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  • Great running, Will! Haven't seen any snowdrops where I am but there are some trees with blossom on already. Bit odd, that.
  • Up very early today to make pancakes for my boy's 7th birthday. Had to run those off so did a 3.5 mile bit of fartlekking in the cemetery - seems to be my venue of choice at the mo. Very cold today, but bright sunshine streaming through the trees. I managed some decent stretches of pace and also kept up a generally faster pace than of late. Overall it was 8:50, with some bursts at up to 7:00. Groin held up and so will roll, stretch and continue my core work in prep for a bit of XC on Sunday  Some nice Long Tailed Tits were the avian highlight. Back to serious mara training from Monday.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Hmm - pancakes!!  Happy birthday to little Will.  Nice bit of fartlek you did there. I'm looking forward to hearing about your XC - haven't done any since school (errm long time ago).

    10 miles for me today after a rest day yesterday.  Felt a bit sluggish setting off - almost as though a short and slow jog would have done me better than a rest day.  Did around 4 and a half miles to warm up with some drills then got stuck into 2 sets of 5 x 150m strides with 250m recoveries and 4 mins between the sets.  I am pretty used to doing 100m strides but this was the first time I have tried 150m ones - definitely harder work!  Maybe I should have spent longer building up the speed, I always have to be careful not to set off like I have been shot.  All very accurately measured no doubt by my GPS as I whizzed up and down a bit of flat tarmac but what do a few metres here and there matter.  Made up the distance to 10 miles with a couple more miles.

    3 day running break now as I'm looking forward to a long weekend of skiing.  Will do me good to do something different and go off plan for a couple of days so I don't get too obsessed with it all.
  • That's a good run, Will. The usual old birds for me, though I did see five cormorants in a tree when I was out for my walk yesterday. I don't think I've ever seen that many at once. The shovellers are still there, spinning around in circles, but I've only spotted one of the Egyptians the past two days. I hope that means the other one is sitting on a nest and not in a fox's belly.

    Have a great time, Hazelnut. Don't break anything!

    8 easy miles today. Quite a pleasant run - sun was trying to come through the cloud and it was nice and bright. Only bad thing was a horrible little dog that ran at me, yapping.
  • Shovelers are great, aren't they? Comical bills. Cormorants always look prehistoric to me.

    Enjoy your skiing, Hazelnut . A good workout for the legs, for sure. 

    Well, I woke up feeling like I have shards of glass in my throat. Blocked sinuses and a horrible cough too and have spent much of the day asleep in bed. Bummer. Chances of me making my XC on Sunday now seem negligible. Just cooked a nice chilli to try to blast the bugs away.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Unlucky,Will,hope you make a speedy recovery.

    Good mileage,Cal,no snowdrops here either.I seem to find that small dogs are more of a problem than big dogs,they always get underneath your feet.Talking of dogs my 6 month old black Lab went out in the the snow for the first time today,always a delight to watch a puppy in the snow.

    Enjoy your skiing weekend,Hazelnut.

    A slow 6.24 mile slow hilly trail run in the snow today,very enjoyable.
  • Will, I don't feel so good right now either. Slight soreness in the throat but I also have a really, really stiff neck. I hope the fact I had a cold last week in November means I have enough immune function to kick this in to touch quickly. Still hoping to parkrun tomorrow, but I'll have to see how I feel.
  • Neck still stiff this morning but I felt OK to run. Ally Pally today (second time of trying...this time no problem getting there as I went by tube). They were using the winter course which is three laps with a really steep hill in the middle. Steepest hill I've done in a parkrun, even if Hampstead and other parkruns have more climb total. Was content to get under 27 minutes (26:42) although I'd have been about 15 seconds faster if it wasn't so busy - I lost about that much on the first lap due to congestion. Still, it's nothing like as bad as Tooting - there you could be stood still for 10 seconds or more.
  • And that was my first 20 miler of the year done. Went pretty well. Started in the dark, saw a magnificent sunrise over Brockwell Park and finished feeling happy to be out there. I saw snowdrops in Brockwell Park, which made me happy as I once had a white cat called Snowdrop and they always remind me of him (we thought he was a girl when we got him, hence the effeminate name...) He was stone deaf and had no sense of balance at all so he looked drunk when he walked and couldn't jump very well, but he was a happy soul and lived to about 18 years old.
    I also saw one fox, one fast-moving shadow that might have been a fox but might also have belonged to a cat, one rat carcass and, rather randomly parked in one of the side streets, a fancy white and glass carriage which I  at first thought might have been for weddings, but on closer inspection there were no seats and really only room for a coffin inside. Morbid.
  • Missed my XC today as still feeling rank. Bummer as saw photos on FB and it looked like great fun. Hey ho. Really need to get back on my mara plan asap, but reckon I'll be out for another 2-3 days.

