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  •  Shades, hope you enjoyed your medal!!!

    Keith like the sound of an easter egg at the finish.

    Cal nice photo

    Doubts are now setting in over making DD :'(

    Foot is healing again, Big G the only thing for it is rest I believe, had 17 days no running (other than 3 slow 1 milers). So yesterday I sulked like a baby and ate so much crap!  Knowing Elle's issues and how it's plagued her for a year, I don't hold out much hope. 

    I am considering cortisone injection at the moment (Will need to do some readying on it), I'm hoping I can get a MRI scan done privately through work health plan which will cut out the initial 6 months of go to the docs, see a physio, do some stretching before getting to have a scan.

    Robert - good that the foot is healing again.   Maybe next time if you feel a twinge pre run/parkrun then bail out and rest.

    No need to make a decision yet about DD, plenty of time.   But stop eating the crap, it probably only made you feel better for a few minutes and not worth it.   At least give yourself the best chance of recovering by shifting that Xmas weight, if you haven't done so already.   I know it's not easy if you're not able to run.  Extra weight is not good for the PF either.
    Just been looking for some more races to do.    I had planned to run Boddington, either the marathon or 50km but have found another race that I'd much rather do...

    Beyond Dorset Road Ultra

    One of the toughest most hideous of road runs you will ever attempt at just over 750 m or 2500 feet of climbing this road ultra is just another step in the evolutionary chain of your running.

    The event has been designed to try and ensure everyone who starts has the chance to finish, we will not ask you to stop unless its dark or you beg for a lift.

    With our as always aid stations on route and super bling.


    The event its self will start and finish at the same location, where showers and hot food and drink will await your arrival (Which is inluded in the price of entry, 1 meal per entrant).

    The route is all on road, no laps, no buses, just one long continuous run around the Dorset countryside.


    Starting at 0700 giving you 12 hrs to complete the route.

    This is organised by Beyond Events, same company as do the Burton Bradstock marathon which is a lovely race.  Race date is 17th August 2019

  • That sounds interesting, Big G - go for it!
    Rest day for me today. I did think about going to hot pilates but when I woke up, my legs were in no shape to do burpees and mountain climbers. Not sore at all, but my body knows it's had a race.
    So, as I was going to the IMAX to watch Alita, I decided to walk there, which is 5 miles including a stretch along the river. Figured my legs would enjoy that a bit more.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rob-Hope you get the MRI scan,this time last year I wa sulking over my Achilles so know how you feel.
    Shades-Pity that race wasn't before DD as it sounds a perfect step towards it.
    Usual easy 6 miles after work tonight,easy pace seems to have moved a bit faster the last month or so,so pretty happy about that,but the real test will be after Sunday when I start the long ones again.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, that looks an interesting race and good that it’s relatively local too. I think I’ll wait until after DD to see how I feel before entering anything else like that.

    Ian, great news your easy pace has increased a bit. All positive steps forward!

    I’ve been sorting/packing/chucking stuff today. It’s at the stage where the house looks a lot worse than when I started but I’ve made a sizeable dent today, including a trip to the tip. Bedrooms, living room and office is done. Just need to do the kitchen in terms of packing stuff up. Also need a good clear out of the shed and garage but that can wait for another day!  I’ve got several bottles of unopened booze though, which my mates have gladly taken off my hands ;)

    Apart from that I got out for a run at 5pm-ish. Finishing within the hour and it still not being dark was very nice. I did 6 miles, with miles 3, 4 and 5 a bit quicker (7:45, 7:32, 7:01). It was a flat route but I really enjoyed turning the legs over a bit quicker today. 

    It’s committee night tonight. I wasn’t able to make January’s meeting as I was in London getting my snooker injury....
    Cal - glad your legs are feeling good. A 5 mile walk is a decent session.

    Ian - I think that Dorset race could easily be as tough as DD as mid August could be very hot and humid.  

    Which race are you doing on Sunday?

    Big G- I expect you can enter that Dorset race quite late so no rush to make a decision.  It works fine for me as due to my austerity year I'm not going to the IOM and this will give me a race to look forward to in August.  Still no news on Gloucester City marathon but there's always a chance that may not go ahead.

    Hard work packing and clearing the house. Good for you having the energy to run after that.

