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  • merry xmas everyone

    I seem to have a lurgy so no running or anything much for me

    yums - nice shoes!
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Merry Christmas? WAISTer chums. I hope it is peaceful and heartwarming.

    Good news that sky continues to be well. She gave you such concern it's odd but wonderful she should be doing so well now.  Your Christmas sounds great with something for all of you to enjoy. Gin tasting- SB is so thoughtful.

    A puppy and a buffet sounds perfect comedy material, pippi!  You sound calm about the not sure whether its 2 or 10 people issue 😀
    Now i know the longer ride plans are secret but no one here is listening and if you whisper...

    I'm up early to turn the house alarm off because I'm expecting no2 in from his night of Polissing. He can turn it off but at night one of the triggers is the front door opening... anyway I can start peeling spuds n sprouts now😂

  • Happy Christmas, lovely WAISters! I was appalled to see how long it's been since I managed to get in here, but the whole autumn has just been so completely disorganised I've hardly done anything I intended to.

    Podds, sorry work is still such a pain. Like someone said, there must be a job out there that would give you more reward. Fingers crossed you find it. And so sorry to hear about Tania. But I'm glad her passing was peaceful, and she left an admirable legacy of dignity and purpose. Like Sluggie said, it's hard to believe Tom has been with you for 2 years already. What a lucky boy he is :-)

    Sluggie, what very sad news about your friend, As we all seem to be finding, life is much more fragile than we sometimes realise. Your performance in the minster was really lovely, so much energy and enthusiasm in your choir it really lit the place up! No wonder you were tired, but it must have been so much fun to do. And it sounds like a wonderful Christmas with SB and a trip to London. Hope you enjoy every second of it!

    MC, thinking of you specially. You must be pretty tired, what with supporting both your dad and your eldest son; and the tree-planting must have been very moving, but also very emotional. And Christmas this year will have a big empty place in the middle of it. Remember to be very kind to yourself, because you're carrying a heavy burden right now. 

    JFF, well done on that marathon! I really hope the new challenge at work will be something rewarding and enjoyable. You've been slogging along for so long now. 

    Daffs, you and Mr Daffs between you seem to have had a really horrid dose of the lurgy. Hope you're both feeling better by now. And do be a bit sensible about another ultra if you're still feeling rough, OK? I'm sorry to hear that you too have a friend whose life is nearing its end. It is very sobering. 

    Yums, your mum is really wonderful---and you are wonderful to be so thoughtful in your care for her. Congratulations too on the vast improvement you wrought in that pair of trail shoes. They looked so much more, um, businesslike, after just one outing ;-) 

    Bit of a sober time for a lot of us, it sounds like. As Yums said, grief can hit you when you least expect it, even years later, especially at times like Christmas. But as the queen said today in her Christmas address, if we didn't love we wouldn't grieve....

    Very busy time here with Chuglets coming and going, along with various friends etc. Unfortunately lost most of last week to some stupid virus, so I was scrambling a bit, but it all came out fine, with usual Christmas Eve supper, 10 for lunch today and tomorrow we have C1 + her partner and his 3 kids, which will be fun. Last night was the first time in 35 years, and the second year in our married life, that we did not have a child sleeping under our roof on Christmas Eve. Now that they all have their own places, they can come to us when they like and then buzz off. I miss them in one way, but in another, it will be blissful to be just the 2 of us tonight :-) 

    Hope everyone has had a good Christmas, with happy memories to be remembered and more to be made. xxx

  • Happy Boxing Day one and all - hope the excesses inevitable at this time of year haven't come home to roost too badly!

    We had a quiet Cmas Day with an extra hound for the day who was rather hyper until she finally crashed much to Mr P''s disgust and then today I was at the track with Tom and Badger, some of the other volunteers and donation buckets!  Trooper stayed home with Mr P since although he's come on leaps and bounds with people he meets regularly, random strangers wanting to stroke him continually is his idea of hell!

    Tomorrow we have another canine guest coming, a labbie, but just for 24 hours rather than the originally posited week..........which Mr P is very very relieved about :D:D 

    Hope Cmas wasn't too rough on those who've been struggling - be kind to yourselves but also remember that the last thing the departed would have wanted is to see you unhappy.....
  • PS - I loved the colour of those shoes Yums......before you christened them but Pippi is quite right in that shiny clean trail shoes should never be seen on the feet of "proper" runners

    PPS - Come on now CANNOT leave that little snippet dangling..........if you don't spill the beans we'll have to get Detective Meldy on the case

    PPPS - Mr P has entered me into the Alestschgletscher half marathon - nordic walking!!  That'll be a laugh given the pathetic state of fatness and unfitness I'm currently in.....guess it's time to pull my finger out now then......
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Good evening people.

