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    Wow, Snowdon with a 2-year-old on your back sounds like hard work HA. I got tired yesterday giving my 2-year-old nephew a shoulder ride for a few minutes :D

    Sorry to hear about the PF FBT. If you private message me your email, I’ll forward over the exercises my physio recommended. I found those, plus yoga (basically lots of calf and hamstring stretches) really helped - much more than the traditional advice of rolling the bottom of the foot. You may well need to take a bit of a break from running too though unfortunately.

    Joe sorry to hear Katie is suffering similar, she’s been so unlucky with injury, very unfair. Sounds like she’s already got it in hand, but let me know if you want the exercises for her. Great weekend of training for you though.

    Hope the cold clears AWC. Interested to hear how you get on with the standing desk.

    Recovery along the river with SQ this morning, good to catch up and discuss our plans for the spring. 

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    Happy New Year all!
    Still just running easy miles, but did a parkrun at MP over Xmas to get the legs moving a bit faster. GF got my a speed/cadence sensor for Xmas, so can now track my rides.
    Both sisters completed parkrun (45/50 minutes) and have signed up to another course in a bid to get faster.
    Proposed to GF on Xmas eve, and she said yes, so a wedding to plan for 2020!!

    Are we all invited?

  • FBT - Ha ha.....probably not, will only be a small gathering!
  • Ah no worries we can have a virtual on line gathering! any ideas when in 2020 yet?
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    Congratulations Steve!
    My standing desk has been delayed for a week - apparently they have run out of stock as they've been inundated with orders since the new year :o
    Sounds like a very pleasurable & relaxing break HA.
    Bad luck FBT. I had it bad couple of years ago & it hung around for AGES but I continued racing most weeks & often twice on Saturdays even did Snowdonia Marathon. I found rolling a frozen bottle underfoot finally cured mine after the ball did nothing. At no point did I stop running btw.
    Day off running here. Active recovery though as cycled to work & going swimming in a bit.
  • Congrats, Steve. That's great news <3

    Love the way everyone gets their relatives to do parkruns :)

    FBT: Bummer about pf :(
    Jools would have gotten rid of his in no time had he taken a break :D   

    Spoons: a couple of epic training days for you. What a comeback. Stick with yoga though. I'm convinced it's the best way to injury-proof runners.
    I've run around that parkrun lake about a million times when I lived nearby. It's one of those places where you never run alone. No matter what time of day or night, there are always plenty of running folk out.

    Welcome back HA77. What Joe said. Good to take time off and not worry about missed miles.

    Joe: commiserations to Katie :( poor girl deserves a good build-up for once. Yep, I'm definitely going to keep a longish run in the schedule. I will take those from the 60-80 mile plan which SQ did. The rest comes from the more forgiving "up to 63 mile" plan. Great training btw :+1:

    Hope the cold shifts in time for c2c, AWC.

    9 mile GA run done. Legs felt quite bouncy which I didn't expect after yesterday's pathetic shuffle.
  • Hi All
    I thought I’d check in after seeing the thread posted on the Strava group. I posted towards the very end of the Spring 2016 thread and ran 3:13 in London off variable training (attempted to follow 70 to 85 but only averaged about 50).

    Since then I’ve been struck down with indifference, injury and a painfully long commute when staying on a family sofa while between places. Since moving in February I’ve done a couple of triathlons and my next goal is Manchester marathon.

    I’m following the 70 to 85 mile plan and I’ve completed every run of the 5 weeks so far. Although after record levels of Christmas overindulgence I’m about 5lbs heavier than I was at the same point last plan. My goal time is for the moment up in the air, I seem to swing on a run by run basis between 3:05 and thinking sub 3 is achievable.

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble. I’m looking forward to being able to discuss training with people who don’t think the mileage is absolutely crazy.
  • 70+ mpw HPR - bonkers ;) Any recent racing form or future races lined up?
    Just been doing some filing & discovered I'd forgotten to list 2 track races I did back in May so my tally for 2018 is actually 101 races. 2019 has 4 banked already :D
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    Nice one Steve. Big congrats. Now it's the tough task of feigning interest in the colour of the table cloths and other such trivial matters. Do you prefer the duck egg or the eau de nil?

