Friday 8th February 2019 Let it never be said the romance is dead

alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
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Lyrics: Let it never be said the romance is dead
'Cause there's so little else occupying my head

Hope the new job goes well, RFJ! And I guess you will know the lyrics. 

Emz: hope there is no foot reaction this morning...and the quiz was good. And we'll done on the bloods!

What: probably a short run

Why: been asked to work today, plus Achilles is rather painful this morning. Hopefully will ease. 
Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.


  • Morning. I've been waiting for you Alehouse:-)

    Yesterday's lyrics - On The Streets I Ran by Morrissey.

    Sorry to hear that your achilles is grumbling Alehouse, hope it settles quickly.

    Sounds as though your recovery is progressing nicely emzap. I need to get my bloods done too but can't be bothered to trek into town (it's just an annual check).

    Windy again here this morning though the rain isn't forecast to come in until later so hopefully conditions won't be as bad as they were for yesterday's run.

    What:           miles that won't feel as easy as the pace would suggest they should
    Why:            London/sanity
    Last hard:    being enthusiastic for the former/holding on to the latter
    Last rest:     27/1

    Lyrics - of course.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning all
    Frightening stuff OH, glad you're OK
    What - easy lunchtime
    Why -routine plus XC tomorrow
    last rest - 19 days
    last hard - Tuesday
    lyric - easy one!

  • Morning

    OH: What a scare !!

    Hazel: Yes you are so right when someone takes over a race not always for the best and I certainly feel this way about the two Llanelli races.

    LMH: I have  not entered yet but 14th April will make mind up this weekend but i may leave it  alone.

    No Alex yesterday was he out with his go faster kit on:-)

    Wabo: Sorry to hear about your OH what a pair you are  with your eye and his broken toe.

    What: 6 miles
    Why: because I can
    Last hard fighting the wind and rain
    Lyrics: Yes after the clue;-)
    last rest 2/2

    I had to abandon run after 2.5 miles yesterday so pleased to run today even if it was slow.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Morning all

    Weather for my race on Sunday is dire :-)

    What : 30 mins easy jogging
    Why: easy Friday 
    Last hard: Tuesday 
    Last rest : 31st October
    Lyrics: familiar

    Blimey team Wabo :-0

    Ale - be careful 
  • Bloomin Nora Wabo that's awful concrete on toes, I do hope he is not suffering too much.
    Double Bloomin Nora OH, that's an awful experience, glad you have come out the otherside of it all, hope you feel better over the weekend.
    Emz: Well done going through the bloods ordeal, not nice when have a phobia of needles. My mate is the same, tough as boots he is, he could get run over by a car then dust himself down and carry on, but won't go in a doctor's surgery for injections.
    RFJ: Hope new job is an exciting prospect
    Welsh: What is going on in Wales, Apocolypse Now, all the extreme snow, now wind strong enough to send the wheelie bins tumbling. Cracking miles you are getting in there!
    Dustin: Enjoy XC tomorrow, sounds good
    LMH: Damn! I missed out on Morrisey lyrics, my own fault
    Ale: Hope the achilles eases off for you, must be frustrating
    Hazel: I imagine you are having the annoying ice, the stuff that takes days to clear
    Gobi: That's a good stint yesterday, powerhouse

    Didn't get to do anything Wed, way too busy, managed to get out yesterday late on for an 8 miler. Sorry if I'm not so regular at the moment (ha ha that sounds odd phrase, more Weetabix needed I guess) just really busy at the moment and trying to dash between things and cram things in. Doing a lot of work for more than it pays whilst establishing my self-employed work.

    What: 7 I think at lunchtime
    Why: It is blustery and need to get out in it
    Lyrics: Yup!

  • Taking it easy
    Being sensible
    Should have known lyrics but had to Google 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    morning all

    LMH accident prone indeed, remember when he dropped a drill on the top of my foot! His accidents are not only self inflicted!! Hope your miles are not  too windy
    Team wabo Gobi lol! Rotten weather not good news
    WP, at least my eye wasn't self inflicted, and I can run lol! He is a silly s*d Enjoy your 6, hope not too windy
    alehouse enjoy the short run and take care (as if you wouldn't) of the achilles
    dustin enjoy the lunchtime run, hope xc goes well
    benjy, OH is walking and working, not sure he should though! Have a good 7!
    RFJ good luck in the new job

    Lyrics no
    What: 45 mins later, 3 x 10 min efforts I think
    why: schedule
    last hard: yesterday am
    last rest: 31/12/16

    Got a mate for company on my long run tomorrow - other option was a really tough muddy 10 miler that I didn't fancy being last in! Marshalling first at park run
    Have a great weekend all good luck all racers, hope the weather isn't too unkind

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Blimey OH that sounds awful!! Hope you are lots better today
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Ouch for your OH's foot Wabo.  Painful! Enjoy your long run with your mate tomorrow.

    Well done to all that managed to run in the wind and wet yesterday and to Chicksta for a session like that in the heat of the gym (don't know which scenario is the worst).