    * waves to  chuggy* 
    I'm sorry you were laid low by germblies, chuggy. However thank goodness you recovered in time to host Christmas cast of thousands!  It must seem strange waking up Christmas morning to just you and Mr C. As you say a mixed blessing 

    Oh Podds I've just seen the FB pictures of Tom, badger, trooper and your doggie guest.  How gawjus they all are.  Where is aletschletcter Nordic half? Was that your Christmas present from mr  P?

    Back to work for me today. Broke up my day with an aerobic class and a short run.  And now a glass of vino collapso

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Ho Ho Hope the festive festivities were everything you wanted them to be and that those of you who are missing important people from your lives found peace amongst the tinsel.

    Seems like there were some interesting events, puppy buffets are new, not sure they'll catch on. Though Podds could use one as a way of getting some more space on the sofa?  Also I had some of those new running shoes last year like Yum's ones. Only mine are still shiny and clean, possibly as they never made it out of the box. 

    We had a very nice Christmas - had friends round on the day itself and XFC didn't create any drama this year. We fit family in before and after so Brownie points in the bag. OH had the horrible lurgy in the run up and lost her voice at one point - that was an unexpected gift! I got a mop for Christmas - my life is complete.

    It would appear that 2019 is sneaking up stealthily. Deciding whether to drink tonight or start dry January a bit early. Going to friends for a cocktail night - I don't do cocktails.

    So happy New Year, may the miles be kind whether by bike, in ever increasing long distance races, on or in Nordic adventures. Here's to a 2019 where the balance of life weighs in on the positive and we can all stop talking Brexit. See you on the other side
  • Afternoon All :)

    I have started my New Year preps already........walked the dogs, been to the gym and braved Tescos (only because we'd run out of dog food....)...... I'm in my PJs under the duvet on the settee with a hot water bottle and am not moving for the rest of 2018 :):):):)

    Happy New Year one and all and may 2019 bring you all whatever you desire....providing it's at least semi-legal :D:D 
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Happy New year WAISTerloonies.

    I think you've cracked new year, Podds! 

    No drama from XFC? Has she turned in to a nice young lady? Dry January is popular amongst my friends. Does this mean all my friends are pi$$heads?

    I've signed up to RED January (run every day) although other exercise counts and  did parkfun today. Also doing sugar free january. I'm twiddling my thumbs as missing a sugary treat. 

    No2 bought me a wildlife camera for Christmas. Hogwatch has commenced. I captured a fox, hedgie pig and a cat. Houdini the cat has bee able to bypass my measures to keep them away from the hog food.  I would ask for tips on how to outwit a cat but I'm pretty sure No one here has managed it 😂 

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Fear not - it's another year like all the rest. I have started running and stopped drinking again.

    Roll on February where neither of these statements will be true again. Wonder how many times I can start running this year - maybe that's what I should be counting rather than the miles! Don't think I can manage every day but aiming for at least 3 runs a week.

    Hope New Year 'celebrations' were kind to all of you. I didn't drink in the end and was very glad to start 2019 smug and hangover free.  

    How to outwit a cat? I'm not the person to ask! I am Blur of a kitten's unwitting and unwilling slave.

    XFC hasn't, sadly, turned into a nice young lady yet. She made a special effort for 6 hours not to make life difficult on Christmas day! We still seem to be caught in a hormonal groundhog day of happy and chatty for about a week followed by the rest of the month featuring an unpredictable mixture of moody, angry, depressed, lethargic, crazy, selfish and  unreasonable - just the usual teenagery kind of stuff. 

    Christmas officially over here - decorations are down and the leftovers have been finished or frozen. Hello 2019 - hope you're a happy one.
  • Happy New Year! 

    My resolutions - same old do a 365 photo project (again). I only managed to complete it once, but I have joined a new online group so maybe that will be a bit of encouragement and incentive.

    To move every day - ie run/walk/bike/swim/yoga. Last Lent, I walked at least a mile a day and would go and walk round the block of an evening, but I didn't keep it up. I was looking to do 1000 miles last year (of 'going for a walk' miles) but only made 850 as I seemed to grind to a bit of a halt in September (photos often grind to a halt then too ... I wonder why! ;-) ...)