    Hope the PF clears up soon FBT. Same to Katie. I like the Jooligan style PF treatment. 

    Hmm, embarrassed to say only 2 races for me last year - London Marathon and Leicester Marathon. Pretty poor really. Jools has probably done more races in 8 days of 2019 than I'll do in the whole year.

    Solid weekend of training Joe. With respect to doing low mileage weeks, I've come to the conclusion that if I can jog a few times a week I don't really feel like I lose too much over a week or two. I think over that sort of time period you just lose a bit of sharpness but mostly, I think, people lose it in the head through worrying. I'm sure I wouldn't feel the same if it was unplanned downtime though. I guess I also think 18 solid unrelenting weeks is too much for me.

    Hope the cold clears AWC. Bad luck on the desk.

    Welcome back HPR. Good start to the program. 

    Just an easy 4-5 miles planned today.

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    HPR: welcome to the thread - sounds like training is off to a decent start. I'm sure those pounds will fall off easily, now the overindulgence is done
    Jools: that's an impressive, although not surprising, race total for the year. So you've got to average 8-9 races per month to beat it this year! That's 2 every weekend :D
    Run commute home last night and back in this morning - was a bit worried about doing 2 hilly runs so close to the race but both felt fine. Few recoveries now. The cold has gone as well so my heart rate is right back down where it should be.
  • Great news Steve, congratulations.

    Not so good news FBT and Katie, all the best with overcoming the PF.

    Well done with sticking to the plan HPR, I think I’ve missed 1 6m rr, same plan for Manchester.

    Front loading the week here so back to back MLRs.

    I thought my 15ish races plus a similar amount of park runs was light HA.
  • Thanks all.
    Spoons - Nice mileage, seems your pf is behind you now.
    FBT - Not good news with the pf.
    Joe - Same with Katie, when she recovers some fast times are certain.
    Out the door at 4:45 this morning for a 10 miler.
  • I think I might give the PF a few days rest then do a Jools and just run through it, with new running shoes.

    (Thanks for the exercises and notes Spoons, already doing them!).

    Jools 101 races!!!! serious? does that include park runs? I think I did 3 marathons and 2 halfs last year, so 5 races!

    AWC - must be everyone's new year resolutions to stand at their desk! If you are open plan, wont it look a bit odd you standing and everyone else sitting down?

  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    FBT: that would look a bit odd. I have my own office so its no problem! Although I do remember working in an open plan office in London where the CEO had a standing desk in the middle of the place which looked very odd indeed.
  • Congrats Steve, thanks great news!

    Thanks Spoons, and everyone else for the kind words re; Katie. The girl is so unlucky and I just hope it's not a long spell on the sidelines. She's struggling to walk without pain though.

    Hello again HPR, I remember you from before. Look forward to hear how you get on this year. 

    HA - Yeah I think it's just impressive that you don't let it phase you, as I think that's the most important bit. The mental recovery you get out of it must be quality.

    Getting back into some decent training. Bike session first thing this morning and then 10 miles down the river just now. Starting to feel it coming back.

    Also, I'm race director for our club 20 miler in March (think I might of mentioned this before). If anyone fancies a catered long run with unlimited free cake at the end and pace groups, then come along!
  • Well at least you cant fall asleep at your desk!
  • FBT Yes 50 parkruns.
    AWC No intention of trying to beat that tally though I hope to do 50 parkruns again. At a track meet I sometimes do 6 or 7 races though!
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    Thanks all for the warm welcome. Still not completely over the sniffles but we're getting there.

    A good 18m session on Sunday, building up from 8:30 m/m to 6:40 and then back down again. Followed by a 6 mile recovery yesterday.

    Planned 8x 800m run tonight followed by my first ever Yoga session. New Year, slightly more supple me!
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    That's a very strong LR George. If you can do a decent 8x800m session after that I'd say you're in great shape. What was the target?
    Figured Saturday's parkrun/XC combo counted as my LT work for the week so skipped the 10M with [email protected] & did 8M with 10x0.1M strides along the canal first thing then backed that up at lunchtime with a little grass hill rep session: [email protected]% so 11.3M for the day. 
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    Agreed thats a strong long run george, did you hit 6.40s in the middle ? So 9 steps of pace?

