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    At the other end of the scale, Gul, you could also take your resting HR with a mobile phone app or just by taking your pulse and use another watch/clock to count the seconds to 15 and times by 4.
    I have a mobile App that I check HR with (camera and flash come on and give a reading) just to make sure the HRM on the wrist is not way out.
    I'm amazed at the miles you do every week. Very impressive. Enjoy Lincoln and a couple of rest days.

    Got 5 easy to steady type miles in at lunchtime. It was blowing a gale, over 40 mph at times and raining horizontally. Good fun and pointless to push at all.

    On the theme of gadgets going crazy, my GPS gave me a first mile split of 4.38. As you can imagine, that gave me a very good average pace. Remapping the route and using the elapsed time, the run was around 7.16 pace.

    Should have cleared the tired legs in time for a 20 miler tomorrow.
  • Gul seems very consistent even if it must be quite far out . I rarely bother with hr as I need to wear a strap but my old Garmin has went flat after only 1 day twice now so may need a new watch soon.
    No time for a run today but looks nasty out there with the 4 seasons every 15 mins.
  • It is nasty out there Leslie. I feel like I simultaneously trained for freezing cold weather and boiling hot weather depending on the direction I happened to be running in at the time. 12 miles with 8 @ MP. I didn't hit MP of course, but it wasn't as far out as I'd imagined it would be. 

    My washing machine came with the house and I've been here since 2008 I think. It was a rental before I bought it, so you'd think the machine might have suffered some abuse. I'd actually like an excuse to change it as when I had my kitchen fitted I bough all of the other appliances in black. The white washing machine looks daft, but it works perfectly well. It's a Beko.
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    Skateboards, washing machines what's next?

    Parkrun tomorrow is looking a bit breezy!

    Stevie my swimming is improving but I still can't get below 2 mins per 100 yds average over a 2-3k swim. What sort of swim pace do you guys have?
  • OO that is a lot faster then me! 400m takes me around 11.5 minutes and 1k takes me around 28m swim time but 31 total with rests. 
  • DT – I’m mighty impressed with your 10 mile run. Do you have any marathons planned soon? With that sort of run in training you couldn’t be far off 2:50 shape.

    Gul – I think optical HRMs are extremely roping. They seem to work for some but not everyone. My Garmin was £500 but I gave up on the inaccuracy of the HRM a few months ago. I bought a chest strap and haven’t looked back.  

    I haven’t posted for a few weeks as I’ve been ill and lost my mojo. Two weeks ago I had to quit my planned 35 miler after 27 miles, as I was down to 11 m/m pace and feeling light headed. I then couldn’t manage anything faster than 10 m/m the following morning and quit after 4 miles. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday in bed weak as a kitten. I just about managed 6 miles on Wednesday at 9 m/m pace but hated every stride.

    I managed a few more slow runs before attempting a 5 hour run last Saturday. It was a struggle physically and mentally throughout with the last hour over 9 m/m. I did manage to cover 36.5 miles in the 5 hours but once again hated it.

    This week has been a bit better. I ran a double yesterday of 9 and 6 miles and then 23 miles this morning in 3 hours. This included a Parkrun at about 6:50 pace and I’ve now 80 miles done for the week. More importantly I haven’t hated running the last few days, despite terrible weather.

    I’ll be running my 80th marathon/ultra on Valentines days before heading off to Spain for a week. I’ll enjoy some warm weather training and plenty of drinking! 

  • Badbark said:

    I managed a few more slow runs before attempting a 5 hour run last Saturday. It was a struggle physically and mentally throughout with the last hour over 9 m/m. I did manage to cover 36.5 miles in the 5 hours but once again hated it.

    You probably need more help on the mental side than the physical. We all get ill and have a few bad runs but the body recovers in time. If you are doing a long run and hating it then it isn't helping the mental side of running which is such a factor in ultras. I'd be tempted to ditch the Valentine's Day race and let the warm weather and drinking do their bit and come back with a refreshed mojo.
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    Sorry to hear that Badbark, not like you at all. Let's hope it's just illness and a rare blip. 
    I had an awful parkrun today after a heavy and promising week. Got slower each mile and finished on 19:45. My last long run tomorrow then I'll taper for Seville. 
  • I wondered where you'd gone BB. Clearly a bug of some sort. No-one enjoys running when it's harder than it ought to be. You've not really lost your mojo, you just got a bit ill. The sunshine will surely sort you out nicely.