    Mr P bought me a Fitbit which might keep me moving as I quite like a gadget with data.

    My aim, which isn't a big one as far as people on here go, but is for me, is to do a 50-60 mile sportive. I usually play safe and go for 25-35 miles which I know I can do. If I train for up to 30 by say, February half-term, I should be able to get up to 50 by early summer, and still be comfortable (that's the trick!) I went out clipped in the other day. I did get happy doing it when I first got the pedals and shoes a few years back, but then stopped riding for a while, and ever since then I have thought, "I'll just get used to being on the bike again for a while" or "It's a bit too much traffic and junctions" etc. It was okay, no clipless moments - I still unclipped a good 30 seconds before I needed to - and had to remember to get out so it doesn't reattach! ... The only tricky part was in my home road, I couldn't unclip until the third attempt, so had to ride to next-door-but-one's garage!

    Still drinking, still eating chocolate ...

    Just doing a bit of planning for next week ...

    Good luck with the sugar free Yums. A friend of mine did that when she was warned she was pre-diabetic - she lost loads of weight, looks fantastic, now does Parkrun despite telling me for years she couldn't!
  • Happy new year to all----I think 2019 is still young enough for me to say that? NYE was busy as ever, with fireworks that sound like an artillery barrage. Monty was OK but Heineken (C3'w cat) was under the bed in no time. We had the usual NYE buffet for 20 friends, but Mr C and I have agreed we don't want to eat anything but bread and cheese for the rest of the year! 

    DL, loved your description of typical teen life! I remember it so well with C1. (Who even now does relapse once in a while.. ;-) And I am as always inspired by your mojo that keeps you getting out there. I just wish I had your organisational skills---I'm awed that your Christmas decorations are already put away!

    Podds, your NYE sounded perfect: duvet, hot water bottle, dogs, bliss!  It sounds like you are stealthily taking up a new line of work, though, running a dog hotel---is this right??

    Yums, you are going to run every day AND give up all sugar?? You is well hard! But I love the sound of a wildlife camera. Sorry to be ignorant, but what makes it specially for wildlife? (Not too technical an explanation, please, or I won't understand.) Where will you be posting your photos? I'd love to see them! And I have a special wish for you for 2019, that you don't wind up doing the work of 5 people if we have hard Brexit.... I think that will be really hard on our customs and border people, if it happens. 

    And Pippi, brilliant that you're doing another 365 days of photos. You posted a fabulous range of shots when you did it before. Will the photos be on your FB page? As for a goal of a 50-60 mile cycle, hats off to you! Especially with clips (which I'm too clumsy to use). I like your idea of making sure to do SOMETHING every day, even if it's just a mile or two. When you're busy and tired, that can feel like quite a lot (especially in September ;-) 

    I have two resolutions. First resolution is to make time to study. I have an article almost ready to submit, but again, with the chaotic autumn I dropped it. I'm almost getting somewhere with my project, so I want to push on. The second is, like Pippi, to get out and move for an hour a day. Last summer was too hot to go outside, even morning or evening; then C3 need help, first after his accident, then to move house; then it was Christmas. Result: more unfit than I've been for years. I'd love to start running again but first need to build up walking a bit, I think. AND (here's the big extra) if I start doing SOMETHING than I will feel entitled to come in here more often again :-))))

    So wishing all WAISters a very happy 2019!
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Well done on the not drinking and restarting running. Starting NY hangover free and smuggly is a good feeling. XFC sounds like a typical teen.  No2 was very much like XFC so there is hope she will eventually turn into a nice young lady. Sorry blur of a kitten alt has you hostage.

    Go pippi! A 50 60  Mile bike ride is very doable especially in the timescale you have in mind. Is the route flat or undulating? I loved your previous 365 photos. Clips are just practise and remembering you're using them.  I was fine with my road bike clips. It was the off road clips which made me fall off.

    *waves to chuggy' 

    I love the sound of eating cheese and bread for the whole of 2019.  I like your resolutions. It must be tough committing to study when you have family after your time even though theyre grown up. Everyone is welcome here regardless of whether or not Thurs running or walking or crawling

    The wildlife camera is motion activated and infra red so can take pictures at night without disturbing the critters. I bought a purpose made hog hotel  with tunnels and turns to make it cat proof. No hogs have checked in yet. So far my pictures aren't good enough to post here as I haven't mastered the tech yet but I'll will post up any sharp images I get. 