    Hope you are feeling a bit recovered now OH - nasty!

    Well done for dealing with the needles emzap.

    Good luck for starting your new job RFJ.

    Not good news on the Achilles Ale.

    Dire weather in a race could also mean a PB or an otherwise good result Gobi - good encouragement to get it over and done with as soon as possible!

    Good luck with the self-employment Benjy.

    Good luck to those racing this weekend.

    I didn't manage my speedwork yesterday - more stress at work and tired legs (not sure why that bad) left me struggling round 14k at a fairly easy pace.  I did have a brief look at a 1km loop I often use for intervalls but deep puddles on the straights and ice on the corners put me right off.
    Lost the mojo a bit this week somehow.  Never mind.  Will get started onto an HM plan as of next week, this time with a race at the end of it. 

    What:  Nowt
    Why:   Weekend away XC skiing with some people from my Tuesday running group, need to catch the train later and no time to run beforehand.
    Next hard:  Hmm not getting too drunk during said weekend and not falling over on the skis too often (pretty crap at xc skiing)
    Last rest: Today

    Lyrics: No

  • Little M.iss HappyLittle M.iss Happy ✭✭✭
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    Have a great weekend Hazel - hopefully you'll come back raring to go.

    Hope your run blew some of the cobwebs away Benjy.

    If you're not that bothered I'd save the money Poppy.

    Enjoy the run in company tomorrow Wabo.

    Gobi - good job it isn't a target race.

    How are you feeling OH?

    Running and team managing tomorrow Dustin?

    It was windy and getting windier as I ran this morning and the rain came in early too but it was nowhere near as bad as yesterday fortunately. It's not looking good for the next couple of days either.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Glad you are being sensible OH

    Ale, lytics, Yes, we sang them on Wednesday night :-)

    Dustin all the best with XC, will be muddy no doubt with recent weather

    Gobi - Bummer ref weather

    6.75m in a hour this morning followed by KoP

    Off to the cottage tomorrow for another battering...... planning a new parkrun on route at Osterley.....

    Take care all

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    it happens, the downsides of doing an almost winter sport that wants to be a summer sport, also answers why I try to avoid it before March.

    1st race - 1 DNF

    2nd race - crap weather and report back Monday

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
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    Very sensible, OH

    Enjoy the ski-ing, Hazel! Make sure you stay in one piece!

    Enjoy the match, RFJ. And of course the parkrun. 

    Hope the forecast for the race isn't as bad as predicted, Gobi. Go well!

    Enjoy tonight's session, Wabo, and the company tomorrow.

    What: just over 30 mins/5k 

    Why: wasn't needed at work for the whole day. Achilles/calf not too bad when running but I know that they are likely to stiffen up again. And I am pretty sure that they feel strained because I worked them hard on the single leg press machine last night, which is what I am supposed to do! All about getting the balance right with strengthening yet not doing too much that it hinders training. Today's run was fine but I don't really want things getting worse than that. Would have been a pleasant run but for the wind which nearly took me off my feet when I turned one corner.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • OH: :scream: that's horrendous. Severe dehydration maybe? Hope you're alright now.

    Ale: agreed. That wind is a pest.

    Good luck, Gobi and Dustin.

    I'll probably bite the bullet and drive into town tomorrow for miles plus parkrun. Can't see myself running here where the wind is always twice as strong due to the river which acts like a funnel.

    I love cross country skiing, Hazel. It's brilliant cross training for runners. Enjoy. And smart move to adjust the plan when not feeling like it.

    Hope your oh's toes heal quickly, wabo.

    Benjy: sounds like your business has taken off big time.

    Emzap's: that's quite an increase in walking distance. Hope the bloods are ok.

    What: glute exercises and a short recovery run
    Why: body didn't feel like doing much more
    Last hard: work stress and sleepless nights
    Last rest: 23/1
    Lyrics: yes
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Think I overdid it a bit yesterday. Spent most of the day resting on the couch where work allowed.

    Ale be careful.
    Gobi riding in this wind doesn't sound fun!
    Oh how are you today?

    Have a lovely day all
  • alex_halex_h ✭✭✭

    Well done all of you who are getting out. Weather not great here! Sadly I have not been out in my new kit. Having a delivery debacle. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday but DPD don't know where it is at the moment as it wasn't on the van it was supposed to be. Running jacket and new rucksack did appear today though! Hurrah!

    LMH - re: Swim refund as it was entirely my fault I didn't realise I was entitled to free swimming through work. Ah well! No harm done!

    OH - sounds alarming. Good to see you've been back out since though!

    Going to read back properly now.

    What: Nowt today
    Why: easing back into it.
    Last hard: Kicking the bottom of somebody's foot really hard in football yesterday. 
    Last rest: Today
    Lyrics: Yep...even without the clue RFJ

    Must be the season for job change. I go onto something new in 5 weeks.

  • Jog round to yoga and back this evening
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