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  • My runs on Sat were rather fragmented with bits after the race to get to and from stations, and by the time I got home I didn't want to eat immediately and spoil my appetite for supper! And I only had a half litre of water during the whole afternoon's adventure, and no food after (a big) breakfast. So a fair cop, though whether it really has any bearing on DOMS I don't know.

    Ace training as ever Padams, interesting to hear you always start with a bit of pain though. Perhaps I fuss too much over odd niggles.
  • I'm glad he's better Padams.

    Difficult to keep them in a cage when you're there though Joolska, if you're anything like me it makes you feel really mean.

    As I need to watch my weight a bit (to stop it going any lower) I tend to refuel after runs but as I only have a light breakfast I tend to view it more as a delayed part of that. I can't really go breakfast/run/work/lunch as I get a very embarrassing loud rumbling stomach - not good when you're working one to one with people.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Blimey that cat is absolutely enormous!

    Good to see OO cracking out another sub 3 at the weekend.  Shelling peas...

    Another low key race last weekend for me, a local 10k, mostly off-road and with a good amount of climbing.  Even the flat parts were around the local great war remembrance wood which they've been planting for a few years now, and very uneven underfoot.  5th place and first vet, which got me a nice horseshoe trophy.  Junior was 10th and out of the prizes, much to his disgust.

    Then I had to be away on a course for a couple of days, which meant a very early headtorch run around country lanes in the Surrey hills.  Really nice with no traffic until getting back to the main road, with the sole exception of an Ocado van.  Only in Surrey!  Then just as I was finishing and the sky was getting a bit lighter, an owl flew across 30 yards in front of me, through the headtorch beam.  Best bit of the day.

  • I'm working in city centre today, last bit of my 8 mile lunch run through the high street and a chugger jumps in front of me - 'have you got a minute mate' my arms go out like a centre forward appealing to the referee

    Did he do that because I'm superfit and was cruising like a Rolls Royce or because he thought I looked like I needed a break :#  
  • WTGY - maybe he was one of those who assume that anyone running is raising money for charity?

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    CD: he's fairly big but also quite close to the camera... 
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    WTGY - I hadn't really thought about that, but I suppose it is a bit like the swimming method. I always prefer having a "send-off" time rather than a fixed amount of recovery, partly so I can keep track of timings more easily (e.g. last night I knew I had started every effort on a multiple of 7mins, so when I reached the mile point I could easily work out my mile time). Also I have a very basic watch so it doesn't cope very well with splits - this way I can just keep the clock ticking and know when to start the next effort.

    We also use that method a lot in club sessions when people are running at different speeds and finishing at different points in the lap - you just tell them we will be starting an effort every x mins and then you don't need to worry about the fact that some people may have done a bit of a longer or shorter effort.

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    WTGY.. 'I've got a bus to catch' or similar would be my tactic.  BTW the York racecourse loop is 1.95m and on the service track so all tarmac - we've had a few olympians turn up as it serves as a very quick Parkrun course on a non-windy day.
    Nice session in amongst the 9m Padams.
    Jools.. I adored our now departed black cat.  I was led to believe they are not the most popular colour to be re-homed so I do have a sympathetic soft spot for black cats.
    CD.. nice racing and congrats on the prize.  I once 'won' a horse brass in a race and it remains a puzzle as to what a runner is supposed to do with one!  Good effort from junior too.
    10.5m out & back down the Sustrans cycle track today.  I managed to get out mid morning and by then it was a sunny day which took the edge off the chill.  As long as I avoided the odd frozen puddle I didn't detect any ice at all.
    Very impressed with EE/BT.. two chaps out less than 24 hours after my fault reported.  Problem outside put right; then the chap testing my rig announced that my junction box wasn't wired optimally so he fitted a new box so the router has a direct feed.  Broadband speed is now notably faster than before.  No charge for any of this.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    That wasnt a happy face in the picture, felix the cat didnt look happy either !

    Padams - good work on the reps.

    CD  - nice one on rhe vet win, and still bring shead of junior.

