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  • Morning everyone! I'm down on my mileage too as I've had a disgusting cold and couldn't really be bothered. Because I *always* want to run, I tend to think that if I actually don't want to, I probably shouldn't! So I didn't do a long run and have decided last week can be a 'cut-back' week.
  • On HR my understanding was that even when fit you'd see cardiac drift for same pace just because your body heats up and needs to work your heart harder to cool you? Mind you I just looked at a long tempo at MP (10 miles) and v minimal drift on heart rate for same pace.     

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    When I was doing xc, Sundays long run at easy generally didn't happen, let alone attempting any sort of mp.

    David, you must be the first runner to ever utter that sentence!! Like mcf, upon realising my mistake I think I would have gone and bought some on the Saturday (assuming I had some disposable cash of course)!

    Take it easy on the foot, Mace. Let's all remember that I ran 3.08 averaging 28 miles a week on the old 'run less run faster' schedule....

    A rather enjoyable 18 for me yesterday to round off a 53 mile week. Normally by about 2 hours I start feeling a bit bored and ready for the run to end but really enjoyed it yesterday and legs felt great.

    A bit of a taper this week now in advance of Sundays half.

  • Which half is that, DT? 

    You're probably right on the XC. I'm just feeling a bit anxious about whether the potential benefit of running a crappy time outweighs the downside of needing to recover for blooming ages.  I'll do this weeks training as planned and see how i feel after that.  

    Get well soon, Lit.  
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    Village Bakery half in Wrexham. Dare i say the weather leading into it is very settled!
  • Indeed McFlooze, I did have a second pair, a brand new pair of ON Cloudflyers.  Unfortunately they tore my feet up after a couple of miles and so weren't for me.  I sold them on eBay earlier on in the week and thus was down to one pair.   Lesson learnt.

    Take care of those injuries.

  • DT19 said:

    David, you must be the first runner to ever utter that sentence!! Like mcf, upon realising my mistake I think I would have gone and bought some on the Saturday (assuming I had some disposable cash of course)!

    It wasn't until Sunday morning when I realised.  Instead of doing the right thing and going out to buy some I just climbed back into bed (much to the Mrs' disappointment :s:smile: .  Another pair are on order.
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    DT19 said:

    Take it easy on the foot, Mace. Let's all remember that I ran 3.08 averaging 28 miles a week on the old 'run less run faster' schedule....

    But you weren't 52yrs old weighing in at a trillion stone 

  • Anyhow HR is a pile of shit (that seems to have helped you become one of best V45 runners in country :wink:).

    I think you mis-spelled county :smile: Even then Worcestershire appears to have a fairly low standard in my age group. I should also add that I rest well, train moderately, and do weights once a week and (recently) have kept up with my core work 2-3x a week. The only bit that is down to HR is the train moderately part.

    With London looming in my mind, as with others, I put myself through nearly 59 sore ribbed miles last week. The good news is that the ribs have eased off considerably over the last couple of days and I can even sleep on my normal side now. The bad news is I've not done any runs longer than around 10 miles recently. I really need to put together a long slow run sequence. I don't seem to be able to get them done on alternate Sunday evenings, so maybe will have to do alternate Monday evening long runs straight after work (rather than driving home and ending up demotivated in the dark).

    Mace - DT also cross-trained like a maniac ... I know I keep mentioning it in your case but when I've been building mileage back the cross training has helped loads. Obvs. you've got the dog walking duties too.

    McF, too. I did think 'wow!' when I saw you had attempted the MP session after what you described as a hard cross country session. Imho, there is not enough time to recover from cross country on a Saturday afternoon and a Sunday morning long run of any substance. Fingers crossed you had a rest day yesterday. Anyway, I'm sure you will have a got a great training boost from the weekend as a whole and there are still (for me, only!) 10 weeks to go.

    DT - Weather says moderate breeze and relatively warm, only small chance of rain on Sunday. The longer range forecast for Newport also looks good at the moment, but that is much less accurate. Neither forecast is helping me decide what to do about Sunday !

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    Mace, Muddy is right. i recall you used to do quite a bit of spin. Do you not do that anymore? 

    Muddy, current forecast on bbc app is 11c, dry, cloudy and 11 mph wind. Personally, in view of the weather ive had in the last year to race in that is a dream forecast and I'll snatch the weather gods arm off to bank that. Realistically the only improvement for Newport would be a few less mph on the wind. I think theres more prospect of worse weather than better weather in the following weeks given the margins of movement from there. We are still due some proper snow remember!

