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  • Nice one G Dawg! Which 100k are you doing, and when?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Many congrats GDawg you will love it.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Hi Speedy. Race to the Stones in July. Mates reckon it's fairly straight forward, not as lumpy as others. Just a matter of getting my head around running/walking slower, eating loads and being on my feet for so long.
  • DT - hope you have a good tempo run.
    Stevie - all sounds very promising.
    OO - yes, sorry, I was being very English and enquiring about the weather. Nice photo though.
    GD - another good session. Yes, I think slowing down a bit is going to get some getting used to for you - it always amazes me how fast you seem to do all your runs!!!
    16 steady miles this morning - avg pace 7:48/m.
  • GD - couple of mates did race to the stones a few years back - said it was amazing but obviously a proper slog; good on ya. And a great session yesterday too.

    OO - that photo is great, what beautiful scenery to run in. Certainly nicer than the A38 I had on Sunday.

    Decided to rest instead of club progression yesterday; making the sensible choice for once; just need to get my ass in gear and attempt a tempo today at some point.

  • 12 steady miles for me this lunchtime, and now working from home aka sat on the sofa with the poorly cat, reading work emails.
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    Nice 16 Gul. I know we went through this last time, but everything you do running wise tells me you are worth a much better mara time than you have. Hopefully Boston will provide the answer.

    Solid running GD. As Gul says, it is amazing how fast you can do everything. I am too lazy and only run at effort when I have to (see below).

    Nice wfh miles, Jools.

    Key session for me today, with the Village Bakery half in 12 days. 10 at tempo. Did a 1.5 wu and 0.75cd either side. Tempo went well averaging 6.27mm for the 10 as follows-

    6.32, 6.28, 6.30, 6.28, 6.27, 6.25, 6.22, 6.28, 6.27 and 6.26. Average hr was 167 so right in the middle of the 165-170 zone where I wanted it and about 7bpm below my half mara racing HR. Of course it will snow next weekend so it is somewhat academic!!

    First half was a bit of a cruise, but second half I was working for it as wanted a negative split run. I'm quite tired now and wish I was wfh!!

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    And you talk about my pace, DT!! That's mighty impressive. I wouldn't worry about snow on race day, at that pace the fire on the soles of your shoes will see yo OK!   :D
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yes looking good DT, that’s the same day as Seville Marathon for me. I have a week left before we travel next Tuesday so am packing in the miles with another 50+ week.
    Soinds better than battling in to the office Jools! My last couple of years included a lot of home working which I really got used to.
  • SBD have a 10 miler at the start of mark but with no long runs looking at about 90 mins these days which is shocking ! Thought I had loads of time but things have not worked out , a half a few weeks alter but tempted to bin it if the 10 miler is grim..
    Stevie glad my fat cells are only full of water now (hoping ) should see a downward trend soon then !
    Dt 10 at sub 6:30 you are in great shape  at the minute 
    Gul nice 16 miler .
    I had planned a long run today but the washing machine died yesterday evening so had to go get  new one , fit it and take the old one away which took far longer than Id hoped as they are hard work on your own before I start back on nightshift tonight and get a shop in as my missus can't drive for another month(she is recovering well now and starting physio after her back op ) so no time left as I needed a kip in the afternoon.

  • DT you are absolutely killing it, fantastic run; especially if the first half was "a bit of a cruise"

    Couple of laps round the harbour for 7miles at 7:10 avg; just running to what felt reasonably hard. Achilles kind of froze up after warmup half mile; but felt fine after a quick stretch, hopefully it's nothing.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I hope you got a Miele Leslie, ours has last 15 years so far!
    I had a good club sesh last night, best I’ve felt in ages. I think the speed is slowly coming back.
    Very tasty Nicko
  • nicko - nippy 7 miles; hope the achilles is okay.
    Jools - well done fitting in a 12 miler during lunchtime. That's the beauty of the flexibilty of working from home!
    DT - that's a great session. Surely the weather will be kind this time!
    OO - not long at all to go then. Taper next week?
    Leslie - our washing machine has started "walking" occasionally during the spin cycle, which apparently is a sign that the shock absorbers have had it, but hopefully they can be replaced. Only had it slightly less than 5 years - should have gone for a Miele!
    12 easy miles this morning.
  • DT - That is a cracking session and a great pointer for the half and marathon. FWIW I was a couple of seconds a mile slower then that on my 10m tempos before I did my half PB.

