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    SG - Christ that's a hefty session. Fair play to him for laying down a marker. Will be interesting to see how it affects him at Wokignham (although I guess we'll never know if the session made a difference or not). He should definitely be south of 80 mins. 

    Muddy - glad to hear you're back on your feet. Can always be a good thing to have a bit of a break and come back fresh. 

    Bus - no dramas re; the session, save the effort for Wokey. 

    Had a decent 15 miler yesterday morning before work, and then a tempo session this morning to free up the evening for romantic activities (eating dinner in our pyjamas and watching TV).

    Continuous tempo - 4 x 1 mile tempo with 0.5 mile float recovery at about 40s per mile slower. 

    5:54, 5:51, 5:54, 5:53 for the miles, with the float run at around 6:35mm. Ended up with a 10km of just under 38 mins as I tacked on 0.2 at the end. Not too bad considering legs are feeling pretty fatigued at the moment. Might have a couple of easier days before Wokingham, but got to keep the eyes on the bigger goals in the summer. 

    Oh yeah, and bought myself a pair of magic shoes, should be arriving tomorrow. I'll wear them for Wokingham I guess, after trying them out during a little session next week. Worth 5 mins over half distance right?
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    Well it's certainly a confidence booster Phil! 10miles solo at a pace should be an absolute guarantee of 13.1miles at the same pace in a race :)

    Ric - Only you could from saying you basically once did a marathon off no running, to the next day quoting an insane 4 or so efforts a week plan :)

    On another note, I clocked a guy on the sub 3 hour marathon thread on fb (yeah why AM I on there?) who'd done a 69min half. Yet did his easy runs at 7.50 pace!
    That must feel super slow. Like recovery jog after 200m burns slow.
    Obvs working for the chap though!! And lets him do 3 hard runs a week. Only a 55mile a week man too, so has to have more in the bank. Talented bast!

    On another note, has anyone done the Race the train race in Wales? Sounds demanding terrain, and mid summer, so could be a world of pain, but I wonder if it could be a good experience just taking part. ie not trying to smash it!
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    The Bus said:

    You did a 2:46 marathon of 15 miles per week Ric? How long for? what else were you doing?

    Good session Simon (as usual :smiley:)

    Not feeling the love today, despite the weather. Headed out for a progressive tempo along the canal, with a 7:20, 6;49, 6:30, intending to wind it up to the last mile being sub 6, but it quickly became obvious my legs were shot and I had to creep along just to get back to the office!  Hey ho - plenty of time to recover for Wokingham, and a tempo today wouldn't have changed anything for then anyway.
    Sorry Bus, missed replying to this.

    Cycled to work and back. Twice each week I'd warm up for a few yards then blatter 3 minutes fast, one minute getting over it. I'd do maybe five lots of that and as I got fitter, the closer to home I'd be when I finished. Less than three miles per session.

    The long run would be anything. Didn't matter what I did, I'd have rest days either side. 

    Shame about the progressive tempo.
     Canal towpaths have to be the worst surface for running known to man. The one's I go down have all the variation of XC but as solid as road :o
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    Ric - Only you could from saying you basically once did a marathon off no running, to the next day quoting an insane 4 or so efforts a week plan 

    SG, The insane plan came from someone who won an Olympic gold medal at the marathon.

  • Maybe not wise for everyone though. Hence the injuries?

    Agree on towpaths though. People keep on about the jubilee river but it's horrible stoney crap
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    SG I did Race the Train in 2016. Fun event but I struggled. Conditions were atrocious with 50mph headwind on the return leg! Did a 19:xx parkrun that morning on the way up & it was the day after the Glos County Champs where I'd PBd in both the mile & 10,000m!! so no real surprise there. The train beat me by about 2 minutes as it was struggling into the wind too :D
    That sounds like an insane amount of work Ric but it clearly did the job for you.
    What's MP then Muddy? 1:22 for the HM in Wrexham?

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    Stevie G said:
    Maybe not wise for everyone though. Hence the injuries?