    Got my mlr in today, but only 12m as i had to go to a pre uni meeting at college with my youngest, so a few miles less than normal. Managed to get round the lanes before it got too icy, but i wont be able to go that way in the morning.
  • The youngster joined me again tonight for 12.5 miles. It was really cold, but actually less icy than last week. Or maybe it was just that I could see better because I invested in a chest light as recommended by LMH elsewhere. 

    I get really bad DOMS from Body Pump on a Monday night, but I don't fuel afterwards until I've showered and driven home. Maybe I should take something with me in future. Not sure what though, as it would have to survive from me leaving the house at 6.30am until I finish the class at 8pm. 

    I also have a black cat. Probably not a big surprise! Although MY cat was grey and white tabby. The black one is technically dad's cat. I inherited her when dad went into the care home. Eloise made it to 23 years old and I only survived having to have her put to sleep because I still had Suzi at home to cuddle. Suzi hates other cats and only tolerated Eloise because she was here first. I'll be a mess when she goes and I have no other cat to come home to. She's 18 already. When that time does come I'll get two at once. If I'm going to be a proper crazy cat lady I have to have at least two.
  • Nice racing CD.

    Which uni is he going to TR? Foggy, frosty and cold here this morning - I'm not sure where I'm going to find to run.

    Nice to hear you got good service and are all sorted Wardi.

    I take it you got on well with the chest light then CC2? You could take one of the recovery drinks that you make with water (Tribe do them and I'm sure there are others) or one of those cereal type bars - Cliff or whichever meet your dietary requirements without being too processed?
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    CC - hope you didnt thrash the nipper so much this time 

    LMH - he hasnt decided yet, its a limited choice though as he wants to do modern (only) history.

    5m easy today, too icy to do reps or mp, so i just did the minimum. The weather has cost me a couple of rep sessions/mp runs recently, but ive done all the mlrs and long runs. A couple of easier weeks is no bad thing. 330 for January, so i achieved the 10m per day average target.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    We have 2, both black. Brother and sister.

    Which chest light? I hate wearing a head torch so I'd be interested in a chest light!

    7 last night. I wanted to do 9 but underestimated the wind chill and had frozen, painful hands so went home. Took 30 minutes for the colour to return completely. Oops.
  • WTGY - I can't abide chuggers at the best of times, so I definitely wouldn't appreciate one interrupting my run!

    Well done to everyone still getting out with all the frost and ice about. I used to get wound up if I couldn't do the exact mileage/pace on my schedule, but I'm a lot more zen about it these days.

    10 x 2 min hills with the club last night and everyone was struggling a bit - don't know if it was the cold or the conditions underfoot, but we were all a bit sluggish. The fact I kept up with a 2:30 marathoner for the last few reps shows he was struggling more than me I guess! Not the worst thing in the world to keep it sensible before my HM on Sunday. 9.2 miles recovery this morning in -4c; actually had icicles in my beard!   
  • @Padams I also read that current research about protein after exercise says it doesn't have as much of an effect as if you are simply consuming an appropriate amount of protein across the day, because the latter means your body has a store already 'on hand' to repair during/immediately after exercise. The exception is if you train before breakfast. The most essential thing to avoid DOMS is to hydrate properly afterward (something I always need to get better at!)

    Well raced @Cheerful Dave.  

    It's frosty out there this morning. I am down to do hill sprints in a few hours as I WFH today, but not sure how the footpath will be, so it might be indoor bike and some TRX. 
  • The Decathlon 250 lumens one Joolska.

    Where is he looking TR? You have had a few races for extra speed sessions, it's the miles you need so I wouldn't worry (not that you are).

    EE - I am running much more slowly and blaming the cold.

    TGO - freezing fog here and slippery even on the trails. Hope you can find somewhere safe to run.

    We have freezing fog and a feels like temperature of -7C according to the Met Office and I believe them. I came back from my run with frozen eyelashes and a layer of ice on my jacket. I did find myself wondering quite why I was doing it and what I was getting out of it but decided it's all miles in the bank.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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    TR - great effort through January. The missed pace sessions can be incorporated as the next few weeks roll on. My Abo campaign featured some quicker stuff as the taper approached. This was out of necessity since I wasn't strong enough to do any earlier on. I think it worked pretty well so will be trying to do the same this time round. Although I have tried to keep up 30-40 mins of tempo per week with the odd efforts type stuff. I will try the BAC stuff in a few weeks as they really work you hard as you know.