    Great 20 and Parkrun, Cal. You're on fire at the moment :)
    I run, therefore I am.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Sorry you missed your XC,Will,hope you're back out soon.

    Fantastic running,Cal,your'e racking up the mileage.

    9.33 miles along the canal.5 miles @ HM pace.Pacing all over the place.6.42 mm fastest,7.18mm slowest.
  • Whether your pacing is all over the place or not that's pretty fast, JD! Nice running.

    No let up with my man flu. Still off work and feeling grim. Very frustrating and also starting to make me nervous, as my marathon training plan has gone out the window. Hoping to be OK to run by the weekend. Will then have to have a look at the plan and re-jig it quite a bit. 
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Oh no - bad luck on the xc and that you are benched with the lurgy at the moment Will.  Get well soon.  If you are feeling grim then there is not much point in going out for a run as you will likely prolong it.  If anything go for a walk to get some fresh air and some gentle exercise.

    Well done on your 20 miler and the parkrun Cal. 

    Speedy stuff JD.  I can imagine your puppy had fun in the snow.  My ginger cat likes it as well.

    Back from skiing in one piece, just one minor fall during the whole weekend thanks to the excellent snow conditions and it wasn't too busy either.  Was nice to have a break from running for a few days after a couple of weeks of pretty heavy training.  Back to it yesterday with an 8 miler, bit quicker than planned on skiing tired legs at an average of 8:31 / mile.  Out with my group this evening.
  • Oh Will, how disappointing. Well, you know I had the same thing with Valencia. Sometimes you just have to do the sensible thing and rest. Don't worry too much about the marathon - it's still early enough that you can get away with it. Just don't try to ramp up to quickly once you're back as that way lies injury.

    JD, it's often hard to replicate race pace on a run. You did well, though.

    Hazelnut, glad you had fun and didn't break anything!

    I did 8 miles too. I'd originally planned to do another tempo, but my legs felt tired and the paths were frosty and slippy so I decided just to make it an easy run. In my head the tempo sounded good as I did the LT run last Tuesday, but I somehow forgot that the previous week had been a cutback, whereas last week I ran 50 miles and did 20 on Sunday. I guess I need a bit longer to recover from that.
  • Good advice from Cal to Will and to herself also.

    Standard six and a bit yesterday evening in cold conditions (around -5).  We had to wait for several minutes at the level crossing for once which wasn't such fun.  Very clear sky - moon still looks impressive.
  • Unfortunately I'm still really struggling this month. I went out for a 20 miler last Thursday but 11 miles in I had some sudden onset foot pain which left me unable to run further although walking was ok, very luckily for me it happened around a quarter of a mile from a railway station so after a bit of a wait in the cold I was able to get home. This morning I went out for a slow and steady couple of short runs totalling just under three miles and had no foot problems but I was wearing a different pair of shoes with better cushioning. Last week's problem may simply have been a reaction to running a very undulating and very rough trail on ground that was in some places almost frozen and in others very muddy, in addition I really need to get some new shoes even though my current ones have less than 400 miles in them, some new work shoes with better cushioning are also required I think given how much walking I do at work!
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Hazelnut, glad you enjoyed your skiing weekend.

    Will, I know it's really annoying when you come down with something but you're doing the right thing in resting up for a few days.

    Just a 4.44 miles slow run yesterday.Club interval session tonight.
  • Well done for getting out in the cold, everyone. Matt, good news your foot feels better.

    A cold 12 miler today. I decided to wait for daylight (and therefore post-rush hour - I don't like sharing pavements with commuters and schoolkids) which meant skipping my 10am pilates, but never mind. No frost on the ground today, which was pleasing. Grumpy achilles was not so pleasing. I think my calves are super tight since Sunday which has probably set it off. It was grumpy yesterday too.
  • A fairly standard 8 miler today. Nothing remarkable at all, I'm afraid.
    Will, hope you're starting to feel a bit better.
  • Good mileage Cal. 

    Hope you enjoyed the intervals JD.

    Sorry about the foot issues Matt.  Hopefully just a short term thing if you reacted well to the different shoes.

    I've had a couple of very hectic days at work, got a decent 10 miler done on Wednesday with the 150m strides again and a 4 mile recovery yesterday.  I had planned to do a tempo run today but I'm not in the mindset for it.  Will do another recovery instead in a bit, should get out asap as it is a lovely sunset right now but I need to finish some work first - grrr.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    Cal,I've suffered with my achilles over the years,got to a point a couple of summers ago I couldn't hardly walk never mind run.It's been relatively fine 15 months now.I keep stretching and strengthening my calves and also ice my achilles after most runs,seems to keep it under control.