    OO - still faster than any parkrun I've run this year, and if the weather up there is anything like it is here it's a damned fine time. Unless your course is point to point and Storm Erik was pushing from behind the whole time! 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    It was Whitley Bay Speedy- where I saw you a few years back. It was indeed windy but I got slower each mile which is unusual for me. I was probably hoping for too much after a good week of training.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    First 20 miler of the campaign today. It was a bit blowy to say the least. Didn't check the watch at all and just ran to feel, keeping it easy over the lumps and bumps, around the lake at Virginia Water where the wind was creating small waves. 

    Ended up at 8.14 pace which was surprising, felt slower. I wasn't that great, I need to do more core as my adductors are a big weak area.

    Sounds like that is a bug BB. Relax in Spain and re-energise that mojo.
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    Badbark sometimes you just have to take a few rest days and if you have to quit one day the next day should certainly be a rest day .I know we hate giving in but if you are ill it has to be done. Disappointed that even with a 500 quid watch the hr is still way off ...shocking !
    Speedy 8 at mp was always going to be tough but near enough should be just fine. 50 quid extra for a black machine though is taking the piss !!!
    0054 nice parkrun , still sub 20 and not really surprising after a "heavy " week with swims as well. Unfortunately my attempt to learn to swim a couple of years ago failed miserably and I always found swimming exhausting probably as my technique is rubbish and used about 3 times the energy I should have with my hr maxxing out by about 1/2 way down the pool .
    Gdawg nice 20.
    very cold and wet at the moment and just of nights so may delay my run till later ! Was struggling myself yesterday and down to 11mm pace but was only up 5 mins after nights ! Getting a bit of burning in my lower legs a bit like shin splints a few runs now which goes away after 2 miles but maybe doesn't bode well for making much progress any time soon !

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    Good to get the first 20 miler on the board G-D.

    Sounds like a frustrating parkrun OO.

    Hope the mojo is returning Badbark.

    Excellent 10 mile training session DT - pretty tight splits.  Is that around the racetrack?

    Worthing HM for me today. And it was windy!  The plan was for 5 miles w/u and then 13 at MP.  I ran this race last year in windy conditions (time of 1:28:04) but I thought the wind was a little stronger today!   Set off at a reasonable pace, with the first 6 miles at an average of 6:37m/m on the Garmin.  At this point, you head off east on the coast road, in to the teeth of the wind, with a couple of North-South diversions to make up the mileage.  Not many other runners around for shelter, so the pace dropped to an average of 6:53, with a time at the 10 mile marker of 68:04.  At this point, you turn and head back to the Pier with the wind behind you - so a couple of 6:20s was the plan.  Sadly the result didn't match the effort and mile 11 came in at 6:40, at which point it could only get worse, so a 6:45 and 6:43 for the final two miles to bring me to the finish in 1:28:53.

    Not the easiest of conditions so I'll settle for that.  A couple of miles warm down to give 20 for the day and 71 for the week.

    Nine weeks to Boston which sounds far too close.  Need to start working on the speed!

  • 15 for me today in far nicer conditions than yesterday's 6, where I sometimes came close to a standstill!  Brings up 55 for the week, which is my highest since mid-October.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Nice 20, g dawg.

    Badbark, just take it easy and have that break! 

    Decent mileage, Jools. 

    Oo, hard luck on the parkrun. A bad one happens now nd again. 

    SBD, sounds like a solid effort. Was that mara effort ir did it feel harder?

    Re my tempo 10, yes SBD it was 6 laps of race course so a perfectly flat course. Badbark, sadly that was considerably harder than mara effort and wad a key session for next sundays half. The question it leaves is what it means i might expect next week. 