    Jools - cute kitty. We have to lift Ozzy up to his food now as he's no longer able. Our golden retriever has the monopoly on the floor. Nicely ticking along again. Good to see.

    CC2 - nice mlr in these conditions. Good to see your young friend wasnt put off.

    Padams - nice mile reps and top tip on the way you do them setting off every x minutes. I will definitely use that method in the future when running them solo. Although I do sometimes cheat at program the session into my watch, that has its drawbacks tho as it doesn't bleep, just vibrates which can be difficult to feel at times. Ditto on any excuse to eat too. I did take all that nutrition stuff seriously for that super six thing years ago but never again, , leave that to the elites with their teams of helpers. Too much faff.

    CD - well done on the 10k first vet prize! Well done to Jnr too. Good run that to place 10th. Owl sighting sounded very cool.

    WTGY - what's a chugger?

    Wardi - nice 10.5 yday and in fair conditions too by the sounds of it. Glad to hear broadband is back and better than before. We had an outage about a year ago for a week, almost caused WW3 with my lad unable to literally 'do anything', his world had ended. I had to get that back up and running asap.

    EE - nice hill session last night. Any kind of effort in these conditions is a win I reckon.

    I bit sore this morning after 15 cold miles last night. Last five were really crappy and was happy to finish.

    Day off today and tomorrow as I move up to V45 today. Recovery miles shortly 6 + 4 maybe, followwd by my long run tomorrow as I pack the miles in before heading down to the New Forest for my little sis wedding.

    January total will be around 265-270 which I'm super happy with considering I had a couple of missed days due to fall and a missed long run in there too. Another month like that and I will be raring to go.

    Weather looks horrible for that trip down tomorrow. Might even go trans Pennines/M1 if the Midlands cops for the snow they have forecast.

  • Happy birthday SJ and enjoy the wedding! A chugger is a charity fundraiser (or charity mugger; hence chugger) who accosts you in the street for money. I can't abide them - if I want to give money to a charity (which I do, often) I'll do it through choice in my own time, not through being pressured in the street. 
  • Brave souls running in this weather today. Anyone fancy watching a few veteran blokes finish a half marathon/ marathon in the WARM and the SUN!

    First-up the chivarlous DanA from the Gran Canaria Half. Dan appears at the end in a white vest and hat: 

    Next me     'Greenish race vest' @ 2.55.40 waving to the crowd (don't remember that) and if your keen you can press the advance button to the 2.56 actual finish. 
  • Ahoy all. Been reading along since Christmas but realise I haven't actually posted. Some great performances happening, including the chaps in Gran Canaria this weekend just gone. Good to see you go to help that chap up after the rather unfortunate trip Dan - good man. OO soaking it all in obviously, making it look like he's just been for a stroll around the park.

    Happy birthday to SJ, hope you have a good day and take advantage of being in the new age category! 

    Always makes me laugh when someone tries to flag you down mid-run when you're quite clearly not going to stop. I constantly get offered a free paper as I run past tube stations. What am I meant to do with that for the next 4 miles?!

    After a lack of structure October-Christmas, I've got back into some consistent training, logging 311 miles in Jan. On top of that averaging about 8 hours a week swim/biking. Recent 5km effort gave me a slightly underwhelming 17:54, but things are moving in the right direction I think. 

    Finally sorting out my work situation has probably contributed to the better structure - I think it's actually harder to train when you've got so much time on your hands. Sounds silly I know!

    Hope to bump into some of you soon. In for Wokingham and Reading halves in the build up to London. 
  • Little M.iss HappyLittle M.iss Happy ✭✭✭
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    Happy Birthday sj - I hope you enjoy today and have safe travels tomorrow.

    I feel the same way EE.

