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  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Evening all,

    MrM2, well done on your double.

    Hobie, superb session,I can feel my hamstrings tweaking.

    Steven, hope everything pick ups for you soon.

    Cal & David C, good luck with your HM this weekend,hope you get a break with the weather.

    5.01 - 9.05
    8.01 - 10.16
    YTD - 185.12
  • Cal and David Charman,

    Good luck from me too.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    David C. Point to you! In the past I have even run 10k on the track, but not racing...A few of my marathons have been 'two lap' routes (Dresden, Poznan and Yeovil) and I really enjoyed those runs.
    Half marathons tomorrow could be challenging, so all the best to Cal and David.
    Good call by me, today; chose to run later, when the wind had dropped a bit...then it rained! So, a comfortable 10miles. YTD: 214'.
  • Usual there and back plus parkrun plus another parkrun training session = 10.20 miles (0.01 extra by rounding up YTD figure) means my
    YTD = 288.25 miles
    With LSR tomorrow I should be over the 300 mile mark
  • Thanks Cal and Andrew, fortunately I didn't just launch straight into the half after injury as I had some shorter runs first and only had about a week off anyway-and I've got through a week of increased mileage with no reaction apart from a little tiredness!

    Parkrun today could've been tough down here on the coast with all that wind giving us a hand on the outward leg but right in our faces on the way back, oddly though I ended up making it a progressive run as I took it easy in the first 2.5k and got over the line in 26.01. 

    YTD  111.6
  • I really wasn't expecting a PB today - I knew the course was twisty and that it was going to be quite windy, so I really just wanted to go sub-2 and knock some of the rust off. Somehow, though, I contrived to get my first sub-1:55, with an official time of 1:54:14. A real surprise (and a nice one).

    YTD: 249
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Well done, Cal; great result!
    Enticed out by the sun today (should have been a rest day). Really can't resist February sunshine. Turned out to be a seven mile, sunshine- sandwich.....with squally rain in the middle! No regrets.    YTD:221'.
  • 8.5 miles today to round the week off nicely. 126 YTD 
  • That is brilliant Cal, well done.
    As hoped for I did 16.94 miles today to get me over the 300 mark - BUT I found my left big toe nail is just hanging on from one side.  I wondered what the discomfort was while running. I have now just wrapped it up with plaster tape and hope it gets better under its own steam like last time it happened.
    YTD = 305.19 miles
  • Interesting parkrun. 60th time on my course, Saturday was blowing a gale, I produced my 4th slowest time but had my 5th highest finish position. Field was a few over 200, slightly above average. Go figure.

    YTD: 125.3
  • Donnie, I ran my slowest time this year at Roundshaw Downs (in snow and mud) and got my highest ever lady position (4th) so yeah, it goes that way sometimes.

    Fantastic job on the 300, Harmander...not so good about the toenail though. :s
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Cal,fantastic HM result,feels even better when you're not expecting it

    Well done,Harmander,on reaching 300 already.

    Donnie2,good parkrun position.

    10.01- 6.3

    YTD - 191.42 miles

  • Morning,

    JD1, Good consistent running, soon be over the 200 mile mark.

    Cal, Well done on the PB, certainly a nice surprise.

    MrM2, Great total building there, you have got to love the British weather sometimes, it can change so quick.

    Harmander, Congratulations on the 300 mile mark, hope the toenail sorts itself out.

    Yesterday's Worthing HM was good. Arrived early and had a quick look around the exhibitors before heading down to the start in the blustery wind and rain, was thinking to my self this is going to be fun "Not" however it did clear up, so it wasn't that bad in the end.
    It was a mass start at 09.00 this also included a new 10K event, so there were 1469 of us in the road waiting to go, it took a couple of minutes to cross the timing mats and I found the first 2K difficult as I couldn't get a clear space, the 1st km was 5.38 & the 2nd 5.08, From then on it was fine and was managing around 4.50 km pace, with a final push in the last couple of km, I crossed the line in 1.43.16 so a new PB, taking 2.15 from the old one, couldn't help thinking that if I had a clear run it would have been closer to 1.40, and I did have a little left so probably could have pushed harder in the middle. Anyway got to be happy it is a new PB.

    This morning went out for another couple of my circuits, they felt really slow, but it turns out the fastest so far (go figure)

    10.02.19 - 13.1
    11.02.19 - 8.25

    YTD = 203.67
  • Well done David - very good pb! Definitely more to come from you, if you find a smaller race where you don't get held up so much. Well done on getting through 200 as well!