    As for EU Exit... if only we knew what is happening.  If it really is going to be hard brexit then it will require much fudging to keep goods and people moving. 
  • hi all

    I am glad the xmas period is over and life is returning to some sort of normality now. I got a place on a free web developer course that starts in Feb, so a new start and away from teaching! I am excited about it - the only downside is that it is in Birmingham so will have a long train journey but I think so long as I make it 'chill out time' with a book and some music it will be fine

    yums - the wildlife camera sounds great, hope you get some amazing photos

    pippi - I have kind of become the same with cycling but determined to get out on the roads more, thinking of joining a local club that has a reputation for being very inclusive and friendly
  • Evening All

    Well blow me down with a wotsit

    Please explain how I can be so darn tired when it's only 10 days into 2019 and just over a week back at work.............

    Resolutions are no good for me as I totally lack self of anyone can sell me some I'd be eternally grateful..... :)

  • Oooh, Yums, that camera sounds ace! It must indeed require getting to know it, but I'm really looking forward to your pictures. And um, what's a hog tunnel?? Are you really trying to take pictures of hogs, or is this something like hedgehogs? (apologies for dumb question!) 

    MC, I'm so glad you're getting into something new by way of work. School was really dragging you down quite seriously, and something totally fresh will make a huge difference. And don't worry too much about the trip: once you're used to it you will be able to use the time to relax. It can be nice sort of buffer between home and the course. And do nice things for yourself whenever you can: this is a really hard time, when for everyone else life has gone back to normal, and you are still having to deal with a new 'normal' that doesn't feel normal at all. xx

    Podds, you've already had a week at work and wonder why you're tired?!? I think I can guess ;-) As for resolve, if there is ANYONE with an iron will, it's you, so I'm not about to give you any of my meagre store of self-discipline. I need it a damn sight more than you do! ;-) 

    Quiet here. I had a horrid cold for about ten days, and then Mr C came down with it on Friday: third cold he's had in 37 years, but when he gets one, he really feels poorly. On the other hand, Monty is deffo on the up: had his teeth cleaned last week (had to have a general anaesthetic to do it) and they took out one infected tooth. It must have been bothering him for a while, because he's such a happy boy now! In fact I think we'll pop out for just one more tiny walk before it gets dark, so everyone stay warm and dry and lights lots of lovely candles to cheer up this dark month! xxx

  • Dark indeed, but it's getting brighter. I've seen my first snowdrop and first Easter eggs.
  • evening everyone

    podds - yep, being back at school will make you feel shattered - and I am guessing you have resits to sort out at the moment?

    chugs, thanks, yes, I really needed something totally different and to get away from the world of education, I have a few weeks till the course starts so just doing general stuff, going swimming/running etc and hanging out. Dad seems to be doing much better so I feel that it is ok that I won't be able to go round every day when the course starts

    pippi - I have seen snowdrops too, I love snowdrops! 
  • Oh Pippi----snowdrops are good, but Easter eggs 3 weeks after Christmas?!? I don't know whether to laugh or howl! :-/

    MC, a complete break sounds like it's already doing you good. And it must be very comforting to be able to spend time with your dad---for you as well as for him. I well remember worrying about my own dad who was totally shattered when mum died. He literally didn't recognise the world. So your presence will make a huge difference. But it's also good for hi self-respect and his independence for him to start to build up his own life again, and when the course starts you have a natural way to be around a bit less. That may actually help him too because, by managing more on his own, he is helping you to live your own life, and for a loving parent, doing something for your kids is the biggest incentive there is. If that makes sense. 

    Anyway, lots of supportive thoughts are with you. It's a very hard loss, and it takes a long time to work through it and get a grip on normality again. xx

    Watching the parliamentary discussions gloomily....seems like no good outcome is in sight. Sigh.

    But Monty is prancing about asking for a walk, so we're off out into the chilly grey of winter in the flatlands. Have a happy day, all! 
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    MC - I love a train journey - never read so much - I miss it. A move out of education sounds like a very healthy decision - hope it works out for you.

    Brexit continues to amuse. I think Yums should sort it all out for us - come on Yums - put the camera down and pull your finger out! (what a great phrase!?)