    Shapener session over lunch of 8 x 3 minutes at HMP , progressing in 2nd half to 10kp, off 1 minute. Went well and felt controlled and relaxed at the relevant paces. Just some easy runs next few days and a sports massage tomorrow. 
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    5 at recovery over lunch and a sports massage tonight. My garmin tells me I am peaking right now, which I guess is appropriate and well timed. Weather still looks reasonable (to me at least!)
  • In contrast I felt quite jaded on my 9m over lunch, after 10m last night. At the moment, I think I will go for a parkrun/mp combo weekend, keep the miles high and taper properly for Newport.
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    what is mp likely to be on sunday? 
  • Last night's 10m was worth 7.04 min/mile on the flat according to Strava and that was for av.hr 130bpm. Generally I reckon on about 3 seconds increase in pace per mile per bpm increase . So a sustained 150 bpm could be around 6.04 min/mile on the flat. So maybe 6.10-ish accounting for course elevation ? If the parkrun leaves me tired, it could work out slower.
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    That's a bit too sharp for me to follow i think. 
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    ffs, wind forecast for sunday morning now 15/16 mph. Fine eitherside of the race for days, just a 4 hour window of increased wind speed!!!
  • Bad luck DT, forecasts have been known to be wrong though :smile:

    I'm taking my 7m @ HMP done on Monday as my quality session for the week.  Wednesday was 8.5 easy or thereabouts and then followed today by almost 6 with strides.  Day off tomorrow and then 13/14 on Saturday followed by a recovery.  Should see around 42/43 miles for the week.

  • Good mileage this week David, DT race day magic.. ribs all good now muddy...

    Picked up a cold this last week but feeling bit better for a hm on Sunday, first goal to get round without stopping.

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    DT - don't fret, it could all change and you're worth a pb anyway. You may even find a lanky, park-run-knackered fella to draft  ;)

    I managed to recover the week a bit with 6 last night and another 6 this morning to get to 30M so far. I've arranged to meet my speedy pal at 6am tomorrow planning for 18M ( he did a 1:17 HM at the weekend feeling ' not too bad ' so that should be an absolute doss for him at around 9:00/M .... or hell for me if he picks the pace up ). A short recovery run on Sunday will get the week over 50M.
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    DT19 said:
    Mace, Muddy is right. i recall you used to do quite a bit of spin. Do you not do that anymore? 

    Apart from the odd bit of 5-a-side, i haven't set foot in a gym for over 3 years. I used to use it for a recovery workout but haven't had much to recover from ...
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    Fkn hell I've just realised in a cafe somewhere near Wrexham on Sunday lunch time there is going to be the most boring conversation about HR EVER!!!  :D

    DT v Muddy - who can come up with the most insanely dull stats - you decide.  >:)
  • Well done Mace. 30 miles for me too this week, with 8 planned today, 6 or so tomorrow and 18 on Sunday.

    I don't mind dropping a few seconds per mile to act as a windshield for DT. It won't make much difference to me - still a tough workout either way, and I'd rather be less knackered than more knackered. I think DT would like to have done it all by himself though  :p
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    Come on Skinny, get with it, core work is the new thing to be demonised !

    (I'm meeting a cyclist mate afterwards, so it'll probably be all about the incredible ascent attacks of Nairo Quintana)
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    Muddy for sure. My use and understanding of HR is much less sophisticated than Muddy. 

    Muddy, ok thanks. See how things pan out in the morning. My last two half maras have been a disaster, the one before that was a pb though. 
  • Good luck at the weekend, racers.

    I'm up to 28 miles for the week so far, not as dedicated as many. 

    Another Bournemouth AC session last night; 4*16mins with 3 mins jog recoveries between efforts. The plan said to start at MP and get gradually quicker on each rep, decided on a 10 second per mile increase on each one to end up at ~HMP. Went pretty much to plan and wasn't as knackering as the other BAC sessions I've done previously. Nearly 11 miles covered in total so a decent workout. 

    Parkrun tomorrow and then something on Sunday depending on time.  
  • 16min reps, yikes.  Not sure how I'd pace that.  Probably go off too quick and then blow up at the end of the first rep.

    Contemplating 14 miles around a track tomorrow.  Anyone have any experience of that?  Not sure I can face the cars and busy roads of London tomorrow.  Unless I run straight to Greenwich park and just run around there a couple of times.  Plus it's got to be better for my knees right?
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    Solid session, Tommy!

    David, you'd learn pretty quickly for the next session if you did pace the first 1 or 2 too fast. I'm not sure i'd fancy 14 miles of a track. It is hard enough repeatedly doing the 1.75 mile laps of the racecourse here.

  • Think I'll run to the river and look at routes around there.  It's about time for a change.
  • I wouldn't fancy laps of a track for 14 miles! Have you got a nearby canal? That's always good for traffic free running.

    Sounds like a decent session, Tommy! 

    Been a better week for consistency. Did 6 at LT with club on Tuesday. 9 in total. 5 recovery on Weds and then 13 miles with some slower clubmates after work last night at 10mm. My legs feel quite fresh today! Going to get a 20 in tomorrow and recovery run on Sunday. 

    Good luck on Sunday, DT and Muddy! May the wind be at your backs.
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