    Harmander - 300 already! Well done.

  • Afternoon all, some great running. Congrats on PBs and just managing to get out in what sounds like awful weather. Special mention to the long suffering husband on passing 300!

    I've not posted in a while, had some stiffness and deep tightness in my right hip but I've now run 12 days in a row and mostly on sand to lessen the impact and all feels good.

    31.1 10.1
    1.2 4.32
    2.2 3.89
    3.2 5.06
    4.2 3.07
    5.2 6.06
    6.2 8.4
    7.2 5.64
    8.2 5.06
    9.2 6.02
    10.2 6.31
    11.2 7.14

    So no huge miles but getting constancy and feeling fresh.

    YTD 228.86 miles

  • Congratulations on your PB, David, great job! Are you doing another half this spring?
    Glad your hip seems OK, Dubai. Hips can be buggers.

    Rest day for me, although I did walk to Waterloo to watch a movie (about 5 miles).
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Well done Cal Jones and David Charman on your PBs in what sounded like not ideal conditions for a half.

    Weather was nicer in Barcelona for my half, a very flat course on a sunny day, no wind to speak of so being a minute slower than last weeks Gt Bentley was a bit disappointing, but I'll blame the crowds at the start, anything but blame myself!

    YTD:        178:82
  • Great PBs David and Cal, sometimes they come at the most unexpected times! Nothing dramatic from me other than a nice slow six miles this morning in what felt like spring weather as I ambled along the sea front. Big miles last week so I'm slacking off a bit this week and I'm determined not to take my running gear with me to Spain next week as we're only there for a few days.

    YTD  117.6
  • A pretty awful-feeling 6 mile recovery run. I'm clearly still very tired from Sunday.

    YTD: 255
  • Howdy folks,

    Thread is so busy this year it's tough to keep up.

    First off Congrats David Charman and Cal Jones on your PB's - nice to see so early in the year. Proof that winter training has gone well. I hope the recovery goes well.
    Harmander - well done getting through the 300, the toenail sounds ... interesting.
    Donnie2 - Nice work on the Parkrun, I really am going to have to run one of those things.
    MrM2 - liking the consistency.
    Dubai - I was getting worried about you ;) impressive numbers sir. Glad to hear 'all feels good'.
    SenidM - Never, ever ... EVER ... blame yourself.
    PompeyMatt - You'll have to let us know if you managed to forget your kit ;) enjoy Spain mate.

    Recovery from last Thursday's run was a HUGE improvement on my previous effort so popped back out on a wet windy Saturday morning. No DOMS to speak of, expected levels of fatigue, pace was awful but I was grinning from ear to ear. Just nice to run again.
    Popped back out for an cold run on Monday morning, bit icy and slippy - body felt heavy and tired - but as expected (considering I've really been benched by the anemia and illnesses for 3-4 months) went well all told - I think I'm finally getting back.

    09 Feb - 5.85m
    11 Feb - 6.9m

    YTD: 24.05 Miles

    PS Turned 40 last month ... great news! It's just made GFA qualifiying for London a bit easier lol. I only have to shave 55 minutes and 45 seconds off my Marathon PB now - piece of cake!
  • Congrats on the big 40 and glad you're back out there Steven.

    We had a bit of rain today, 21 degrees, cloudy and a bit of rain, not for too long, that's 3 days it's rained since last March. I was so cold, not used to this sort of weather. Should have looked for a base layer.

    7.53 miles

    YTD 236.39 miles

  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Morning all, just catching up with this very busy thread - several pages since I last visited! It's great to see everything that's going on. 

    senidM, hope you had a good time in Barcelona nonetheless. I also ran it - was relatively pleased with my race time - it was about 30 secs slower than my last flat half last year, but I'm blaming 'sightseeing legs', as I walked miles the day before! But overall, I really just wanted to enjoy myself - I only went over for a night, but still felt as if I'd seen a lot and had a good experience.

    Barcelona was my second really enjoyable Sunday run in a row - the previous weekend was a 16 miler along the seafront, avoiding all the snow and ice, struggling a bit on the 'out' into a headwind, but then turning round to a blissful tailwind for the 'back' - felt almost like flying! It's so much better when it's that way round!

    Cal, well done on the PB, especially in those conditions!