    18 today. Despite a few drinks last night it was extremely comfortable at 8.06mm. Felt like i could have just kept going. I was trialling the maurten energy system today so pre run i took one of the drinks which provides 80g of carbs. Utterly disgusting to be fair but it's not about taste. Then during run took 2 of the maurten 360 gels. Main aim was to make sure the pre run drink didnt cause any issue as i plan to have one next sunday morning pre race. 

    Bit of a taper this week now going into race. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Very solid effort SBD.
    Lovely morning here too. 14.5 for a 60+ week. Nice prep for Seville in a couple of days ;)
  • Great long runs Jools, DT & G-Dawg

    Decent turnout at Worthing SBD

    Ran my first run at pace yesterday since the injury. 4 x 3 mins at tempo pace off 1 min walk/jog recovery. Really please and quite surprised to see the paces come out at 6.26, 6.23, 6.25, 6.22. Legs felt a touch heavy for the last one but overall pretty comfortable

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    GD - well done bagging the first 20 of the campaign.
    Leslie - hope you can get back to some consistency soon what with all the shift work and niggles.
    Speedy - nice MLR with MP.
    OO - hope the weather is nice in Seville.
    Badbark - a week in Spain will do you good. Come back fitting again like the Badbark we know and love!
    SBD - still good to get a sub 90 in those conditions.
    Jools- pleased to hear things are moving in the right direction.
    DT - strong 18 miler.
    Stevie - great comeback session - looking very promising.
    No running at the weekend. Then 15 miles this morning with 6 x 400m, 3M @ LT (avg 6:43/m), 6 x 400m. I knew the optical/wrist HRMs were not as reliable, so not paying too much attention to all the stats, but a bit concerned about the sustained very high reading. I therefore thought that I would leave the watch on a screen which includes current heart rate while running and keep an eye out for it happening again and if it does then manually check my pulse. Forgot this morning. But when I checked afterwards, it was only an average of 127.
  • GD – Well done on bagging your first 20 miler in windy conditions. That’s a good pace too.

    Leslie – Running after nights sounds tough going. I hope you lower leg pain clears

    SBD – That’s a brilliant HM in testing conditions. Even more impressive due to the weekly mileage.

    Jools – Good 15 and weekly mileage

    DT – Great 18 miles at a comfortable pace. Personally, my MP efforts over 10 miles are run pretty much flat out. I can’t run fast without a number, hence why I race so often. :smile:

    OO – Good 14.5 and weekly mileage. Good luck in Seville!

    Stevie- Well done on the excellent tempo session.

    Gul – That’s a great 15 mile session.


    Thanks for the encouragement and advice everyone. I would take a break but with less than 6 weeks to go to the 100k, I can’t. I’m currently not fit enough for racing even 35 miles, and the eating and drinking I’ll do on holidays isn’t going to help! :smile:

    However, I’m happy to report that my mojo is returning. I managed 90 miles last week and hope for 80+ this week. I did 11 this morning with 6 more to come after work. Thursday’s marathon will be un-tapered but I plan nothing faster than sub 3:15.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Good to hear the mojo is returning Badbark - the sunshine will do you the world of good. 

    Some speedy work in the middle of the 15 miler Gul.  Have you thought about getting a HR chest strap?

    Good to hear you came through the pace test Stevie.  Is the plan to still run Manchester or are you going to target a marathon later in the Calendar?

    Interesting taper for Seville OO! What's the race plan?

    A solid 18 miles DT.  Not heard of the Maurten Energy System before - will be interesting to see how you get on!  Worthing was a bit slower than current tempo pace but felt harder than marathon effort although the HR at 165-170 was marathon effort.  They changed the course this year, which measured 21.29K on the Garmin compared to  21.13K last year.  So on the Garmin, my time to 21K was only 7 seconds slower than last year!