    Agree on towpaths though. People keep on about the jubilee river but it's horrible stoney crap
    Hence the injuries? 
  • I've seen super fast amateur runners posting easy paces like that on their run commutes Stevie ... albeit with a backpack on. Having said that I'm not super fast but quite happy to bimble out easy runs at that level without any baggage if that's how my body feels.

    Race the Train is one I'd love to do. A few from our club do it every year. This year it will be in the midst of Hull marathon preparations but hopefully I can get to it.

    Jooligan - On recent outings and heart rate extrapolation, I reckon 6.05 - 6.10 pace but possibly slower if it's windy or the course has some elevation gain or if I'm feeling battered from my parkrun outing. I won't be working to pace - as long as the effort is about right it'll do. 2m warmup and 3m warm down to make it a marathon scale run. 
  • RicF said:
    That's good, Muddy.

    Things have changed in how I view steady state longish runs. 

    I looked in a diary from thirty years back and noted where in one year I went from 1:24 to 1:16 for the HM.

    Everything was on road!
    The long runs were up to 17 miles on a really tough course, and I pushed the effort the whole way.
    The next day was half the distance but damn near flat out pace.
    Then an easy day.
    Then a session of flat out half miles with half mile recovery.
    Then a rest day followed by... :o

    I'm going to have to go and have a lie down. It worked, then.

    Actually, it formed the base of all my best results for the next decade.
     If I wasn't injured, that is.

    I'm going out later on the bike. I think I'll take in that old loop and get the Garmin to work on it. 

    Conditions have brightened right up. Looks almost spring like. Another couple of weeks like this and I'll be back to work.

    Injuries Ric.

  • Muddy, our club's best lady is planning Wokey as a MP effort. I joked with her that if she flies by I know i'm in trouble  :o

    She's been doing incredible mileage recently. Mid 80s. Mixing it with shift work too, which just sounds a recipe for pure knackeration.
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    You should be alright - there'll be a good boost from the shoes ;) Hats off to her though - much as I'd love to do that much,  work + parenting doesn't leave room for a lot more (it's at this point you tell me she's a single mum of 5 (3 adopted), volunteers at a homeless shelter at night etc. to truly shame me)

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    She has kids and what im sure must be a demanding job.

    So she's a bit of a bloomin animal really!

    Will be interested in the shoes after so much chat about them as i still have only the two miles in them!
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    As you don't measure much other than pace I think you will have a hard time realising the effects, but you certainly won't feel beat up afterwards.

    I suppose it depends on the support network at home really. I rely on babysitting so the costs limit the amount of running I can get done (*). No room at home for a magic treadmill  :)

    (*) Though I am a cheeky bastard in kids party season, dropping off and running around the party venue
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    Cheap shot SG.

    Still, such is life as an original thinker when faced with the champion of convention ;)
  • Not a cheap shot ric. You mentioned an elites plan..i said perhaps it's not for everyone, hence injuries. The injuries that you mentioned yourself as part of the parcel.

    Muddy. Yep you're spot on. She has a very supportive hubby from what i see. A runner, but not so keen on it that it becomes a battle!

    Am even more intrigued by the shoes effect now. Hopefully it's a long the lines of 5.55 pace for 6.00 effort 😄
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    Right, had a look through the back catalogue, and the below fits the bill nicely for tomorrow.

     4 x (800m 5k pace, (60sec jog) 400m 3k pace, (3mins) .)

    Look forward to that. That'll be a sharpener.

  • Stevie G said:
    what im sure must be a demanding job.

    Nah, she's in the police force. Rock up, few stop and searches, cup of tea and off home.
  • Don't forget the doughnuts :wink:

  • Right then, freezing cold sesh today as above, but i didn't jog the 60secs.

    It was quite difficult to get the 800s consistent, both being out of short rep practice this time of year, and the 3min recoveries in such cold conditions taking a bit of heat and momentum away.
    (as always quoting as strava does, the seconds, not making any manual roundups)

    2.39 - 1.18
    2.44 - 1.17
    2.41 - 1.17
    2.43 - 1.17 

    The track being cast in an eerie fog made it an even stranger experience today :)

    Last time I did this session years ago was in no doubt much more sensible autumn conditions and the 800s came out sub 2.40. But today, it did what it needed to in the Wokey build up.