    Jools - i reckon your xc counted as the LT too, no overreaching required.

    I front load my weeks too (as it fits my life best, although i run long saturday instead of sunday), so did 15m mlr home last night and then 10m back in this morning. I'm not strictly following P and D, so sometimes include a weekly BAC style session. This campaign I'm alternating it with 3 min reps. With the aim of getting up to the 20ish reps that Brett Sutton has his IM folks do. Joe has done these too. I did 12 reps a couple of weeks ago so upped it to 15 today. I have a basic casio watch (rather than gps watch) so just do 3min intead of the prescribed 1/2 miles, so am happy to accept its LT 800m, im old school so arnt bothered with splits/data other than the odd splits on known routes.
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    Happy New Year HA!

    FBT - bad luck with the PF. Fully loaded calf raises worked for me.

    Nice 20 miler at the weekend JB.

    Wow congrats Steve ;-)

    Hi HPR! If you can complete that plan you should be in good shape for Manchester.

    Great LR George.

    15 * 800 TR? I could  maybe do that at LT pace but not at 5K pace.

    Cross-training day yesterday and then 11 mile MLR today. Legs felt good. May pay for my exuberance tomorrow when the plan calls for another MLR!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Ramjet - not 800, 3mins, its supposed to be 800s, no idea on pace but it wasnt quick. Good one on the impending back to back MLRs. Marathoning is a game of strength.
  • George - that is a very strong run especially this early in the campaign! -I think you might be bagging a bit on your goal time!

    Bloggs - Wow - Katie's PF sounds much worse than mine, I only have slight discomfort first thing in the morning.

    Im going to get fat with this no running malarkey!

  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Joe - I wonder if Katie's injury woes are somehow related to how fast she has improved. Almost like she has great natural ability and her energy systems allow her to run fast but her muscular endurance and control hasn't had time to catch up. I'm sure she'll get there though.

    George - Nice LR. Hope the 800s / yoga combo went alright.

    TR -  That's a solid session. Well done.

    Ramjet - Back to back MLRs. Proper marathon training there. 

    Jools - Nice work on the strides and hill reps. Underrated in my opinion. 0.1M strides and 200m hill reps though - good unit mixing. 

    Meant to get up early and hit the track but slept in and opted for a Mona Fartlek around a regular park loop instead. Managed about 5.8km for the 20min, which is a bit down on my best but not too bad. 
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
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    HA: ah mona fartlek. Haven't done one for a few weeks - think I did 2.9mi last time
    TR: 15*800m sounds like a great and painful session - almost Zatopek-esque :)
    George: as the other have said that is a really strong progression run early doors
    Just a 5 mile recovery in the dark for me today. Feeling a bit tired, probably just the remnants of my cold.
    Need to think about my plan for Southampton marathon on 5th May - probably gonna go for the 12w 55-70mpw plan and start it in early February after a few weeks recovery from this weekend's race.
  • Good luck this weekend AWC! You feeling ready to rock?

    TR - all too familiar with those sessions! Like you said run more at LT than 5km pace but the last few really start to bite. Nice work.

    FBT/HA - she seems to have it pretty bad, can't walk without being in discomfort and at the moment doesn't seem to be improving at all. You might be right about the muscles not being able to keep up with the cardio system.

    13 miles including a lap of Richmond Park this morning.

    Sorted myself a new job, back in finance, starting Monday. 
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    Congrats on the engagement Steve. It’s great your sisters are getting in to running too. The PF isn’t fully behind me, I still have a little soreness in the mornings sometimes, but it’s under control and slowly getting better despite the increasing mileage.

    I imagine January is their busiest time AWC, along with gyms :D Glad the cold has cleared, good luck for the weekend.

    Totally agree about the yoga chicksta, I don’t enjoy it much but I have no plans to give it up. I now know the routine pretty much by heart, so can watch TV. Not very zen, but helps pass the time! It’s always nice when your legs surprise you like the isn’t it.

