Sub 3h15



  • Badbark - some good specific training going on. 35 on Saturday will be interesting the day after a hilly 10k.
    GD - another good lunchtime session. I should have said "not in daylight" rather than in the dark - mostly running by streetlight (and a bit of moonlight this week).
    PMJ - nice pic. Only just got our first few flakes here this morning - blink and you'd miss it.
    DT - running down the A38 must be pretty grim any time. Well done.
    Stevie - yes, hope you can still make Manchester, but good to have a backup plan.
    nicko - good dreadmill run - if there is such a thing ;)
    OO - no snow? You should ask for a refund. Well done catching up!
    Steady 13 this morning @ 7:48/m. Cold and a few icy patches underfoot but no snow on the ground.

  • StevieWh said:

    DT - Its not the greenway that will bother me, I run that quite often on tempos. Its the big hill that I will have to climb at mile 7 and 18! It was bad enough doing it once on the half! Great MLR

    I did the Rotary Shakespeare Marathon in 2011 and didn't find the hills to be too much of an issue. The biggest problem was you have half and full marathon runners at the same time so
    1) you have people around you who suddenly drop out 
    2) if then gets very thin on the ground

    I did 2:57 in 2011 for 21st and the runners ahead and behind were about 30 seconds away. I just looked at 2018 and only 5 broke 3 hours and no runners from 2:52 to 3:00.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    i never realised it was that light up top! The half is very well regarded and is a decent field. It'll no doubt be affected further this year as it clashes with london. 

    i had that experience at mk half in september run at mp. There was also a 10k at same time and as we passed home everyone in sight turned to the finish. A very lonely 11k followed. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes Stevie I have some Sketchers in my collection, still happy with them for a cushioned run.
    It seems I broke my step total yesterday- 63000 in one day, great the trivia you get from a Garmin.
    3k swim today and now a little sesh on the track.
  • OO - that's a lot of steps. What session did you do at the track?
    Overslept this morning and only managed 9 miles @ 7:36/m. But hopefully I can catch up tomorrow ;)
  • Treadmill run went well yesterday with no pain, so the neural stretches did the trick. Followed it up with an hour on the bike. Going to do 50 mins on the turbo this afternoon with 30m of 30s on/30s off, then a 1k swim tomorrow and 3 x 5mins jog.

    PMJ - I have a big goal of winning the Shakespeare Marathon at some point, looks like it will be a lonely run if I do it!

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Hey lovely forumites! Apologies for the prolonged absence. I've not been running much this month. In fact, this January I've only logged 46 miles which is super low even by my standards. Work and life has taken over but in a very positive way. I have had 7 zeros of running recently but it hasn't seemed to affected me too much as I recorded a new parkrun pb a few weeks back albeit by only one second but I was horribly hung over after a party, so I'll take that. I move up to V45 category next week and the target is to try improve my shorter distance times and aim for >77% WAVA by . I'm currently hovering around 74.9%. I've got no races planned as yet for this year but I may target a fast (all things being relative) 10k and aim for 37:xx. Current pb is 38:35 (was a very wet and windy day that day) but I feel quicker and much lighter now, so it's potentially achievable. All this talk of snow etc is making me feel cold. Looks pretty but it's a real ball ache, I much prefer it hot.

    It's great to see everyone going well with some amazing stats being posted, particularly by Birch and Badbark. Also, great to see Speedy has got the bit between her teeth again and your training partner sounds like a good thing and keeps you on your toes as long as you don't kill him! 😂 

    Lorenzo - that's an impressive long run with some good elevation too. 

    PMJ - that's a lovely photo. Have you got any race plans for this year?

    Poacher - brilliant news re Poachette. 2:35 would be a brilliant debut. What are her long term goals?

    Gul - tice to see you feeling relaxed about this campaign. Have you got an A races planned?

    OO - 65,000 steps is some going! I wouldn't worry about lack of speed as you've still got it and always deliver when it matters. How is your back now?

    Birch - are you tempted to come out marathon retirement? I hope so as I recall there is a club V record that has your name on it! 

    Stevie - good news re your treadmill run.

    Nicko - congrats on the 10k pb. Sub 40 is great running and it sounds like you can go faster too. 

    SBD - I'm envious of your Boston marathon plans. It's defo on my to do list. 

    DT - what's the target for your marathon?

    Jools - how are you getting on? Sorry if I missed your posts but I'm lagging behind.

    MsE - if you're lurking out there wanna pop by and say hi?

    Is there an up to date race list knocking about anywhere?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good to hear you are ok Ger, we’ve got a big parkrun target in May ;)
    Gul it was icy here last night and I feared a fall so went to the track in my spikes and did a few mile reps. My calves are killing me today!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Hi Gerard  good to hear from you. Sounds like rest has done you good!