    I've been clearing out my kitchen cupboards and threw out all the booze I had, it was all unopened but had been there a long time as even when I was drinking I never drank at home. I poured it all down the sink, took ages!  I think there's still 5 bottles of wine to dispose of. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-it's a half marathon in Wrexham,renowned as quite a fast course and lots of speedy runners so hoping they can drag me along.
  • Bah the easter egg race is easter sat which is the day before one of the 10k's and therefore not a good option to do if you want a decent time at the 10k. Not least cos it got a huge hill in it ;)
    Still its fine, i'll just find something different i guess. I shall probably enter the plym trail ones come pay day friday as well as book my accomdation for enigma double in june. Prob cost me less than the extra pay i'll gt this month due to my final week of on call (cba with it any more but will do odd day here and there if needed) and boss said my pay progression has been approved so i get that letter soon and more importantly the back pay of which she didn't know how many months worth that is. Form said effective Dec 1st so that should be two months worth but we did one one year with a Oct date and they back dated it to April for some reason.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Keith, I used to be on call. I was only one week in four and although the money was ok, I detested it. When I got a promotion one time, I ditched the on call as soon as I could. My problem was that I could never switch off - I was always just waiting/expecting a call out. I remember one time I was up all night for two nights in a row, and still had to do the day job. Yuck!
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    Ian - my friend did that race last year and got a good PB.   I don't think you need any help to get you a PB but it's good to have other runners to run with.

    Keith - not like you to pass on an Easter egg ;)  Glad you're going to spend your extra pay wisely on race entries :) 

    Cold and frosty today, but roads dry so fine for running, just chilly.   My training HR is now back to normal range after my virus which is a relief as I can now start to up my mileage.   Toes are still tender but nothing like as sore as yesterday.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-im hoping that if I'm struggling to keep pace near the end then having a lot of people at the same pace will keep me on track.Just had a quick look at last year's and 1:26 doesn't even get top 150
  • Shades - Well done at Humdinger, that's a hilly course!
    Big G - Superb result considering the injury!
    Cal - Superb PB, all that training has paid off!
    Shades - That looks like an interesting ultra! I'll add that to my list!
    18 miles on Saturday morning, then 22 miles (90 mins) on the bike in the afternoon. 6 miles on Sunday with 2 at LT ( 6:23/6:40) legs were feeling it on the second fast mile. Then 10 miles today.
    Ian - that is a fast race then.

    Steve - good to hear you have an ultra list :)    Are you sure you're not training for a triathlon or duathlon perhaps ;)  

    Challenging Pilates today, but we survived. :'(
  • Shades - The list is quite long.....but I've promised not to do anything "long" this year. Will race a marathon in 2020 and perhaps do an ultra a month or so before the wedding, so that I don't need to train in the month of the wedding (well that's the plan). No plans for a triathlon or duathlon, but could be tempted by a duathlon at some point!
    Steve - my wish list gets longer too.   So when is the wedding?   A duathlon would be fun, are they run/bike/run? 
  • That's a lot of activity, Steve, goodness!

    No athlons of any kind for me - I hate swimming and I can't ride a bike. :D

    6 miles recovery today. I felt like I had lead boots on so, while I'm not sore, the half definitely took it out of me. It's a good job it was nice and sunny because I'd have hated the run if it was cold and miserable. As it was, I got to see some snowdrops and croci so that was nice.
  • Hello All

    Glad to see everyone is still very active on here and keeping up with the training.
    Well done Cal on your recent half PB and sorry to hear Rob is injured.

    I don't seem to get much time these days to keep up with all the posts. However thanks to Strava I can certainly see all the hard work that is being put in by the members i'm connected with o n there.

    So I've just popped in for some additional training advise.

    This year I've decided, due to work commitments, not to focus on a spring marathon this year and to not chase the elusive sub 4hr. Instead I'm restarting Shades 18 week plan next week in prep for my first Ultra! :smile:
    I originally booked South Downs Trail Marathon for June, but it got cancelled due to increasing costs which is a big shame. It would have been their 15th year.
    Anyway, I couldn't find a suitable local replacement so I booked Race to the King instead.....!
    I'm doing the back to back option over Sat/Sun. (20mi/30mi)

    Training wise, I was planning on using Shades 18 week plan and combining some cycling to and from work (8miles each way). Also thinking of moving my long runs to a Saturday and then heading our again the next day for longer recovery runs. 