    You mean you aren't running OuchOuch?  ;)
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Happy birthday SJ. Welcome to the V45 club.
    I found yesterday's 15 tough in the cold too so opted for the soft option this morning. Stayed on the work TM rather than risk slipping around dodging icy puddles along the towpath. Inevitably turned into a harder run than I intended: 8M progressive starting at 8s but got down to 6:25 for 1200m before finishing off with 500m at MP to average 7:13. Felt controlled the whole time but bit stiff legged now. That's 333 in Jan for me. Lowest since 2016 but I've deliberately only been running 6 days a week.
  • @OuchOuch great finish! Hopefully you can splice those two minute clips together?

    @saintjason Happy Birthday! Pretty sure V45 still counts as early 40s  :D:D

    @Joe Blogs-BR @TR 300+ miles for Jan is superb. I managed (just?) 210 across Jan. 

    Not quite as bad as -7 @Little M.iss Happy, a much more balmy -5 in Bucks says the Met Office. I did convince myself to do the 12x2min hill repeats this morning. Thankfully, my favoured incline gets a bit of car traffic, so path frost had mostly disappeared save for one hairy patch I 'suddenly' located on the first up.

    Crikey though, my fingers were painful in the shower just now trying to defrost them!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    LMH - he has offers, but some he isnt interested in as the course isnt specific enough. Ydays chat was about how the funding works (ive heard it before, but he hasn't).

    Happy birthday SJ, great 15 too, well toughed out. Im massively comparing my training with Abo as Abo was compromised but i still managed a cramping 3.01. I still had hammy issues in june was running regularly but only short runs, and was freed up by the fizz later in july and was able to crack on then. So  june and july was 375m total, with no long runs, 4x10 and 4 x mlr. In contrast dec and jan has been 674 with 9xlong, 14x mlr and 14x10. Aug and sept were decent, so i just need to repeat similar. Lack of fast work is probably a good idea at the mo actually as i dont need to build to a taper yet.

    Joe - 311 is good with multiports included too. Very good.

    Jooligan - great training there too.

    Tomorrow might be snow affected, even down here, so will review in the morning. Chichester 10k Sunday in something like a 6m, 10k, 6m style and then im having a very easy 10 days, with Worthing 1/2 on day 7 of that. We'll call it a mid season break.
  • PadamsPadams ✭✭✭

    SJ - glad it wasn't just me not familiar with the term "chugger"! Happy birthday, hope you get down to the New Forest safely.

    JoeB - what's that, about 15 hours per week total? That's a lot, more than I was doing in peak IM training I think.

    Jooligan - 333M in a month is your lowest month for 3 years?! Or just your lowest January?

    Well done to all of you getting out in the cold. I did 4M back to the nursery yesterday evening (so 7M total for the day) - may get a short one in this evening if things pan out well. I'm on about 170M for January which is about normal for me these days.

  • Lowest Jan Padams. I've run under a 100 a couple of times between Spring & Autumn marathon campaigns. Wish I could run fast off low mileage but doesn't work for me though over 70 mpw definitely takes its toll too. It's a fine balance. Got out for another 3.6M at lunch too.
  • I hope the weather is better for you on Sunday TR - it's still forecast to be very cold and icy here.

    Cross posted with you earlier Joe - which IM is it that you're targeting this year?

    Weather not looking as though it's going to improve for the next few days so I'm expecting some more cold and slippery slow runs. The joy of spring marathon training  :(
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    LMH - its going to ve very cold, early start too. I'll have plenty of layers on as its a training race, and will be doing a long wu and wd, but id rather it was hot than cold.
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    SJ - happy b'day.

    Been enjoying running in the sun all week; back to UK tomorrow for a first proper long run of the year on Saturday.

    Was just thinking of the times I've been stopped in the street during a run, and remembered last year when I was running down a residential street in Richmond, and a guy in a white van flagged me down and wound the window down, with me thinking he was needing directions.  He sort of was, as he asked if I knew whether there was an, ahem, "massage parlour" in the area..!!   :disappointed:
  • Happy Birthday SJ!

    The youngster survived this one better. It won't be long before he's simply too fast for me. Damned youngsters!

    I think the weather forecast has picked up a bit. But enough for a half marathon pace tempo tomorrow night? Hmmmm. Not sure. Might have to resort to the treadmill. It was minus 6 when I got in the car this morning. 
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