    Target is definitely sub 3 in London. A tougher proposition than York due to crowds and fact I'll need to run about 300m further. 

    Stevie good to hear the exercises are working. 

    Long run done today as my wife is working away all weekend. Just short of 17 as follows 

    6 easy, 4 mp, 2 easy, 4 mp, 1ish easy. 
  • GerardM said:

    PMJ - that's a lovely photo. Have you got any race plans for this year?

    Plans are still up in the air. I got a free place for the Vitality 10k late May Bank Holiday and that seems about right, so let the winter pass by in base (Jan to Mar) and then 8 weeks looking at getting the speed back into the legs for that 10k and some summer 5ks. 
  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭
    I ran 6 easy miles this morning and 8.5 tonight including a 10k hilly trail race. My legs were sore after squats and deadlifts yesterday and the race was pitch black. I nearly fell have a dozen times having stupidly worn normal trainers. Despite all this I really enjoyed the event and made my way through the field from about 10th after a mile. I overtook the 3rd place guy in the last few hundred metres so ended up on the podium. Not bad for what was really only a planned tempo session. :)
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Congrats on the podium Badbark sound like fun.
    Another poor parkrun here 19:37. I should scrape another 50+ week though. Three weeks until Seville Marathon 
  • Good news Stevie, glad you are able to get back on it.

    Welcome back Gerard - updated race list below.

    Good long run DT, 8 @ MP is great going.

    Congrats on the podium Badbark - especially for just a tempo session plan.

    OO - sounds like a decent parkrun to me with a fairly big mileage week.

    Poor track session on Thursday, ran 4 miles there and foot felt weird so just did 4 x 800 @ 2:50 and a 400 @ 1:20 rather than push more reps. Easy 5 this morning @ 7:40, half mara tomorrow and will probably add 2 easy miles each side of it to make it 17 - probably just aim for a sub-90 in the race.


    13th January- Brass Monkey Half
    DT- Sub 83/PB

    27th January - Farnborough Half
    Nicko1981 - MP Run (<1:30) 

    3rd February - Watford Half
    SBD - MP Run (1:30)

    17th February Seville Marathon
    OO54 (first to the oranges)
    DT-Village bakery Half- (Sub 83)

    24th February Thorpe and Egham Half
    Nicko1981 (< 1:25)

    10th March Surrey Half
    G-Dawg (sub 1.25)
    SBD - MP Run (1:30)
    Vitality London Big Half
    Nicko1981 - Just get a medal and do more miles.

    17th March Bath Half Marathon
    Nicko1981 MP Run (<1:30, + 8 slow)

    17th March Fleet Half Marathon
    Lorenzo (1:28)

    24th March Ashby 20
    DT (Session of some sort)

    30th March - World Masters Half
    Speedy Goth

    7th April Manchester Marathon
    StevieWh (2:45)
    Nicko1981 (2:59
    Poacher (finish)
    DT -Centurion 5 (sub 31)

    14th April Boston UK Marathon
    Gul Darr (Sub 3:15)

    15th April - Boston Marathon (the hilly one)
    SBD (2:59)
    Lorenzo (3:10)

    28th April London Marathon
    OO54 (Sub 2, win, beat Mo Farah)
    G-Dawg (3.05)
    DT (Sub 3)
    Speedy Goth (2.59.59)
    Poacher (finish)

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    16 muddy trail miles this morning. Yet another grind from the first mile. Tried to overcome the fatigue with a 4 mile easy last night but didn't seem to work. Just got to keep on keeping on I guess and eventually the body will adapt.

    Great to see you back, GM.
  • Stevie - glad the recovery seems to be going well.
    GM - well done on the parkrun PB and impressed that you're aiming for a cracking 10k target. As for me, my A race is Boston (Lincs) marathon in April. 
    OO - not bad parkrunning just after those mile reps.
    DT - nice long run with MP sections.
    Badbark - that's a great bonus - congratulations and pleased you didn't fall.
    nicko - hope the foot's okay.
    GD - 16 mile muddy trail run sounds like hard work at the best of times.
    The forecast was for heavy rain yesterday, so I thought I would take the opportunity to do parkrun. Wasn't expecting a great run as I hadn't done anything faster than 7m/m for ages and had put in a lot of miles during the week. So very pleasantly surprised to finish in 18:47, just 5 seconds off my PB, and a new parkrun WAVA PB of 79.77%. Very pleased with that after 4 MLRs earlier in the week! The rain didn't materialise, so then got out in the garden and sorted the base for the new shed. Rest today, so 65 for the week.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Busy week for me marred by what I suspect is IBS and one of my cats getting knocked over. So I'm on 2 runs so far and may squeeze a 3rd in later today, but Mr Jools is away so I am home alone caring for a cat which has to be in a cage most of the time due to a leg fracture and hates it. I'm spending a lot of time sat with him as he'll have a fairly lonely week ahead which I feel guilty about.... interviewing a cat sitter this afternoon!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    DT "Target is definitely sub 3 in London. A tougher proposition than York due to crowds"
    interesting - my 3 fastest were all London - my favourite marathon . . .   

    nice work at parkrun, Gul - 80% (as near as damnit) a great return.  btw, my pal completed his 26.2 endeavour at R.Valley yesterday. I accompanied him for the final 4 of his 9 laps. Pleased not have promised the full total - it took him 4:55 . . . .    
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Gul, great parkrunning and wava.