    What do you guys think? Is this a sensible approach.
    The good thing with cycling to work, is I can leave the bike here and run home etc. Which should help get the mid week long runs in.

  • Shades - Yes, too many races not enough time! Usually run/bike/run. Wedding is October 2020.
    Cal - Not surprised the race took it out of you after a big PB!
    OTB - I found the weekend back to back runs helped me massively. Just make sure you are running them at a very easy pace.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
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    OTB, best of luck with that.  I've never done anything like that, but your approach seems sensible to me.

    I did a nice 9-miler along the coast path from Brixham to Paignton.  We went for a coffee beforehand and then I ran back, whilst OH went food shopping, so I think I got by far the better I hate shopping!

    I just took it really steady, walked the hills/steps and had a great time out.  I saw a couple of seals again on this route, which is always nice to see.  It was nice weather for running today in that it was totally fine in just a T-Shirt and shorts, and it didn't rain.

    I've kind of joined a different running club, which is just an online one.  There's a lot of chat on the related facebook group, which is quite good.  When I say "joined", there's no payment as such, but I decided to buy one of their T-Shirts.  I went out in it today - but as for the cat?  Well, he ain't afraid of no goat!

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Steve-I was tempted by a relay duathlon as 1 of my staff used to be semi-pro cyclist in South Africa so pretty speedy but our timings never seem to fit.
  • Nice cat!
    I woke up early so I went out for run and ended up doing 11 miles (a bit further than I intended, but I was enjoying the sunrise). Legs felt better than yesterday but have obviously not quite recovered yet as pace was very slow despite feeling like I was going at my normal easy pace. When that happens, it's always because my stride is shorter (which Garmin then verified).
    Still, being able to knock out a casual 11 three days after a half means my powers of recovery have improved.
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    Cal - great that your recovery is speeding up as time goes on.   You should be raring to go by Sunday's race.

    OTB - oh that is a shame that South Downs marathon has had to be cancelled, it's a very popular event and well organised.   Entering a double is quite a replacement but good for you for doing that.   Yes, that's fine for your training, plenty of long runs and a decent distance on  consecutive days, so say 10 mile/20 miles or vice versa, keep your pace for both runs to long run pace.   Although the training is very important these type of events will call on your mental strength a lot, such as it does in the last few miles of a marathon.   Don't forget to let us know how you get on.

    Big G - good that you're back running well, no knee pain?   And got you out of the food shop too :) 

    Nice shirt, I've seen a few runners using Lonely Goat as their club name for races.

    Circuits this morning, only 5 of us and we had to do the circuits in pairs so for the first circuit I had the instructor as my partner so I pushed myself as hard as I could.   Quite tough today but really good.   We didn't do any step ups so hoping no calf pain tomorrow, but already I can feel my shoulders and biceps aching, in a good way though.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Cal, that's great that you've recovered so quickly.  Don't worry about the pace being a bit slower than usual - you'll be fine for the weekend.

    Shades, yes, I saw some of the shirts whilst out and about and looked into the club.  It's basically just a Facebook group and there's no obligation to buy a shirt, but I thought I may as well.  I don't need this, but they are affiliated as well for those that require it.  There are 6000 people in the chat group, and it's very active.

    The knee was absolutely fine for the majority of the run yesterday but I started feeling a very, very slight bit of discomfort in the last 0.5 mile or so.  It seems fine again today though.  All being well, I'm hoping to go along to my first Torbay Tri session tomorrow.  I can't make Trotters tonight as I'm seeing a friend later this evening, but I'll just see how I am tomorrow.
    Big G - just keep doing your rehab exercises and I'm sure your snooker injury will be 100% healed soon.

    Talking of shirts, there were a few Trotters in their new kit at Humdinger.  IMHO it's not as nice as in the photos, I'm not so keen on the colours now.  One guy said to me that the vests are too long, probably fine for you as you're fairly tall.  He also said that the material was thick and he thought they might be too hot in the summer.