    Gul - Nice 16, you are definitely going well.

    Leslie - That doesn't sound ideal! Hopefully you can have a smoother build up to the 10m race

    Good mileage from everyone else.

    Got out for 3m last night as my first continuous run since injury, felt really good. Will do similar Thursday/Friday then do some tempo intervals on Sunday to see how the calves feel at pace. Plan is to play Manchester week by week, the deadline for deferrals has passed so I may as well see what I can do.

  • Leslie H said:
    I had planned a long run today but the washing machine died yesterday evening so had to go get  new one , fit it and take the old one away which took far longer than Id hoped as they are hard work on your own before I start back on nightshift tonight and get a shop in as my missus can't drive for another month(she is recovering well now and starting physio after her back op ) so no time left as I needed a kip in the afternoon.

    With 4 very active kids, our washing machines die on a regular basis. The current record from one failing, to it being taken away and a new one replace it from the local white goods warehouse is under an hour. I do use two old skateboards to make it easier to move to and from the car.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Thanks chaps. I usually treat myself to a few beers after a big session but last night I was too tired, plus I am out for a few tonight anyway.

    Just looking at a pace calculator and if I had continued my run at that average pace I would have posted an 84.33 half which is less than a minute slower than my pb. Certainly bodes well for race day.

    Stevie, I hadn't realised the deferral date for manchester had passed. I guess you can make a decision well into March then as  Stratford won't close entries.

    Nice work, Nicko and another solid MLR, Gul.

    Off for a 5 at recovery in a moment.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    I too have old skateboards for moving white goods and large objects around PMJ. Works a treat.

    Managed to WFH today as need to get into London sharpish for a concert. That meant a cheeky lunchtime 8 miler on the out and back rolling route. Felt strong through and made sure I kept strong but not attacking on the inclines.

    Managed to show off a bit on the final mile split which came out at 6.20 and delivered an average of 6.58.

    Like you, DT, I think I'm a shade ahead on where I am compared to previous campaigns. Just need to keep it sensible.

    Have started to do daily press-ups to try and develop swim muscles before September. Currently I have none.

  • G Dawg, that's why I've picked a road 100k. Just a tad slower than LSR pace with a bit of luck. Plus extra time for loo breaks, eating, drinking etc. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Impressed that skateboarding made it onto the thread. 
    G Dawg would it not be easier to just go for a swim?
  • 0054 no miele bought got a Beko again , cheap and lasted about 8 years ,last zanussi lasted 11 years !
    Pmj good tip with the skateboards I dragged mine on a carpet mat along the tiled floor after dropping it out the car onto a very large beanbag .Impressive turnaround of 1 hour noted and with some help lifting  I'd be quicker but not that quick.
    Gul mine walked for several months too before the motor failed not worth fixing once you have several issues nowadays and can't be without a machine for to wait for parts. Nice 12.
    Gdawg how will you ever pace a 100k you just can't resist a blast !
    Dt you virtually had a race no wonder you were whacked 
    Orthodontist for my daughter yesterday up way too early for nights  and just time for 4.5 mile .

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Correct, OO. However finding time to swim is the issue at the moment. The plan is to get London done then introduce a morning swim as I walk past a Lido most days and during the summer do evening lake swims to get used to the open water and swimming in a wetsuit.