    Well done on podium, Badbark. 

    Nice 16, G Dawg. 

    Hope the half went well, Nicko. Brass monkey race type weather this morning here based on my 2 hours stood in a field for junior rugby. 

    Jools, sounds like a challenging week. I recall my cat with a similar injury and having to be like that for 4 weeks. Its very difficult to not give in and let them out. 

    Birch, ive pb'd in London all 4 times there. However if i run London at 6.51mm which is York pace, I'd be about 70 seconds over sub 3. i think you need to finish at circa 6.48mm average to sub 3 in London which for me makes it a tougher challenge. 

    6 miles easy later. Glad i did my long run on Friday based on current weather. 
  • 1:28:07 at Farnbororough Half this morning, pretty much what I expected, really should have pushed the final 2 miles and got a PB but  not a bad morning. 17 with warmup and cooldown. More deets later, off to the sauna.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Tough week, Jools. Hope the cat is on the mend.

    Nice going Nicko. A couple of friends did Farny today. I registered interest but chose a Saturday 16 and evening social instead. Glad I did as my legs were a mess yesterday.

    5 recovery miles today followed by a good foam roller session. Legs feel much better now. 42 for the week.
  • PhilipMJonesPhilipMJones ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Gul, great run at parkrun, 80% WAVA is not to be sneezed at. 

    I did my local parkrun yesterday. Early December I was mid 22s and then got a lowish 21 and then seemed to stick at that but yesterday got a 20:55 so now it is chip the seconds back down to a time that starts with a 1.

    15 today which turned out to be progressive but that was due mostly to the paths: first 5 miles hills and mud, second 5 miles mud and last 5 miles disused railway track with hard surface. Very unlikely to hit 200 this month: 175 so far and I'll run the next 3 days but Thursday off and Mon will be short recovery and Tue a 5k time trial so 15 on Wednesday is a pointless exercise.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Gul that's a great parkrun effort, I  got 78% wava so bravo. You too PMJ you are on a good trend. 
    Nicko well done on the half what is your PB? Sounds like you were close. Hope you can tell us more on how the race went.
    With 3 weeks until Seville I pushed on for 20 today. It was 8:46 pace in the wind but almost 3 hours on my feet which was reassuring after recent troubles. That's 58 for the week and 205k steps- a new record. I also did a 3k swim so a big week for me in total training, better late than never.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Good Park Runs from OO, PMJ and Gul (excellent WAVA!).

    Excellent MP time at Farnborough Nicko.

    I feel London should be easier to go Sub 3 than York DT.  At sub 3 pace, you should be able to run a "straight course and being surrounded by runners moving at a similar pace is a big help. 

    Sound tough Jools - hope you got the third run in.

    Good grinding G-D - the body will adapt!

    You need to get some miles in those legs Gerard!

    Good accidental podium Badbark.

    Sounds positive on the calf Stevie - hopefully you can ramp the training back up.

    Feels like I'm half on the bench at the moment.  Still have the hamstring issue from March 2018 and recently picked up a groin issue which I'm currently working on with the physio.  The calf had been relatively well behaved but became somewhat tight during yesterday's recovery run.  Initially thought it might need a few days rest, but as it felt fine today I was tempted to try something.  Outside seemed a bit risky so headed to the gym for a 10K test.  All felt good, so continued to 16K and then 24K and at this point I thought I might as well continue to the scheduled 22 miles.  Longest ever run on the treadmill, and as the air conditioning is not currently working, a bit of a sweatfest, but good to have done.  Will see what the next week brings ...

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Decent progress, Pmj.

    Nicko, great effort today. Did you stick to mara pace effort or kick on a bit? 

    SBD, 22 miles on the treadmill is remarkable! Hope the niggles are kept at bay. I'm not sure London is that quiet at sub 3. I do need to help myself a bit more mind and get in the pen earlier as last 2 years ive started at back of pen 2 on green and blue start. I'm hoping to be on the red GFA start this year which is definitely the fastest start which might make a difference. I've really not enjoyed the first few miles ladt 2 years from green and blue start. 