    10K recovery on the treadmill this evening.  Felt a lot better at the end than the start!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    Good to hear Badbark- you’ll need a mojo to run 100k.
    Im a bit blind for Seville SBD having skipped a few races and only one 20 miler in the bag. I’m really focusing on London and so will be happy to get round this weekend in the range 3:15 to 3:30. Mainly I’m focusing on the holiday aspect ;)
    I did another 3k swim today at a nice easy pace. I think I’ll run in the morning then we set off PM via a night in London.
  • Badbark - glad to see you're bouncing back already.
    SBD - I have a chest strap, but my watch doesn't have the functionality to pair with it. It came with a cheap Aldi watch which broke some months ago. Good work on the treadmill - the recovery did it's job.
    OO - have a safe trip to Seville tomorrow (or was that last night in London?)
    13 easy miles this morning. 

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    SBD, Maurten are the energy products used by the elites now. The drink packs in 80g of carbs. Elites have them during the race, but the normal runner doesn't have that option unless you can plan for someone to hand to you at a point. I took a drink about 30 minutes before I went out then 2 gels on the run. Not sure if it was just a good running day or that contributed to how good I felt.

    Glad to hear the mojo is back, Badbark.

    Gul, definitely sounds like product error!

    8 X 3 minutes at hmp planned as a sharpener session over lunch.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Looking forward to seeing how you Seville run goes, OO. I reckon you'll go quite quick.

    WFH today after a London meeting was cancelled, so whacked out a 10 miler at lunchtime.
    After getting home last night, I felt quite tired and bailed on my run, opting for a rest day and a core session instead. Glad I did, as I felt quite refreshed today.

    Felt quite strong in the first mile which came out at 7.06 so went with it and turned the session into a 10 mile tempo run.

    Averaged 6.45 with a showbiz 6.22 final mile. Really happy with that. First proper strong double digit run of the year.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    That's a solid session, G-dawg. I definitely couldn't do that without some proper mental prep etc.

    My session went well over lunch. Plan was to not force the reps and just kind of cruise them at a pace that felt like hmp and then progress them to 10kp with 1 minute recovery.

    Splits came out at mm pace 6.18, 6.22, 6.13, 6.15, 6.10, 6,11, 6.03, 6.09. Average running pace was 6.13. All felt controlled and there was no hands to knees erratic breathing after any rep or any wish that the recoveries were longer.

    Really need to make Sunday count as otherwise I am in the crappy position of training far better than I race.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I'll probably try 7 min mile pace if at all possible then back off when it starts to hurt. This could be optimistic but let's see
  • SBD - congrats on Worthing, great time for windy conditions and with the extra mileage.

    Good mileage Jools; and good to hear Badbark that you are returning to form; sure you'll smash that 100k when it comes around.

    DT - what's your thoughts on the Maurten? I heard they were specifically designed to avoid any gastro issues. If 8:06 pace for 18 miles felt easy it sounds like they are doing something right.

    Fantastic tempo run G-Dawg.

    First run since last Wednesday; very tired from a weekend work in London with little sleep and 14 hours continuosly on my feet on Sunday.

    Sacked off yesterday's club run and had a PT session this morning so didn't expect much but managed to stick out a 10 miler on the treadmill at 6:39 pace with 1% incline. Couple of miles for warmup and cooldown to make it about 12 for the day.

    Will get back on the road tomorrow as achilles seems to have got through it OK.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Nicko, i also went out for a few drinks saturday night so i was pleasantly surprised. The guidance for a 3 hour mara is to take 250ml of the drink with breakfast then 250ml about 30 minutes before the start. Then you take a gel every 25 minutes. Yes, the idea is that it doesnt cause gastro issues for thise like me who are sensitive to normal gels and they absorb better as well. However they take me about 10 minutes to get down me currently as they are so thick. 

    i dont think it helps me eith a half as csnt see me fancying getting one down me at that effort. The pre race drink however could well be a big help. 
  • I'd feel like I was all out sprinting at 6.39 pace on a treadmill nicko! I don't know why, but I just can't run fast on the things. Even at 8.30 pace on 0.5% I'm drowning in sweat within minutes. Must be just me, as inevitably there's an overdressed person on the next machine managing to run quite quickly.
  • I wouldn't mind trying that Maurten out for my 100k, but I don't want to invest over 50 euros in a box of them in case I don't like them. I wonder if they'll have a stand at London...
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