    Incidentally the Humdinger sadly got a lot of complaints about the medals an the RO has offered to order anyone that wants a 'real' medal can have one FOC.   It's a shame really as we had a shirt as a memento too and of course there's always the option not to eat the medal, if it was dried out it would probably keep well.   Sadly everyone is quick to criticise the use of plastic bottles but want a piece of metal that cannot be used for any useful purpose at all, at least with a plastic bottle there is a chance to reuse it for a while before recycling.
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    Shades, with Humdinger, I suppose if they'd said about the medal in advance it would have been one thing.  The thing is, the medal the year before was a fantastic one, and I suppose some may have compared this year's to that.  I'm with you though - it's a shame about the complaints.  Hopefully it won't impact numbers next year.  There was also a complaint from within my club that the race didn't offer age category prizes :(  I didn't even consider that when I put it in the CC as obviously I'm never in danger of winning one, but these things matter to some at the sharp end within their categories.  In my view, it's still a great race and I'll 100% do it again if I'm fit.  This was last year's medal though - the pic doesn't do it justice.

    I really don't like the Trotters kit at all.  Also, there have been a few complaints from the ladies that the sizes/fit that have arrived aren't the same as what they tried on initially.  It's come from multiple ladies - basically (and as a chap, I'm not sure I should say this, but I'm just relaying info so here goes...) they're complaining that their boobs are falling out the sides!!  I know a couple of ladies who have the new kit but haven't worn it yet for that reason.  Also, the Teignbridge Trotters text is too low on the front (race numbers can cover the text), and lower than what had been designed, and the "Born to Run" text on the back is bigger than what was designed.  I've seen pics of some men, and the vests come down so far on some they look like they're wearing dresses.  I'm not happy with it at all, but then I didn't want the design to be changed in the first place.  I've got nothing to do with the kit, but I think the kit manager is trying to sort all this out - I don't envy her that job!  To be totally honest, as it is I don't really want to run in it....I currently think it's that bad!!
    Big G- there are lots of races that don't offer vets prizes now and you'll know from some of the marathons that you do that they don't offer prizes even for the winner, that is a bit mean perhaps.

    The Humdinger is a small race, I think the entry limit is only 200 or 250. All of the funds raised go to charity and not having vets prizes keeps the costs down. A full range of prizes would be about 25 or 30 prizes. 
    Those that have chosen to have another medal take the cost away from the charitable donation. I think the RO has been very generous, maybe just promising a traditional next year should have been enough.

    Re the fit of the ladies Trotters vests, it's a common problem, I had the same issue with the last vest I had from the Trotters and the Mavericks. I took the Mavericks vest into a shop and paid £8 to get it altered, it was worth it as a perfect fit now.
    Oh dear, lots of complaints then. But the company should have provided stock identical to the samples.

    It's so important that race kit is comfortable and a good fit.

    I've got a problem with my Mav's short sleeved shirt, company not able to get stock so they've refunded my money, but I want a shirt
     Waiting to hear from Mavs about what next.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yeah that's a good point about vet prizes.  I know Trotters offer them at our races, but not every race does that.  I think with the CC it is basically impossible pleasing everyone.  For example some prefer the "old favourite" races, whilst others like doing newer/different ones.  Some want vet prizes, and others don't care about that.  Some want mainly flat and fast ones, others want challenging courses.  I try and get a balance, and when I set it up the main thing I want to do is to try and spread the races out fairly evenly over the year and make it so that people can mount a challenge fairly late in the year if they want (i.e, there are still enough races/categories left if someone decides to give it a go in May/June time).  And the other important thing to do is avoid our own races.  Even this week though I've had to change two races - Muskies Madness is always in June but they've changed it to end of August for 2019.  As there are already two CC races that week, adding a third would be too much so I've had to find a replacement.  And because of Valencia foreign trip and Bicton Blister confirming their date, I've had to move our own John Scott Trophy to the Saturday before the Bicton Blister.  None of this is a complaint - I enjoy being involved with it all, but basically it's hard to please everyone.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    I got out for a 6-miler this afternoon, in between packing and sorting stuff (which I've had enough of now!!).  A slight bit of discomfort early on in the run, but I ran through it this time and it passed.  I'm still doing the stretches so it at least appears to be manageable.  I know I said I was hoping to do the Torbay Tri session tomorrow but if there's any discomfort I won't do that, but just do my own thing instead.
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