    Dubai runner, had to laugh at the idea of being so cold at 21 degrees. Don't know how you manage it in your usual temperatures! I reckon it was up to 16/17 in the sun in Barcelona for the last mile or two, and I felt very hot out of the shade.

    YTD 139 miles
  • Dubai you watch yourself in that kind of cold ... wrap up warm.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    senidM, actually yes, 'the course was long' is a fair excuse - my Garmin measured 13.3 too. I noticed it was ahead of the km markers quite a long way before the end, but was hoping it would even out - sadly not! The finishing stretch did seem rather long - I think it was the multiple random arches before you reached the proper finish arch. Good going getting up to the castle - I didn't make it there (my walking was all flat, at least). Would like to go next time, as it looked impressive!

    I know what you mean about the race shirt - it was the same at Valencia marathon. I would definitely feel weird wearing it until I'd completed the race. I did also have a giggle at the buffs pulled over faces (as if in minus temperatures at a ski resort) and cold weather kit - I was looking at the people in vests/shorts and wasn't surprised to see that many were from the UK. Just shows what you get used to weather wise - I was expecting to be slightly cold in my vest/shorts hanging around in the start pens early in the morning but wasn't! My friend who lives in Valencia says that neckwarmers/scarves are really popular over there, and many people will be permanently wrapped up in them if they have the slightest hint of a cold or cough! Incidentally, I only discovered at the weekend that the actual Buff brand comes from Barcelona - maybe that explains the popularity :D
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    So much going on!
    Thanks Steven M2...Glad to see you adding a few more miles!
    senidM and Gipfel...Barcelona sounds as delightful as ever. That Garmin distance can account for the lost minute, but I get the impression that your times didn't spoil your visit! Gipfel, that 16' the previous week probably didn't help either. But, like you, I do get a lift from the following wind (Got overtaken by a black sack last week!)
    David C...congrats on the new PB!  and joining the 200'+ members. that's what all the sand is for...Good to see you persevering.

    Knew that I wanted to do a long run this week, and the weather was great today. Thought about 18' in 3hrs. (10min/mile pace) then decided to go for 18.1' to make up the next whole km (My mental arithmetic told me that it should convert to 29km) Then I thought that I'd round it up to 30km...still inside the 3hrs.(6min/km pace) Worked out well, with almost a minute to spare. YTD: 240'.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    David C, congrats on the PB,fantastic achievement.With early PB's for Cal and yourself it bodes well for the rest of the year.

    sendiM and Gipfel,Barcelona sounds great,one for the future.Bet the Brits stood out in their vest and shorts.

    StevenMorrison2, glad you're getting back into it and turning 40.

    MrM2,your'e putting in some great mileage.

    PompeyMatt,enjoy your break in Spain.My running kit always seems to find its  way into my baggage when going away,drives my wife mad.

    Dubai,those conditions seem really tough!

    12.01 - 5.07

    YTD - 196.49 miles

  • Steven - ha! I guess it's not so bad being a menopausal old baggage - I "only" have to get under 4 hours for a London GFA! I'm nearly 11 minutes off that currently which doesn't seem that much, but translates to 30 seconds a mile which is quite a bit, really.

    Well done sendiM and Gipfel. I like Barcelona although they don't seem to believe in proper bedding out there. Last time I was there I really missed my duvet.

    11 miles this morning. Lots of stamina but my legs haven't recovered yet as my stride was shorter than normal so I could only move at a snail's pace. I felt OK though.

    YTD: 266
  • I'm still chasing that elusive sub 4 marathon too, I know I'm close as my half pb is about 1.50 but I need to lose 19 minutes off my marathon pb to get sub 4!

    Long run today which was pleasant enough although quite warm in places where I was away from the breeze, 17 miles done in just over 2.40 which is good enough for now and keeps me on track for MK marathon if I decide to enter.

    YTD  134.85
  • News on the toenail - it is still stubbornly hanging on in there by one side in the skin - happy to post picture if anyone requests it? (only kidding, I can't stand the sight of it myself). I shower with the foot wrapped in clingfilm although my daughter says I should pull it off and expose it to fresh air (the toenail that is) to heal quicker - am not buying that. I have a marathon to do on Sunday and even more importantly, a parkrun on Saturday. (lol). I really don't think it will heal by 3 March when I run Tokyo.
    Did 10.48 miles at 64 seconds a mile faster than marathon race pace (for me) with a wobbly toe feeling that I tried to ignore.
    YTD = 315.67 miles
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