    Nice 10 miler,Hazelnut.Work always gets in the way.
    Interval were cancelled because there was too much snow and ice,so we just did a slow group run.

    Didn't want to go out today feeling very tired,but forced myself out.Felt great once I got going,wonderful what running and excercise can do to you.I did a very muddy 8 miles.
  • Yep definitely JD.  I decided to postpone the remaining work and get out (the joys of home office and my job do to some extent allow for that).  Did a run with a purpose and jogged to the local farm shop to get some bread and other bits (took a small rucksack with me).  Fortunately the bread was cool already - there is no way I could have run back the other way (involving a long drag of a hill) carrying the heavenly scent of warm bread without tucking in!  Just short of 6 miles, pace unimportant - did it as I felt.
  • Catford parkrun today (plus a mile jog to get my lift, and another mile from where I was dropped off to home). Nice park, a little undulating and a lot on grass, but fortunately it wasn't too muddy so my trail shoes coped well enough.
    25:30 official time though I measured the course a little short. Felt more like a 26 minute run. Nice cafe - it was in a shipping container so it didn't look great from the outside but they had some very  nice flapjacks!
  • That's all making me hungry, just as I am knuckling down to a strictest diet as I now need to get right back into the mara training!

    My first run for 8 days today and I was absolutely gagging to lace up and get out again. It was just a chest test really, to see how I fared. My lurgy is mostly gone but my chest was still a bit tight and the lungs were defo under power. Still, apart from that and a lot of nose fluid exits (!) It went quite well. Nice to get the legs back in motion and felt good after 4.5 miles at 9:26 m/m. Going for an 8 miler tomorrow and then a series of medium length runs before I ramp up to another long LSR next weekend. Good to be back.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • Hmm - flapjacks..!  It seems you can also tour cafes by doing parkruns then?  (and why not..).  Good time.

    Please be careful not to overcompensate for the missed training Will.  The 4 + 8 are a good way to get back into it.  Good to see you back and raring to go.

    My P&L plan suggested a trial race this week but none were available so I decided to practice doing a progressive run.

    A bit under 3 miles warm up to the flat stretch I wanted to use, then a quick break to hang various bits of clothing in a convenient tree.  Then 10 and a half loops up and down a ditch with a decent path on both sides to do 10km progressive followed by a gentle cool down of 2 miles.  The progression went well - I set off at around 10 seconds / mile over mara pace and finished on a couple of seconds under LT pace for 47:15 for the 10k and an average pace equivalent to my HM PB pace.  Had a couple of over large jumps in pace at the beginning and the last couple of km were a struggle to speed up anymore.  Progressive runs are tough:  once I get to an uncomfortable pace (somewhere between mara and HM pace for me) I know its only going to get harder and harder!   I find doing a constant hard pace easier.
  • Nice progression effort there, Hazelnut. If only I could do a 10K that fast, in practice or at any time!

    The enforced break must have done some good as I was able to jump out of bed at 5.30am this morning and be out running by 6.00. Squally, wet and cold and still with some sinus issues, I enjoyed the run nonetheless. I am being mindful not to push too hard after missing the best part of 2 week's training, but actually my legs and lungs are taking care of that by themselves. I couldn't really do anything but a slow, easy pace this morning and so ended up doing 8.22 miles at 10:20 m/m. I just chugged along in the wind and rain and darkness, with a couple of Blackbirds and 'walk of shamers' for company. Always one for a gimmick, I tried out a caffeine bullet as a fuelling option after 4 miles. It didn't taste great but certainly woke my head up! Not sure it did anything for my legs.
    I run, therefore I am.
  • I decided to can my long run today and take a break as I didn't feel great when I woke up. Tired and a little under the weather. My body is telling me to take a break.
  • A bit better today so went out for 6 miles at an easy pace. The day off yesterday did me some good I think.
  • Not a fan of caffeine on the run myself, doesn't agree with me unfortunately.  Good idea to try things out you might use in your mara Will.

    Did the same as Cal yesterday and didn't do a long run as planned.  Wasn't really tired or niggly nor did I have CBA but after a few stressful days I needed a break from having to do things including running.

    8 miles along the river today instead.  The outbound leg against a pretty stiff breeze was quite hard work as was the steep camber of the road in parts.  Birds: errm gulls, ducks and swans - very specific I know. Ah and a cormorant.  Feet got a bit damp due to the mix of soft snow and slush but were warm enough.
  • I woke up at stupid o' clock so ended up going out at 5.30am and running 16 miles, which was partly to make up for missing Sunday. I think it was too cold for wildlife as I didn't see anything beyond commuters and dog walkers.
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