  • With you on the Canal towpaths Ric. The ones in London are OK apart from the cyclists, it's the part stony/muddy rural ones I don't like. Constantly looking where you are going.

    Decent session down the track last night, albeit slightly slippy at the top bend. 10 x 600 off about 80 secs - think it was five 1.47's, four 1.48's and a 1.44 to finish.

    Might jog a parkrun tomorrow then its the Southern masters indoor 3000 at Lee Valley on Sunday - 6.15pm! bloody awkward.

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    Tidy reps as always Simon. It's funny how infrequently tracks are slippy isn't it? Windy, a fairly given situation - especially on the old track at Handy Cross - being at the top of a hill near a motorway! Bit better at Marlow - but still can get some. I suppose you will always will unless you have a massive line of trees all around it!

    The PO10 legends have updated from my last stack of uploads. It gives me a strange joy getting the back data on there.

    I now have my 2x 4mile times on there - new distance row  :)  Really need to find a 4mile certified PO10 race, as my pb is still sat on... 24:20 from 2008 :D

    166 of the 240 on there now.

    You can't load anything yourself pre 2005, but hopefully i can squeeze one last favour from my pal who works there for 2-3 more weeks ;)
  • Decent reps there SG - We were on the track a few weeks ago and it was actually colder, but the air was drier and so was the track. Last night it wasn't nearly as cold, but the dreaded sparkles started appearing..can only be 4-6 degrees and the slippiness starts!
  • Decent sessions SG & Simon. 6:15 race on a Sunday night! Someone needs to have a word with the organiser. Can't be dealing with that hanging over me all weekend. Good luck though!

    I've found another 'far flung' race for you to do SG. Armagh 5km. It was last night. If you can sneak under 16:30 you'll nearly be in the top 200 (but still last). 113 guys sub 15. Thread outing then?

    Magic shoes have arrived. Just carrying the box up the stairs I set a new front desk to my desk PB. 
  • Think that's an invitation only job JB?

    Can't believe you've got some of these shoes too  :D  Before long everyone will wear them, so it'll literally be as we were, but a few seconds each faster ;)

    Jools - that looks interesting potential. A series too which even better, as you get a few cracks at the whip - although as it's easy to find you think you have loads of chances, and end up taking none!

    An absolute guaranteed pb though, unless it's some sort of insane hilly course which I'm sure it isn't.
    There's an Oxford "transcendance" series that does odd distances of 2,3,4miles, but I get the feeling that they're a little sketchy at times, certainly the higher end.
    Noone wants a 4MNAD on their record!

  • Yeah only messing mate, not sure they'd let mugs like us enter  :D
  • "just stick 16.29 down, they'll never realise"  o:)
  • Ha ha yes been lots of discussion about Armagh today, seen a Garmin getting 3 miles dead, 200m short? I think the drafting must help as everyone is running in a pack. V45 Terry Scott who ran with me in Derry did 15.20 odd. I’d expect 10-15 seconds bump up on a normal road 5k. 

    Also been on twitter discussing a really fast road 5k in the South East. So far we have Armagh, Podium, Ipswich. Battersea would be the obvious choice, especially after the chaotic scenes at the Assembly league 5k there where 300 turned up. Shows the appetite for it. 

    Joe- yes a bit late and not ideal, but my legs need the rest!
  • Chaotic? Were all 300 equal quality runners then? And a narrow start or something?

    That Podium 5k was something else. So low key, but so high quality. So far away from me though, 220miles. Did well to fit so much into that weekend.

    There's a quality race in Norwich for 5k as well I looked at the other year.

    Really awkward timing though. Right in the footy season and something odd like 3 or 5pm on a Saturday.

    I think it's capped at 20 mins to even get in there.

    Ok, 20mins isn't at all fast to us lot, but to properly cap a race is quite rare.

  • The 3k at Armagh is open but you need a qualifying time for the 5k. Not sure what it is but I imagine it's pretty sharp!
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