    Welcome Hydeparkrunner. It’s always hard to narrow down marathon goal times this early on, but sounds like you’re on the right track. Manchester is a great course, good luck with your goal.

    101 races, blimey Jooligan. I managed 15 races including parkrun, there were quite a few DNS due to my lay-off, although a few extra park runs too so I’m not sure I’d have hit 20 even if things had gone to plan.

    Interesting about the fitness drop-off HA. I think it does vary between people - you see some who can have big chunks of time off and come back pretty quickly, whereas others (*cough* me *cough*) lose fitness pretty quickly and take a while to get back on track. Although I agree there’s a definite mental aspect to it most likely. Great Mona farklek.

    Good to hear you’re getting back in to things, and great you’ve secured another job Joe.

    Sounds like a very decent 18 miler there George.

    Nice 800m reps TR, I think those bigger interval sessions make a lot of sense for marathon training. I did a similar NAZ Elite session of 20x1k @ HMP (which is about as fast as my LT ever gets in training!) before Manchester last year, which was tough but a really good session. Will definitely be doing it again this time around.

    Workout Wednesday for me today. Originally I had planned 10x5 mins, starting at MP and getting faster each time, but I am cautious of pushing too hard too soon, especially as this should be my first 100+ mile week since before Manchester. It’s also a little early in the plan for this session compared to the official NAZ plan, so I switched to 3x10 mins @ LT. To be honest I really wasn’t feeling up for it, and was tempted to bin it especially when I saw what a frigid morning it was. I always find my breathing a bit more laboured on hard efforts when it’s very cold. But I know if I want to get back to where I was I need to push on, so I forced myself to get on with it.

    Overall I was glad I did, and fairly happy with the result. The pace wasn’t anything to get excited about (6:23/mi, 6:20/mi, 6:21/mi average) but I was consistent and 10s/mi faster than last time I did a LT session around the race course. And I’m already over 100 miles on a rolling 7-day basis, so my legs weren’t exactly fresh! Gradually getting there...

  • Morning all.

    You’re certainly getting in the 20Milers really consistently, jooligan. I will get far fewer in this plan than for many years despite maintain high (for me) overall mileage, so it’ll be intriguing to see the results.

    That’s a huge few days spoons, but your experience of high mileage means you take it in your stride really well. 90M week with that many dropped runs is not bad! And great to see the progression with you LT paces. 

    Love North Wales, HA, and super stuff summiting Snowdon with the little one on your back. We haven’t been brave enough, and stuck only to local hill walks with the carrier. Time to expand on this! As others have said, your ability to really switch off and trust the wider training is no doubt a key reason for your continued development and love for the sport. 5.8k MF is good!

    FBT I hate getting wet feet too, unless actually running! The worst for me is when coaching all day at a 7s festival, can’t stand the trench foot setting in!

    Great weekend double there, Joe. Mojo building nicely. Congrats on the job, that must be a big relief. Hope it lends itself to some running/biking commutes nicely.

    AWC have you now received the standing desk? I ask whilst standing at my ‘high tec’ shelf right now! Good luck at the weekend.

    Late to the party, but congratulations, Steve! Solid 4.45am start there.

    Oof, 15 x 3 minutes is tough, TR, nice one. Enjoying the old school approach from you.

    Well done on the 9GA chicksta, I find the legs work quite well the day after a pathetic shuffle. It normally sorts them out quite nicely!

    Really good to have a Monday recovery catch up with spoons and, as he says, geek out on all things spring marathon related. Not sure why, but came out a bit quicker than normal recovery pace, something like 8:10s for the 6M.

    Yesterday was supposed to be 10 with 5 at LT, but after Saturday’s cross country that was never going to be on the cards. So ran the middle five miles progressively, reaching MP 6:30 for the mile effort mile. Seemed a sensible compromise.

    Slightly stiff calves this morning so opted for some compression socks. Sure they don’t really do anything, but they are a good running wardrobe option for the current temperatures. Went slightly later than usual, departing at 7:30am. Beautiful morning: frosty, no wind, daylight(!). 14M out and back on the canal at an average pace of 7:09 for an easy effort. The MLRs following sessions are new to me (well for a few years at least).

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