    Easy 5 today for a 54 mile week. If i stick with schedule this week I'll log 225 for January which will be my highest ever. Some mixed weather forecast which might interfere. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Blimey SBD that is remarkable, glad the injuries allowed you to run so far. 
    I should manage similar mileage in Jan DT. Seville is not an A race and I'm not in good shape so I'm only going to taper a week before.
  • Jools - hope you found a suitable cat sitter and your suspicions are not proved correct about IBS.
    Birch - well done to your friend - not great conditions for 9 laps of RVP I imagine.
    nicko - good effort and result - never thought of having a sauna after a race; sounds good.
    GD - glad the legs are feeling better.
    PMJ - good 15 miler on varied terrain - just short of 200 is a very decent mileage for January.
    OO - good time on feet run.
    SBD - hope you can steer clear of the bench. Nice treadmill running.
    DT - good miles for the week and month.
    11 easy miles this morning. 225 for January so far.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Cat sitter seems nice - hope the cat agrees! I'll find out when I get home and if she is willing to come back tomorrow.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I have to say cat sitter is a great job title! Ideas for my retirement;)
  • Farnborough Half Race Recap

    Luckily the weather yesterday morning wasn't as bad as it was when I left the house early; as it was sideways rain and bloody freezing. By the time I got to Farnborough it was dry enough so spirits lifted a little. Did a little warmup mile with a friend running to the start, a few drills then made my way to the start in the crowd of approx 2000. Looked for the 1:30 pace flag and decided to stay a little in front - however somehow I found myself at the very front of the race, literally on the start line chatting to the eventual winner (1:08). The "gun" went off (the start marshall just shouted 3,2,1 GO as he had forgotted his air horn!) and I was the race leader for all of 3 metres.

    Settled myself into my pace after a short while and stayed to the side for the faster runners to pass. The course was a 1 mile loop around the Farnborough Hanger, then 5 miles out on some A-roads, loop around a river then back on the A roads to the finish - not the most inspiring, fairly flat with just a few slow inclines - though the wind was quite brisk in places; the conditions were overall quite good for January - vest and shorts were perfect.

    I kept almost exactly to my target pace of 6:40, trying to hit each 3 mile marker at 20 minutes - the first 3 miles seemed to go very very slowly and were a bit of a chore, hit 6 miles dead on 40:00, legs feeling tired but the CV was no issue at all. Miles 8-10 were into the wind and were a bit of a struggle so I hit 9 miles about 15 seconds below pace; made my mind up to stay at the current effort and then at 11 miles pick up the pace in order to make up the time and just see how much I could push at the end.

    Didn't look at my watch and just kept my eyes open for the 11 mile marker; I was catching a few people at this point so felt like it was going OK. Mile 10-11 seemed to be taking ages, and it was only when I got to a roundabout and a marshall stepped out the way that I saw the Mile 12 marker - somehow I had completely missed the 11 mile post! What a moron.

    I was so annoyed that I had missed the marker that I just cruised the final mile and gave a bit of pickup on the last .1 rather than pushing like I should have done from 12 - though I wasn't really considering an all-out performance so the result wasn't a big deal for me. Came in at 1:28:08 on my watch which I knew would be almost exact, so I thought I was about 20-30 seconds off a PB, no big deal.

    It was only when I went to check my PB last night after OO asked above, that I realised 1:27:57 was my PB from Hackney last year and with my Farnborough official time of 1:28:06 I was only 9 seconds off getting 2 PB's in a week - just needed a final little half mile push and I would have had it - should pay more attention really! Definitely faded on the final quarter where I could have upped the effort.

    Overall, pretty good race, though a bit quiet on the roads and not overly interesting course, nice medal with penguins on. I was 79th overall out of 2000; and feel like I can push more than that - it wasn't easy but definitely not giving it my all - Egham & Thorpe Half in 1 month, just need to knock 15 seconds off per mile to get the 1:25 target.

    43 miles for the week, 26 of which at or fast than target Marathon pace (32 in last 8 days) - next few weeks working on building volume.

    Gul - not sure sauna is the best thing after a race - but it's nice! If I go to a place with a cold plunge pool I'll do alternating steam room / cold plunge which is actually supposed to be very good for you.

    Great monthly miles DT - that's getting up to Badbark territory!

    Nice work pushing through 22 on the treadmill SBD - hope you had something decent to take your mind off it!
  • Sorry for skim reading, I've been away for a long weekend and don't have time to catch up properly. Very impressed with 22 miles on a treadmill. I think the most I've done is 16. The forecast for this week suggests I'll be doing 12 miles on one on Wednesday though.

    I regularly use a cat sitter. Not such a great job as you have to dash about all over the place to get to all of the cats, and you don't just feed and pet them, you have to clean up the litter tray too. My cat even hides under the sofa when the sitter comes apparently!
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