnier than the average post ;)
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    Sg - don't think anyone got a rinsing. But was funny observations
  • Did I miss something?
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    Reg Wand said:
    Did I miss something?

    A guy who Ric infuriates over on clubhouse, apparently did a critique of our "styles".

    Although I thought you and I had done similar to decent effect a few pages back :D 

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    I find it hard to believe Ric has infuriated anyone :D

    It did alert me to Colin's reincarnation though. I never check other parts of this forum anymore but had to check a few of Ynnec's recent posts.
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    Shame - would like to have seen that as it sounds a bit like a SGpitting Image piss-take of the thread:smile:

    Bit annoyed I posted in the middle of it going up then coming down and missed it!

  • Yes shame about that. Need to come on the board more than once a day. Muddy- IK is from Lincoln. 
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    It was funny because it came from someone who delurked and nailed the regulars accurately.  Of course bus was called a true gent and came out star pupil with Pete a narrow 2nd.     It also mentioned that pwhoor photo of a bikini'd Lyndsey sharp which ric liked. Which I forgot as a thread highlight .  
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    Yes Dean I saw it and it was almost Dachsesque in its humour! Didn't know if he was taking the rise out of my grammar or genuinely applauding it which is always the best way to leave the reader🤔
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    My half(ish) decent PB days are long gone. So here's my left field (non-running-related) end of year take on some thread regulars (in no particular order):

    JoeB: Top blogger with a concerning taste in Speedos.
    RicF: Has an affinity for fake-tanned androgynous women.
    SG: Possesses a Neo from the Matrix like ability to slow down time to aid recall.
    Bus: A true gent who brings a sense of calm to proceedings.
    Dachs: Funniest poster on this site: end of.
    ScottE: Awesome bouncebackability from a variety of life and arse-related challenges.
    Phil: Thread Rain Man that rarely makes a typo.
    PeteM: Another true gent that knows when to use a semi-colon.
    Reg: Cheeky scamp that can consume foodstuffs in the midst of child vomit.
    DeanR: Honest straight talker that doesn't suffer fools.
    Simon: Indomitable Cherries fan that's a bit of a beer monster.
    Muddy: Lanky dude that worships at the Temple of Metrics.

    Thread Improvement: Most of the contributors are footy fans, why not create your own private fantasy football league?

    Not too late.

    Thread highlight: ScottE's equanimity in the face of extreme provocation from you know who.


  • He is Dachs and I claim my £5.

    Got SG spot on, with his hidden GoPro so he can give a second by second account of each race - reviewing it back at home

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    Kinder than id imagined 😄

    Best not get on fantasy footy..that's one of my absolute obsessions (run a work league with 78 people and do ridiculous weekly write ups) and you lot wouldn't stand a chance 😇
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    Coincidentally, last night I was awoken to the sweet aromas of child's urine; I had a bowl of supermarket own-brand shreddies as my midnight feast. I shoud probably have prefaced this with the fact that my 3 yr old had climbed into our bed in the middle of the night.

    Enjoyed the recreation Ynnec, that is unless you preserve your posts. Looks like Lit's absence is not reason enough for us to be free and loose with our grammar.

    I can't disagree about the performance of the year, I'd forgotten Dean had done two international events, felt like the other one was more than a year ago.

    I was confused about the Ric bit though, did you mean this picture?

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    The ridiculous deck chair esque bikini only adds to it.

    Good a contribution from a lurker as we've had for yonks.

    Early knockings it time for a quick lurker amnesty?
    I think so...

    Any lurkers wanna say howdy?
  • Fighting talk SG, my fantasy football team manages itself, haven't touched it since September. Should we incorporate a league here, I may give it more sustained attention.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Maybe one for next season. Hurts not a jot as you can have one team in multiple leagues.
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