    Saw Tears For Fears last night, they were supported by Alison Moyet. Both acts were splendid!
  • G-Dawg - How is your swimming? I've been quite enjoying it recently and I'm thinking of taking lessons to improve as my technique is shocking!

    Found out ive got a Ride London place yesterday. I think that was my 4th/5th attempt so typical I get a place the year I have an Autumn marathon. Its 8 weeks from Berlin so I think I'll defer to 2020

  • Stevie - you never know, you may just peak at the right time for Manchester. Good news on your Ride London place.
    GD - another speedy lunchtime run. Hope you enjoyed the concert. Ah, sounds like you did then.
    Leslie - well done squeezing in a few miles.
    12 miles this morning including 8 reps around the park. Before my GPS watch, I would have considered it around 1km, but my watch measured it anywhere from 0.55 to 0.58 miles, so what would have been just over 6m/m came out around 6:40/m! Whatever the distance and pace was, it was pretty consistent (3:55, 3:50, 3:48, 3:49,  3:47, 3:46, 3:48, 3:46).
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
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    Good reps GD, despite the distance confusion very solid and consistent.

    Also a 12 last night, hilly route but I still felt easyish like I was at a decent sub-8 per mile pace; turned out I was a fair bit slower which was disappointing.

    I had the same issue as the night before where I had pain in the first half mile which warranted a stretch out to continue. Decided to be sensible and skip the club 1k repeats session tonight and rest it up; see how it feels tomorrow and maybe do some treadmill reps if it feels OK. Working all weekend on Chinese New Year in London so won't run again until Monday anyway.

    The good news is - my washing machine is absolutely fine.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    g dawg, congrats on the New York conf. 

    Gul, there's not much in that. I'd consider 0.58m 'around 1k'. As long as you work hard it's all good. 

    Nicko, don't try and force the easy pace. Easy is what it is. working harder to get numbers you want doesnt change your easy pace. 

    Stevie, congrats in the ride London place. 

    Nicely squeezed with the miles, Leslie. 

    5m yesterday at 8.30mm for a recovery. Wfh today so went out over the lunch period for 13m mlr. I went out for beers last night and for some reason despite not drinking a huge amount ive felt rough today. I trudged out in an enjoyable manner 13 at 8.12mm.

    A 4 at recovery tomorrow and rest Saturday which I'm in need of. 
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    nicko - hope the Achilles issue is nothing. As DT said, don't fret about the pace for an easy run.
    DT - nice MLR. Enjoy the recovery and rest.
    21 miles this mornng - average pace of 8:02/m. Rest day tomorrow as we're off to Lincoln, but with 73 in the bag this week already, that's not a bad thing. May take a rest on Sunday too.
  • More silly HR stats (by mile) logged today:-
    Avg HR Max HR
    177 188
    183 189
    189 195
    192 197
    192 198
    190 195
    191 205
    198 207
    195 210
    200 210
    198 209
    200 208
    201 207
    196 208
    201 212
    200 207
    200 213
    199 214
    201 207
    201 206
    202 209

  • Gul - I'd potentially get that looked at! Wrist HR is inaccurate but not normally that bad! That said my old chest strap was recording 195bpm in the warm up for Cheltenham half so I quickly ditched it!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Gul, nice daily and weekly mileage.

    Is this a hrm strap or optical? If you could manage it, itn might be worth you stopping immediately after a particular mile and counting your own bpm for 30 seconds. The odd thing is, it isn't like it is going temporarily mad and spiking. The progression of the figures is pretty consistent with the activity, it's just a good 60 bpm out from what you would generally expect someone to work at.

  • HI, yes it is an optical HRM, but is a bit weird that it's measured such a high bpm consistently over a 168 min period! I think I might have noticed if it was genuine, but who knows?! Perhaps, like you say, DT, I should try taking a manual reading next time it happens. Most of the time it seems to under measure, e.g. this week 131, 123, 127 for easy runs and 137 for the intervals! Maybe it's just trying to get a more sensible weekly average ;)
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