    Man with a cold? - Chuggs - you deserve a medal for dealing with that and your own lurgy.

    Well, another minor miracle. I went along to a running group last night - and ran. Fed up with only managing about 4 minutes before the voices convince me to walk. I was the only one in the slow group with a volunteer pacer, but it worked. Forced me out of my comfort zone in many ways. Just need to go back again some time soon! Just need to go Vegan now and I'll be unstoppable

    Happy chilly Thursday - hope there's not too much scraping needed
  • Yep MC - November resit results, January external exams (we do a lot of BTECs) and prepping the summer entries along with DofE census and ranking applicants for Sept 2019 entry........along with all the usual stuff!!

    MC / Pippi - no snowdrops here but Easter Eggs have been seen :):) although of course seeing one and not t'other may just be my natural focus!! :D 

    Chuggy - sorry to hear Mr C is not well but so glad Monty is doing well.  You often find with dogs that after a dental they are really really perky.  I guess if they have toothache we often really don't know about it but when everything is sorted they are so much happier :) 

    LOL DL at your own personal pacer........why I am I not surprised.....

    Not sure where this Veganuary thing has suddenly sprung from if I'm honest.  Obviously veganism has always been around but it seems to have suddenly exploded...

    My part of January was to join a Jan swim thing with the aim of doing 10K as I need to pull my finger out (along with Yums' Brexit finger) but missed 2 mid week sessions and now will miss today as a tad off colour so I'm thinking I've failed at the first hurdle.......oh well, c'est la least for us lazy ones!!
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    *  leaves note on Podds desk * 

    Good morning WAISTer chums. How are we all?  

    Yay MC a complete change of direction sounds right for you.  I'm not sure how far Birmingham is from you but train journeys can be great to get time to yourself and read or whatever you enjoy.  Good to hear your dad is a little more his old self and managing better.

    Chuggy, sorry to hear you and Mr Chave been hit by some nasty germs. I did smile at how few colds Mr C has had. He must have an iron constitution. Bless Monty. Good to hear he has bounced back and is pain free now. Its difficult to know their teeth need doing as my get always said they needed to be anesthetised to even assess their teeth properly and no one wants to do that unnecessarily.  

    Ooh pippi a now drop already? How lovely. did you photograph it?  How is the cycle training going?

    DL lol at loving trains. Group running is the way to go for consistency. A good old chat makes the miles fade away :-)  Are you doing veganuary? You can join vegan runners club. 

    Podds you need a proper holiday with mr p and  the boys. Is the 10k swim in one go or the total for January?  It's not like you to be off colour so look after yourself. Cuddle up to your boys. Hound hugs cure everything. You can always extend January swim into Feb to cover what you've missed. 

    Chuggy I don't see many wild hogs in Essex and they really struggle to get under my fence. Sorry I meant hedgehogs. The difficulty with pictures are that they're usually black and white as taken in infra red. It tends to be random tails/bottoms or faces blocking the lens because by the time they've triggered the camera they've moved on. I need to refine my technique. The pics are fun making out which animal it is!  

    I'm just about keeping up with RED January. I fell off the sugar free January wagon because NYL made no1 son a nut free cake for his 21st birthday. It would have been rude not to :-)

    Work is deteriorating. Changes to my big boss, work manager and HR manager in December ( 3 different people).work manager now in Birmingham and big boss appears to be workshy with no knowledge of customs work.  Time to book leave!

    The WAISTer commune is open for business. Bring your animals and run/swim kit and bikes. See you soon

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    OMG am I the only person to post in 5 days?

    Trip to Nottingham was a long day. Not helped by the new boss who we were taking to introduce spending too much time in the toilet so we missed our train from London.  He won't be allowed to forget that in a hurry.  Just back from a windswept beach run.

    Where are you all? 
  • Blowing away to a Burns night supper!
    Will post - soon, but now I have to straighten my hair,  I could be some time ...
  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Tis indeed quiet round these parts nowadays

    Glad to hear the running is winning Yums - sorry about the sugar and the boss. I am still dry. Not doing the vegan thing but will do veggie Feb. Going for each month having a bit of a theme. Thinking I might go chocolate free March and RED April. In reality, I think by the end of Feb I'll have had enough of being 'good'!

    Hope you got to Burns night safe and tangle free Pippi

    Did you go for a dip in the end Podds? 

    I went back to running group - managed to impress myself again by keeping going (still very slowly) went out again with only my voices for company - we did rather a lot of walking.

    XFC turns 20 on Tuesday - how time flies!

    Happy new week, hope it's an exciting one

  • Well, I have been busy as Pippette was 30 (thirty!) last week. She decided it was worth noting and had a big family party - only at the rowing club, with Costco catering, but it was lovely. Lots of Mr Ps side of the large family came, and my sis and BiL - most of the rest of my lot are scattered across the world. My sister actually enjoyed it more than she expected - I think she had thought of a crowded hall with loud music, rather than a cheap bar and lots of chat!

    Anyhow, that kept us busy for some time. 

    I am keeping up the exercise, even if only a mile walk of an evening. Mr P has started to come for a walk with me, although he has just hurt his [good] knee! How? He crossed his legs ... It had been niggling him, but obviously he moved it awkwardly. He did go to the walk in, but they said it was just a strain, keep taking the painkillers, take it easy and see GP if it doesn't improve. He has improved vastly!

    Burns Night was good. We've never been to one before, but I always mean to have a Scottish themed dinner, but never get round to it. It was in a nearly-local small, chef-run restaurant, that only takes 30 odd diners. It was full. There was very good food - set menu, a quiz, piper and someone to to the Selkirk Grace and Ode to a Haggis, etc. Very friendly and cheery.

    Are you nearly or mostly veggie at normal times, DL? I am thinking of a veggie Lent .. but as Mr P is doing much of the cooking, I don't know what we'd end up with! When Pippette was here and veggie, I found I had to think a lot more about what to cook, rather than just slapping a chop under the grill!

    Wrap up warm!
  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Happy 30th Pippette - your Mum doesn't look old enough!

    We had a cake and tea gathering for XFC's 20th Always amuses me as it's a mix of Muslim ladies in hijabs and lesbians in checked shirts.

    Have told running group I will attend tonight to force myself out the door. School in Derbyshire just phoned to cancel a meeting today due to 'treacherous conditions' so I get to work from home. I do love the use of the word treacherous - 3rd time heard this year.

    Pippi - tend to eat veggie about once a week, so will be quite a big change and effort for us - effort in terms of having to think about what to cook rather than just going on autopilot. 

    Hope it's warm and toasty where you are
  • Ok just stop it the lot of you !!!

    Pipette 30, MiniYums 21 and XFC 20 - it's just wrong coz it means we are all old :(

    I have done very little the last couple of weeks and am really cross with myself as I'd actually started the long climb back.  I genuinely need to do something soon about my weight as it's probably having a very bad effect on my health but it's a vicious circle unfortunately.  

    However Mr P is now home again after a week gallivanting in Switzerland and Italy so I've no more excuses for not doing a couple of half hours before work.....

    I find it so difficult to do anything after work as once I'm back and the dogs are fed and emptied I've lost the will to go out as it means resettling the dogs and closing up the house again as Mr P is usually late home and if I wait for him to get home I appear to have fallen into my PJs by that time :D:D 

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    Good evening.

    Do we need to send out a search party for sluggy? She's not been spotted round these parts in ages. Has she won the lottery and gone on a world cruise?

    Och Pippi!  Burns night sounds fun. Did you also do traditional Scottish dancing? How did Pippette become 30? She must have been a school girl when WAISTers was born. Sounds like a fab day to celebrate the occasion.

    DL well done on returning to run club. I'm sure there's a scientific formula about our ability to keep running being inversely proportionate to the number of people we're running with.  I have this picture in my head of XFC birthday get together 😀

    Podds, it's tough finding the time and motivation when you're busy and you feel it's a bit of a climb back. As wise WAISTers once said just put your shoes on and step outside and see what happens ( you can substitute bike or cossie for shoes) 

    Not much doing here. My neighbour recently mentioned her dog has been killing hedgehogs that wander into her garden. 😢 I've not had a hog visit for a while. It could be they're are hibernating but I can't help thinking they may have been killed. I've blocked access points to next door in the hope they'll be back

  • Funnily enough I was wondering about Sluggie myself the other day but I think she did make a rare foray onto FB to comment on Jenni Far-Far's sad post about losing Emmy dog

    I appear to be lurgified.....yet again..........swollen glands and sore throat :( but will keep on trying to fight it off...

    Boys gave blood today and even Trooper managed to find big enough brave pants to allow him to do it.
    And as they were donating I remember Otis, the dog who Badger helped to save :)
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